Thursday, May 31, 2018

Looks like the Fixer - Michael Cohen also helped Jerry Jr and “the pool boy”

Trump to impose total US ban on luxury German cars: report

French President Macron Calls President Trump's Tariff Decision 'Illegal'. 'Economic nationalism leads to war. This is exactly what happened in the 1930s' said Macron.

Watch Donald Trump casually say the word cu*t in public.

Listen to Michael Cohen Insist Spousal Rape Isn’t Real While Defending Donald Trump

Where the heck is Melania?

House Speaker Paul Ryan, on today's #tariffs announcement:

New York acting Attorney General: Trump pardon of D’Souza undermines rule of law

Dinesh D’Souza was convicted of one of the crimes Michael Cohen is under investigation for, campaign finance fraud.

WASHINGTON (AP) — Trump says he's considering commuting sentence of ex-Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich, pardoning Martha Stewart

Vowing to restore ZTE, which was deemed a national security risk by USIC, while imposing arbitrary tariffs on our oldest and most trusted allies should raise alarm bells but it doesn’t. History will not judge this congress well.

Experts say depriving Air Force funding for four-engine OC-135 surveillance planes is part of a GOP effort to force the US to withdraw from Open Skies, a 1992 arms-verification treaty.

Federal employee union sues Trump over executive order that restricts union activity

Samantha Bee Sorry For Thinking First Amendment Somehow Applies To Her. Her Mistake, Obviously!

I think about this tweet a lot.

UPDATED Registrant of new Manafort legal defense fund was Bruce E. Baldinger, a N.J. real estate attorney who has worked with Manafort for years, including on his $3M 2012 purchase and $5.3M Jan. 2017 mortgage in Brooklyn cited in Mueller's Va. indictment,

Joy Reid Published A Photoshopped Image Of John McCain As The Virginia Tech Shooter On Her Old Blog

Scoop: Trump repeatedly pressured Sessions on Mueller investigation

Four sources with direct knowledge say Trump has been obsessed by the Mueller investigation over the past year. That’s been clear from his tweets. But privately he’s been brooding about it persistently.

Listen :NPR has decide to publish the audio of Michael Cohen making legal threats against me while I was a Daily Beast reporter in 2015, as part of a larger story on Cohen's history of threats

4,600 people lost their lives because of Trump’s failed emergency response to help the people in PC. And the WH press pool asks Sarah Sanders about Roseanne. Get your priorities straight, media.

@Billbrowder I keep wondering how things would have unfolded yesterday had you not managed to get those tweets out. Would you have been released anyway, or were they shamed into it?

Another antibiotic crisis: fragile supply leads to shortages

Cambridge Analytica’s Parent Company SCL Group Helped Shape Saudi Arabia’s Reform Movement

Press Sec. Sarah Sanders chokes up after a kid reporter asks a question about school shootings.

Parents of Parkland students start PAC to take on NRA-backed candidates

Southern Baptist leader Paige Patterson fired over handling of sex abuse allegation

Outwitting Dictator Putin

Adam McKay Can’t Believe We’re Nostalgic for the Bush and Cheney Years

Dick's Sporting Goods stock surges after rifle ban leads to larger profits

There's another headache for United as a union claims it uses electronic messaging and coercion to sway workers against joining

Why would Facebook think to build a data center in a desert just across the freeway from the NSA data center?

This video exposes the Jekyll and Hyde of Fox News- Sean Hannity spouting Donald's conspiracy theories, Fox News anchor Shep Smith debunking them hours earlier. They knowingly allow Hannity to spew nonsense every day.

"This isn't a publicity tour" it's "a truth tour" and it's going to continue "today, next week and next month"

U.S. election officials fear older voting machines may undermine confidence in November elections

Fake news powered by artificial intelligence technology is coming. And the West is not prepared.

California Senate votes to overturn FCC's net neutrality repeal

House Democrats and Senate Dems I would immediately refund any and all donations you’ve received from Manatos & Manatos. Pretty sure this is Russia’s plan to dirty each of you.

