Friday, December 13, 2019

To serve as Trump’s lawyer, Giuliani left a firm where he was making $6 million a year.

One of Trump's appointees who absolved McDonald's of liability for labor law violations worked at a law firm that McDonald’s hired to counter organizing efforts. This is how our government works great for giant corporations at everyone else's expense.

People ask me when I think protest is appropriate and matters, since I'm usually not a fan. This, right here, should bring people into the streets of every state with a Republican senator. This is a direct attack on the Constitution, not by Trump, but by an entire party.

Okay remember how I said “don’t worry” well sadly I think it’s time to worry because the notion that the fate of our Democracy is literally in the hands of Kavanaugh & Gorsuch = is TERRIFYING Trump Gets Supreme Court Review on Financial Records Subpoenas

Supreme Court will hear case over Trump’s finances and his broad claims of protection from investigation

The Founders gave Congress the impeachment power in case: ✓An unethical person would become president and abuse their power. ✓They would seek to have a foreign power interfere in our affairs. ✓They would do so in order to prejudice an election. A situation just like this.

Trump told the same story about a Jewish friend four times in three months. Each time, the name of the friend changed.

"Rudy has worked as Trump’s lawyer for “free,” but Parnas paid him half a million dollars for his work. If Parnas himself was being paid by Russian sources, this means the Russians were essentially subsidizing Trump."

Trump demands that a future Democratic president be impeached in retaliation for his impeachment.

No, you got caught trying to rig an election.

Russian mail order brides...

A federal judge has ordered the State Department to expand its search for records of communication between Mike Pompeo and Rudy Giuliani regarding Ukraine policy. The judge said the department had arbitrarily limited its search for documents.

His legacy is sealed

Do you understand that the ONLY thing standing between Russia fully occupying Ukraine is America? That even Putin knows he out “gunned” So he is USING @realDonaldTrump @HouseGOP @SenateGOP @senatemajldr ex post facto to rationalize America can’t be trusted

History. Made. As Trump becomes the 4th U.S. President to face an #impeachment vote in the House of Representatives, he will get even meaner and harsher toward the vulnerable. Hold together my friends and resisters - we need to be bold, brave, and bonded to #DefendOurDemocracy!

No checks and balances. @senatemajldr is a cancer on the Constitution

Tampa Bay Times: “With reluctance, we conclude the U.S. House of Representatives has enough reason to justify the impeachment of President Donald Trump”

Rep. Eric Swalwell: "To anyone who wonders what does impeachment do to this president ... This impeachment process tells the president you are no longer emboldened to put your personal gain above the office that you serve."

New Nadler: "Today is a sad and somber day for the nation. Yet we must meet the challenge posed by a President who puts himself before the country, whose actions pose a direct threat to the integrity of our elections, and to the separation of powers that safeguard our liberty."

Bill Barr was on the sidelines, a forgotten figure from four administrations ago. Why on earth did he do this? Why did he give up his cushy, pleasant existence to become, quite literally, the devil’s advocate?

The VA failed to pay bills owed to private doctors. Veterans lost health care and were left to face collection agencies on their own

Alex Jones Defends Work Amid Sandy Hook Lawsuit: ‘I’m A Good Person’

"What Senate? There is no Senate. There is only the erosion of constitutional powers that I have happily overseen because now my corruption can be out in the open. Come visit me in Kentucky's new Russian aluminum mill!"

Newly sworn-in Kentucky Gov. Andy Beshear restored voting rights for over 140,000 former felons in the state through an executive order, his office announced

It is Friday the 13th. So perhaps today is the moment Alito, Thomas, Kavanaugh, Gorsuch, and Roberts have a momentary partisan lapse and deny the stay application and certiorari, releasing Trump’s financial information. Anything can happen, right?!

"The economy is good. What is unclear, however, is what that has to do with the constitutional responsibility of holding a president accountable for attempting to coerce a foreign leader into announcing an investigation into Joe Biden."

NEW, our annual round-up --> The biggest Pinocchios of 2019

When he returned to New York on Sat, the president called him as his plane was still taxiing down the runway, Trump asked Giuliani “‘What did you get?’” and Giuliani told him, “More than you can imagine.” I hope these idiots have to share a cell.

Nothing angers a Member of Congress as much as learning they have to work a full work week.

BREAKING: Seven of nine House Democrats from Pennsylvania now say they will support the two articles of impeachment against Donald Trump that were under consideration in the House Judiciary Committee on Thursday.

More than $20 million of the Pentagon aid at the center of the impeachment fight still hasn’t reached Ukraine. The continued delay undermines a key argument against impeachment from Trump’s Republican allies and a new legal memo from OMB

During former President Clinton's impeachment in the late '90s, Democratic and Republican lawmakers made completely different arguments than they're making today.

