Thursday, December 27, 2018

These charts explain how China's Huawei took over the world

Alex Jones’ Lawyer Violated Legal Ethics By Soliciting Porn Bribes. Just How Dirty Is Marc Randazza?

The Dow closed 260 points higher after another volatile day on Wall Street. The stock index plunged more than 600 points earlier in the day, but rallied in the final hour of trading. This comes a day after the Dow recorded its highest daily point gain.

Sounds like Michael is havin' a little fun tellin' Trump Mueller knows all about this part of the #TrumpRussia saga

Fox News hits Trump for turning troop visit into "campaign rally:" They "deserve way more respect than that"

PS Mueller really does know everything

What is Ginni Thomas saying now? The evolution of an unusually outspoken Supreme Court spouse

Despite all the negative publicity associated with fake Russian accounts in 2016, Facebook decided it would be a great idea to give its user data to Yandex, Russia’s premier search engine. As a result, the FSB now has access to all of it.

Our Syrian #Kurd allies, terrified of slaughter by Turkish forces following US #SyriaWithdrawal turn to Russia & Assad hoping for protection. Abandoning our best local allies is a terrible humanitarian & geopolitical mistake.

Here's video of passengers boarding 90404 before departure on Friday 12/21. All in shorts and t-shirts. Who could they be? Who flew to SXM from Joint Base Andrews and stayed for 24 hours?

Deza. How the hell can Russia replace the US in the ME when they’re funding 2 wars out of their pension reserve fund as it is? Saudis need $. Moreover they need the US 5th Fleet or Iran will cause major issues in the Gulf. And Russia’s 1 aircraft carrier is out of commission.

Note to @realDonaldTrump: 54,000 Border patrol & customs agents 53,000 TSA agents 42,000 Coast Guard employees 13,500 FBI agents 4,400 DEA agents are working without pay (or not getting paid) not as Dems or Republicans, but as Americans.

“Quit trying to make us feel teary eyed for the children.” - Madeline C., Trump voter.

Capitol Hill was caught off guard by FEMA's announcement that the National Flood Insurance Program couldn't issue new flood insurance policies during the funding lapse

AHEM...BIG HINT I dropped here ===> "Whatever the truth is, Team Mueller knows what Cohen has told them, and they have enough intelligence from myriad sources, some of them highly classified, to determine whether Cohen’s account is factual."

FWIW, this is our coverage back in April of this year when McClatchy first reported that Mueller had evidence of Cohen in Prague:

Patrushev, head of Russian Sec Council/fmr FSB dir, gave interview yesterday explaining how "Russophobia" is linked to neo-Nazism; US & Ukraine are working together to build a neo-Nazi alliance across Europe; & that US empowered Hitler

REMINDER: "The Prague meeting is more than the vaunted ‘smoking gun.’ It would constitute proof of Trump’s collusion with the Kremlin to secure his election, something most Americans would fairly label treason."

Exactly as I reported several months ago: Michael Cohen’s cell phone was picked up in Prague. Now confirmed by @McClatchyDC.

An unnatural disaster: Yemen’s hunger crisis is born of deliberate policies, pursued primarily by a Saudi-led coalition backed by the United States

HAPPENING NOW: Dow Jones drops more than 400 points following record day.

Trump isn’t going anywhere until Mitch McConnell decides he’s a GOP liability

Russian Foreign Ministry welcomes US withdrawal from Syria: "If the troop withdrawal happens, it would have a positive impact on the situation," Foreign Ministry spokesperson Zakharova said at a briefing.

The drumbeat of bad news for Donald Trump hasn't been good for his most prominent backer in the media.

This is a pretty devastating attack on nominee Barr's memo, a memo which effectively puts the President above the law. The Senate should really scrutinize this memo and ask if our Founders really fought King George III to establish such a regime.

Deep dive into the odd story of a Russian loan to the French far-right: How Moscow supported Marine Le Pen, and what happened after

Who the fuck is this Air Force Captain violating the law against military campaigning? And being generally stupid?

We are paying for security for the Mar-a-Lago New Year’s Eve party during the Trump shutdown. Secret Service can continue providing essential security during a lapse of appropriations, but it’s Trump who decides that govt officials need to be at his for-profit event. Shameless!

More than 4 million children endured lockdowns last school year, a Post analysis finds. The experience left many kids traumatized.

