Friday, December 8, 2017

Roy Moore is the last straw, you can now call me a Democrat

Democrats make it official. Cardin and Booker are putting a hold on K.T. McFarland’s nomination to be Ambassador to Singapore after the new reporting on her conversation from Mar-a-Lago with Flynn about Kislyak.

Gretchen Carlson introduced a bill to close a legal loophole that prevents sexual harassment cases from seeing the light of day

Media outlets sue for names of investors in Kushner apartment buildings

DOJ investigating Planned Parenthood over fetal tissue sales

JUST IN: Trump officials rejected deal with Russia to ban both countries from meddling in each other's elections: report

U.S. top court blocks release of Trump 'Dreamer' immigrant documents

New: @Evan_McMullin's group buys $500,000 (!) of ads in Alabama to stop Roy Moore

Reading between the lines of the USDA’s bizarre food stamps memo

Uranium firm urged Trump officials to shrink Bears Ears National Monument

Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore says he's "never had contact" with accusers

Former Fox News anchor Juliet Huddy said Trump tried to kiss her in an elevator around the time he married First Lady Melania, Page Six reports

Mika Brzezinski on Franken accuser: She's a Playboy model who voted for Trump

Donors, not taxpayers, are the reason behind the tax bill

If you’ve seen the video of @AdyBarkan talking to @JeffFlake, you’ll know what this is about.

Inside Mar-a-Lago for 48 hours critical to the Russia probe

Florida bars Project Veritas founder James O’Keefe from fundraising due to criminal conviction

Mike Flynn Was Always a Fraud

MANAFORT's Ukrainian ally said Manafort had "absolutely nothing to do with" an op-ed in @KyivPost defending Manafort. MANAFORT's tracked changes version of the op-ed, filed just now in court by MUELLER, proves otherwise.

The Justice Department is looking into Planned Parenthood's practices related to human fetal tissue, according to a letter obtained by CNN

Fox News updates story after inaccurately reporting Moore accuser forged yearbook entry

6 Times Donald Trump Promised Not to Cut Medicare

The U.S. Olympic Committee intends to take athletes to the Winter Olympics “unless it is physically impossible or legally impossible to do that”


AP Exclusive: Former aide says GOP Rep. Trent Franks offered her $5 million to carry his child.

‘And f*ck Steve Bannon’: @SethRogen cancels all SiriusXM interviews to protest alt-right leader’s show

JUST IN: Hope Hicks interviewed by Mueller's team over last two days: report

BREAKING: U.S. Deputy National Security Advisor Dina Powell is leaving her role in the Trump administration

NEW — TRENT FRANKS once had an aide read an article about how you know you're in love in an attempt to convince her she loved him

"A presidential plea deal is better than impeachment"

Leaders or state media in at least 15 countries use Trump's "fake news" line to quell dissent, question human rights violation

Every day that we don’t act more Dreamers lose their protections.

Email pointed Trump campaign to WikiLeaks documents (Story has been corrected)

NRA enters the Alabama race to help Roy Moore. See what it's sending out.

Breaking News: 1.@FBI Warned Hope Hicks About Emails From Russian Operatives 2.Hope was interviewed by Mueller's team over last 2 days

Hate airline fees? Well, the DOT is dropping effort to make them more transparent

After FBI agent removed from Mueller’s team, FBI utility man steps in

"My life depends on it. I need you to make your vote match your principles, Senator." A man who says he was recently diagnosed with ALS debates the GOP tax bill with Senator Jeff Flake on a plane

Jared Kushner’s Middle East peace brokering causes its first death

Trump's Christmas Wish

DOJ: Releasing James Comey memos would 'impair' Russia probe

Ex-Breitbart spokesman leaves GOP, joins Dems over Trump support of Moore

#BREAKING: GOP lawmaker officially resigns over asking female staffers to be surrogates for his child

Looks like Sean Hannity is about to be implicated in the #TrumpRussia probe.

