Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Sen. John McCain has been diagnosed with glioblastoma, an aggressive type of brain cancer

EXCLUSIVE: Sources : Fox executives coordinated with Sputnik, RT; FBI counterintelligence investigation ongoing

Hmmm no more broadcast license??

Democratic Rep. Steve Cohen has introduced a resolution of no confidence in President Trump.

Louise Mensch: Death Penalty Being Considered for Traitor Steve Bannon

Insider Claude Taylor Podcast

My sources say the death penalty, for espionage, being considered for Steven K Bannon.

GOP Civil War Begins!Trump Pins TrumpCare Flop on McConnell

Over 20 members of Congress ask the FBI to review Ivanka Trump’s security clearance

US spends $130,000 a month on rented space at Trump Tower despite him not having spent a night there as POTUS

Doc: Trump's nominating Jon Huntsman for Ambassador to Russia-Huntsman's fam biz has at least 6 offices in Russia.

Judge refuses to block Trump voter fraud commission's first public meeting

Trump Adds Sanctions on Iran After Certifying Its Compliance with Nuclear Deal

Dallas Morning News columnist calls out Trump in fiery op-ed

Jeff Sessions wants police to take more cash from American citizens

In Leaked Tape Mitch McConnell Admits The Koch Brothers Are Running The Republican Party

6 months in, Trump's presidency is teetering on the brink of disaster

CNN reporting that Tillerson close to a deal that would return Russian Compounds. No details yet.

We'll know where to find them when the time comes...

Tillerson Is Said to Shut Cyber Office in State’s Reorganization

How the GOP became the party of Putin

Trump to hold sixth campaign rally since taking office

What would Russia want from a pliant US leader?

Rachel Maddow updates the show's running list of what Russia would likely want to get out of a pliant U.S. leader, including weaker election security and cyber policy.

Intelligence agencies heard Russians discuss meeting Trump associates in 2015; now they're revisiting the intercepts

Susan Collins - we got your back

Thank you for having the courage...