Monday, April 10, 2017

NEW VIDEO: Trump's "Syrian Raid" was a cheap, stupid STUNT swallowed by some cheap, stupid media

This algorithm could help end partisan gerrymandering.

Trump thinks it’s “compassionate” to eliminate Meals on Wheels and after-school programs. We disagree

Washington Post's David Fahrenthold wins the Pulitzer Prize for his in-depth reporting of Trump’s charitable (or lack thereof) donations.

How regulators can discourage a repeat of United’s overbooking fiasco

Not overbooking...worse...looking for thug ride for their airbound posse cause they understaffed someplace else.

Leaked Email: President Trump's Modeling Agency Is Shutting Down Business partners are told it's over for one of Trump's most prized businesses.

More repulsive Trump tactics. A nickle and dimer if there ever was one...

Gorsuch will 100% side with the airline


Bureau Of Land Management Web Page Swaps Out Dumb Nature Pics For Beautiful, Lovely COAL

What is everyone paying on tax day?

What is everyone paying on tax day?

The Trump administration seems to have no coherent understanding of its Syria policy

"The Most Dangerous Justice Department in Decades"

Gerrymandering: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver

Lawmakers often reshape voting districts to shift the balance of political power. That's unfair to voters, even those of us with questionable judgment.

Lawrence to O’Reilly: Dare you to sue me

Joy Reid and Lawrence O’Donnell, host of ‘The Last Word’ on MSNBC, discuss what he calls the ‘cesspool of sexual harassment’ at Fox and the latest accusations against Bill O’Reilly.