Friday, July 31, 2020

NEWS: Pelosi admonished top counterintel official Evanina during private briefing this a.m., accusing him of withholding info about Russia. Evanina ultimately acknowledged that Russia is trying to boost Trump’s reelection; Dems want him to say it publicly.

So much winning. Even ⁦@senatemajldr⁩ is abandoning you, ⁦@realDonaldTrump⁩.

"In any other administration, self-dealing of this magnitude would be a scandal for the ages. In the Trump presidency, it’s just another day." Good @PostOpinions editorial blasting Rs for playing dumb about Trump's boosting of his hotel in rescue bill:

BREAKING Grace has been released and reunited with her family We will keep fighting for all of our Black and brown girls and our students with disabilities Thank you

Fmr police captain alleges secretive ritual triggering internal inquiry into embattled police force; says some officers involved in fatal shootings bent tips of their star-shaped badges to mark each time they killed someone in line of duty.

Azar, Rick Scott wearing masks. POTUS, DeSantis are not.

USDA will end coronavirus exception, making SNAP recipients prove their income again to keep getting food stamps

Jared Kushner’s shadow coronavirus task force appears to have violated multiple federal laws by using private email accounts with no assurance their communications are being preserved and by meeting in secret

Second Circuit Grants Delay on Ghislaine Maxwell Deposition Release

Prince Andrew 'lobbied US government' on behalf of paedophile Jeffrey Epstein - documents reveal

WHOA. James Murdoch has resigned from the board of News Corp. Per the company "Mr. Murdoch informed the Company that his resignation was due to disagreements over certain editorial content published by the Company’s news outlets and certain other strategic decisions."

No, definitely not an overflow crowd. More of a circling-the-drain crowd.

We're expected to believe two very unlikely things: That you can do "too much testing" and that Trump reads books.

The President wants to distract from the worst economic downturn in a single quarter in modern memory. His scheme, though, only goes so far when millions across America are watching Republicans fight to cut their lifelines.

.@paulkrugman: "If we start to behave like a tinpot dictatorship, we can expect to have the economy of a tinpot dictatorship. People still operate as though this whole Trump phenomenon is

Trump, normally the bully, turns into a pussycat on all things Putin. Claims that he has imposed harsh sentences on Russia ignore that Trump did it angrily and reluctantly, when he had no choice.

In today’s extraordinary @COVIDOversight hearing with Dr. Fauci on why America still has no plan to defeat the disease, I devoted my first round of Q&A time to debunking Trump’s disinformation and GOP propaganda about COVID-19. Watch:

Fauci cites the lack of a unified strategy and reliance on states to explain why U.S. has been hit harder than other countries. "I think there was such a diversity of response in this country from different states that we really did not have a unified bringing everything down."

The Postmaster General's Wife.

Pres. Trump's approval is deeply underwater -- at 36% -- for how he is handling both the protests over racial inequality and relations with one of the country's greatest geopolitical foes, Russia, per new @ABC News/Ipsos poll

TRUMP: You know there are those that say, you can test too much you do know that. SWAN: Who says that? TRUMP: Oh, just read the manuals read the books. SWAN: Manuals? What manuals? TRUMP: Read the books. Read the books. SWAN: What books? TRUMP: Wait a minute. Let me explain.

For nearly 90 years, the Constitution has contained a built-in safeguard against presidents who try to retain power beyond the end of their term: presidential power automatically passes to the House Speaker at noon on January 20 if the incumbent muddies the waters enough.

Putin's remedial thug

do Antifa protesters & DHS Agents ride to the gig in the same clown car?

PELOSI exiting election security briefing this morning says administration is “withholding” evidence of foreign election interference, per pool.

Trump now says he’d like the election date moved up


Buy stamps and merch to help save us from him clother, gifts ...send a friend a card!

It's Chinas fault


Must-read on how Trump can slow down mail service to steal the election - from @ThePlumLineGS. I hate to say this, but I think it is time to shift our focus from mail/absentee voting... And focus on *EARLY IN-PERSON* voting.

Rep. Jim Jordan has tried multiple times during the COVID hearing to get Dr. Fauci to say that protests, specifically protests, spread coronavirus. Fauci has replied only in broad terms about crowds, angering Jordan. Fauci eventually accused Jordan of "putting words in my mouth."

Just in: Senate Intel Committee Dems demanding answers from DHS' Office of Intelligence and Analysis on its activities in Portland, suggesting it has not been providing info proactively despite it being subject to congressional intel committees' oversight

House Foreign Affairs chairman subpoenas Secretary of State Pompeo

Alan Dershowitz's oped advocating for a lower age of consent and arguing that statutory rape is an "outdated concept" was kind of a tell.

