Tuesday, July 31, 2018

"Manafort had no influence on the campaign--he was only there 4 months."

Horrifying news. 3 Russian opposition journalists working for Khodorkovsky doing an expose on the Wagner mercenary group in the Central African Republic all executed.

Latest Manafort: Defense throws Gates under the bus, way under, accusing him of embezzlement. As prosecutors say Manafort flouted tax & bank laws to preserve his lifestyle, defense salutes him for a life of public service (thru political campaigns

A $15,000 jacket 'made from an Ostrich': The latest from opening statements of Paul Manafort's trial

Alleged Russian agent Maria Butina and GOP operator Paul Erickson left a trail of cash - new docs on transactions of up to $300K provides new info on Russian campaign to influence American politics

The first witness of the Manafort trial has now taken the stand. It is Tad Devine, the Democratic political consultant who worked with Manafort in Ukraine.

#BREAKING We just won an order blocking the Trump Administration from allowing the distribution of plans for 3D-printed guns.

Paul Manafort used the first day of his tax fraud trial to reveal his defense strategy: blaming his longtime business partner Rick Gates

Manafort Trial Day 1: Prosecutors say ex-Trump aide lied to fund 'extravagant lifestyle'

BOOM. "Several people who have reviewed a portion of this evidence say that...they believe it is now all but inevitable that the special counsel will complete a confidential report presenting evidence that President Trump violated the law."

"A confidential White House memorandum, which is in the special counsel's possession, explicitly states that when Trump pressured Comey [to let Flynn go] he had just been told by two of his top aides ... Priebus and ... McGahn that Flynn was under criminal investigation."

BREAKING: Robert Mueller’s first trial in the Russia probe formally opened Tuesday as a dozen jurors were selected to decide the fate of former Donald Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort

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RIS pushes Western extremists, activists, and radicals of every ideological stripe. Moscow's goal is tension and chaos. If you think this is all about the Alt-Right, do I have news for you...

When the Iranians are creeped out & think you are such a duplicitous sick f*ck, even they don't want to meet with you, then you've got some BIGLY issues crackin

Today at @senjudiciary hearing on family separation and reunification, I asked each witness "what went wrong?" Thankfully, Mr. White gave me an honest answer. I can't say the same for the others.

wait for it...very end

We have a jury! A jury of 6 men and 6 women has been sworn in, in the Alexandria trial of Paul Manafort. Also selected were 4 alternate jurors of 3 women and 1 man.

Openings in Paul Manafort's trial will begin at 2:45. Uzo Asonye will speak for the special counsel, Thomas Zehnle for the defense. Each are expected to take half an hour. We will be liveblogging; following along here:

The impending legal tsunami will shake our country to its core much like the aftermath of 9/11 did. Just like then, we’ll need to put aside every other label used to define one another besides “American” and “human.” We must heal while uniting to defend liberal democracy.

We’ve gone from “No Collusion!” to “Collusion is not a crime,” and back to “No Collusion” since Sunday. If there was “no collusion” @realDonaldtRUmp, why do you obsessively bring it up numerous times daily? Oh right, b/c you knowingly & directly colluded with the Kremlin.

"Butina Probe Predated Mueller, Grew Out Of Suspicious Money Transfers..."

Not content with a budget busting tax break that has helped the wealthy and CEOs, the Trump admin is considering another $100 billion gift.

Senate Democrats ask National Archives for all of Kavanaugh’s records from his White House years

BREAKING: Commander Jonathan White of HHS just admitted he warned Trump @realDonaldTrump & Sessions about "significant risk of harm" & "psychological injury" as consequence of zero tolerance & was ignored

LATEST: Facebook says it has uncovered a new, covert disinformation campaign on its social network, its first acknowledgment of potential political meddling ahead of this year’s midterm elections.

‘Has mom been tested for STDs?’ The Manaforts’ home life and why it matters

Mueller's team filed an updated exhibit list ahead of Manafort's trial, which includes an email with the subject line “Nervousness is setting in”

FB identified the Election Campaign Operation,That took place prior to the 2016 Election,Also. During the 2016 Run-Up,Facebook was,ACTIVELY,Targeting US Citizens,In Coordination with the Kremlins Election Influence Operations.

