Saturday, August 19, 2017

Boston Police Commissioner says an estimated 40,000 people turned out today. Here’s a look at the crowd earlier

20,000 Americans protesting against hate, intolerance & bigotry today in Boston. Absolutely Beautiful

BOSTON CHANT: "No Trump, No KKK, No Fascist USA!"

See MEMBERS - Trump's #Evangelical panel remains intact as others disband Here are his religious cheerleaders

Keeping track at home? Here’s a list of who’s leaving Mar-a-Lago

Live updates: Protesters and ralliers are starting to gather on Boston Common.

Boston officials said Friday that they will shut down the Saturday event if there are signs of violence.

BPD will handle this.

NEW: Alas! Bannon can no longer Bannon himself on the public dime. Celebrate with Art Buchwald's '73 "Trump" Column

Thousands expected at Boston 'free speech' demonstrators and counter-protesters

Sebastian Gorka's PhD adviser: "I would not call him an expert in terrorism"


Pussy Riot member: Authoritarianism is spreading like 'sexually transmitted diseases'

Opinion: Trump is a cancer on the presidency

Russia is still the true Trump scandal | - by Paul Wood of the BBC, a must-read.

Russian DNC Hack Bombshell: Witness In Ukraine, Wrote Malware Used By Russian Intelligence

CEO President Trump loses CEOs

Mitt Romney said Donald Trump's words caused "racists to rejoice" as another one of President Donald Trump's advisory boards saw mass resignations over his Charlottesville rhetoric. Jon Fasman of The Economist and fmr. Bush senior aide Peter Wehner join Ali Velshi.

Some of the foreign leaders who had once cozied up to Trump are hurrying to put some distance between them and him

Unsung heroes, 'Tougaloo Nine' honored for integration effort

Rachel Maddow reports on a new marker on Mississippi's Freedom Trail honoring the Tougaloo Nine, black students who staged a "read in" at a whites-only library and endured arrest and imprisonment for their trouble, but inspired countless others to work toward integration.

This was quite a segment from CNN that will be shared far and wide

Bannon leaves Trump, takes important constituency with him

Michael Beschloss, NBC News presidential historian, talks with Rachel Maddow about Steve Bannon's unusual role in the Trump White House, from his job title to "nationalist" constituency he commands that could seriously sap Trump's base.

Staff change on Mueller's Trump Russia team raises questions

Rachel Maddow pursues reporting on the departure of former FBI counter-espionage chief Peter Strzok from Special Counsel Robert Mueller's Trump Russia investigation team, questioning the reason and what it might mean for Mueller's effort.

America First Policies started by Trump aides Parscale, Pierson, Bossie, Pence current CoS Ayers, Pence aide Obst

Billionaire behind Trump, Bannon, Breitbart plans next move

Jane Mayer, staff writer for The New Yorker, talks with Rachel Maddow about the role of Robert Mercer in funding Donald Trump and Breitbart, and what he might do next with Steve Bannon out of the white House.

Carl Icahn publicly stepped down from his position as President Trump's adviser as this piece was going to press

Bannon uniquely odd among Trump's many weird staff choices

Rachel Maddow reviews some of Donald Trump's weird staff picks, many of whom, it turns out, are united by a connection to Russia, but Steve Bannon, though also a weird choice, has a different explanation for how he got there.

Jon Stewart: "Everybody who is a Nazi" seems to love Trump

JUST IN: In letter to Pres. Trump, a mass resignation from the presidential arts and humanities committee.