Depressing sight at Trump rally in Nashville: adorable young boy, probly about my son's age, pointing iPhone at me & other reporters & snapping pix while screaming "FAKE NEWS!" A child who will grow up believing a free & fair press is the enemy, a bad thing, to be mocked & hated

Evidence is growing that Trump doesn’t have the votes to survive impeachment in the Senate

Abe: Japan 'Cannot Accept' New Tariffs On U.S. Auto Imports

Trial begins for former CIA officer accused of spying for China

Sanctioned Russian Bank Wooed D.C. With Glitzy Parties and High-Powered Lobbyists

Donald Trump Does Deals, and Ivanka Trump Does Well

Sinclair Broadcast Group is selling off nearly two dozen television stations to comply with federal ownership rules — but that may not stop the company from reaching millions of viewers in those cities with its conservative programming

Trump the Glutton

At his physical exam in January, the 6-foot-3-inch Trump weighed 239 pounds, according to his doctor. Most think the numbers got transposed. It should prob read 329 pounds

Rep @tedlieu says that Trump reversed Obama’s policy of allowing immigrants to have asylum claims be heard BEFORE any prosecution, but Sessions is PROSECUTING asylum seekers BEFORE asylum claims are heard‼️

Ex-Israeli spy chief: Netanyahu planned Iran strike in 2011

The rate of food insecurity is currently higher than it was before the Great Recession. More than 41 million people are "food insecure," meaning they don't have consistent access to adequate food, according to Feeding America

Trump readies to hit U.S. allies with steel, aluminum tariffs

Trump usually delights in doubling down on racially inflammatory trolling of Americans on immigration issues. But he hasn't handled his new policy of taking kids away from parents with quite the same zeal.

Nunes has been silent since last week’s briefings, and has not addressed Gowdy push back on “spygate”

Trump wants to push German carmakers out of U.S.: German magazine

Cable news covered Roseanne for over 10 hours. They covered Hurricane Maria's death toll in Puerto Rico for just over 30 minutes

NEW: CNBC: Two law firms linked to Rudy Giuliani, President Donald Trump's lawyer and longtime confidant, worked for a super PAC that employed controversial data-gathering firm Cambridge Analytica during the 2016 presidential election.

The debate is over. Of course Trump obstructed justice,

Rep. Ted Lieu puts the Trump policy behind the new child immigrant crisis in a nutshell.

Kim Kardashian is seeking a pardon for a 63-year-old grandmother, Alice Johnson, convicted of a first time drug offense. Johnson's attorney is underwritten by the Charles Koch Foundation--a big player on prison reform with Kushner/WH. So that is the connection.

Rep.Trey Gowdy, “I don’t think so, I think what the President is doing is expressing frustration that Attorney General Sessions should have shared these reasons for recusal before he took the job, not afterward. If I were the President and I picked someone to be the country’s....

Exhaustive investigation reveals little evidence of possible voter fraud in NH

Cover of today's New York Post, Kim Thong Un

Texas gov. unveils school safety plan in wake of Santa Fe shooting

Seems the NRA helped.

Would you say the crowd was larger or smaller than the number of Americans killed by hurricane in Puerto Rico ?

Jill Stein raised more than $7 million for a swing state recount. Nearly two years later, Stein is still spending that money—on ongoing litigation, travel costs, and staff salaries, The Daily Beast reports. Stein stopped filing FEC forms in September.

Joseph P. Viteritti: The self-immolation of Rudy Giuliani

“The recusal of Jeff Sessions was an unforced betrayal of the President of the United States.” JOE DIGENOVA, former U.S. Attorney.

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Who's going to apologize to the FBI?

Trump auto tariffs would kill over 150K US jobs: study

Digging in Cook Co. records in re: the mysterious “Chicago Unit Acquisition LLC,” a shell company to which @realDonaldTrump owes $50M-plus.

Michael Avenatti speaks after hearing on Cohen raid materials, says audio recordings should be released so that "people can make their own determinations as to their importance related to the president and what he knew.

Missouri Gov. Eric Greitens said he is resigning after facing impeachment by the state's GOP legislature following a sexual misconduct scandal and a felony charge involving possible campaign finance violations

How Trump’s Election Shook Obama: ‘What if We Were Wrong?’

Friends, please check out our new RUSSIA TRACKER. We are following all the witness interviews, subpoenas, criminal charges, and much more. Track all the key players. I've worked on this for months

Everybody in the GOP knows Trump is guilty as hell. They're just (rightly) terrified of the consequences of their getting in bed with a traitorous madman. Gowdy and the Napster called bullshit on "Spygate" -- merely saying what they all know

The #TrumpTapes that were just disclosed in court as a result of our efforts should be released immediately. Not tmrw, not next week or next month. Now. Nixon 2.0.

‘I Will Never Roll on Donald Trump,’ Promises Definitely Innocent Adviser Roger Stone

One of them looks thrilled

Ukrainian Security Service says the agency faked Babchenko’s death to catch those who were trying to kill him.

This is extraordinary. Arkady Babchenko apparently alive and well. Ukraine security chief says his murder was staged to expose Russian agents

Murdoch is freaking out, Cohen is freaking out, TRUMP is freaking out. Justice is a-knockin' in the form of @MIchaelAvenatti. I'd be terrified too if I was a criminal like them.

