Thursday, September 5, 2019

"NATO has felt incapable of taking a hard line with President Vladimir Putin over his weapons program in part because of US President Donald Trump's troublingly friendly approach to Russia, three NATO officials told Insider."

U.S. Announces Its Withdrawal From U.N. Human Rights Council

Pence’s security detail raises eyebrows in peaceful Iceland

The mother of a woman killed when a man rammed his car through a crowd protesting a white nationalist rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, is suing the convicted murderer for wrongful death

Ok Folks. @SenatorCollins is LIVE on @mainecalling tomorrow from 1-2. So queue up your tweetdecks, put the # in your phone & get ready to dial and ask your questions. She is accountable to US.

ICYMI: Read my op-ed in today’s @washingtonpost on why three years after the fact, we’re still not allowed to disclose the full details of how Russia hacked Florida election systems

Our Washpost editorial looks at what could be our next election scandal: Trump’s attempt to extort Ukraine’s new government into investigating Joe Biden.

The fossil fuel industry wants us to talk about light bulbs and cheeseburgers so we don't talk about how 70% of pollution comes from transportation, electricity production, and buildings. I won't be sidetracked—we need bold action to fight climate change.

Opinion | 21 British Conservatives put country over party. Why can’t 21 Republicans do the same?

The University of Michigan has instituted a cruel policy forcing students who file complaints of sexual assault to be cross-examined by the alleged perpetrators of the crime. In person. This policy is absurd and traumatizing. It will only deter survivors from making reports.

Agreed. And they have other multilateral organizations on their kill list.

“Like Mattis, Mueller held a grenade in his hand that he chose to keep pinned. Both men served their country with honour for decades. Neither, it seems, could alter the habits of a lifetime to take on the once-in-a-lifetime danger posed by Trump.”

This statement does not say who altered the map.

After Mitch McConnell passed a $1.5 trillion tax cut for corporations & millionaires, which will add $2 trillion to the debt, McConnell now says the only way to lower the federal deficit is to cut programs like Medicare and Social Security, which millions earned and depend on.

Expect more OANN tweets from POTUS

Pete Buttigieg: "I'm really worried about -- I feel sorry for the president."

Let’s get one thing clear, the President is canceling, not delaying, hundreds of military construction projects. The American people cannot be asked to foot the bill a second time for projects that this administration has decided are less important than an ineffective wall.

I retired from the Army in 2018 after serving for 21 years. If you are a Republican who supports money being stolen from the military and used for The #TrumpWall, do me a favor. Stop thanking me for my service. Stop saying you support the troops. Because you’re full of shit.

The Battle Over the Files of a Gerrymandering Mastermind

LIVE: Latest forecast on cat. 3 Hurricane

False claims blur line between mass shootings, 2020 politics

NEW VIDEO: "We do we let people in rural areas DIE rather than take this federal money?" Watch Rep. @CepickyTN64 & @joey_senator Hensley get schooled about blocking Medicaid Expansion in TN, and have embarrassingly few answers. cc: @govbilllee @csexton25

Trump again muses about killing 10 million people in Afghanistan "in the course of a week or two," but adds that he isn't looking to do that

JUST IN: Boris Johnson’s brother says he'll quit as a minister and a member of Parliament because he doesn’t believe the government is working in the national interest

how iceland responded to the pence visit

This is exactly what fossil fuel industries want us to talk about—they want to stir up a lot of controversy around your light bulbs, straws, cheeseburgers. But 70% of the pollution comes from three industries. We can set our targets and say no more by 2035.

While the president tweets and golfs, the hard-won, American-led international order goes the way of Trump University, Trump Airlines, Trump casinos, Trump steaks, Trump vodka….

It would take direct involvement by Trump to have any hope of ending the Japan-S Korea dispute anytime soon. But that’s the last thing he wants to do. He prefers to bluster and bloviate – to play at being president without doing the hard work required.

Another rowdy day in British Parliament as Brexit fight continues

Jury finds Greg Craig not guilty in loss for Mueller prosecutors

Coastal Carolinas facing extremely damaging 36 hours from Dorian

Trump cites out-of-date chart to justify alarming Alabama tweet

Seb Gorka is Now a Spokesperson For Fish Oil Pill Company

You shouldn't trust a person who shows no compunction about lying about little things because that's an indication they would lie about big things too. How do Americans adapt that to someone who is plainly comfortable lying even about life threatening hurricane emergencies?

Unlike the United States, Canada has planned a coordinated attack on foreign election interference. "The way the Canadians have responded to the problem of technology and democracy is much more impressive than what we’ve seen in Washington."

To the untrained eye, the 127 defense projects postponed for the border barrier may seem confusing. But as a former commander in Europe, many of these - elementary schools, training support projects, etc - are big deals. “Support the troops?” Not so much.

Former Trump Supporter Tells 'Moscow Mitch' McConnell, 'If You Don't Like This Nickname, Do Your Job'

"Altering official government weather forecasts isn’t just a cause for concern — it’s illegal. Per 18 U.S. Code 2074, which addresses false weather reports..."

MyPillow Lays Off 150 Employees, Just Months After Founder Lauds Trump Economic Policies

Debris near Nyonoksa military testing ground left bridges radioactive: Two pontoons involved in an explosion linked to the testing of a nuclear-powered rocket engine in northern #Russia are emitting radiation and are not cordoned off from the public.

"...aides privately conceded the phone calls Trump described didn't happen they way he said they did. Instead, two officials said Trump was eager to project optimism that might boost markets..."

An entire country held hostage by gun owners.

Trump's trade war has led to even bigger trade deficits with China, even though it was intended to improve the trade balance. But it's not just China — the deficit has increased with most of our other major trade partners, too.

Something, uh, real strange about this account Trump just quote retweeted.

We can boycott any company that sells bulbs the violate the old standard.

Trump now selling the hat he wore at the #Dorian meeting

The top Interior Dept. official who pushed to expand drilling in Alaska will now join an oil company drilling in Alaska. This is called drilling the swamp, not draining it.

Analysis: Trump’s war on reality enters bizarre new terrain

Donald! Boris! Bibi! A Plague of Morons! "Netanyahu names himself welfare minister after Katz resigned over graft charges. Choosing not to appoint another Likud MK to the position, PM now holds four cabinet portfolios in addition to the premiership.

"I think of this as what my mother taught me... you've got to clean up your own messes." Sen. Elizabeth Warren, who is in favor of a carbon tax, says "if you're going to be spewing carbon into the's your responsibility to clean it up."

Culture of Fraud: The scammer behind the fake Mueller rape accusation just had a warrant issued for his arrest (UPDATED)

Ohio Republicans are going to purge more 235,000 voters from the rolls this week. This is an aggressive form of voter suppression and Trump's Supreme Court signed off on it. Live in Ohio? Check your voter registration NOW

Millions of Americans stand to lose food stamp benefits under a policy proposed by the Trump administration, and new state-level data offers a glimpse of how 3.6 million people would be impacted if this rule goes into effect.

Trump lies about storm harder to ignore than his usual nonsense