Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Sen @BillCassidy called our reading of his health care bill on pre-existing conditions false. Here’s how we read it — NPR

Sen. Lindsey Graham desperately smears Jimmy Kimmel for speaking up for kids like his son

Internet Giants Face New Political Resistance in Washington

Black employees of BLT Prime, in Trump International Hotel, allege racial discrimination

AP overhears Graham selling health bill to fellow senator, asking them to back it despite “all its imperfections

Preet Bharara was probing HHS Sec Tom Price when fired

Statute of limitations for Manafort's taxes from 2011 expires Oct. 15. So if Mueller is on THAT? The indictment is coming SOON

Read this great thread

GOP senator blasts "disappointing" decision to abandon bipartisan ObamaCare fix

Melania Trump's United Nations speech preached about setting an example for our children and preventing bullying

NEW: GrahamCassidy would cause more than 32 million to lose coverage in 2027. Breakdown by state

JUST IN: Nicaragua to sign Paris climate deal, leaving US and Syria as only countries opposed

Wife of GOP primary challenger to Dean Heller says Cassidy-Graham is "garbage"

Manafart used Trump campaign account to email Ukrainian operative.

Trumpcare Holdout Senator Collins Just Left Republicans Stunned With A Bold Move

30+ million lose healthcare

Obama Argues Against Dark Worldview, Defends Health Care Law

It looks like Trump will decertify the Iran nuke deal (kick it to Congress before Oct 25 deadline)

The level of paranoia is evidence of the level of guilt. They're at each others throats in the Chump White House

New Mexico -- one of the poorest states -- funneled $750 million of taxpayer cash to GOP megadonors' Wall St firms

Breaking: #Iran is adhering to Nuclear Deal, says Head of US Strategic Command Gen John Hyten

JUST IN: West Virginia's GOP governor breaks with new party, backs Dem senator

Donald Trump praises imaginary country during speech. It doesn’t go over well.

Manafort, while Trump campaign chair, offered Russian billionaire 'private briefings'

President Obama on ACA repeal

President Obama on ACA repeal

NEW VIDEO: Nickname Boy Trump has 2 faces: Racist/Violent/Misogynist/Fascist - and pretending to be a victim of each

ICYMI → McConnell spokeswoman: Senate to vote next week on Graham-Cassidy

Acting AG Yates warned the WH 3 times CIA Pompeo continued to brief Flynn

Trump aides completely misread why everyone at the UN wants a picture with ‘new Hitler’

JUST IN: Graham fires back at Obama criticism of ObamaCare repeal: He won't admit ObamaCare's "failing"

The Russia investigation is zeroing in on Trump’s actions in office

Listen to episode 1 of Stay Tuned — Preet Bharara

Robert Mueller Blindsides Mike Pence with Recorded..

NEW: Stunning piece about how tech billionaire Peter Thiel planned to dominate the intelligence community.

Peter Thiel in talks to join White House as intel adviser: report

Mueller casts broad net in requesting extensive records from Trump White House

Prophets of Rage - Hail to the Chief


An alt-right chief boasted to an undercover activist of secret links to the White House

Get this - the American Medical Association opposes the Graham-Cassidy “health care” bill because it violates “first, do no harm.”

NEW: The Drudge Report has linked to Russian propaganda websites nearly 400 times since 2012, peaking in 2016.

NEW: Health insurers take a stand against Graham Cassidy ACA repeal. That's patients, doctors, hospitals,seniors, insurers, governors...

BREAKING: In the last hour, Chris Christie, AHIP (Insurers), Blue Cross, Fed of Amer Hospitals announced Graham-Cassidy opposition.

Exclusive: Russians Appear to Use Facebook to Push Trump Rallies in 17 U.S. Cities

Graham-Cassidy’s block grants, in one GIF

Equifax Has Been Sending Consumers to a Fake Phishing Site for Almost Two Weeks

Thank you, Donald Trump for glorifying N. Korea's leader when he should've been dealt with or managed months ago discreetly.

Oh, look, Sinclair Broadcasting is planting smears of the Intelligence Community.

Here is the FISA timeline of Trump and his team of traitors, Paul Manafort included.

Republican Senator Pat Roberts wins for dumbest attempt to explain the Graham-Cassidy bill

From Russia with fuel - North Korea's ships may be undermining sanctions

What you need to know about the GOP’s latest push to repeal Obamacare

Trump rally cost Phoenix taxpayers $450,000: report

North Korea: Vladimir Putin Behind Missile Threat?

Exposed: The many possible crimes of Paul Manafort.

Dems to introduce bill to ban government spending at Trump-owned hotels

JUST OUT: Under Graham Cassidy ACA repeal... -a 31% cut to Medicaid for kids -a 15% cut for ppl w/ disabilities

One flight to Philadelphia cost $25,000. Price’s private-jet travel breaks precedent

North Korea is likely to fire more missiles after Trump’s speech, experts say

The ads are running off the personal Facebook pages of both Trump and Pence. Targeted to specific users.

Here's the reason the @GOP is forcing this horrible bill down our throats.

Did you know that Rupert Murdoch used to own a Russia-based media company that the FBI was investigating in 2012?

Trump is running dark post ads on Facebook telling supporters he's building the wall. And asking for donations.

