Thursday, January 18, 2018

This is the document released publicly by the House Intelligence Committee of Fusion GPS co-founder Glenn Simpson's testimony to committee staff taken behind closed doors on November 14, 2017

CNN has the document now. Follow link.

Hungary has arrest warrant out for ex-Trump aide


Actually Simpson here admits he didn’t want Chris Steele to take his very clear evidence of crimes to the FBI. He also tries to excuse those crimes

Prospective buyers of luxury apartments in the new Trump Towers project outside India’s capital are being lured with an unusual promise: If you buy a flat, we’ll fly you to the U.S. to meet Don Jr.

Please read about why we need Immigrants, #daca recipients working side by side with Americans and specially @GOP @TheDemocrats joining forces to pass smart policy

Fusion GPS testimony doc gone missing from govt site. Here are some experts

Trump personally made the decision to curtail the testimony of Steve Bannon before the House Intelligence Committee, two people with firsthand knowledge of the matter tell Foreign Policy.

Really? We’re gonna nuke Russia for a cyberattack?

BREAKING: House panel releases transcript of interview with Fusion GPS co-founder

On the Senate floor, I urged my colleagues to support a long-term funding solution for #CHIP & to avoid a government shutdown.

The House Intelligence Committee will release the transcript of its interview with Glenn Simpson, the head of Fusion GPS, The Daily Beast has learned

The dynamic that keeps coming up in phone calls: Sen. Graham is eager to negotiate over the weekend and try to figure out something on DACA, keep all options open. Leadership in House and Senate want to move on their plan + keep focus on Ds, not DACA.

Russia’s richest are staging a $1 trillion freakout

Fascinating scoop from my colleague @BarakRavid: Macron sent aide to lobby Palestinians over Trump peace plan

Mulvaney requests no funding for Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

We asked ethics experts about Trump’s worst abuses during his first year in office

Michael Wolff’s Fire and Fury Is Heading to Television

Opinion: The president, the porn star and us

Common sense needs to guide our approach to securing our borders, not inane campaign pledges. Dreamers help make this country strong. Passing legislation that protects DACA recipients will send a strong signal to the world that we haven’t abandoned the values that define America.

Trump's hair loss drug was recently linked to irreversible erectile dysfunction and depression

Cardiologists not associated with the White House said that President Trump’s physical exam revealed serious heart concerns.

Diverting resources in an effort to punish California and score political points is an abhorrent abuse of power, not to mention a terrible misuse of scarce resources. My letter w/ @SenKamalaHarris on potential immigration raid

Theresa May’s hopes of thawing frosty relations with Trump at a meeting at Davos could be fading

FBI investigating whether Russian money went to NRA to help Trump

Trump's credibility crisis on Capitol Hill

FARA filings soar in the shadow of Mueller's investigation

Trump Constantly Told Stormy Daniels She Was 'Just Like His Daughter!'

Just posted: A porn star had a racy tale to tell in 2016. Why are we just learning about it now?

House breaks with Tillerson, votes to restore State Department cybersecurity office

Yes, Congress could shut the government down tomorrow. It probably wont.

The Stormy Daniels story is a follow-the-money story

“Republican leaders have failed to secure their top-choice candidate in eight of the 10 Senate races in states that Trump won in 2016.”

Grassley faces backlash for scheduling vote on 17 Trump judicial nominees ahead of shutdown deadline

A reminder that Stormy Daniels is by no means isolated. Her story joins a lot of on-the-record accusations of Donald Trump trying to seduce, and in some cases assaulting, women while married to Melania Trump

Kelly Says Trump Now Believes Border Wall Is Unnecessary

Two psychiatrists who warned that Trump was inciting violence had to abruptly cancel a planned public meeting after receiving violent threats about the event,

Judge hears suit on Trump White House use of encrypted apps

Sweden is preparing to issue leaflets to 4.7 million households this spring, warning citizens over potential war

Strike 3 for Trump's Commerce Secretary as he and his former company find themselves in legal hot water for the third time due to improprieties costing investors $48 million.

