Monday, December 4, 2017

Tone deaf Sen. McCain asks for more Twitter followers, so he loses thousands

DOJ leadership-do your jobs, step up. DOJ/FBI/Special Counsel ALL attacked by WH. That matters. Support these people who keep our nation safe, insure justice and are last defense against a real threat to our democracy. Speak out-Leadership/Courage more important than job security

White House lawyer told Donald Trump in January that Mike Flynn misled FBI and Pence

Sessions argued in Clinton impeachment that presidents can obstruct justice

"To Muslims in the US, those kept apart from loved ones by the ban, and everyone who cherishes religious equality, we stand with you. We continue to fight for freedom and equality and for those who are unfairly being separated from their loved ones." ~ @ACLU#NoMuslimBanEver

Orrin Hatch, to WH pool reporters on Trump backing Moore: “I don't think he had any choice but to do that... that's the only Republican we can get down there.

JUST IN: Patagonia to sue Trump for shrinking national monuments

BREAKING: I'm Under Attack By the Nazi Alt-Right:

Navajo Nation to sue Trump over shrinking of national monuments

"Since Trump’s announcement, more than 380 mayors — whose cities collectively include about 68 million residents — have vowed to uphold the goals of #ParisAgreement.

Trump feels badly for man who admitted to covering up conspiracy to steal election.

Reality: Cohen has been a Kremlin stooge for decades and he pushes their propaganda nonstop. As here.

Some things are more important than tax cuts. One is protecting our children. Another is basic decency. The President’s endorsement of an accused child sex offender fails both tests.

Feinstein suggests to me that Grassley doesn't want to dig "deeply" in Russia probe. "We want him to sign on. I think there's an effort -- subtle -- not to go deeply.

Susan Collins is wrong to say that the tax cuts will pay for themselves

How tax cuts worked--or didn't work--in North Carolina.

Women are vices? They deserve no respect, nor any money being spent on them? Chuck Grassley needs to resign.

PBS to replace Charlie Rose with CNN's Christiane Amanpour

Paul Ryan’s home County since he was elected: Once solidly middle-class Rock County today harbors the state’s highest scores for childhood trauma, the deepest plunge in income since the turn of the century, and one of the most extreme drug epidemics.

FCC net neutrality process ‘corrupted’ by fake comments and vanishing consumer complaints, officials say

Sen. Chris Coons reacts to Paul Manafort news: “That is deeply foolish. Clearly he’s not listening to his lawyers, or he’s more afraid of the Russians than he is of federal prosecution in the United States”

Collins ‘let the people of Maine down’ with her vote to pass tax bill, protesters say

Talk of a Peace Plan That Snubs Palestinians Roils Middle East

The Senate GOP Accidentally Killed Some of Its Donors’ Favorite Tax Breaks

Pope Francis: “Those who, for what may be political reasons, foment fear of migrants instead of building peace are sowing violence, racial discrimination and xenophobia, which are matters of great worry for all those concerned about the safety of every human being.”

RNC delegate claims JD Gordon said Trump directed him to support weakening the platform on Ukraine

JUST IN: House Intel Committee interviews Podesta about infamous Trump dossier


NEW: Those KT McFarland emails show she contradicted her congressional testimony about what she knew about Russia contacts

Senior UN diplomat to travel to North Korea this week for talks with representatives of Kim Jong Un

New analysis on #GOPTaxScam - now that everyone has had time to read it - turns out their bill RAISES taxes on 62% of middle income taxpayers within 10 years.

Exclusive: Woman shares new evidence of relationship with Roy Moore when she was 17

Flynn’s lies reveal a deeper truth about Trump-Russia...and it’s damning

Trump's son, former partner due before House panel this week: source

NEW & YUGE SC Mueller Team OPPOSES MANAFORT RELEASE MODIFICATION Why? They discovered Manafort hired a ghost writer to write an OpEd. In violation of the Court’s gag order

Sitting GOP senators who voted to remove President Clinton from office for obstruction of justice

Sitting GOP senators who voted to remove President Clinton from office for obstruction

Roy Moore in the US Senate would be a stain on the GOP and on the nation — Mitt Romney

Supreme Court allows full Trump travel ban to take effect

Federal Budget Deficits Under Recent Presidents

An excellent op-ed on the Logan Act and how it applies to private citizens who hold themselves out as representatives of the United States in talks with foreign governments

Mulvaney dodges on number of tax rates: We favor whatever can pass

POTUS could be named "unindicted co-conspirator" in charging others for obstruction of justice

Crew of Cathay Pacific flight from San Francisco to Hong Kong saw what it believes was North Korea's latest missile test, the second airline to report sighting it

‘Why is he immune?’ Accuser tells CNN that ‘pathological liar’ Trump must be held accountable for harassment

27 senators are calling on the FCC to delay its vote on repealing net neutrality rules, citing concerns that the agency's public comment file may be filled with fake comments.