Michael Cohen’s cell phone briefly activated near Prague around time of purported Russia meeting | McClatchy Washington Bureau

Channel One host Malakhov asked Maria Butina’s father about his daughter’s means of support in America. Valery Butin reluctantly admitted: “She had influential acquaintances who recognized her abilities and were helping her financially.”

Federal judge grants habeas to asylum seeker detained 34 mths "This nation prides itself on its humanity and openness with which it treats those who seek refuge at its gates. By contrast, the autocracies of the world have been marked by harsh regimes of exclusion and detention."

EXCLUSIVE: A Daily Beast investigation found that nearly $1 billion in taxpayer money went to ICE's for-profit prisons this year—where migrants work for pennies in conditions advocates say resemble slave labor

Legality of recent agreement between MLB & Cuban Baseball Federation rests on Obama era ruling that federation not controlled by Cuban govt. This is not just factually incorrect it is a farce & I am working to get it overruled as soon as possible.

I wrote a piece about the "Apprentice" producer Mark Burnett & Donald Trump. It's about how Trump would not be president without the show, and how the show itself was a huge con - and what happens when politics becomes just another form of entertainment

Trump's SECRETARY OF STATE, America's chief diplomat, said "We will continue to fight these battles, it is a never ending struggle... until the Rapture."

Annualized growth of business investment in US is now lower than it was *before* the Ryan-Trump "pro-growth" tax cut one year ago

Maria Butina’s ‘Red Sparrow’ Makeover Revealed on Russian TV

NEW POLL: Barack and Michelle Obama are America’s most admired man and woman

As I wrote about in my book; people in focus groups believed the image of Donald Trump created by Mark Burnett and the scriptwriters of The Apprentice, not the failed, floundering, serially bankrupt, leg-humping choad who exists in this reality.

This man is a habitual liar. Everything from casino bonds and Trump University degrees to collaboration with the Russians and military pay raises. He can’t stop lying. Impeach him

Federal workforce starts to feel pinch of prolonged shutdown

GOP Election Fraud: The bipartisan state elections board has refused to certify the results of Republican Mark Harris’s win, and instead set a hearing on the scandal for January 11.

Trump now claims most furloughed workers 'are Democrats' On Christmas Day, the president claimed that "many" workers who are not being paid because of the government shutdown want him to hold out for the border wall.

New Rule for 2019: Commentators who have signed an NDA preventing them from criticizing Trump should not be allowed to give commentary on cable news shows about Trump.

Iraqi lawmakers are seizing on President Donald Trump's surprise visit to demand U.S. forces leave the country

If you value your privacy #DeleteFacebook. But don't stop there. Call your members of congress and DEMAND they create privacy laws to protect us

This is what happens when you let “it” travel - “it” embarrasses us by giving aid and comfort to our enemies

AP Exclsuive: The Trump admin says it will keep a tent city holding more than 2,000 migrant teenagers open through early 2019

Lisa Murkowski will bring back Heidi Heitkamp's bill to help abused Native women, HuffPost reports. Rep. Bob Goodlatte tanked Savanna's Act. But he won't be here in the new Congress — and Murkowski will

GOP candidate who drove "deportation bus" reports to jail following indictment

Trump’s Iraq visit bypassed Baghdad & enraged Iraqis. Will likely bolster efforts in the Iraqi parliament to get US troops out. (Which Trump probably wants anyway.)

Mike Pence has a new duty as VP: making money for Trump's private business

Probe of Trumps charity could crash like a Mack Truck into his real estate empire

A counterintelligence nightmare is in the making as Facebook aligns with Russia search engine, Yandex.

Mitch McConnell should explain why he obscured Russian interference in our election

James Comey calls on Americans to "use every breath we have" to oust President Trump in 2020

Gen. Wesley Clark asks if Trump was blackmailed into pulling out of Syria

As you head back home for the holidays this week, remember that until the government reopens, approximately 53,000 TSA agents are not being paid to be at work right now during one of the busiest travel times of the year. Please be sure to be patient during this time.

Why the Hell Are We Locking Up Migrant Kids at All?

Iraqi lawmakers slam Trump's surprise visit as "violation" of diplomatic norms

Less than two years ago, Heather Nauert was conducting interviews on ‘Fox & Friends.’ Now, she’s preparing to navigate the world’s raging geopolitical issues.

Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen sought to deflect blame for the Christmas Eve death of an 8-year-old Guatemalan boy in the custody of U.S. border patrol agents

Trump said he wants to go to the border for a wall "ground breaking" before the State of the Union, per pool reporter @ByBrianBennett who's traveling with Trump on trip to Iraq.