You were lied to for decades. “With most speaking on the assumption that their remarks would remain private, they depicted the Afghan security forces as incompetent, unmotivated, poorly trained, corrupt and riddled with deserters and infiltrators.”

Former first lady Michelle Obama offered a message of support to teen climate crisis activist Greta Thunberg after the 16-year-old was mocked on Twitter by President Trump: "Ignore the doubters and know that millions of people are cheering you on."

Rep. Eric Swalwell: "People died in Ukraine at the hands of Russia..." "You may not want to think about that, and it may be hard for you to think about that," he adds, saying this "selfish, selfish president" withheld the aid for his personal gain.

Examples of partisanship seeping into the armed forces are prompting generals and admirals to confront what they see as a growing threat to the military's apolitical tradition

The @usedgov Office for Civil Rights under Secretary @BetsyDeVos facilitated a confidential deal between the player’s mother and @uoregon

Bernie is such a resounding disappointment. His cronyism is no less awful than Biden's, so stop claiming it is. Endorsing Cenk Uygur is endorsing Uygur's long history of misogynist, racist & homophobic commentary. Why not just endorse Katie Hill's abusive ex-husband? More honest.

Schiff on Colbert: "For some of our members, who are defending the Constitution, it is their finest hour. But for others, who are willfully blinding themselves to this president's misconduct, it is the most shameful hour..."

ICYMI: Alan Dershowitz, who wrote a column advocating lowering the age of consent for adults to have sex with minors, may join Trump's legal team. He has denied allegations brought by 2 women that they were trafficked to him by Jeffrey Epstein.

Remember this? 👇🏾 As we began to publicly denounce how women were being denied proper medical care at Karnes County Residential Center, ICE transferred over 1,000 of them to various detention facilities across the country in October. Well, we found them

Devin Nunes continues to be in serious trouble

The FDA isn't doing enough to protect Americans from tainted drugs

“Rudy has worked as Trump’s lawyer for “free,” but Parnas paid him half a million dollars for his work. If Parnas himself was being paid by Russian sources, this means the Russians were essentially subsidizing Trump.”

TONIGHT: @RepAdamSchiff says impeachment isn't just about Trump's prior actions, it is about Trump's continued actions that threaten American democracy

Republican challenger Bill Weld says as many as six GOP senators privately support convicting Trump

I would bet good money that this has already happened and we just don't know about it yet

House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler has called a recess until Friday morning and will hold the vote on the two articles of impeachment at that time. "We want to do it in broad daylight," says Democratic Rep. Jamie Raskin.

"Enough of these phony process objections. Let’s get back to the facts of what happened: The president of the United States shook down a foreign power to come and get involved in our elections. That’s wrong." - Rep. Jamie Raskin

“Being governor is a full-time responsibility,” @WVGovernor said in 2017. He said he’d put his 130 corporate entities aside. But then @Kenwardjr found he hasn't

Twitter will start verifying the accounts of all candidates running in 2020 congressional and gubernatorial party primaries — a move meant in part to counter worries that the social network's new ban on paid political ads hurts up-and-coming politicians

“Trump had to pay $2 MILLION because he ripped off his own charity! $25 MILLION to students he defrauded. This is who they want us to believe is an anti-corruption crusader? COME ON. GET REAL. BE SERIOUS.” - @RepRaskin lays waste to the Republican defense of Trump

BREAKING: The Senate just joined the House by passing the Armenian Genocide resolution introduced by @SenatorMenendez and @tedcruz. The Congress is now united in speaking the truth about the genocide. It's time for the President to join us

In the last week 49,000 Americans have filed for unemployment benefits. This is the highest jump in filings since Sept. 2017. Over 252,000 Americans have lost their jobs and are on unemployment benefits nationwide

During a private airing of grievances, President Trump repeatedly denigrated the Canadian prime minister behind his back and called the French president a “pain in the ass” while referring to him as “short”

The GOP’s top excuses for Trump’s behavior are all BS: Conservative commentator

This man literally complained that Nadler didn't *recognize him to speak in Congress* the right way. One minute it's going too fast, then too slow. So these guys scream no matter what

“When he returned to NY on Saturday, Trump called him as his plane was still taxiing down the runway, Giuliani said. “‘What did you get?’” Trump asked. “More than you can imagine,” Giuliani replied. He is putting his findings into a 20-page report.”

UN chief warns against ‘survival of the richest’ on climate

Boris Johnson won the election but he may struggle to keep the UK together

Fox News host unjustifiably claims that female reporters sleep with sources "all the time"

‘I am not yielding!’ Rep. Pramila Jayapal shuts down Jim Jordan’s attempt to hijack impeachment hearing

People’s jaws are dropping over this atrocity of Mitch defiling the constitution. Don’t be surprised. Rs are auditioning for Putin. Take the offensive. The only way to reverse this is to make it unbearably painful for Mitch. Everyone should look for ways to break him. It’s a war

McConnell’s plan for sham trial reveals depths of Trump’s corruption

"Vladmir Putin...that's who you're defending...we'll keep defending the Constitution...I YIELD BACK." This is pure fire. Watch it. And watch the GOP laugh off dead Ukrainians as if it were nothing.