Manafort begged Jared Kushner not to fire him from campaign over secret Ukraine millions

Trump's attorney, John Dowd, says POTUS can't obstruct justice

President Donald Trump's lawyer, John Dowd, says he wrote the tweet over the weekend about Michael Flynn. Dowd also said the president cannot obstruct justice. The panel discusses.

Millions of kids are about to lose their health insurance because Congress won't do its job

GOP strategist: Impeachment is "closer" than people think

Jared Kushner Was Right To ‘Collude’ With Russia — Because He Did It For Israel


Roy Moore thanks Trump for endorsement

Despite pledge, Trump company works with a foreign entity. Again.

Gallup: Democrats now enjoy a 7 point lead in party identification, not because more Americans identify as Democrats, but because 5% less identify as Republicans since Donald Trump was elected.

U.S. Embassy in Jerusalem would “assassinate” peace process, Palestinians say

Remember when the GOP complained about the ACA being "rushed through?"

NEW POLL: Majority of Trump backers say media is "enemy of American people"

NEW: Lawmakers seek to ban the use of taxpayer dollars to settle sexual harassment claims

There are many ways that Donald Trump can cease being president. One path is far superior to all others.

In Alabama, Senate Race Raises Disclosure Concerns

Israel's ambassador to the US, an ally of Bibi, admits to using Kushner to derail Obama foreign policy

Putin, a Mafioso, is like every other mafioso in the world - you take $5 from him, he owns you.

Sanders' team exfiltrated data from Hillary Clinton's voter file, and then through up chaff about how she "rigged" the game.

As Trump continues to attack his own FBI. Ask yourself 2 questions

George Papadopoulos' late night with the FBI

Jobs are not roaring back! Down from last year.

Did Jared Kushner revealed classified US Intel that led to arrests of Saudi Princes in return for piece of Aramco oil IPO & 666 loan⁉️

Did American Missile Defense Fail in Saudi Arabia?

Another Day of Unhinged Trump Tweeting...It's not even 8 a.m.

Re Trump lawyer “obstruction of justice” tweet: a reminder I report that not only was @realDonaldTrump indicted for RICO in the spring, he’s been indicted on multiple counts since.

Bernie's campaign was run, as many know, by a paid lobbyist for Putin, Tad Devine.

NBC: Days after the star witness in a U.S. trial implicated him in a sanctions-busting scheme, Turkish President Recep Erdogan denounced the case as "blackmail."

WE SHALL SEE: Mitch McConnell says a government shutdown over Dreamers would be "ridiculous"

BREAKING: Ali Abdullah Saleh, Yemen's former president, killed in Sanaa - Houthi media. More details soon on

Tad Devine wasn't the only Russia connection on Bernie's campaign. The other? Vitaly Shkryalov. Who went back to work for Sobchak.

TheDemocrats would be derelict of duty not to use leverage over budget to slow / stop #TaxScam. Even if it means a shutdown.

1. Anyone got a minute to talk about gerrymandering? It may not sound exciting, but it's a big reason why Texas is a "red" state. This, for example, is the 7th Congressional District, where I'm running.

Look at the damage done to states such as Kansas & North Carolina by huge tax cuts. When will lawmakers learn?

Trump has endorsed Roy Moore on the one year anniversary of a dude firing a gun in Comet Ping Pong bc of a fake pedophilia scandal.

Fake news and botnets: how Russia weaponised the web

Obama should be arrested for implying Trump needs a filter, Fox Business host suggests

Trump made Hope Hicks steam his pants while he was wearing them

Trump Tweet #2 Today

Imagine receiving this notice at the same time Congress is working on a $1.5 trillion tax cut targeted to the rich. "Ask your doctor's office for the names of the private insurance plans they accept.