Judge Ellis makes a statement from the bench that they should be able to get a jury empaneled by this afternoon in the Manafort case, which reflects a very quick pace by all parties and the court. -VA

"A majority of Americans now suspect the answer to the puzzle of Trump’s relationship with Russia is simple: blackmail."

Your regular reminder that the last @POTUS who constantly attacked the press was ... Richard Nixon

The Koch Brothers are fossil fuel barons tied to Russians and Nazis. (But I repeat myself.) This is a last ditch effort to obscure their tie to Trump.

Supreme Court Blocks White House Attempt To Stop Teens’ Climate Suit

How Russia, Interpol, and ICE work together to weaponize our courts to serve Putin’s anti-dissident agenda:

Your administration approved this. What kind of incompetence and dangerous governing is this? And to check with the NRA? Holy moly

Ex-Trump Organization executive Barbara Res says that it's "impossible" that Trump didn't know about the Trump Tower meeting with Russian officials beforehand.

Former top FBI official responds to Trump team: Collusion is "absolutely a crime"

JUST IN: No deal. Manafort attorney Kevin Downing tells me “No chance!” his client will cooperate with Special Counsel in order to avoid trial today.

Trump says his new health insurance plans are doing ‘record business.’ Narrator - (They don’t even exist yet)

Trump Organization CFO Allen Weisselberg called to appear before federal grand jury.

Why We’re Sharing 3 Million Russian Troll Tweets

Stephen Colbert goes after his CBS boss Les Moonves: "Accountability is meaningless unless it’s for everybody, whether it’s for the leader of a network or the leader of the free world"

This will never be normal

SCOOP: Sen. Jeanne Shaheen (D-NH) was the target of a bizarre impersonation attempt aimed at getting inside info on U.S. sanctions targeting Russia. We have the emails & audio.

Rohrabacher, "Putin's favorite congressman," tells me the Maria Butina case is "BS" and if Trump knew of and approved of the Trump Tower meaning, that means "zero." That is, he's fine with Trump colluding & conspiring with Putin's attack on a US election.

The biggest stock correction of the year is building, Morgan Stanley says

The Trump admin is considering bypassing Congress to grant a $100,000,000,000 tax cut mainly to the wealthy, NYT reports, a legally tenuous maneuver that would cut capital gains taxation and fulfill a long-held ambition of many investors and conservatives.

Here is a copy of the opposition we filed to prevent the Broidy complaint from remaining sealed and/or the striking of certain allegations. The public has a right to know. Note: we had to redact the blacked out portions per court order.

The Trump Files: Donald and Melania’s Creepy, Sex-Filled Interview With Howard Stern

Federal Judge Orders Government To Seek Consent Before Medicating Migrant Children

"The State Department estimates: Kremlin’s influence apparatus costs a $1.4 billion-a-year, claiming to reach some six hundred million people in 130 countries and 30 languages.”

Thousands sign official petition to block Bannon from entering the UK

2003 FBI testimony on Semion Mogilevich. Note: Budapest By 1995, "Mogilevich employed the safe haven in Hungary to DIRECT HIS CRIMINAL OPERATIONS AGAINST THE UNITED STATES."

White House aide shout down Jim @Acosta for asking collusion questions: “Move, Jim! Let’s go! Keep going Jim. Let’s go. We’re leaving. Come on Jim. Go. We’re done.”

BREAKING: On eve of trial, Manafort drops appeal of dismissal of his civil suit challenging Mueller's authority. Doc:

Caterpillar to raise construction equipment prices due to Trump tariffs

I have a great uneasiness about Murdoch. He fiddled a hell of a lot in Australian politics while he was based here. He above all others with his Fox network needs to take ownership of the climate created in America at this time

Here is the bipartisan, multi state letter @maura_healey sent today to @SecPompeo and @jeffsessions demanding an end to the dangerous 3D gun policy about to take effect. We are grateful to Maura and these 21 Attorneys General for their leadership.

In a new book, Bob Woodward plans to reveal the harrowing life inside Donald Trumps White House

NEWS House Judiciary Member Believes Trump Jr. & Kushner Will Be Indicted

WikiLeaks is Russian GRU op with server located in RU. That's a big deal.

BREAKING: WaPo: U.S. spy agencies are seeing signs that North Korea is constructing new missiles at a factory that produced the country’s first intercontinental ballistic missiles capable of reaching the U.S., per officials familiar with the intelligence.

