Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Trump slams Dems as 'disgrace' for helping to fund dossier. "It's a very sad commentary on politics in this country"

Opinion: Here’s the rest of the story about that opioid non-scandal

CBO: Bipartisan Obamacare bill would cut deficit, keep coverage stable

Members of Congress Demand Answers From Trump on Russia Sanctions Delay

Trump's approval hits new low in Fox News poll

The Trump campaign is scrambling to distance itself from Cambridge Analytica after Assange-Clinton email flap

JUST IN: Puerto Rico governor demands investigation into $300 million contract for tiny energy company

Hello: first Steele dossier story, and its Dem & GOP funding before that first reported by @DavidCornDC on 10/31/16

Sent bipartisan ltr urging @POTUS to demand Pres Erdogan to stop harassing American diplomats & respect human rights

Trump flies to Texas for his reelection fundraiser and writes it off as taxpayer expense

White House says "interagency review" holding up Russia sanctions

Two of Jeff Sessions’ top contributors are entangled in a federal bribery case. He still hasn’t recused himself.

Chemical industry hired gun would be a big step backward for chemical safety

Kansas already tried the GOP's trickle-down Billionaires First tax plan



Puerto Rican officials claim the water crisis is under control. Reports on the ground tell a very different story.

US ambassador to New Zealand has already managed to piss off New Zealand

In Puerto Rico, seemingly every facet of modern life—electricity, water, cell service—is still in short supply.

Exclusive: Joe Biden's planned 2016 campaign was upended by the death of his son. Why 2020 isn't off the table

Republicans Have Stockholm Syndrome, and It’s Getting Worse

Under the cover of darkness and distraction, Senate GOP just voted to rig the system against millions of American consumers.

Flake reveals he didn't vote for Trump in 2016

Intel agency reports: RU hackers discussed how to obtain emails from HRC's server & transmit them to Flynn via an intermediary

NEW: Graham eyeing testimony from Google, Facebook, Twitter in Judiciary - the day before they go to Intel.

Sen. Schumer calls Treasury Secretary Mnuchin a liar and a ‘suck up’ to Trump

San Juan mayor calls to "void" contract awarded to tiny company from Zinke's hometown

Boom! Team Treason colluded with WikiLeaks. It just keeps gettin' worse for Trump

42 dead, 8,400 structures burned, more than $1 billion in damage: the devastating toll of California’s wildfires

Michael Bloomberg: Brexit is stupidest thing any country has done besides Trump

He Beat the KKK. Can He Convince Alabama to Reject Bigotry Again?

Trump-Russia investigators gathering documents from estate of GOP operative, sources say

The new U.S. ambassador to Canada says when it comes to climate change she believes in "both sides of the science"

YouTube Trumpkin and Former Milo Intern Kills His Own Dad for Calling Him a Nazi

Bill Clinton: "Russia attacking our whole system is serious"

Jeff Flake’s Defiant Surrender

Donald Trump courted a Republican rebellion. Now he's got one on his hands

Under Trump, Made in America is losing out to Russian steel

The Four Red States Where Trump 2020 Is Already in Trouble

Coming up at 6am ET on @Morning_Joe, Jeff Flake discusses why he won’t seek re-election in 2018. Watch the interview next on MSNBC.

Flake compares Trump presidency to McCarthyism in scathing op-ed

Pence Breaks Senate Impasse in a Major Blow to Consumers

Everyone always asks: “where does Putin keep his money?”. The OCCRP has found $24B connected to his $200B stash. Putin’s not happy today

The Senate Judiciary Committee’s Russia Probe Just Blew Up

Questions swirl after small firm with ties to Trump admin lands multimillion-dollar Puerto Rico power contract

NAACP warns African-American travelers to be careful when flying with American Airlines

When Trump deals with Democrats, his polls rise. When he picks dumb fights, they fall.

GOP senator: It's the media's job to call out Trump's lies, not mine

ANALYSIS: Sen. Bob Corker has crossed a critical threshold in questioning Pres. Trump's fitness for the presidency.

Kid Rock: ‘F--- no, I’m not running for Senate’

GOP senator: Trump ranted about his own accomplishments during meeting with Senate Republicans

Dark Money Group Received Massive Donation In Fight Against Obama’s Supreme Court Nominee

White House brushes off Corker, Flake as "petty" attack dogs

Jeff Flake can’t save America from the sidelines

BREAKING: A Federal appeals court just ruled a teenager can have control of her own body . . . whether she is "documented" or not.

The National Park Service Wants To Charge $70 For Admission To The Grand Canyon And Other Top Destinations

JUST IN: Corker: Flake is standing up to "demagogues" after fiery speech attacking Trump

The U.S. thinks someone in Niger betrayed American troops

New solar windows could meet "nearly all" of U.S. electricity demand

Kaspersky says it obtained suspected NSA hacking code from U.S. computer

Efforts to ban bump stocks is effectively dead— And the NRA isn’t the lone suspect

Supreme Court completes punt in travel ban cases

Iraq’s PM just told Tillerson to GTFO

You can finally kiss promoted posts that can only be seen by the people advertisers pay to target goodbye

Rep. Schiff: "The plain fact is, sometimes what is uncovered in opposition research turns out to be true."

WSJ calls "Putin's Revenge" a "work of electric power" that's "steady in its capacity to fascinate — or enrage."

Putin is betting on business contacts to build ties with the U.S.

Russia's state TV: participants of a show hosted by notorious propagandist Vladimir Soloviev discuss how to cause economic crisis in the US.

How to defeat a dictator? Wait for them to screw up

The Internet doesn't know what to make of Trump calling Bob Corker 'liddle'

GOP now wants to investigate Hillary and Russia, while refusin' to make Trump impose the Russian sanctions they passed weeks ago.

Two blistering attacks on Donald Trump could hardly come at a worse time

A group of House Republicans threatens to block budget over tax deduction fight

Russia is pushing to control cyberspace. We should all be worried.

Exclusive: The Clinton campaign and the DNC helped fund research that resulted in the now-famous Trump dossier

Pence breaks tie in Senate vote to ax arbitration rule

Clinton calls Russian uranium reports "baloney," says Republicans scared of Moscow links

Republicans lash out at Trump, but only as lame ducks

Michael Beschloss, NBC News presidential historian, talks with Rachel Maddow about Senator Jeff Flake's withering criticism of Donald Trump and whether there is any momentum behind the recent spate of Republicans speaking out against Trump.

Schiff on Trump dossier: Sometimes opposition research is true

Rep. Adam Schiff talks with Rachel Maddow about the Republican effort to discredit the Trump Russia dossier and shift attention away from Donald Trump's relationship with Russia and Russia's interference in the 2016 election.

Trump Russia dossier paid for in part by Clinton campaign, DNC

Devlin Barrett, national security reporter for The Washington Post, talks with Rachel Maddow about new reporting that the Trump Russia dossier, after initially being paid for by an anti-Trump Republican, was eventually paid for by the Clinton campaign and the DNC.

Federal prosecutors pursuing fmr Trump chair for money laundering

Rachel Maddow relays a new report from the Wall Street Journal that former Donald Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort under a federal investigation for money laundering in the Southern District of New York.