Sunday, September 29, 2019

Beyond parody

The President is threatening civil war if he’s impeached. This is straight-up batshit crazy.

Translation: I just realized Ukraine story will lead back to disgraced traitor & former campaign chairman Manafort. I must change subject.

Dangerous and authoritarian. The President is the head of the executive branch, which includes the Department of Justice. How long are we going to wait around hope that no one will act on his wishes?

“It’s hard to describe how dangerous and loathsome that invitation to violence is.” House Intelligence Chair Adam Schiff responds to President Trump appearing to threaten whoever revealed his call with Ukraine’s president

Trump, Giuliani, and Manafort: The Ukraine Scheme

"This is a very sad time for our country": Nancy Pelosi says she sees "no joy" in starting an impeachment inquiry against President Trump, but feels the integrity of U.S. elections must be defended

‘60 Minutes reported Sunday night that a letter from the whistleblower’s attorney Andrew Bakaj alleges “certain individuals have issued a $50,000 ‘bounty’ for ‘any information’ relating to our client’s identity.’

"By giving him your air time, you are allowing him to introduce increasingly unhinged, unfounded and desperate lies into the national conversation,” the letter from top aides Anita Dunn and Kate Bedingfield reads

Please release your perfect conversations with Putin and the Saudis

These are threats. This man is completely out of control. History will not reflect well on those who continue to defend this.

JUST IN: House Intel chair says he plans to subpoena Rudy Giuliani for documents tied to the Ukraine scandal

he wants Schiff questioned for fraud and treason because Schiff paraphrased his stupid words

Mother Mary, Joseph and Baby Jesus! Who ever dreamed we’d live in a country where a law-abidin’ patriot has to live in fear of physical harm from a U.S. President and his MAGA minions? Every American needs to stand up and demand this tin-horn dictator resign!

Attorney for whistleblower posts the letter sent to acting DNI Joseph Maguire thanking him for activating the proper resources to ensure the whistleblower’s safety

Scott Pelley on CBS just now: "@60Minutes has obtained a letter that indicates" the whistleblower "is under federal protection -- because he or she fears for their safety."

The fact is there is more evidence connecting Jim Jordan to the Ohio State sex scandal than there is evidence connecting Joe Biden to any Ukraine scandal.

We’ll conduct a complete investigation to hold this president accountable. But what we’ve already seen in his call is damning. Trump tried to coerce a foreign leader to make up dirt on his opponent and interfere in our election. Violating his oath and undermining our security.

Trump is just six Senate votes away from impeachment. And Republicans are deserting him fast

Giuliani says he’d only cooperate with impeachment investigation with Trump’s permission: “If he decides that he wants me to testify, of course I’ll testify,” Giuliani said

White House aides, if you’re listening, I hope you’ll be able to find the transcripts that are missing. I think you will be rewarded mightily by the press—and, more importantly, by posterity. Now is the time to act like John Dean—not John Ehrlichman.

WATCH: Stephen Miller refusing to answer why Trump used private lawyers as his emissaries to the Ukrainian government. Chris Wallace is really killing it here in the beginning of the Trump impeachment era.

How it’s done. Also, now that we know from @TheRickWilson how teeny, tiny Gym Jordan is, I would like all cameramen/women to grab shots under the desk of his little feet not touching the ground.

Jake Tapper calls out Rep. Jim Jordan over his baseless Hunter Biden accusations: "It's facts and I would think that somebody who's been accused of things in that last year or two would be more sensitive about throwing out wild allegations against people."

“Two high-profile Washington lawyers, Joe diGenova, who’s been a fierce critic of the Democratic investigation, and his wife Victoria Toensing were working with Giuliani to get oppo research on Biden,” Wallace said Sunday morning. Go figure,

NEW: Adam Schiff has reached agreement with whistleblower to come before House Intelligence Committee, he tells @ThisWeekABC , and says he expects to hear from the whistleblower "very soon."

Jake Tapper calls out Rep. Jim Jordan over his baseless Hunter Biden accusations: "It's facts and I would think that somebody who's been accused of things in that last year or two would be more sensitive about throwing out wild allegations against people."

I’ve rethought this answer. Of course Pompeo was involved. Guiliani has been bragging about his Ukraine work since May. Pompeo didn’t stop him. Pompeo didn’t speak out. Pompeo went on TV last week and pushed new conspiracy theories. Of course Pompeo was involved.

Opinion: Trump betrays America — so why aren’t the Democratic candidates saying so?

NEW: Adam Schiff has reached agreement with whistleblower to come before House Intelligence Committee, he tells @ThisWeekABC, and says he expects to hear from the whistleblower "very soon."

Alexander Hamilton Warned Us About Trump and Barr

At the end of week one, Trump has only 36% total support & only 17% true believers. The whistleblower has 64% support.

Retroactively classified. Think about that. Getting prosecuted for something that was legal but specifically changed later for the purpose of selectively prosecuting it

New poll: Nearly two-thirds of Americans believe Trump's encouragement of a foreign leader to investigate Biden and his family is a serious problem

NEW: Former Homeland Security adviser Tom Bossert on impeachment inquiry against Pres. Trump: "It is a bad day and a bad week for the president and for this country if he is asking for political dirt on an opponent."