Fox News legal analyst shuts down Trump’s "Spygate" claims: They're "baseless"

Trump bragged about a classified skirmish between U.S. troops and Russian mercenaries in Syria at a closed-door fundraiser last week, Politico reports.

How a Russian ex-spy was saved from one of the deadliest nerve agents ever made

Opening statements in Chinese espionage trial begin at 9am at the federal courthouse in Alexandria.

Betsey DeVos: She’s there to DESTROY the education system. On orders of Trump, Koch and others....

Ironically, the reason I’m in Madrid is to give evidence to senior Spanish anti Russian mafia prosecutor Jose Grinda about the huge amount of money from the Magnitsky case that flowed to Spain. Now that I’m released my mission carries on. Meeting with Prosector Grinda now

Another whole day has gone by without us seeing Melania or the @WhiteHouse releasing a statement on her current health status.

Look at this Carter Page interview.

Trump, in Nashville, says African Americans have blindly voted for Democrats “for over a hundred years.” If only black folks had the right to vote for that long ...

Hulu is dropping Roseanne

Women recall their interactions with Stephen Miller in college...

As Donald Trump derides immigrants and goads the crowd into chanting that members of MS-13 "ANIMALS!", it's impossible for any right thinking person not to see a fascist on the podium.

Fear monger in chief.

Ivanka Trump exits White House conference call after questions on Chinese trademarks

New filing: Feds to get 1,025,363 more items of evidence on Michael Cohen tomorrow.

Arkady Babchenko, Russian journalist and vocal critic of Putin's regime, assassinated in Kyiv. It looks like a demonstration: "We can easily kill anyone, anywhere."

Trump investigating imported cars is ‘farcical,’ Obama trade chief says

Inside the Pro-Trump Effort to Keep Black Voters From the Polls

Trump blows up G7 agenda

Shun him!

"What you are saying is 'my discomfort with you right now is worth more than the potential that your life could be snuffed in 10 minutes.' Until that stops, nothing is going to change."

Good news. Spanish National Police just released me after Interpol General Secretary in Lyon advised them not to honor the new Russian Interpol Red Notice. This is the 6th time that Russia has abused Interpol in my case


This is the arrest warrant — Bill Browder

China lashes out at Washington's unexpected statement that it will press ahead with tariffs and restrictions on investments by Chinese companies.

Bill Browder arrested in Spain on Russian warrant

Kremlin critic Bill Browder says he has been arrested by Spanish police on a Russian warrant

Arkady Babchenko murdered last night. Now the Russian government is seeking to arrest @Billbrowder. He was travelling to Spain at invitation of Spanish court, to give evidence on #Moscow money laundering

Opinion: The factors that will shape the midterms

American companies in China are worried they'll get caught in the crossfire of a trade war

Moscow rejects Ukraine's accusation it murdered journalist

Browder is an anti-corruption activist, who campaigned for the Magnitsky law, which punished Russian human rights violations and was named for his employee who died in prison. Now Browder says he's been arrested by Interpol on a Russian warrant.

Urgent: Just was arrested by Spanish police in Madrid on a Russian Interpol arrest warrant. Going to the police station right now.

Bill Browder is the human rights advocate that lobbies the world round to implement the Magnitsky Act.

Palestinians in Lebanon fear U.S. cuts could close UN schools

Today would be a great day for TV writers/creators to speak out about the "pivot" in network focus after Nov. 2016 (and by "network", I mean all of television). Specifically: 1. What were you told about a shift in content for a "new" or "under-served" demographic?

NEW: New CIA report has concluded that North Korea does not intend to give up its nuclear weapons any time soon, but might open a burger joint

‘People just give up’: Low-income hurricane victims slam federal relief programs

Canada's Justin Trudeau says "Australian colleagues" warned of the challenges of allowing the Chinese to buy engineering companies

Trump’s recent tweets claiming unfair bias are part of an emerging strategy to stir up enthusiasm among supporters

Scoop: Kim Kardashian and Donald Trump will meet at the White House on Wednesday to discuss prison reform—and his pardon power

Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-SC) joins top Democrats in disputing Trump’s misleading characterization of the informant’s activities.

BREAKING: Russia says Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov is going to North Korea for talks on Thursday

"GOP departures a potentially ominous portent for Trump in 2018" :

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Trump Asked Sessions to Retain Control of Russia Inquiry After His Recusal

Judge rules Trump broke law by defunding Teen Pregnancy Prevention Program, orders funding to resume

Harvard study estimates that at least 4,645 people died in Puerto Rico due to Hurricane Maria, far exceeding the official toll of 64.

Wonder what else they're hiding from us. Dear God.

London-based Trump supporter Ted Malloch tells @ABC that FBI investigators who detained him at Logan Airport asked about communications with Roger Stone as part of Robert Mueller’s Russia probe.