Court documents show that Lev Parnas got $1,000,000 from Russia, $500K went to Giuliani through Fraud Guarantee and the rest, well... surprising no one, laundered and straight to Trump enablers.

Russian state-controlled TV reacted to Germany's expulsion of two Russian diplomats with two disinformation techniques: distraction and ridicule

U.S. envoy to visit Seoul as deadline looms for stalled North Korea talks

Fire in Moscow Metro station Prazhkaya

My 9yo neighbor (who's in a wheelchair) told me he chooses to sit in the back of the class, nearest the door, because "if a shooter comes in I want to use my body as a shield for other kids because I'm already paralyzed and have nothing to lose." Let that sink in, America.

Defeated GOP governor pardoned violent criminals in a spree lawyers are calling an "atrocity of justice"

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said there was "no chance" Trump would be removed from office

Jake Tapper does line-by-line fact check of Jim Jordan’s nonstop misleading statements during impeachment hearing

Prosecutors said the money was sent to an account in the name of Parnas’s wife & came the same month that Parnas and Fruman received the first request for documents from Congressional committees investigating the Trump administration’s actions in Ukraine.

Israel’s Bad Bet on ‘Friends’ in the Middle East

.@Madonna criticizes President Trump for ‘not supporting the Constitution’, calls for his impeachment

German authorities arrested the Ukrainian multi-millionaire because of a warrant from Ukrainian anti-corruption prosecutors. Before his arrest, though, a Trump-friendly media outlet tried to help him get a visa to travel to the U.S.

The oath Senators will take: “I solemnly swear ... that in all things appertaining to the trial of the impeachment of Donald J. Trump, now pending, I will do impartial justice according to the Constitution and laws: So help me God.” So ya’ll be lying when you say these words?

Historic moment as House Judiciary debates articles of impeachment


Rep. Jayapal: ‘President Trump is the smoking gun’

Rep. Jim Himes takes down the GOP defense of Trump

And the list is growing: The Washington Post: Impeach Los Angeles Times: Impeach Boston Globe: Impeach Orlando Sentinel: Impeach Philadelphia Inquirer: Impeach USA Today: Impeach

Wait... what kind of iceberg was that, @TheRickWilson?

Here are some more Fox News sponsors

If you love the United States, don't give them any money.

Hannity: "I was shocked that former President Obama left so many [judicial] vacancies and didn't try to fill those positions." Mitch McConnell: "I'll tell you why. I was in charge of what we did the last two years of the Obama administration. [Creepy evil laugh]"

.@JoyceWhiteVance is exactly right. A fixed jury has no capacity to exonerate.

Methinks this explains the temper tantrum we saw from Chabot yesterday: “FOX19 NOW has learned there is a federal investigation going into money missing from his campaign with a grand jury convened in Cincinnati.”

Chief judge notes on national television that he is carefully coordinating planning for the trial with the defendant

At 11:15 pm ET after 14 hour #impeachment meeting Chairman Jerry Nadler surprises GOP postponing final vote on Articles of Impeachment until 10 am Friday. Angry GOP leader Doug Collins is furious

“In the 21st century, we must also contend with a new phenomenon: right-wing intellectuals, now deeply critical of their own societies, who have begun paying court to right-wing dictators who dislike America. And their motives are curiously familiar.”

Nikki Haley Keeps Digging Confederate-Flag-Shaped Hole For Her Dignity

McConnell confirmed as many circuit court judges this week as he did the entire last two years of Obama’s presidency. It’s no accident that Trump inherited so many vacancies. All part of their plan to stack the courts with lifetime judges who’ll roll back our rights for decades.

Hey @AlanDersh, do you deny you had sex with teenage girls as young as 16 when you got “massages” at Trump's Mar-a-Lago? Child-rapist Jeffrey Epstein lured these girls into a life of sexual abuse and “lent” them to other men. Were you one of their abusers, or are the girls lying?

Swalwell goes after Collins

Rep. Eric Swalwell: "In my colleagues' efforts to defend this president, you want him to be someone he's not. You want him to be someone he is telling you he is not. You're trying to defend the call in so many different ways ... He's not who you want him to be."

I’m quite tired of listening to House Republicans complain disingenuously about process. If our processes were so important to them, they’d demand that the president comply with congressional subpoenas, and that our elections be protected.

