Thursday, November 26, 2020

Julian Assange’s partner, Stella Moris, is appealing to President Donald Trump on Thanksgiving via Twitter to pardon the WikiLeaks founder. Assange awaits in a U.K. jail for a decision if he will be sent to the U.S. to face espionage charges.


#BREAKING 'Additional study' needed for AstraZeneca Covid-19 vaccine: company


Thanksgiving has always been a special time for the Biden family. And while I know this isn’t the way many of us hoped to spend the holiday, the small act of staying home is a gift to our fellow Americans.


Just before midnight, Thanksgiving Eve, the 5-4 Court’s newly consolidated conservative majority departed from precedent to elevate organized religion over state power to combat disease and save lives. Justice Barrett split with Chief Justice Roberts.


.@annehelen: Millions of Americans are going hungry this Thanksgiving. Here's who's helping them


Today 🇷🇺 MFA Sergey Lavrov had a meeting with Lukashenka in Minsk. I would like to remind that Lukashenka is an illegitimate president, all his deals will be revised. Belarusian sovereignty and independence cannot be a subject for negotiations.


Trump retweets Rep. Matt Gaetz urging him to pardon himself


After admitting mistake, AstraZeneca faces difficult questions about its vaccine


The Lincoln Project Gives Thanks


BREAKING: A new conservative majority at the Supreme Court reverses course on Covid restrictions on houses of worship. Before RBG’s death, the court approved restrictions by 5-4 votes. Now, also 5-4, court goes the other way, with ACB in majority


Pro life?


Joshua Wong held in solitary confinement, lights on 24 hours a day


Schiff: "It's no surprise that Trump would go out just as he came in — crooked to the end."


When the pardon itself is part of an ongoing crime (conspiracy to obstruct justice) it may be ineffective.@SamBerger_DC's analysis from 2019


Interesting point by @Kasparov63 . You can imagine nationalist populist summits in Russia with Le Pen, Farage, Trump, Orban, Salvini, and Putin. Bannon would find a way to show up too. I hope Garry is wrong. I fear he might be right.


The First Amendment is a beautiful thing. “ Looting Loeffler” tells the story of a Covid Profiteer worth half a billion dollars who sells out Georgia with corrupt acts. I predict that @ProjectLincoln may get one of these as well.


Started with Trump telling Comey, "I hope you can see your way clear to letting this go" & Comey resisted that pressure; henchman Barr tried to do it & was stopped by judicial oversight. So, here we are. Corruption from beginning to end


For some unknown reason, Donald Trump wants to keep talking about this story (in which, among other things, he's quoted as saying he doesn't want disabled veterans to appear in military parades because "nobody wants to see that"). Read for yourselves


During the transition four years ago, Flynn had backchannel talks with Russia and undermined the US position on Russian sanctions and Israeli settlements. Later, when interviewed by the FBI, Flynn covered up his conduct and lied about both topics. This is why Flynn was charged.


Trump's pardon of Mike Flynn is a final act of venal, malevolent, retributive warfare waged on the country that humiliatingly rejected him -- and on the rule of law itself, which he could not subvert to quite the degree he'd hoped


Starting to see a pattern here? It's not about QAnon or the Kraken or whatever's next. It's about building an anticipation for a doomsday event, fundraising off of it, never delivering, then rolling it over into the next gambit. A body politic ruled by social media addiction.


Congressman Mike Kelly has asked a PA judge to block certification of his own election. Even after this lawsuit is dismissed, the US House should refer his credentials to the Admin Committee prior to seating. If he doesn't think he should be certified, the House should take note.


Barrett Scotus Impact - Scotus strikes down NY Covid-19 restrictions in houses of worship. - Barrett swing vote. 3 liberals justices & Roberts were for the restrictions. - Is this on the path of using the courts to go against science?


"About 8,000,000 Americans went hungry before the pandemic, and now we’re looking 26,000,000 Americans reporting to going hungry," Jeff Stein says about growing hunger crisis and economic reality for Americans right now.