The son of deposed dictator Muammar Qaddafi has the right to run for president in Libya next year despite facing charges of crimes against humanity, a top Russian official said

Roseanne Barr set to speak in Israeli Parliament

Ivanka and Jared caught vacationing after shutdown cancels time off for federal employees

Interpol is just the tip of the iceberg - large chunks of the international policing system fell under control of Putin and other autocrats.

President Trump claimed over the weekend to be negotiating with Democratic leaders to end shutdown, but invited only Republican lawmakers to White House

Florida lawmakers might not give voting rights back to felons, even though 64% of voters want them to

In a Year Full of Heinous Men, Jeffrey Epstein Still Managed to Be Shocking

Russia faces higher inflation, economic slowdown in 2019: Reuters poll

Bone Spurs with Bone Saws

The beauty of the National Archives and FOIA I found your SSS cards you draft dodging fraud

Updated for the end of the year: a New York Times analysis counts nearly 80 environmental rules on the way out under President Trump

Ohio county employees resign following involvement in racist video of doll hanging from noose

The U.S. government shutdown enters its sixth day with no signs of progress on the horizon

The Putin Regime Is Forcing Russia’s Best and Brightest Into Exile

President Trump on Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin: "Very talented guy, very smart person."

The Government May Be Shut Down, But Taxpayers Are Footing The Bill For Mar-a-Lago Party Tents

After Trump visited Iraq, he posted a video to his Twitter account that may have compromised operational security and violated procedures designed to safeguard the identities of U.S. special operation forces, especially when deployed to a combat zone.

This should be the real controversy, massive violation of UCMJ sections separating uniformed military activity from political campaigns

Trump's trip to visit troops is cover so he can get to Florida. He needs to get to Mar-a-Lago for NYE. They sold tickets to a party and promised access to the president.



Trump is blowing the cover of US special operations personnel. This is exposing them & their families to a wide range of direct targeting. Remember when Russian intelligence pretended to be ISIL in order to harass military wives? Trump is enabling that

"[...] a full half of YouTube traffic was “bots masquerading as people,” a portion so high that employees feared an inflection point after which YouTube’s systems for detecting fraudulent traffic would begin to regard bot traffic as real and human traffic as fake."

How Russian Money Helped Save Trump’s Business

Fred Trump found not one but two separate doctors willing to lie about fake bone spurs and commit fraud to get Donald J. Trump out of the military draft. That says a lot about how doctors cater to the rich and powerful as much as it does about Trump being a silver spoon coward.

#Russia's state TV repeatedly asserts: "We are at war with the United States." On a state TV show by 'Channel One,' Russian MP Andrey Svintsov reiterates this common POV: "We are at war. We may not be using conventional weapons, but we are using intellectual and info-weapons."

Trump doesn't care about governing or being re-elected. He only cares about being popular with his base.

"Rather than talking about putting up a fence, why don't we work out some recognition of our mutual problems, make it possible for them to come here legally with a work permit," Reagan said in '80. "And then while they’re working ... here, they pay taxes."

MSNBC Beats Fox News in Weekly Cable News Ratings for First Time Since 2000

New filing in United States v. Mike Flynn: Modify Conditions of Release

There's a 100% chance that Putin will remain in power after the end of his current term. The only thing unusual about this story is that it's even being reported as news

Coast Guard members who are living paycheck to paycheck may have to take out loans if the government shutdown drags on. The Coast Guard is the only branch of the military directly affected by the partial shutdown

I’ve worked for the Federal Govt.for 35 years as an air traffic controller. Army veteran, father of 3. Now working for a promise of a future paycheck. I’ve got a mortgage, bills and school to pay for. And I’m being held hostage for a stupid wall.

The incredible, rage-inducing inside story of America's student debt machine

Trump on Syria withdrawal: We give Israel billions of dollars, they'll be okay

Trump to Troops in Iraq: ‘We’re No Longer the Suckers, Folks’

A reminder that the 2013 Republican shutdown cost the U.S. economy $24 billion dollars.

This is absolutely outragous. This wasn't a campaign rally. For one second can he be an AMERICAN president, and understand troops are made up of Democrats, Republicans, 3rd party, and independents?

Trump Tweeted that he had awarded 115 miles of new border wall construction in Texas Trump can’t award construction contracts Only Border Protection and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Can award contracts And It's not New or A wall It's A replacement FENCE

Martial law in certain regions of Ukraine ended yesterday, but a ban on Russian males aged between 16 and 60 entering the country will remain in place.

