Saturday, August 8, 2020

NBC News: The total number of reported coronavirus cases in the U.S. has surpassed 5 million.

Yep. The content of Trump’s EOs pales in importance to the autocratic power grab they represent

Wants to use FEMA money right before hurricane season? K

Trump basically announced today that he views himself as a dictator, totally unconstrained by Congress.

When you’re starting to regret your vote for Trump

The House directed $25 billion to the Postal Service in our last relief bill. Americans depend on the mail for everything from their businesses to medicine. And soon, to cast a vote. Trump destroys everything he touches. We won’t let him destroy the mail... or our votes.

BREAKING: The president isn’t a king.

You can't have one candidate sending out a tweet to 50 million followers and another sending out a tweet to 7 million followers and expect for it to be remotely competitive. When you add the daily 1 hour infomercial every network is giving Trump it's not remotely a fair fight.

NEW: President Trump has signed an executive order and three memoranda, including a partial extension of unemployment benefits and deferring payroll tax collection — which funds Social Security and Medicare — for some workers.

BUT congress holds the purse strings. It's just an attack on Social Security.

Why are the huge celebrities important? Because every single time Donald Trump tweets out a gross lie he tweets it to 50+ million followers (30m of his followers are fake) But there are people with accounts with MORE FOLLOWERS than Trump and they're ALL sitting on the sidelines

Are the huge Democratic celebrities going to wait to the last week again to publicly support @JoeBiden? Because that didn't work to well in 2016 for Clinton when a huge celebrities came out in the last two days after being silent for a year! WHAT EXACTLY ARE YOU WAITING FOR????

WATCH: “Y’ALL ARE EVICTING A WOMAN WITH FUCKING COVID.” @MEM_PoliceDept (Memphis) EVICTS A COVID-SICK WOMAN FRESH OUT OF THE HOSPITAL w/o warning- to recover her dead partner’s dead mom’s MEDICAL DEBT—despite @ShelbyTNHealth saying STOP

Trillions are being used to ensure there’s a floor for the stock market during our public health and economic crises from the #TrumpVirus. Trillions are needed to ensure there is a not only a floor for America’s working families but a roof overhead for the children, as well.

After sucking up to Xi earlier this year, Trump has seemingly decided that making China the bad guy will give him an opening to blame China for his election loss. So he has taken actions to upset China (blame them for virus, close Houston consulate, Tiktok/WeChat, etc). 2/

Our death toll of more than 160,000 souls tells us that the #coronavirus never took a pause. The academic year isn’t taking a pause, either. For the children, we will keep working to find common ground to overcome this historic challenge.

Customs and Border Protection is "blatantly shielding agents that have dehumanized immigrants and fostered a culture of cruelty and violence,” says @RepEscobar, a Democrat representing El Paso, Texas.

Friday Night Massacre at the US Postal Service, with Trump postmaster general getting rid of 23 USPS executives as a "sweeping overhaul of the nation's mail service."

Beneficiaries of the PPP included a lettuce farming venture backed by Trump’s son, Kushner companies, and a dentist who golfs with the president. The figures were released after a lawsuit by several news organizations, including ProPublica.

Trump is now the worst jobs president in recorded American history. The funniest part is that he *specifically* ran on his unique ability to create jobs.

Trump’s Postmaster General Louis DeJoy and his wife, Aldona Wos, nominated to become our ambassador to Canada, own between $30 million and $75 million of assets in competitors to the US Postal Service. No problem there, right?

23 postal executives were reassigned today, centralizing power around a Trump megadonor. Also, USPS has informed states they’ll need to pay first-class 55-cent postage to mail ballots to voters, rather than the normal 20-cent bulk rate. That nearly triples the per-ballot cost.

“It’s one of the most egregious examples of giving the fox the keys to the henhouse I’ve ever seen and yet another example of the absurdity of U.S. health care pricing," said Niall Brennan, of the Health Care Cost Institute.

In this first-rate @Wired interview, @BillGates presents his candid reflections on the two issues that occupy most of my waking moments: the US pandemic response, and on the role of social media in promoting division and misinformation in this country.

“The CDC said recently that based on reports from 23 states, more than 16,200 U.S. meat and poultry plant workers tested positive for the virus through May, and 86 died. Of those who died and whose race was known, 87% were minorities.”

Like putting on your seatbelt after you’ve crashed the car.

Alabama state lawmaker criticized for honoring KKK founder turns himself in on theft warrant

This fucking idiot.

“Nearly 80% of VA employees surveyed...said endemic racism...w/in the VA is a moderate or serious problem, with more than half reporting they have witnessed discrimination against the veterans whom the agency serves.”

“Joseph LaForte, who until recently ran one of the country’s largest cash-advance firms, was arrested on a firearms possession charge as he also faces federal criminal and civil probes into his lending company.”

Saudi Arabia may feel a chill in its relations with the U.S. if Joe Biden becomes president

Lindsey Graham: refuses to extend Covid unemployment assistance or fight for working families. Also Lindsey Graham: spends nearly $1M on private planes and golf, gives himself 3 pay raises

Opinion: Trump’s own intelligence officials just undercut efforts to smear Joe Biden

The CDC issues another warning about drinking hand sanitizer after a rash of poisonings in Arizona and New Mexico, that included four deaths

Chuck Grassley and Ron Johnson better find a big fucking hole to hide come January

How a DNA test machine mutated to find Covid in 90 minutes

We must defeat Putin's pawn, Mitch McConnell. Help Amy Win!

The Unraveling of America

JUST IN: The US has sanctioned Hong Kong Chief Executive Carrie Lam for her role in crackdowns on political freedom in the region

but Xi continues to allow the Trump's to keep their trademarks - very fishy

Sturgis Motorcycle Rally could draw 250,000 people in South Dakota despite COVID pandemic

“The administration is trying to push out this line that China is the only concern. The president wishes to blind himself & blind the country to what Russia is doing.”~ ⁦@RepAdamSchiff⁩

Russian anti-Biden election interference finds ready conduit in Republican senators

Trump campaign running two candidates for president in Wisconsin