Saturday, November 18, 2017

Aides in the White House often show Trump polls designed to make him feel good

JUST IN: Men at Trump Jr.-Russian lawyer meeting met in Moscow to discuss it a year later

Kushner received emails from Sergei Millian — an alleged dossier source who was in touch with George Papadopoulos

Hillary Clinton Sits Down With Mother Jones: The Interview

Sarah Chays wonders why we are not fighting harder for our democracy

Putin ally’s yacht arrives at Port of Palm Beach just as Trump is coming for Thanksgiving

"Putin was sentencing his own orphans to death in order to make a political point." - @billbrowder.

Poll: Majority of Americans will blame Trump, GOP for ObamaCare problems

Is the Senate going to pass the tax bill? "There is desperation here among Republicans like I've never seen in Congress...they could end this year,go home for Christmas, with no accomplishments and they really want to avoid that,"

Tax Reform Act of 1986, which lowered the corporate tax rate by 12 points, led real wages to fall for 10 years. Here is the data.

Amid recent revelations involving Donald Trump, Jr.’s correspondence with WikiLeaks, a look back at how WikiLeaks shook up the 2016 election

Kushner still waiting on permanent security clearance

My prediction: Kush will be among the Trumpsters who end up doing hard time.

Russian oligarchs have paid Trump $100 million in South Florida alone.

There’s zero argument that Putin wants Ukraine. The question is, does America capitulate or will Trump listen “to his generals”

Rising alarm in Britain over Russian meddling in Brexit vote

Full statement from Jared Kushner’s lawyer, who does not seem happy that Grassley and Feinstein made their original letter re: missing Kushner docs public..

Have you ever lived in one of Jared Kushner's apartment buildings? HuffPost wants to hear from you if Kushner's company was your landlord.

Accounting ‘Gimmicks’ in G.O.P.’s Tax Overhaul Mask Higher Cost, Deficit Hawks Say

Roy Moore Was Just Hit With A Bar Complaint For Witness Intimidation

Did your net worth grow by 17% last year? Unless you’re one of the world’s 1,542 billionaires, chances are it didn’t

Under Trump, The Pentagon Has Been Quietly Escalating Its Presence In Somalia

The Manafort indictment is killing D.C.’s secret lobbying business

We’re With Stupid


Ex-CIA chief: Putin is "outsmarting" Trump

BarbaraComstock discussing a sexual misconduct story about a current member (who she doesn't have the name of)

WaPo: How a conservative group dealt with a fondling charge against a rising GOP star

Katie J’s Testimony v. Donald J. Trump: Alleging he tied, beat, raped and threatened her with murder when she was 13 years old

Kushner told campaign officials not to accept [the banker] Torshin's offer, but "Torshin was seated with the candidate's son, Don Trump Jr., during a private dinner on the sidelines of an NRA event...

We need to replace a money bail system with a risk assessment system. Just having bail money should not guarantee someone’s release from jail.

The G.O.P.’s “Boil the Frog” Strategy to Save Trump


Dear @TheJusticeDept Sessions: Problem is not that you were in the same room with any Russians. It's that you had a 45 min to 1 hour meeting with Russian Spy/Ambassador Kislyak and discussed Trump campaign views on Ukraine.

Gov. Kay Ivey says, “I have no reason to disbelieve any of them” [the women] and yet is going to vote for Moore bc "We need to have a Republican in the United States Senate" to vote for Supreme Court justices #2017

WATCH: Tapper goes through every sexual misconduct allegation against Trump one by one

Alabama Republican Roy Moore embraces an aggressive strain of homophobia rarely seen in mainstream politics.

This is Trump's gaspin' plea for the GOP to not impeach him when the indictments come like lightning from heaven

Official report: Low-income Americans will pay more taxes under Senate GOP tax bill

Rinat Akhmetshin and Ike Kaveladze, two of the Russians at the June 2016 Trump Tower meeting, are under scrutiny by investigators for a previously undisclosed meeting they had earlier this year in Moscow where they discussed that Trump Tower meeting.

Trump never gave Chris Christie his dream job. He’s unpopular at home. But he’s as defiant as ever. New Jersey’s bombastic governor sits down with POLITICO for an epic exit interview.

Has the Mueller probe hamstrung Trump's foreign policy?

Facebook, Google and Twitter say they have committed to using new "trust indicators" to help users better vet the reliability of the publications and journalists behind articles that appear in news feeds

Grassley rips up "blue slip" for a pair of Trump court picks

Montana GOP Rep. Greg Gianforte misled police about assault on journalist: report

The middle class is going to get squeezed by GOP tax cuts. Trump, on the other hand, stands to benefit greatly.

Opinion: Glimpse of a post-American world


Pretty remarkable exchange between Brown and Hatch last night. Brown goes off: “This tax cut really is not for the middle class, it’s for the rich... spare us the sarcasm and the satire and let’s move on.”


Republican tax bill would create American dynasties

Republicans want to cut taxes for the super rich -- and raise them on working people. That might be bad for you, as Robert Reich explains, but it's great news for the children of billionaires.

What about sexual misconduct allegations against Trump?

Amid a national reckoning on sexual abuse by powerful men, the alleged predator in the White House has largely escaped scrutiny.

Trump Panama building a magnet for dirty money laundering

Richard Engel, NBC News chief foreign correspondent, looks at how a Panama building project bearing the Trump name became a hot spot for illegal money world wide to be cleaned through real estate transactions.