Senator Wants ‘Browder List’ of Foreigners Who Bad-Mouth Russia

Arms Sales to Saudis Leave American Fingerprints on Yemen’s Carnage

Day 164, week 24! Hello, Commander Bone Spurs!

Carter Page accuses the DNC of ‘domestic terrorism’ in bonkers legal filing — he apparently wrote without lawyers

BREAKING: Russian Interior Ministry is formally applying for an Interpol arrest warrant for me for the 7th time. How many times does Russia have to abuse @INTERPOL_HQ Red Notice system before there are real consequences?

Brian McKeon, ex-acting Under Secretary of State for Policy, on Trump's claim that ISIS is defeated: "The president's wrong about that, so he's either ignoring the intelligence he's being given, or he's just making up facts."

"I had concerns for the institution of the presidency — not for myself, personally. I had concerns for the first lady, I will tell you," he adds

For the third day in a row, ICE released hundreds of asylum-seekers at a park near a bus station in El Paso leaving them completely reliant on strangers who have been showing up to distribute food, water and blankets as temperatures drop into the 40s

I am a federal contractor. I get no back pay so im losing 100% of my wages. I’m the sole provider and we have toddler and a baby. I often work long hrs that I don’t bill b/c I believe in the mission. Can’t begin to express the anger and frustration... Xmas ruined!

Acting A.G. Matthew Whitaker has incorrectly claimed on his rΓ©sumΓ© and in government documents to have been named an Academic All-American while playing football at the University of Iowa, according to the docs and the organization that awards that honor.

One of the country’s largest oil refiners, Andeavor, contributed $1 million in both 2016 and 2017 to One Nation, a dark money group with close ties to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell

Carter Page is representing Carter Page.

Trump Brags To Troops About A Fictional Giant Pay Raise He Got Them

Ex-Obama national security official slams Trump for confusing "troop visit with a campaign rally"

After speaking to American troops deployed around the world on Christmas, President Trump said he didn't know when the government would be reopened: "It's not going to be open until we have a wall, a fence, whatever they would like to call it."

Trump, in his speech to the troops in Iraq, delivered remarks that sounded at times as if he were at a campaign rally: “We’re no longer the suckers, folks, and people aren’t looking at us as suckers and I love you folks because most of you are nodding your head this way.“

She should be reprimanded. So should any commanding officer who saw this and took no action.

Trump to deployed troops today: “The Democrats don’t want to let us have strong borders.” He simply can’t help himself. He has to politicize every outing with the military. It’s beneath his office. And it puts those troops in an impossible position. Totally inappropriate.

Note to @realDonaldTrump: Had you served in the military you would know that each month we get a Leave and Earnings (LES) statement that shows our pay. So many military members know you are lying about their paycheck, but they are respectful so they don't say that to your face.

Watergate prosecutor compares Trump "poor me" tweet to end of Nixon presidency

Iraqi political and militia leaders criticize U.S. President Donald Trump's visit to U.S. troops as a blow to Iraqi sovereignty

Words from the US President to troops in Iraq as US service-members fight and die battling ISIS, the Taliban, Al Qaeda & more: “We are spread out all over the world. We are in countries most people haven’t even heard about. Frankly, it’s ridiculous.”

Two #Tenaha, #Texas police officers flash white supremacist hand signs during a photo that the #TenahaPoliceDepartment uploaded to their Facebook page. Both the officer on the far right and the far left flashed the white supremacist sign for the photo.

Trump to the troops in Iraq: "You haven’t gotten [a raise] in more than ten years. More than ten years. And we got you a big one. I got you a big one....I said no. Make it ten percent. Make it more than ten percent. Because it’s been a long time." Just FYI, none of this is true.

Decades of warming temperatures have finally forced a confrontation with an inescapable truth: The Colorado River is drying up.

Feinstein to CBP Commissioner McAleenan: "I am writing to voice my strong concern about the recent deaths and illnesses of children detained in Border Patrol custody, and to request a full accounting and a revised protocol to prevent such tragedies from occurring in the future."

Erin is one of the thousands of federal workers that was furloughed. "I need my paycheck. We all have mortgages and bills we have to pay. We're already struggling." Just because Trump shut down the government doesn’t mean the bills go away.

Idiot Trump Exposes Location, Identities of Navy Seals in Iraq