Thursday, December 17, 2020

Romney on Russian hack: “I think the WH needs to say something aggressive about what happened. This is almost as if you had a Russian bomber flying undetected over the country, including over the nation's capital, and not to respond in a setting like that is really stunning."


“President Trump is on the verge of leaving behind a federal government, and perhaps a large number of major industries, compromised by the Russian government.”


Jean-Luc Brunel was accused in the U.S. of raping and procuring underage women for Epstein and had planned to give evidence to investigators.


I see the Sakharov Prize as an award to all Belarusian people. This year we united in our aspiration for change. United, we overcome our fear on the way to freedom day by day, week by week, month by month


I’m prepared to sign a COVID relief package on day one, but I need @ReverendWarnock and @ossoff in the Senate to get it done. Georgia — Make your plan to vote early today


SCOOP/BREAKING NEWS: The Energy Department and National Nuclear Security Administration, which maintains the U.S. nuclear weapons stockpile, have evidence that hackers accessed their networks, officials directly familiar with the matter said.


This is bad: Nuclear weapons agency breached amid massive cyber onslaught


"Let's make no mistake, our nation is under attack right now and it appears to be ongoing by the way... The Russians were able to find a single point of failure in our supply chain... It is a national defense failure"


French media reporting that Brunel was nabbed on rape charges as he prepared to board a plane to Africa.


POLITICO: Emails show unvarnished truth. The massive scale of the outbreak in U.S. was intentional, at least according to one top Trump appointee advising HHS ‘We want them infected’: Trump appointee demanded ‘herd immunity’ strategy, emails reveal


BREAKING: Modeling scout Jean-Luc Brunel, one of Jeffrey Epstein's accused recruiters, arrested on sex trafficking charges.


Imprisoned nearly 40 years, a Michigan man is freed after a witness recanted her story


Kellyanne Conway and @IvankaTrump editing CDC guidance on covid is a great way to get to 300,000 deaths.


Opinion: Republicans suddenly discover they don’t like naughty words


Killing your customers and their neighbors to own the libs


Trump is reportedly considering a pardon for the Trump Organization's chief financial officer, among several others


BREAKING: Federal Court DISMISSES Republican challenges to Georgia's use of drop boxes, processing of absentee ballots prior to election day and signature match procedures. 1st of 3 case brought by GOP to suppress the vote in upcoming Senate run-off.


This thick, broad layer of Federalist Society-cleared lifetime judges will leave a deep, enduring, largely negative legacy on American law and justice. How to redress the damage without doing more harm than good is a truly challenging question for us all


Time to go on offense and challenge the unconstitutional conduct of Mitch McConnell. Because . . . #JusticeMatters


Your daily reminder that David Perdue has fought against stimulus checks for the entire pandemic.


Classic Putin counter-logic: - if it was us who'd hacked the U.S. election we would have left no fingerprints. - if it was us who'd poisoned Navalny, we'd have finished the job chuckle. chuckle. chuckle


Radio Free Europe fires a prominent Russian journalist — and the Kremlin smirks


This isn't one of your fake Hollywood action movie ads, @DanCrenshawTX. No scripting or narrative writing. This is an IG report. In it, the Secretary says in an email that you fed him (false) information on an alleged victim --a veteran -- to smear her. We support Elisa


US Joint Chiefs chairman meets with Taliban on peace talks


New covid deaths yesterday in the US: 3,538 Total covid deaths since the pandemic began: Japan: 2,688 Australia: 908 South Korea: 612 Norway: 402 New Zealand: 25 Taiwan: 7 Total covid deaths in the US: 314,629 (and counting)


Attention, last-minute holiday shoppers: Top bidder gets to blow up Donald Trump’s old casino


Russia's Hack: An Act of War by @LouiseMensch


The #FBI, @CISAgov, and @ODNIgov have released a joint statement regarding a significant #cybersecurity campaign.


A message to @senatemajldr @SpeakerPelosi: I know you may not agree on many things..but we can break bread right now on this: FEMA already has emergency funds...Congress can empower FEMA to support the urgent food needs of families. Let’s keep Americans fed through the holidays!


Trump's former Homeland Security Adviser: "President Trump is on the verge of leaving behind a federal government, and perhaps a large number of major industries, compromised by the Russian government."


What would the Framers say about an American president who lets a hostile power put bounties on the heads of our soldiers, looks the other way while that power wages war on our government agencies, and spends his time attempting a coup rather than fighting a pandemic?


If you haven't, please read this excellent piece by @AshaRangappa_ and @rgoodlaw about Senator Ron Johnson's likely witting efforts to push Russian disinformation in America. He's up for reelection in Wisconsin in 2022 and should be replaced if he runs.


I was led to believe that Russia respected our President too much do such a thing.