I known it looks like Stephen Miller is letting his pregnant wife get rained on while he keeps the umbrella all to himself, but TBF... If Stephen gets wet he multiplies like a gremlin

19. I understand the facts are hard to grapple with. The President of the United States abused underage girls. It sounds ridiculous. Unfortunately, however, it is also true, and it is past time for reporters to be brave.

Thread: Factually, Trump has always surrounded himself with pedophiles. Reminder: @AlanDersh defended @realDonaldTrump in the impeachment trial.

Rep. Luetkemeyer (R) tries to Republicansplain public health to Dr. Fauci, the government's top infectious disease expert, to promote unproven and potentially dangerous hydroxychloroquine treatments

Fauci indirectly criticizes the federal government's coronavirus response: "I think there was such a diversity of response in this country from different states, that we did not have a unified bringing everything down."

Jim Jordan - Mobster punk ass

. @RepMaxineWaters grills Redfield about who made the decision to move federal government coronavirus data from the CDC to HHS

In response to a question from @SteveScalise, Dr. Redfield says it's important for schools to reopen so kids have access to services (that Republicans want to cut!), like nutritional support and mental health services

Twitter permanently bans former KKK leader David Duke

Postal workers and union leaders are worried that new, recently implemented procedures that have led to mail delivery delays across the country could impact mail-in voting for the November election, The Washington Post reports.

We're coming.

I hope he keeps talking and becomes Trump’s frontman on literally everything. No one has ever won back the suburbs with an unhinged man with an uncontrollable habit of yelling and interrupting out front for them.

Donald Trump can’t run on his record, so he’ll resort to fear & lies in the waning months of 2020. A sobering wake-up call to America from @donwinslow: we have to anticipate

Children younger than 5 may host up to 100 times as much of the coronavirus as adults, according to new research. This does not prove they are contagious, but experts say it should influence the debate over reopening schools.

One out of every three restaurants in U.S. could close permanently by the end of the year

Just asked Pelosi if she would accept bill with no funding for mail-in voting, and she went after Trump’s tweet on delaying elections, saying he doesn’t have respect for office and she would try to figure out what’s on Trump’s mind but it isn’t sure it’s a “logical” place to go

Fauci says antibody work, work done with antiviral molecules in the past are hugely supportive to the mission today. Foster notes the Trump/Mulvaney budget proposes slashing scientific funds, antithetical to progress

Jim Jordan badgers Fauci., asks him if he has any proof that protests increased the spread of the virus. Fauci, says he doesn't have anything on that specifically but says, in effect, common sense: where there are crowds, without masks, esp., there's increased concern for spread

Tensions between reluctant partners Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Benny Gantz have destabilized Israel’s fragmented union and complicated governance

President Trump has made a series of false claims about the security of mail voting. A former Homeland Security Secretary said "rather than working to safeguard the election this year, [Trump is] preemptively trying to delegitimize it."

Why is Alan Dershowitz not in custody?

Trump doesn't care if Putin is killing our troops. We do.

WATCH LIVE: Dr. Anthony Fauci, the CDC's Dr. Robert Redfield and HHS Admiral Brett Giroir testify at a hearing on the need for a national coronavirus strategy. (8 a.m.)

House Democrats find that Trump failed to enforce an existing contract with a major medical manufacturer for ventilators, delayed negotiations for more than a month and overpaid as much as $500 million for tens of thousands of devices.

ICYMI: “Mr. President, I shouldn’t know this,” Mar-a-Lago's lounge singer told Trump and Japanese PM Shinzo Abe. Trump shrugged. “It’s just nukes,” he said. “Sing us a song.”

Trump ordered federal forces to quell Portland protests. But the chaos ended as soon as they left.

Welp—woman returning from trip gave it to her whole building via the elevator. Contact tracers are sure because the ๐Ÿงฌ of the virus matched the returning traveler and not local ๐Ÿฆ . Elevators are essential for big cities though. We need solutions.

Because McConnell threatened Brennan that he would publicly claim that any outing of Russian efforts to help Trump were Obama Admin. politically motivated lies. They actually had a shouting match about it . McConnell actually committed treason

“Not only is he casually incinerating American democracy, he’s doing it like he’s offering hors d’oeuvres at a party,” Meyers joked

NEW VIDEO: Republicans have been hostile towards science for a while, but Trump absolutely hates it. Spread the word: 150,000 Americans are dead because #TrumpHatesScience

But I was told the protestors would burn the courthouse down once the Feds left. Turns out, the protests died down when the agitators - the Feds - left. It's almost like Trump was the chaos agent.

There’s no end in sight to the coronavirus pandemic, Dr. Anthony Fauci and other top government health experts will tell Congress on Friday.

Just two more days to health care for every American!

NEW: What's most newsworthy about this release of documents is how much of it is still sealed and hidden from public scrutiny. Here are the names of people who may have info about Epstein's sex trafficking. All of them are blacked out.

