Monday, December 21, 2020

Sidney who now? We barely know her, took some photos with her, dripped some hair dye near her


Trump admin weighing request to declare MBS immune from federal lawsuit related to assassination plan against former intel officer living in Canada, & State Dept recommendation could lead to dismissal of MBS as a defendant in a Jamal Khashoggi case


With COVID cases surging worse than ever, getting vaccinated is one of the most important things we can do. But until the vaccine is widely available, socially distancing and wearing masks will actually save even more lives, and alleviate the pressure on healthcare workers.


Forty days since the murder of Raman Bandarenka in #Belarus. The whole country is still shocked & mourning. The most frightening thing - the regime does not even pretend to investigate Raman's death. They lie & imprison the journalist and the doctor who dared to speak the truth.


While Fox News and Newsmax have responded to legal threats by walking back their Dominion and Smartmatic conspiracy theories, OAN is still pushing them. This is from the 3 p.m. hour today.


[Recap] Top Hong Kong court backs gov’t use of colonial-era emergency law to ban face masks at demos


“No matter what hurdles we face, as Hongkongers, we will never surrender.” Hong Kong activist Nathan Law applies for asylum in Britain


Pro-Trump network Newsmax just aired a 2-minute video admitting that it has 'no evidence' of the outlandish fraud claims it made against two voting machine companies. Newsmax is facing potential defamation lawsuits from a pair of voting system companies.


President-elect Joe Biden received a Covid-19 vaccine today. “I’m doing this to demonstrate that people should be prepared, when it’s available, to take the vaccine. There’s nothing to worry about. I’m looking forward to the second shot.”


Trump administration weighing legal immunity for Saudi crown prince accused in assassination plot


Televangelist Pat Robertson declares that Biden will be president and that Trump "lives in an alternate reality," "is very erratic," and should not run again in 2024: "You've had your day and it's time to move on."


The day Michael Flynn suggested martial law and a new election this woman told me word for word what he said because of right wing media pushing lies. Sue the bastards


The Vatican says it's “morally acceptable” for Roman Catholics to receive COVID-19 vaccines based on research that used fetal tissue from abortions. The Vatican said Monday that it addressed the question after receiving requests for guidance.


Shame on all of them.


If you thought the holiday-fueled coronavirus surge couldn’t get any scarier, public-health experts said Monday they’re concerned that what may be a more transmissible mutation spreading in England is already on our shores.


I'm not very good at Adobe Premier, but as soon as I heard about the #StimulusCheck this scene popped in my head, so I had to make it. LOL


The #FBI, @OIGatHHS , and @CMSGov are warning the public about fraud schemes related to #COVID19 vaccines. These agencies have received complaints about scammers using the public’s interest in the #vaccines to gather money and personal information.


the Whitestone Republican Club in NYC apparently held a Christmas party this year without a care in the world about COVID


AG Barr says he sees no reason to appoints a special counsel in the Hunter Biden investigation.


Get ready for a rash of sudden, on-the-merits, 100% sincere conversions on this issue from Republicans.


Exactly. Barr did indeed contradict Trump, but in a quiet, mumbly, caveat-filled, "I don't see any basis" and "I can't comment on that" way. The authoritarian bravado was a lot more muted today, but this was hardly a ringing defense of American values and the rule of law.


Trump’s most successful trick was convincing people that the most powerful person in the world is really a victim, and that anyone/anything who might hold him accountable is to be destroyed.


Newsmax just aired this note to "clarify" its coverage of Smartmatic and Dominion.


Putin is a mafia boss with an assassination squad & chemical weapons lab, and one of his hit-men just confessed publicly. Tell me again about "engagement" and "shared strategic interests" with this murderous regime


The Mar A Lago parties started Friday night. Turning Point hosted a 2k per person maskless soirée. Trump will be down there this week, celebrating with paying revelers while we have Christmas over Zoom and wait for a $600 dollar check.


Another good example of how laughably flimsy Trump’s electoral fraud claims are - The Washington Post


A new Fox poll finds that 42% of voters say history will remember Trump as one of the worst presidents ever. "It's very clear that historians and a lot of voters believe history will remember Trump as one of the worst ever."