IVANKA TRUMP *personally intervened* to spin @CDCgov messaging on #COVID19 and schools—part of a systematic pattern of Team Trump’s deadly meddling during the #pandemic. “Every time that the science clashed with the messaging, messaging won”


Last week, the editor in chief of the CDC’s highly regarded @CDCMMWR weekly disease outbreak reports—previously considered untouchable—told @HouseDemocrats she was “ordered to destroy an email showing Trump appointees attempting to meddle with their publication.” CRIMINAL


Trump’s neighbors in Florida are seeking to enforce a decades-old compact that says Mar-a-Lago, his private social club, cannot be used as a full-time residence — as Trump has suggested he plans to do after he leaves the White House.


"For all of the preparation that we heard the Republican party was engaged in... and in the end what we got was Sidney Powell and the Kraken, I'm not sure if this was actually the strategy they planned"


“The magnitude of this ongoing attack is hard to overstate...While the Russians did not have the time to gain complete control over every network they hacked, they most certainly did gain it over hundreds of them."


We need to accept that our govt institutions are military targets for hostile foreign actors including Russia, China, Iran, North Korea, etc. As such, these institutions should be protected by layered security protocols that utilize active USCYBERCOM monitoring and assistance


It looks like McConnell sat on a stimulus package for months until the polls told him that passing one would help him win the 2 Georgia seats. He doesn't care about helping anyone... he just wants to maintain power.


New w @HansNichols - Advisers close to President-elect Joe Biden are frustrated over a Glamour magazine interview in which incoming White House deputy chief of staff Jen O'Malley Dillon referred to Republicans on Capitol Hill as "f*ckers."


The need to keep businesses open while protecting workers is accelerating the trend toward automation


Six months ago today, Mike Pence wrote that there isn't a coronavirus second wave. To date, more than 300,000 Americans have now died of COVID-19


Why did the multibillion-dollar detection tool fail to catch the perpetrators in the act? Why, despite Trump admin touting its intention to “defend forward” through a newly unified Cyber Command, were the Russians able to carry out so massive a strike?


MacKenzie Scott announced her second major charitable contribution of the year, giving away nearly $4.2 billion to 384 organizations as part of a plan to donate a majority of her fortune


Dear Georgians, please dump this stock and watch your fortunes rise.#PortfolioPerdue


Putin again refuses to use Alexey @Navalny's name, and blames US intelligence for @bellingcat's FSB investigation at his annual press conference. No attempt to dispute - or to engage - with facts


I’m pretty sure ⁦@GeoRebekah⁩ told me Ron Desantis was cooking the books only the books are human lives


EU Inspection of Belarus Nuclear Plant This Week Canceled


Leticia Lee’s death “related to COVID-19” - HK01


Chinese authorities officially prosecute ten of the 12 Hong Kong fugitives


China crackdown on rights lawyers ‘shocking’: UN expert


"Kelly and David are getting hammered," Mitch McConnell told GOP senators, explicitly linking Loeffler/Perdue travails to the new stimulus compromise. This shows pressure works. But it also suggests that if Rs hold the Senate, they won't deliver


A major winter storm will continue to impact the Northeast U.S. into Thursday...


#BREAKING: The Trump administration said Wednesday it was cutting $200 million in federal healthcare funding to California because the state requires insurance providers to cover abortions


It now is clear that the broad Russian espionage attack on the United States government and private companies ranks among the greatest intelligence failures of modern times.


Feds seize millions in PPP funds from international ministry


We’ve finally identified the source of fraud in the 2020 election. It’s Ron Johnson


Not "The Onion": Dutch prosecutors say Trump’s Twitter account was hacked by guessing his password: maga2020!


A 22-year-old self-proclaimed member of the “Boogaloo Bois” movement pleaded guilty to trying to sell weapon parts to Hamas after traveling to Minneapolis amid this summer’s George Floyd protests


Married for 30 years, they died together from Covid-19 complications sharing one final embrace — holding each other's hands and the hands of their children


A mysterious gap in COVID deaths appeared in Florida before the election: There's an astonishing pattern in Florida's COVID death tally — one that suggests the state manipulated a backlog of unrecorded fatalities, presenting more favorable death counts


Holy crap—“WE WANT THEM INFECTED”. WH & HHS advisor demanded “herd immunity” strategy. Disgusting! “Infants, kids, teens, young adults, middle aged w/ no conditions have 0 to little risk—so we **use them to develop herd**—we want them infected”


JUST IN: French President Emmanuel Macron has tested positive for Covid-19 after displaying symptoms, his office announces


South Dakota Attorney General Jason Ravnsborg says he's confident he didn't commit a crime when he struck and killed a man as he drove along a dark highway in September.


Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is in quarantine after being exposed to someone who tested positive for coronavirus, according to a State Department spokesperson.