Monday, December 26, 2016

Trump’s having a ball: His inauguration may add up to just another opportunity for the rich to pay to play

Far from swamp draining, the president's arrival by the Potomac shores may be compromised by elites' easy access 

In Donald Trump’s presidential campaign, his frequent, unbridled slaps at Wall Street elites and arrogant, job-busting corporate executives gave him the “populistic” patina he needed to win. But wait a minute. Who are those guys escorting the Donald into the Oval Office?
Oh, my God, they’re Wall Street elites and arrogant corporate executives! Trump campaigned on the theme of remaking Washington by “draining the swamp” of pay-to-play corporate favoritism and cronyism. But those swamp critters may be the very ones aiming to buy favors from the president to be by putting up tens of millions of dollars to pay for his inaugural extravaganza and his transition operation.
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Following Negotiations, No Rockettes Will Be Required To Perform At ...

Celebrities are right to skip Trump inauguration festivities (Opinion ...

Mormon Choir Performance at Trump Inauguration Draws Ire - ABC ...

Everything You Need to Know About Donald Trump's Inauguration ...


 The Rockettes rehearsing for the inauguration.

Trump’s unpopularity threatens to hobble his presidency

The president-elect’s underwater favorability numbers could rob Trump of precious political capital.

President-elect Donald Trump will descend on Washington next month, buoyed by his upset victory and Republican control of Congress to implement his agenda.
But he’s facing a major obstacle: Trump will enter the White House as the least-popular incoming president in the modern era of public-opinion polling.
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Trump Vows to Dissolve Controversial Foundation (Democrats Say it Isn't Enough)

By Daniel Politi

President-elect Donald Trump is pulling the plug on his charitable foundation after months of controversy over how it raised cash and how it gave it out. As calls mount for Trump to do something about all the potential conflicts of interest that will accompany him to the White House, the president-elect said the Donald J. Trump Foundation would cease to exist, although he did not give a timeline for shutting it down. “To avoid even the appearance of any conflict with my role as President I have decided to continue to pursue my strong interest in philanthropy in other ways,” the president-elect said in a statement.

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Just What Charity Needs ~ A Hideous 6 Foot Tall Portrait of Trump.

This is the portrait of Donald Trump that his charity bought for $20,000 ...

Fine, The Trumps Will Take Their ‘Charity’ And Go Home!

Trump would like everyone to think he's a philanthropist but...Trump Foundation Scam 

Trump's Effort to Dissolve Foundation Blocked by NY Attorney General


Eric Boehlert On MSNBC's All In: If Trump "Unleashes" His "Breitbart Cabinet," His Presidency Won't Meet Any Of Its Economic Goals

This is the One Question I’ve Used That’s Stumped Trump Supporters the Most

Allen Clifton

My Most Effective Method for Shutting Trump Supporters Up and Exposing Their Ignorance

One question might not change the minds of many Trump supporters, but it’s definitely shut a lot of them up, made them flustered and/or sent them into ridiculous tangents trying to avoid saying the only answer that makes sens

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One question might not change the minds of many Trump supporters, but it’s definitely shut a lot of them up, made them flustered and/or sent them into ridiculous tangents trying to avoid saying the only answer that makes sense.

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Fact-checking 2016: Trump dominates annual review of political falsehoods

Eugene Kiely, Lori Robertson and Robert Farley,

A year ago, we broke with past practice and named Donald Trump our first-ever “King of Whoppers.” This year, the reigning champ defended his title well — once again dominating our annual review of political whoppers.
At his campaign rallies, Trump regularly disparaged the media as “dishonest,” referring at one point to fact-checkers as “dishonest scum.” Yet, he peddled conspiracy theories from a supermarket tabloid and a website that serves as a platform for the alt-right. ( White Supremacy}

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2016: Year in Review  NBC

2016 in review: The revenge of the forgotten  CNN

Immigration: The Year In Review And What's In Store For 2017  Forbes


Kellyanne Conway On Donald Trump's Attacks On Media | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

Pants on Fire!

Published on Dec 23, 2016
Kellyanne Conway, counselor to President-elect Trump, talks with Rachel Maddow about Donald Trump telling lies about Martha Raddatz, and whether Melania Trump's use of the lawyer from the Gawker case is a harbinger of Trump's intention to eliminate media he doesn't like.
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For Global Investors, 'Uncertainty' Over Business Climate Under Trump

The Trump International Golf Club in Dubai is part of the president-elect's real estate empire. Trump has said his sons would run his companies while he's president.

Trump to inherit more than 100 court vacancies, plans to reshape judiciary

Donald Trump is set to inherit an uncommon number of vacancies in the federal courts in addition to the open Supreme Court seat, giving the president-elect a monumental opportunity to reshape the judiciary after taking office.
The estimated 103 judicial vacancies that President Obama is expected to hand over to Trump in the Jan. 20 transition of power is nearly double the 54 openings Obama found eight years ago following George W. Bush’s presidency.
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Killer robots await Trump’s verdict

The new president will have to decide how aggressively the U.S. pursues military technology that could let machines make life-or-death decisions.

Teen Vogue Writer Battles Tucker Carlson: ‘You’re Actually Being a Partisan Hack’

Lauren Duca shows how it's done.

by | 8:11 pm, December 23rd, 2016

Teen Vogue writer Lauren Duca faced off with Fox’s Tucker Carlson tonight in what became a mesmerizing and fierce back and forth about Ivanka Trump and various things that Duca has written.

Just call him Trump ~ Never President

A&E Cancels Upcoming KKK Docuseries Over Cash Payments

The network canceled the controversial series after learning payments were made “to facilitate access” to the film’s subjects.


The A&E cable television network said on Saturday it has canceled an upcoming documentary about efforts to help Ku Klux Klan members break away from the hate group, after learning cash payments were made “to facilitate access” to the film’s subjects.


A&E cancels controversial unscripted series “Escaping the KKK”

A&E Cancels KKK Docuseries Following Criticism

KKK documentary canceled after A&E learns producers paid Klan ...



GOP Makes Scrooge Look Good ~ Bill Mayher