BREAKING: Hong Kong's pro-Beijing government, citing coronavirus, postpones elections; pro-democracy opposition cries foul

Fact of life in the Senate: You’ve been sitting on the massive relief bill we sent you 2+ months ago. This is your personally manufactured crisis, and Americans are suffering while you keep playing politics.

One big difference that I can spot between the 2014 document and the one released today: This one shows Virginia Giuffre accusing Alan Dershowitz of specifically negotiating Epstein's plea agreement to purportedly shield co-conspirators for self-interested reasons.

BREAKING: Hong Kong’s government will delay upcoming legislative elections, Chief Executive Carrie Lam said

"Brexit and Trump were created to weaken international law and stir up pandemonium while the oligarchs carve up the Arctic."

ICYMI: Late night document release details Ghislaine Maxwell's sexual abuse in orgies with Jeffrey Epstein, minor girls and young Russian & Scandinavian models.

"Khabarovsk come out!" "Russia come out!" "Our vote, our Furgal!" "We won't sell out!" It's nice to see a protest with chanting & slogans again. All police are doing is trying to keep the crowd out of oncoming traffic

At least one Marine has died and eight others are missing after an accident involving an amphibious vehicle off the coast of Southern California

More on Maxwell documents: It is very troublesome that so much time was spent redacting the names of people alleged to be friends with or involved in Epstein's crimes, yet they didn't remove the home addresses of law enforcement officers involved in the case.

This is a jaw-dropping read. Jared is a murderer

Alan Dershowitz named at least 86 times in released Giuffre vs. Maxwell docs. Prince Andrew, Bill Richardson, George Mitchell, Glenn Dubin, Marvin Minsky, Jean Luc Brunel, Stephen Kaufman, Thomas Pritzker, prince & hotel owner also included.

Good morning to @metpoliceuk and @metpoliceuk only :) I warned you, @RoyalFamily. @FBI have video footage of some of the events described here, as I said last year. Why does Prince Andrew still have his HRH Why is he dodging @SDNYNews?

Am I to understand, Alan Dershowitz not only participated but brokered a non prosecution deal for Epstein and his co conspirators, which allowed he and Ghislaine to continue raping children and ruining lives for years. Is there a special place in hell for all of them?

Tyson Foods has surpassed 10,000 Covid-19 cases, according to my count for @FERNnews, in part due to rising cases in Arkansas poultry plants. In the meatpacking sector, over 38,400 workers have contracted the virus and 171 have died as of July 30

DC Appeals Court Rejects Barr's Attempt to Kill Mike Flynn Case. The full court will now hear arguments on 8/11. We are one step closer to Judge Sullivan holding a hearing that may very well expose the corrupt scheme between Barr & Flynn

Just so we're all clear, rent is due on Sunday, more than 25,000,000 unemployed Americans are about to lose their extra unemployment benefits, and the Senate just left for a three-day weekend. Republicans have lost the right to govern.

A veteran friend just sent me this; Fox is apparently contacting veterans whose stories i told in The Outpost. Apparently they’re working on a other hit piece. The veteran’s reply is in blue.

Two senators demand answers from Wells Fargo following NBC News reports The letter from Sens. Elizabeth Warren and Brian Schatz follows reporting on the bank's practice of pausing homeowners' mortgage payments without their consent.

Tropical Storm Isaias is now a hurricane.

Artful dodgers: US Senate finds billionaire Putin pals evaded sanctions through art deals

The last three months were the worst period for economic growth our nation has experienced in the 70 years since we started measuring it — a drop of nearly 33 percent. Let's be clear: This is no act of God, it's a failure of presidential leadership.

“This is not to sug­gest that the No­vember elec­tion will be “rigged,” as Mr. Trump as­serts. If he be­lieves that, he should re­con­sider his par­tic­i­pa­tion and let some­one run who isn’t look­ing for an ex­cuse to blame for de­feat.”

"America Is Dying": Russia Giddy at Chaos in the USA "Trump is still ours": From the U.S. troop drawdown in Germany to Trump’s refusal to slam Russia over soldier bounties, Russian state media is jubilant over America acting in the Kremlin’s interests

pay attention because @donwinslow’s new ad is by my estimation 100% accurate. Trump’s Trifecta of FUD has a common theme Us v Them ”the othering” ‘When you run a campaign based on F U D then you know you‘re out of cards. Trump‘s pivot to race wars is VILE

McConnell is on the floor criticizing Democrats for not acting “with urgency” to prevent unemployment benefits from expiring

No big but a Biden VP shortlister was a leader in a DI-controlled front org, took multiple trips to Cuba & has made pro-Castro comments as recently as 2016. Using the Trump/Kremlin standard, it's reasonable to ask if Rep Bass is a DI agent of influence

Americans think @TheDukeOfYork can dodge extradition because of the Queen; it’s not true. She’s not Trump. She can’t pardon him because nepotism. Her Majesty has immunity. Prince Andrew does not.