Trump personally urged Utah senator to run for reelection to block Romney from Senate seat: repor

The Trump administration withdrew from UN talks on the migration crisis

The Trump administration is saying that it can secretly lock up a U.S. citizen and bar us from trying to help him

10 legal experts on why Trump can’t pardon his way out of the Russia investigation

Senate Judiciary Committee investigating Trump for obstruction of justice

Just a reminder. This is who the @GOP is trying to smear to protect

When you're attacking FBI agents because you're under criminal investigation, you're losing


Trump's uncontrollable tweeting triggers deeper anxiety among advisers

Trump said more than a year ago that one of the first things he would do as President was sue all the women who accused him of abuse/harassment. Much time has passed. He has not dared to do so

Prince Harry says Donald Trump is not welcome at his wedding: ‘Trump is a serious threat to human rights’

Trump Officially Endorses Accused Pedophile Roy Moore for Senate

U.S. appeals courts to consider legality of Trumps latest travel ban

This is the moment: Dreamers face make-or-break push on immigration fight with Trump

Special counsel Robert Mueller is digging in on his expanding Russia probe as Trump attacks the FBI

Lots of Alabama voters care about Roy Moore’s scandalous past.

“I don’t think it’s going to help.” I traveled to the Detroit suburbs a few days ago to talk with middle-class voters about the Republican tax plan.

BREAKING: British MI6 has elevated Russia to "tier one" threat status. The head of MI6 has told NATO its response to Russian interference in Europe and the West needs to get sharper

Trump's Daily Tweetstorm Starts

Members of Parliament want to ban Trump from entering country

Way worse than Mitt Romney’s infamous 47% comment when he thought only rich donors were listening

Can the President Be Indicted? A Long-Hidden Legal Memo Says Yes

Despite lawmakers' warnings, few Iowa farmers face estate tax

Protestors spell out “Go Home Trump” on lawn of Utah State Capitol one day before Trump visit

Devin Nunes attended a breakfast with Michael Flynn and Turkey's foreign minister just before the inauguration


John Dowd made a "mistake" a 2nd year law student wouldn't. This is our best insight into just how terrified Trump's inner circle is right now. It's likely far worse than we can even imagine

Praise to high heaven Putin, Duterte, Erdogan. Heap scorn and contempt on your own FBI. This is called ass-backwards.

Exclusive: Trump lawyer claims the "President cannot obstruct justice"

President Trump is expected to shrink Bears Ears National Monument by as much as 90%

Is Trump about to blow up Jared Kushner’s Mideast peacemaking?

Maine Voices: General Dynamics has no business asking for more tax breaks

Battle for the House: GOP targets Democrats in Trump districts

Rep. Schiff says Flynn guilty plea is "very significant": "He wasn’t acting as a rogue agent" with Russia contacts

White House paranoid: 'Everyone thinks they’re being recorded'

How a Putin Fan Overseas Pushed Pro-Trump Propaganda to Americans

In an extraordinary attack on the top law enforcement body, Trump accused the FBI of having a bias against him

Jared Kushner, the Prince of Having It Both Ways

Israeli interviewer shreds Jared Kushner for inept Mideast team: ‘A bunch of orthodox Jews who have no idea’

Holder, Yates, Comey and current FBI agents rip Trump’s attack on bureau: ‘Simply false’

Just 30 of the largest companies in the S&P 500 index have almost $900 billion of cash stashed overseas.

US defense chief Jim Mattis arrives in Pakistan but few signs of progress for Trump strategy

Trump tweets about Russia probe spark warnings from lawmakers

Obama: We need to elect more women because "men seem to be having problems"

BREAKING: Trump could be forced to testify on Summer Zervos sexual-harassment allegations & if he lies he could be impeached

So Kushner was essentially working for Israel, Michael Flynn was working for Turkey, Paul Manafort was working for Ukraine, and Trump was working for Russia. But, hey, America First, right?

Today's Russian papers: fear of new US sanctions, "trust between US & Russia is zero", plus what the pro-Kremlin press is saying about Flynn/Mueller.

A Supreme Court Clash Between Artistry And The Rights Of Gay Couples

The CVS-Aetna takeover deal may hinge on the approach to antitrust under President Trump

Trump is trying to get Orrin Hatch (82 yo) to run again and block Romney from the Senate

McConnell: "Impossible" to promise every middle-class American will get a tax cut from GOP bill

Lawrence Summers: Yes, the Senate GOP tax plan would cause 'thousands' to die

The Far-Right Group Retweeted By Donald Trump Deleted A Bunch Of Pro-Putin Posts From Its Website

The GOP’s $10,000 cap on property tax deductions and how it affects one congressional district