US Debt Sales To Surge: Treasury Raises 2018 Borrowing Need To $1.33 Trillion

Michael Avenatti Targeted in Person by QAnon, the Crazy Pro-Trump Conspiracy Theory

Monday, July 30, 2018

U.S. states make last-minute legal bid to halt 3-D online guns

Russia Says It Will Know of U.S. Military Plans Before They Happen. Russia Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov claimed his country has insider knowledge on the military plans of the U.S. and its Western allies.

Mercury LLC (“Company A” in Manafort’s #indictment) signed 8 new #FARA clients in 2018, including the chair of Oleg Deripaska’s En+ (parent co of #Rusal) & China’s #ZTE Technologies👉🏼successfully pushed for #sanctions relief for ZTE (TBD for Rusal)

Lisa Murkowski and Susan Collins are less likely to vote against SCOTUS nominee Brett Kavanaugh due to less pressure from constituents than the health care debate. Change that.

The personnel chief of the FEMA — who resigned just weeks ago — is under investigation after being accused of creating an atmosphere of widespread sexual harassment in which women were hired as possible sexual partners for male employees, WaPo reports.

Opinion: A shutdown before the midterms? Democrats should be so lucky.

Unredacted Interior documents show Zinke's monuments review was a sham

Mueller says Manafort earned $60M from Ukraine consulting.

Obama and Biden spotted grabbing lunch together at DC bakery

Legal expert: Trump is "one witness away from a potential catastrophe"

NEW: Attorney General Jeff Sessions announces "Religious Liberty Task Force." Sessions says the task force will "help the Department fully implement our religious liberty guidance," including "making sure our employees know their duties to accommodate people of faith."


Make sure you aren’t one of the over 100,000 people that the government unregistered this year check your voter registration here. I did it and it took me 30 seconds

This letter makes it clear that Republicans intend to block the Senate – and the American people – from accessing the bulk of Judge Kavanaugh’s White House records. The question becomes: What are they hiding?

Buried lede. The leave facebook campaign worked. It happened in the last quarter. This hurt them so bad they had to lie about it.

Ohio farmer says farmers being treated just like Stormy Daniels: "Screwed" by Trump then paid off

Betsy DeVos's Education Department is set to curb college loan forgiveness, cutting an estimated $13,000,000,000 in relief for defrauded students

NEW: More job losses from Trump's tariffs Brinly-Hardy, a lawn equipment manufacturer in southern Indiana, has laid off 75 workers b/c of steel & China tariffs.

Britain’s greatest war leader came to America to warn us about a despot in Moscow. He was widely attacked for doing so. Sound familiar?

Charles Koch, network send GOP a message: We're happy to back Democrats who share our policy goals

Giuliani is calling into Fox News right now to clarify his collusion comments from this morning: "My client didn't do it, and even if he did it, it's not a crime."

Paul Manafort Trial Begins Tomorrow! Tuesday: 7:30 AM, July 31 Trasportation info

Rudy Giuliani questions Trump's ability to govern ...too much stuff for Trump to handle. Perfect.

EXCLUSIVE: House GOP planning to ask Comey to testify

Ecuador has just publicly stated that it is in the interest of all that Assange's asylum be terminated. Eat a dick my treasonous friend

White House uses foreign aid agency to give jobs to Trump loyalists

In 2012, Judge Brett Kavanaugh sided with Trump Entertainment Resorts’ successful effort to thwart a unionization drive at one of its casinos

"Eye-popping" payouts for CEOs follow Trump’s tax cuts

Workplace Sexual Harassment: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver

With a national dialogue underway about sexual harassment in the workplace, John Oliver sits down with Anita Hill to discuss the recent response to a not-so-recent problem.

Brian Benczkowski Worked for a Russian BankNow Hes Trumps Man at Justice

Wanna Beat Trumps Supreme Court Nominee? Focus on Marijuana

Betsy DeVos Message to Students: You Have the Right to Be Ripped Off

Listen to Donald Trump discuss a $150,000 hush money payment with Michael Cohen like they're buying a loaf of bread

Chris Christie on ABC: “’Collusion’ is not a crime. And so the fact of the matter is that we’re a long way away yet from having anything to talk about here.”