And this front page ...

Every time foreign interference comes up Devin Nunes is at the center of it. There is no longer any doubt where his loyalty lies. He has violated his oath of office over and over again. This cannot stand. He must be defeated, our democracy depends on it:

Across the Capitol, Sen. Murphy presser Secretary POMPEO today about Derkach. Pompeo said he wouldn’t speak to individuals but added “There’s still work ongoing and there’s still unsettled intelligence around these things.”

Tucker Carlson Calls Barack Obama a ‘Greasy Politician’ Who ‘Desecrated’ John Lewis’ Funeral

This is a must watch. Presumably a lawyer with his training - or in fact any American who can Google - can say definitively any such power rests with Congress. Just a remarkable non-answer.

Opinion: Trump (again) uses housing as a racial wedge

Evidently, a portion of the documents pertain to Maxwell recruiting a girl of 15 at, guess where? Mar-a-lago

Another highly informative piece that all Americans need to read about info ops, and how to know em when you see em by expert ⁦@MollyMcKew⁩ — Mark Hertling

Scientists say that hydroxychloroquine should no longer be touted as a COVID-19 treatment: "It does not work for treatment or for prevention. I have no idea why there is still talk about it, but it’s wrong.”

David Duke has finally been banned from Twitter, it appears.

Trump's Postmaster General Louis Dejoy has $70 million invested in companies that compete with the post office.

This is an important email: In her failed bid for bail, Maxwell claimed to have been out of contact with Epstein for a decade.

Judge rips into Ghislaine Maxwell as sealed Epstein documents begin to emerge

Trump today: "It's perfectly safe to send children back to school. We must open the schools now." Trump also today: "It's too dangerous to have an election. We should delay it."

Former Labor Secretary Alex Acosta still has some explaining to do.

Some references to an "owner of a large hotel chain" here...

Maybe this is why Alan Dershowitz keeps insisting that he always visited Jeffrey Epstein’s island with his wife…

In 1997 Alan Dershowitz wrote an oped titled “Statutory Rape Is an Outdated Concept”. He suggested 14 could be a pretty good age of consent.

Today brought the worst US GDP numbers in the history of US GDP numbers. And behind those numbers are communities and livelihoods wrecked. This level of economic devastation could have been avoided. More importantly, it could get worse. We need a new president.

“The political folks believed that because [Covid] was going to be relegated to Democratic states, that they could blame those governors, and that would be an effective political strategy.”

This spring, a team working under the president's son-in-law produced a plan for an aggressive, coordinated national COVID-19 response that could have brought the pandemic under control. So why did the White House spike it in favor of a shambolic 50-state response?

I am calling on @Harvard_Law to immediately announce a review of Alan Dershowitz’s emeritus status. It’s an absolute disgrace that they have stood by him for this long. It is disrespectful to every member of our community to leave this issue unaddressed. Please join me.

Testimony by two Jane Doe accusers are in another unsealed file. "Epstein then became enamored with Jane Doe #3, and with the assistance of Maxwell converted her into what is commonly referred to as a 'sex slave.'" #MaxwellFiles Doc:

Well, now we know the reason why Alan Dershowitz went balls deep on the Trump train. Eventually we will find out the exact reason why #LadyG did as well. Like the Qturds like to say, tic toc...

Opinion: Dismantle the Department of Homeland Security

Authorities disqualified a dozen hopefuls, citing their opposition to a new Chinese national security law and requests for U.S. intervention, among other reasons

BREAKING: Vietnam reports first ever death from coronavirus as it struggles with renewed outbreak after 99 days without any cases

An epidemiologist studying how social inequity may be driving coronavirus infections found a disturbing impact: across the U.S., the death rate from COVID-19 is much higher in counties with large populations of farmworkers.

USPS experiencing backlogs of mail across the US after a Trump donor running the agency put in place new procedures described as cost-cutting efforts, alarming postal workers who warn it could undermine their ability to deliver ballots on time for Nov

What's next for Hong Kong under the security law? @BloombergTV spoke to activists, opposition lawmakers, government officials and business tycoons in the days before China handed down the legislation.

Court releases documents on Ghislaine Maxwell's dealings with Jeffrey Epstein

Virginia Roberts very clearly states she was trafficked to Jeffrey Epstein by Ghislaine Maxwell, who approached her at Mar-a-Lago. Virginia's father drover her to Epstein's home for their first meeting.

Watch Obama's full eulogy of John Lewis, 'founding father of that fuller, fairer, better America'

Pool testing - University scientists offer a way out of coronavirus testing morass

Trump already working to undermine credibility of 2020 election

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