I’m sure this is all a big coincidence, right? That Bill Barr, Pompeo, Kushner, Ivanka, & Steve Bannon are in Rome this weekend? Also, Russian oligarch Dmitry Rybolovlev's private aircraft has been seen? This Russian Oligarch

Totally crazy on its own, but also remember that SEVEN members of the Trump Administration (that we know of) have used personal email for official business: Jared Kushner Ivanka Trump Stephen Miller Gary Cohn Steve Bannon KT McFarland Reince Priebus

This great new book by my former FBI colleague @joshscampbell will help you understand the tactics being used by the President to distract and deflect attention away from the latest growing scandals. Get your copy here:

The White House itself released a memorandum of the telephone conversation, and the president has admitted to wrongdoing, even if he claims not to understand why it’s wrong. Nearly every Trump ally’s defense has been an effort to gaslight America.

Why aren't more people talking about this? Last month Don Jr. went to Indonesia for a kick-off celebration for two new Trump-branded properties with multiple Indonesian government officials.

Trump wants to complain about presidential harassment? “I'm old enough to remember when he made a cottage industry of harassing President Obama… So spare us the pity party, Mr. President.”

Pelosi says public opinion shifting in support of impeachment inquiry

Now FBI investigates Prince Andrew’s links to Epstein

House Intel hires former Russian mob prosecutor to lead Trump probes

This story says the State Department suddenly revived it's "investigation" of Hillary Clinton's emails "in August," which is when the White House learned that a whistleblower had reported Trump's shakedown call with Zelensky to the CIA general counsel.

As Iraq increasingly finds itself caught between the U.S. and Iran amid soaring tensions, the Iraqi prime minister's decision to remove a top military commander from his post has triggered heated political discussions and uncertainty.

I can now confirm the death of personal guard of #Saudi @KingSalman General Abdulaziz AlFaghem by gunfire. He is seen here with the king. He was dismissed from his post just days ago which makes his death extremely suspicious. Working on details.

JUST IN: British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, facing a police watchdog investigation, tells the BBC there's "no interest to declare" over alleged conflicts of interest concerning American businesswoman

Oh don’t worry. After the trial and the witnesses testify, it won’t be hearsay. Your pal’s attempt to hide this all from the American people and try to leave us only with hearsay failed miserably.

After a difficult week for our country, we are working to support and defend our Constitution in keeping with the oath sworn by every Member of Congress. We are committed to act with humility and transparency to earn the trust and confidence of the American people.

NEW: Police are firing tear gas on Hong Kongers taking part in a massive, unsanctioned march against totalitarianism

Rudy Giuliani told Fox News Saturday night he felt "very sorry" for former U.S. envoy to Ukraine Kurt Volker, as he appeared to criticize the FBI and the Department of Justice

Hillary Clinton: Trump 'has turned American diplomacy into a cheap extortion racket'

• The oceans are warming and rising faster than we thought • More than a billion people live in affected areas • We’re closer than we realized to irreversible melting of permafrost

Leavenworth is in Kansas. Just saying.

A new Senate report reveals that the @NRA was a 'foreign asset' to Russia ahead of 2016, promising access to U.S. officials in exchange for Russian business.

Trump has gutted an agency that’s vital to American farmers

Described as "The Keeper of Kings," a prominent bodyguard to Saudi Arabia's king has been shot and killed in what's being called a personal dispute. State TV reports the shooter was killed in a gunfight with security forces.

Mitch McConnell Received Donations from Voting Machine Lobbyists Before Blocking Election Security Bills

Prince Harry has given a full-throated defense of climate action by young people around the world: "The world's children are striking. It is an emergency, a race against time and one in which we are losing."

Donald Trump's ruthless attacks may come back to haunt him

Pompeo will have all the time he wants in the prison library to investigate Hillary’s emails.

.⁦@danbalz⁩: The longer they (#Republicans )remain silent, the more they contribute to normalizing behavior by the president that is far beyond past standards.”

WaPo's home page right now.

Let’s be generous and assume this person hasn’t followed the news and is unaware DOJ indicted a troll farm from Russia

Asylum seekers are being asked to show up at US ports of entry as early as 3:30 in the morning before their court dates—forcing some people to stay on the streets in dangerous Mexican border towns. “There’s something very intentional in all of this."

Here's an example of the new $1 million ad campaign from Republicans for the Rule of Law that begins this weekend in many Republican members' home states and districts. The ads slam Trump’s “abuse of power” and warn it won't stop “unless Republicans stand up and say it’s wrong.”

WATCH: @SandraSmithFox spoke with @FoxNewsSunday's Chris Wallace as the GOP push to identify the whistleblower's sources

The real Witch Hunt What a waste of taxpayer money.

Pink pantsuit, chunky necklaces, and the obligatory flag pin: here’s how Democratic lawmakers are suiting up for a long and dramatic process

The Trump Administration is responsible for the largest reduction in federally protected land — it’s wrong. As president, I will reverse President Trump's actions and protect our precious federal lands for generations to come

We must be prepared "for the flood of misinformation, misdirection, obfuscation, distraction that will come from the president and his supporters..."

Fmr. US ambassador to Russia: If nothing wrong with Trump-Ukraine call, why did they try covering it up?

“State Department officials vigorously denied there was any political motivation behind their actions.”

Russian Secret Weapon Against U.S. 2020 Election Revealed In New Cyberwarfare Report

"What Trump and other aides are frustrated with is that Mulvaney did not have a strategy for defending and explaining the contents of those documents.." What kind of defense could he possibly have had? The Giuliani defense? "Truth is not truth!"

Yemen’s Houthi rebels said they captured many Saudi soldiers and officers in a large operation near the border between the two countries

Boris Johnson could be forced out as UK Prime Minister next week

Benjamin Netanyahu is unable to form a new Israeli government and has given the mandate back to the president, the Jersualem Post reports

Lowest moment of US Presidency in our history.

Prominent figures on Russian TV have been openly putting out the same ideas that we now know the American president was privately pursuing

Impeachment Cold Open - SNL