I’ve reread this multiple times. And I’m still stunned. “Microsoft’s president, Brad Smith, said Thursday that government agencies are approaching Microsoft — not the national security establishment — to understand the extent of the Russian breach.”


Engaging With Trump’s Die-Hard Supporters Isn’t Productive - The Atlantic


“Well, the crotch, as they call it.” In a stunning phone call, Putin rival Alexei Navalny tricked an FSB agent into confessing Russia’s plot to put poison in his underwear


A Tale of Two Cities: "It was the best of times. It was the worst of times." On the left: The Pentagon spends 3,000,000,000 a DAY. On the right: Desperate Americans stand in line for a free meal,... three miles from the Pentagon


[Recap] Hongkongers in self-imposed exile announce plans for ‘shadow parliament’


Please say we’re OK: Scientists at Walter Reed are looking to determine if the new U.K. variant of COVID can resist vaccines


No Bible verse is going to save Marco Rubio from the beating he is taking for cutting to front of line to get COVID-19 vaccine


Five days ago, Georgia megachurch pastor Jentezen Franklin attended a Christmas party at the White House, posing maskless in front of a holiday tree. On Sunday, Free Chapel in Gainesville announced that Franklin has tested positive for COVID-19.


Ben Carson has a HUD dining room worth $31,000


Don't forget: On the same day Sen. Richard Burr sold a significant portion of his stock holdings, his brother-in-law also dumped tens of thousands of dollars worth of shares. The market fell by more than 30% in the subsequent month


“But a review of emails, memos, depositions, legal motions & other docs unsealed late on Sackler family members discussed potential litigation exposure at least as early as 2007, a decade before they faced a new wide-ranging legal attack...”


Investigators reviewed thousands of pages of emails and other records and concluded that “inept contract management and incompetent negotiating by the Trump Administration denied the country the ventilators it needed.”


Unconscionable. Inhumane. Shocking. Deadly global pandemic, richest country in the world turns its back on its citizens. Does nothing but exacerbate suffering. Four percent of the world population. Twenty percent of Covid deaths and infections.


Republicans the party of three martini deductions


No right, I'm afraid. When you wear and not wear a mask at the same time, you simply break two laws at the same time. Why? Because Hong Kong police determines who break the law. Hong Kong is becoming a joke


Tennessee Gov. Bill Lee refuses mask mandate despite having nation’s worst COVID outbreak


THAT DAY HAS ARRIVED— Los Angeles County hospitals are preparing for potential *healthcare rationing* as ICUs overloaded with #COVID19. New proposed guidelines call for a shift towards maximizing saveable lives, and prioritizing care with best chance.


Jack Ma offered to give the Chinese government parts of fintech giant Ant to salvage relations with Beijing, say people with knowledge of the matter


"Donald Trump’s descent into madness continues."


New coronavirus variant: What do we know?


The estate went from a $10.5 million appraisal to $4.1 million, resulting in a much lower tax bill for the senator and her husband


Approx $75 a month. $19 a week. Less than $3 a day. Disgrace. As they drink expensive champagne and golf.


A contractor with zero experience got a $34.5 million contract to supply the VA with masks and other medical supplies. He flew around the country on a private jet trying to track everything down. He ultimately did not deliver a single mask to the VA


The Senate just cleared the one-day stopgap, with just over two hours to spare before a shutdown. It’s the fourth continuing resolution Congress has approved since September. It now goes to Trump’s desk


Dear @realDonaldTrump: You failed to stop the coronavirus explosion in the United States when you only focused on China (and it was only a partial ban) but allowed anyone from Europe carrying the virus to enter America. Are you going to make the same mistake twice?


Kanye West got $5 million. You get $600.


The ‘Red Slime’ Lawsuit That Could Sink Right-Wing Media Voting machine companies threaten “highly dangerous” cases against Fox, Newsmax and OAN, says Floyd Abrams.


Georgia rips Trump voter fraud claims: "highly inaccurate" "wildly unreliable" "worthless" Georgia officials and election experts say Trump's illegal voter list is riddled with errors, based on faulty analyses & shows a misunderstanding of election laws.


I have the hope that women will heal our country. ⁦@JeffBezos⁩ should be ASHAMED of himself !


"Remember the morally abominable Tuskegee experiments? They were conducted on 600 men. But Donald Trump just Tuskegeed an entire nation," says Lloyd Green