Former Trump lawyer Sidney Powell files suit in Georgia “DISTRCOICT” court alleging election fraud and forged ballots


"How dare you ask about Judge Amy's batshit religious beliefs?!?" Her very first vote:


Public health experts are terrified about the next few weeks


How a $17 billion bailout fund intended for Boeing ended up in very different hands


Why There Is Still Hope for Hong Kong's Democracy Movement | Time, my latest for ⁦@TIME⁩ on my three meetings with ⁦@joshuawongcf⁩ & the reasons to make a space for hope even in seemingly hopeless situations


Dosing error led to Oxford AZ vaccine 90% efficacy: “error in the dosage was made by a contractor—once discovered, regulators were immediately notified & signed off on the plan to continue testing in different doses.” Does it still count? Maybe.


Trump knows he lost. Why else would his administration and @TheJusticeDept under William Barr be in such a rush to not only commit federal executions during the lame-duck period, but reintroduce firing squads and electrocutions? Read @propublica’s report.


"At least nine [Swainsboro Middle School] teachers would be infected, including four along a single hallway; one would spend four weeks on a ventilator, fighting for her life." Must read from @AnnieWaldman


This is a newly configured Supreme Court, one w/ Justices who place religious freedom above ALL else even in the context of a deadly pandemic now moving through a second wave. #COVIDSecondWave Case now returns to 2nd Circuit but writing is on the wall.


Justice Sotomayor also calls out the hypocrisy behind the majority’s inclination to apply strict scrutiny to NY’s public health measures based on statements made by Gov Cuomo while NOT doing so when it came to Trump’s statements regarding the motive driving his


“Amidst a pandemic that has already claimed over a quarter million American lives, the Court today enjoins one of NY’s public health measures aimed at containing the spread of #COVIDー19 in areas facing the most severe outbreaks.“ - Justice Sotomayor


Policy Address 2020: No plan for Hong Kong democracy in my term, says Carrie Lam, as address receives lowest public rating yet


About the price of a Parscale Ferrari. hmm.


#Belarus "President-elect @JoeBiden should invite @Tsihanouskaya to his inauguration and meet with her at the White House to show the world that the United States once again supports democracy." Yes,it will be a powerful step. Hope the US will engage more


Justice Amy Coney Barrett was the swing vote in the latest Supreme Court decision, overriding pandemic-related restrictions imposed by Gov. Cuomo to combat Covid, despite precedent that gives state leaders emergency powers. So much for being pro-life.


China’s top diplomat stresses the importance of bilateral relations while meeting senior officials in South Korea, where there’s growing concern the country is becoming squeezed between its biggest trading partner and military ally the United States.


Keep in mind that large gatherings are restricted to protect attendees & those they later cone in contact with. This is not religious discrimination.


When the COVID-19 pandemic began, Georgia Republican Sen. David Perdue sold up to $5 million worth of stock in a company where he once served on the board. Weeks later, after shares nosedived, he bought much of it back - and it’s quadrupled in value since.


In a 5-4 ruling, the Supreme Court sided with religious organizations in a dispute over Covid-19 restrictions put in place by New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo that limited attendance at religious services.


Joe Biden becomes first presidential candidate in U.S. history to surpass 80 million votes


Trump pardons Flynn at the same time he fasttracks the executions of six federal inmates before January and asks to reinstate firing squads.


For those who have lost loved ones — I know this time of year is especially difficult. I will be thinking and praying for each and every one of you at your Thanksgiving table.


How to understand the scandal of the Flynn pardon


People who work with Russia or any country against the United States belong in prison.


DEVELOPING: FBI investigation, Goldman Sachs records reveal Sen. David Perdue (R-Ga.) personally directed his own stock trades — contrary to the brazen lies he's been telling for months


BREAKING: Major shift at #SCOTUS on #COVID19 restrictions as justices vote, 5-4, to grant emergency relief to Catholic & Jewish congregations over NY limits that go as low as 10 ppl. First big swing at court triggered by new Justice Barrett.