Durbin: Majority of Senate now supports bipartisan immigration deal

Fearing Trump blowback, Republicans say 'no thanks' to 2018 | Analysis by Eric Bradner and Chris Cillizza

FEMA nominee who withdrew helps win $133M Puerto Rico hurricane contract

REPORT: Payday lenders funneled huge cash to Trump & top GOP leaders just before Trump admin moved to gut the CFPB's payday lending rules

If you were hit with a $1,000 emergency, would you be able to cover it? For the majority of Americans, the answer is no, according to a new report

Michael Wolff was able to exploit an inexperienced White House staff who mistakenly believed they could shape his book to Trump's liking

Schiff slams Lewandowski: “Yesterday he said on Fox that he would answer every question that we had. Today, however, he refused. To me it’s inconceivable that you would come to an investigative hearing on these issues unprepared to answer questions.”

“Ugh, here we go”: Magazine says porn actress described sex with Trump in shelved 2011 interview

Trump Homeland Security Dept bans Haitians from applying for low-skill work visas

Only Putin wins in Trump’s war on the press

Ryan tries to blame Dems for GOP inability to govern

Trump, in new interview, says Obama, Bush and Clinton must have left him the North Korea problem because they knew he had the best brain, as evidenced by his score on the Montreal Cognitive Assessment.

U.S. Treasury’s list of Putin "oligarchs" jolts Russia's elite class

Republican senator puts indefinite hold on all Trump trade nominees

Trump is "very eager" to speak to special counsel Robert Mueller for his Russia investigation, White House attorney Ty Cobb told @MajorCBS

Bad news for GOP: Mueller probe could collide with midterms

Stormy Daniels, Robert Mueller, and the Trump presidency

Lawrence O'Donnell looks at what was "another day at the office" for the White House: a porn star's tell-all about Trump on the cover of a national magazine, a GOP senator's speech comparing the president's rhetoric to Stalin, and pressure from the Mueller probe.

Why the Mueller investigation is so important

House Intelligence Committee Ranking Member Adam Schiff says Corey Lewandowski refused to answer questions in his testimony, just like Bannon. Can the committee force the ex-Trump aides to comply? Betsy Woodruff, Ron Klain, & John Heilemann join Lawrence O'Donnell.

Exclusive: Trump denies U.S. embassy to be moved to Jerusalem within a year

Kelly calls some of Trump’s campaign pledges on immigration and wall ‘uninformed,’ meeting attendees say

Can American society overcome the fake news phenomenon?

JUST IN: Top Intel Dem: Lewandowski refused to answer House Intel Committee questions during testimony

Poll: Under Trump, global approval of U.S. leadership hits historical low

GOP senators break with Trump, back bipartisan DACA deal

The New York Times gives its editorial page over to Trump supporters, sparking a debate

An early look at Thursday's New York Daily News

Trump gives out his 'Fake News Awards' to CNN, New York Times, Washington Post, other

House Intel to vote on release of Fusion GPS testimony

Rachel Maddow alerts viewers that the House Intelligence Committee will vote on Thursday on whether to release the transcript of seven hours of Fusion GPS testimony to that committee.

The Trump Stormy Daniels story is a follow-the-money story

Jacob Weisberg, editor-in-chief of the Slate Group, talks with Rachel Maddow about how Stormy Daniels played the weird market for Trump infidelity stories and where the hush money actually came from.

Rep. Schiff: White House playing games with Bannon testimony

Representative Adam Schiff talks with Rachel Maddow about the different treatment that Steve Bannon is receiving from the White House and Trump Russia investigations, and why.

Mueller subpoena blocks Bannon congressional testimony: NBC News

Rachel Maddow reports on new details about how Mueller's subpoena prevents Steve Bannon from testifying fully to Congress, and the questions surrounding the peculiar way that Bannon was subpoenaed by both Robert Mueller and the House Intel Committee.