Hurricane Maria slams Puerto Rico with 155mph sustained wind. @npwcnn live from inside the storm in Palmas del Ma

You're gonna want to read this thread on 11 years of Manafort surveillance.

Watch this Dad say what every other American is feeling. Stop trying to take our healthcare away & start helping us!

Europe's leaders demand that US internet giants remove extremist content within 2 hours

We asked 9 Republican senators to explain what Graham-Cassidy does, and who it helps. The answers are...something.

Obama steps back into political spotlight to campaign for Dem candidates

John Kelly, left, reacts as he listens to President Trump's U.N. speech.

S.D. GOP whip shares meme endorsing vehicular assault on protesters

Robert Mueller's investigators interviewed Rod Rosenstein as part of Russia probe.

"Twat the Unayted Nations" is the new "Covfefe"

Stephen Miller helped suppress an HHS report showing refugees contributed more than they cost, insisting only their cost be publicized

NEW: What would Graham-Cassidy ACA repeal mean for women?

Hundreds of Harvard alumni sign petition to kick Spicer, Lewandowski from Harvard fellowships

Jimmy Kimmel: Bill Cassidy lied right to my face about healthcare

Sen. Bill Cassidy vowed to support a health care bill that passed the "Jimmy Kimmel test," but his new Graham-Cassidy plan to repeal and replace Obamacare does anything but… and Kimmel has something to say about it. Sen. Chris Van Hollen joins Lawrence O'Donnell.

Putin’s Pro-Trump Operation May Have Been Far Bigger Than We Yet Know

Price’s private-jet travel breaks precedent

Democratic megastates including California, New York and Massachusetts would lose billions of dollars, a feature both Graham and Cassidy have talked up to conservatives.

Russia ambassador pick breaks with Trump: "No question" Kremlin interfered in election

RNC says it has spent over $400,000 on Trump family's legal bills

GOP leaders put $45b for opioids in their 1st Ocare repeal bill. Now it’s gone.

Anne Frank Center asks Twitter to suspend Trump's account because he's an 'accomplice to domestic terrorism'

Trump Climate Change Denial is driven by Fossil Fuel Co.-financed Think Tanks

Perspective: How white supremacy went global

Although many weren't happy with Trump's UN speech, Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov was

Susan Collins says this version of the health care bill has some "additional flaws" the other one didn't have.

There were people who believed Rs actually cared about deficits. There's a word for such people: idiots

WATCH If you too are disappointed in Sen @BillCassidy #GrahamCassidy let them know it - call (202) 224-3121

Fox News, @SeanHannity Under FBI Counterintelligence Investigation


Trump joins history's list of unhinged speakers at UN

Andrea Mitchell, NBC News chief foreign affairs correspondent, talks with Rachel Maddow about Donald Trump's speech to the UN General Assembly, and the emaciation of the State Department under Trump/Tillerson.

Manafort indictment may have already happened

Barbara McQuade, former U.S. attorney, talks with Rachel Maddow about whether it's unusual for a prosecutor to inform a target of imminent indictment, and whether former Donald Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort could already be indicted under seal.

Mueller office interviewed Rod Rosenstein on Comey firing: WSJ

Barbara McQuade, former U.S. attorney, talks with Rachel Maddow about breaking news that special counsel investigators interviewed Assistant A.G. Rod Rosenstein about the firing of former FBI Director James Comey.

Trump lawyer violates deal with Senate Intelligence Committee

Rachel Maddow reports on Donald Trump lawyer Michael Cohen violating his agreement with the Senate Intelligence Committee and being forced to reschedule his testimony to October for a open hearing.

Mounting death toll in Mexico City follows massive earthquake

Dudley Althaus, reporter for the Wall Street Journal, talks with Rachel Maddow about the damage suffered by Mexico following a massive earthquake, and the alarmingly increasing death toll as rescuers search through collapsed buildings.

Millions threatened as Hurricane Maria hurtles toward Puerto Rico

Bill Karins, NBC News meteorologist, talks with Rachel Maddow about the intense strength of Hurricane Maria and the threat it poses to millions of people in Puerto Rico and its neighboring islands.

Trump paying Russia scandal legal bills with RNC donor money

Rachel Maddow shares new reports that Donald Trump is using money donated to the Republican National Committee to pay for lawyers for himself, family and staffers in the Trump Russia investigation.

Ballet Legend Mikhail Baryshnikov Warns Against Donald Trump’s Authoritarianism

President Trump’s U.N. speech is exactly what Kim Jong Un wanted to hear

Iran president warns Trump: If US leaves nuclear deal, "no one will trust America again"

In Leaked Tape Mitch McConnell Admits The Koch Brothers Are Running The Republican Party

International tourism to the U.S. declined in early 2017, representing a loss of nearly $2.7 billion in spending

Turkish president: Trump apologized to me over Turkish bodyguards attacking protesters in DC

Jimmy Kimmel: Senator Lied to My Face over Health Test

Graham-Cassidy would result in millions losing coverage, destabilize insurance markets, decrease access to affordable care.

The sponsors of Obamacare repeal are trying to fool America -- and fellow Republicans

Chemical Industry Ally Faces Critics in Bid for Top E.P.A. Post