Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Oregon bans all domestic abusers from owning guns

Florida passes new gun laws that raise minimum age for buying firearms to 21, impose a 3-day waiting period for any gun purchase, ban bump stocks and more

Elizabeth Warren blasts fellow Democrats for supporting a massive bank deregulation bill

Adviser to Emirates With Ties to Trump Aides Is Cooperating With Special Counsel

JUST IN: Florida school board unanimously votes to oppose arming teachers

Gary Cohn plans to resign, NYT reports

Flynn selling home to cover legal bills from Mueller investigation

JUST IN: Office of Special Counsel finds Kellyanne Conway twice violated the Hatch Act and "submitted the report to the President for appropriate disciplinary action."

McCaskill accuses drugmaker of "stonewalling" investigation into opioid crisis

Sergei Skripal: does revenge for treason lie behind harm to ex-spy?

'The Russian bear came out of hibernation': The US's top intelligence official issues an ominous warning to Congress

A former Trump campaign aide used Russian money in offshore shell companies to try and Make Albania Great Again!

Director of National Intelligence Coats: "From U.S. businesses to the federal government, to state and local governments, we are under cyber attack."

Senate investigators want answers from Reddit and Tumblr on Russia meddling - @reddit noted yesterday thousands of Americans unknowingly interacted with Russian content

House Democrats seek more info on outside work of two top EPA guys with shady past dealings

BREAK: Trump lawyer Michael Cohen received inside information from the House's Russia probe.

In the 241-year history of the United States of America, there’s never been a commander in chief who has thought about loyalty like @realDonaldTrump

"Hit the Chevy with a levy and tax your whisky and rye"

Former “Daily Show” host Jon Stewart slams proposal in President Donald Trump's 2019 budget plan

Paul Ryan’s opponent, @ironstache, just got arrested protesting in front of Ryan’s office demanding they pass a fair DREAM Act

Nunberg says he'll comply, but won't 'make it easy' for Mueller

The world watched ex-Trump campaign aide Sam Nunberg unravel over and over again on live television as he dared special prosecutor Robert Mueller to arrest him for refusing to comply with a subpoena.

Sam Nunberg appears to cave after wild interviews

Ex-Trump campaign aide Sam Nunberg gave wild and erratic interviews saying he wouldn't cooperate with the special counsel's subpoena but then had an apparent change of heart. Ari Melber, who interviewed Nunberg, joins Lawrence O'Donnell, Ron Klain, and Mike Murphy.

Trump ally calls president's behavior 'pure madness'

The Washington Post reports Trump allies are increasingly worried that the president's obsession with cable commentary and perceived slights is taking a toll on the 71-year-old. Ashley Parker, who wrote the piece, and Francesca Chambers join Lawrence O'Donnell.

Report: Trump administration making "expedited plans" for Utah's Grand Staircase

‘What The F*ck?’ Former Trump Aide Sam Nunberg’s Mueller Meltdown Leaves Friends Petrified

Report: Roger Stone communicated directly with Wikileaks, despite denials

Tillerson spends $0 to counter Russia despite millions set aside

Gardiner Harris, State Department correspondent for The New York Times, talks with Rachel Maddow about new reporting that Rex Tillerson has not utilized tens of millions of dollars allocated for countering Russian intrusion.

Why didn't Democrats use the dossier during the 2016 campaign?

Jane Mayer, staff writer for The New Yorker, talks with Rachel Maddow about why the Clinton campaign didn't use material from the dossier they had paid for, and when the Obama White House found out that Donald Trump and his campaign were the subject of a counterintelligence investigation.

Report raises specter of a Trump Russia dossier-related death

Jane Mayer, staff writer for The New Yorker, talks with Rachel Maddow about the reporting behind her lengthy profile of Trump Russia dossier author Christopher Steele.

Report: Russia vetoed Romney, favored Tillerson for State Dept.

Rachel Maddow highlights new revelations in a lengthy New Yorker profile by Jane Mayer of Christopher Steele and his work on the Trump Russia dossier.

Follow-the-money stories plague Trump team with scandals

Rachel Maddow reviews the many and diverse follow-the-money stories about Donald Trump and his associates in recent news, from a sketch stock sale by Carl Icahn, to new questions about payments to a porn star, to Jared Kushner's solicitation of investments in his family business.

Gripping @JaneMayerNYer piece on Christopher Steele offers yet more facts & context to stop giving Trump the benefit of doubt or inexperience. Steele is highly credible, as is the Trump-Russia conspiracy nightmare into which his dossier is but one window.