It was supposed to be an off-the-record meeting. Until Trump tweeted about it.

Bannon to Kochs: ‘Shut up and get with the program’

In the only abortion case heard by Trump's nominee to the Supreme Court, Judge Kavanaugh issued a decision that would have forced a young immigrant woman to continue carrying a pregnancy against her will.

The spectacular dunes system picked by Trump for his golf resort in Aberdeenshire has been "partially destroyed" as a result of the course's construction, documents released under FOIA have revealed

Paul Ryan dines on lobster, woos donors on the Cape

Back in the U.S.S.R. Day 14

bedtime #KremlinAnnex

These are the Ukraine photos Manafort doesn't want the jury to see

Trump's tweets on Sunday represented his most specific attempt yet to discredit any findings of the Mueller investigation,

"...video found where Trump says he has RUSSIAN BUSINESS PARTNERS. Could mess up his golf swing. Trump literally says “One of the great families in Russia is our partner.” He’s talking about Putin’s oligarch who set up Trump Tower meeting"

I would very much appreciate your sharing this Politico piece I've done with Dr Bandy Lee about what to expect from Trump going forward and how to deal with it.

"It’s time we start thinking about post-Trump America"

Sulzberger recalled telling Trump that newspapers had begun posting armed guards outside their offices because of a rise in threats against journalists. The president, he said, expressed surprise that they did not already have armed guards

Trump and his son face legal risk if they're found to be lying about the Russia meeting

Vladimir Putin says he has invited Pres. Trump to Moscow and that he would be willing to visit the U.S. if "relevant conditions" were met, according to Russian media.

As Maria Butina sits in Jail maybe looking to cut a deal,To all evangelical Preachers, GOP politicians, And NRA leaders that have been hanging out with her the past few years, If Your married I can’t help but to think about this guy in the bottom right picture.

Russia and the far right’s cozy affair

In Da News. Some paper called USA Today

Just in: Statement from NYT Publisher A.G. Sulzberger, who says he told Trump his “language was not just divisive but increasingly dangerous.”

GOP Sen. James Lankford says Russia is still attempting to interfere in U.S. elections. "Regardless of who the candidate is...we as Americans, universally should push back against a foreign power trying to interfere in our system"

Trump's 2020 campaign denies reports that it is producing flags in China

BREAKING: Ebola virus possible for Denver Health patient in isolation

Scott Pruitt’s replacement has been in the job for less than a month. He’s already facing ethics scrutiny. This could be a record

How your country is governed

Sunday, July 29, 2018

Thousands take to the streets of Moscow for anti-Putin protests, chant "Putin is a thief"

JUST IN: Migrant fathers file lawsuit against Trump for separating them from their kids after being reunited

Opinion: "Trump’s grip on reality will likely continue to diminish as he faces increasing criticism, accusations, threats of impeachment and potential criminal indictments"

BREAKING: We’ve traced $3.5m from the $230m tax rebate fraud that Sergei Magnitsky exposed and was killed over to 11 different accounts in Australian banks. The Australian law enforcement authorities have been alerted

House Republicans cannot be allowed to obstruct justice

The liquidation of US treasuries by Russia is interesting. If Russia did this to leverage the US in some way, it failed. The market shrugged. Why? Because Russia is a small economic player, not even in the top ten. In fact, California alone has nearly twice the GDP of Russia.

NY Times: Trump broke off-the-record agreement on meeting with publisher

Sens. Cantwell and Graham want Trump to order a threat assessment of: The scope of Russian capability to use cyber-warfare to threaten energy infrastructure. The extent to which Russians have already attempted cyber-intrusions into energy facilities.

The very normal and stable tweets of someone who totally didn’t collude with Russia. Not even a little. Okay maybe a little but even if he did, is being installed by a hostile foreign government really a crime? I mean I once took an ashtray from a fancy restaurant in Italy.

Russia’s Plan to Buy Off the GOP Began Before the Rise of Trump

The responses to this article have been exactly as expected. Ignore the baseless attacks and accusations. Read the article and judge the facts for yourself. The fake resistance is real. They have to be called out. ICYMI

Maggie Haberman: Where are people getting the impression she is an access journalist and Trump shill? Baffling? Let's take a closer look. THREAD

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