Hey @RepMattGaetz how’s your own cocaine dealer doing? You still an investor in the pot dispensary? How’s your 21 year old girlfriend? Rep. Matt Gaetz criticized Hunter Biden for his addiction. Then he got called out for his own DUI

Rep. Eric Swalwell calls out Collins: "Ranking Member Collins, you can deny this as much as you want. People died in Ukraine at the hands of Russia. And Ukraine, since September of 2018 ... was counting on our support."

Jury foreman before the trial even begins: "Everything we do, we've been coordinating with the defense counsel. There will be no difference between the criminal defense and our position." CAN YOU EVEN IMAGINE??? I call "MISTRIAL" and would like a new jury please.

imagine having a passport that allows you to move freely between, live in and work in 28 countries, including many of the worlds most affluent, with excellent free health care and social services wherever you go & voting to tear that passport up and be stranded on an island.

Heavily redacted communications on withholding of Ukraine aid released by Trump administration

Donald Trump will never be who House Republicans want him to be. He’s telling us all who he really is, if we have the courage to listen.

As many of us have been saying, Trump will not debate his democratic opponent.

A reminder: The CIA General Counsel made a CRIMINAL REFERRAL to the Justice Department based on the whistleblower complaint and the details of the July 25 phone call.

Federal judge rules American Samoans are US citizens by birth

According to a transcript published by Russia's Foreign Ministry, Lavrov also cryptically said the Kremlin was “ready to publicize the correspondence between us and the American administration regarding allegations of interference”

I've no illusions that Mitch McConnell will recuse himself from the Impeachment Trial of Donald Trump, but, given that he's disqualified himself by brazenly demonstrating his bias and inability to follow his oath, Democrats should loudly and repeatedly call for him to do so

Devin’s Secret Fundraiser tomorrow is at the Fox Theatre in Visalia (308 Main Street). Doors open at 5:15. I’m hoping that he invited @lhfang

This is false. Pelosi said the Mueller investigation began 2.5 years ago.

2020 South Carolina Senate GE: Lindsey Graham (R-inc) 47% (+2) Jamie Harrison (D) 45%

BREAKING: @PublicIntegrity obtains 146 Ukraine docs from Trump administration as Judiciary Committee prepares to vote on impeachment.

THIS. IS. ON. THE. WHITE. HOUSE. WEBSITE. Q: Mr. President, what exactly did you hope Zelensky would do about the Bidens after your phone call? THE PRESIDENT: Well...if they were honest about it, they’d start a major investigation into the Bidens. It’s a very simple answer.

Not only did Saudi Arabia's lobbying operation never leave Washington, the KSA spent over $10 million more on lobbyists & foreign influence campaigns targeting the U.S in the year following Jamal Khashoggi's death than the year leading up to it

“Democracy is a gift that one generation gives to the next.” - @RepSylviaGarcia Our children and grandchildren will live in a democracy or an autocracy. Which one will depend on the choices we make today and in the days to come.

$500 dollars to any reporter who asks Jordan why he didn’t defend his athletes with the same passion he defends Trump.

Again, Hunter Biden could come forth and confess to stealing billions and bribing everyone in Ukraine and it wouldn’t change the fact that the president committed an impeachable offense in asking a foreign government to announce an investigation into the Bidens.

Judge allows lawsuit seeking Trump-Putin call records

Impeachment raises questions about secret stash of Trump records

Impeachment report moves newspapers, triggers wave of editorials

As impeachment gears turn, focus becomes fight for public opinion

Raskin lays out essence of Trump impeachment case at hearing

Swalwell goes after Collins

We have to act right now because the president is cheating right now.

"Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg will donate $10 million to support Democratic House lawmakers who are facing Republican attacks for supporting President Donald Trump's impeachment..."

This is -- quite literally -- a juror in a trial telling you that he is coordinating with the defense attorney. That's literally, actually, what this is.

Make sure your family and friends see the evidence for themselves: The president asked a foreign power to interfere in the 2020 election for his own political gain. Americans deserve free and fair elections. He must be held accountable.

Earlier today, it was widely believed that Republicans would be through offering amendments by 5p. But as the evening wore on, Democrats came to believe the GOP was simply trying to bury the votes in the news cycle.

Here are the GOP defenses I have heard so far to articles of impeachment, along with the knee-jerk responses I have been shouting at my television.

The Majority Leader proudly announcing he is planning to rig the impeachment trial for Trump.

For a group of people who know as a certainty that Trump will be acquitted, who think this impeachment means disaster for the Dems, and who are convinced that the Horowitz report proved Trump right, Republicans sure are pretty salty and bitchy these past few days.

Mitch McConnell rejects the founding fathers’ creation of a system of checks & balances to keep any one branch of gov’t from becoming too powerful & engaging in corruption/abuse of power.

US prosecutors turn to possible bribery charges in investigation over Ukrainian natural gas company