John Lewis and Cory Booker will campaign for Doug Jones in Alabama this weekend.

JUST IN: Palestinian president: US is "no longer qualified" to oversee Middle East peace process

Wildfires are hammering and devastating California right now. It's important to note that the #GOPTaxScam has a section in it that literally eliminates deductions for damage sustained during and by wildfires. The @GOP bring death and despair

BREAKING: Federal prosecutors tells say that by Monday they expect to have shared with attorneys for Paul Manafort and Rick Gates the following items (as part of discovery):

Pulling Strings. Makes you wonder how much Felix Sater is singing right now.

Farenthold hired investigators to probe office complaints

Son of former Detroit mayor to run for Conyers' House seat

Police File Exposes Holes In The Investigation Into US Death Of Putin’s Media Czar

Official Toll in Puerto Rico: 62. Actual Deaths May Be 1,052.

One of my earliest pieces of work on #TrumpRussia was finding this tweet, made before the rally where Trump asked Putin for Hillary emails

Just In: Mueller has issued 15 search warrants related to Manafort case & has obtained 116,000+ pages of financial records, according to new court filings.

This is the White House wise man Trump’s detractors are counting on

Have You Heard the One About the Clinton-Soros Plot to Overthrow Trump?

Sourced: @sam_baker explains the hot-button case the Supreme Court is weighing: whether a Christian baker can refuse to make a cake for a same-sex couple

Congress passes short-term deal to stave off shutdown, setting up late-December spending fight

The Health 202: The orphan disease tax credit may soon be out in the cold

Erik Prince has been in the news a lot lately. In his book, he explains the kind of man he is: the kind who impregnates his children's nanny while his wife is dying of cancer.

Per pooler at the WH Hanukkah party, there are no visible Hanukkah decorations or menorah in the East Room, but there are four large Christmas trees

In a survey by the University of Chicago, virtually ALL economists believe the tax bill will NOT substantially increase economic growth, but will substantially increase debt.

Imagine if we had an attorney general who would defend Justice Department prosecutors and agents as strongly as @SteveSchmidtSES does.

House lawyers split over Trump Jr. claiming attorney-client privilege to avoid questions

Beverly Young Nelson, one of the women accusing GOP Senate candidate Roy Moore of sexual misconduct, says it “sickens” her to think what might happen if Moore is elected.

EXCLUSIVE: Documents obtained by @IBTimes show Mulvaney pressuring CFPB to back off payday lenders -- Mulvaney sent letters pressuring CFPB right as payday loan CEOs gave him big cash

Australia has taken on Facebook in a way that the world will notice

An overwhelming 70% of Americans believe the U.S. Congress should investigate allegations of sexual harassment against President Trump, a new Quinnipiac University poll finds.

Black lawmakers fire back at White House over criticism of John Lewis: “It’s laughable”

NEW: Republicans under pressure to raise the corporate tax to pay for tax cuts

Proposed new law could see Swedish media prosecuted for espionage

Sen. Lisa Murkowski tries to claim moral high ground for GOP

House Democrats are asking Jared Kushner if he's leveraging his W.H. position to seek financial assistance for 666 Fifth Avenue.

CBC responds to W.H. criticism of Lewis, Thompson: “It’s laughable that the White House is criticizing John Lewis and Bennie Thompson for not attending the opening of a civil rights museum that honors the sacrifice of ....wait..... John Lewis, Bennie Thompson, and many others.”

Judge Seeks Arrest of Ex-President of Argentina on Treason Charges

The G.O.P. Is Rotting

New @CNN Exclusive: Candidate Donald Trump, Donald Trump Jr. & others in the Trump Org. received email in Sept. 2016 offering a decryption key & website address for hacked WikiLeaks documents, according to email provided to congressional investigators

Why Russia Will See Its Olympic Ban as a Declaration of War

There's been a sharp escalation in the anti-Mueller rhetoric coming from right wing media sources

Two examples that show why the Dershowitz Trump defense is anti-constitutional

Roy Moore’s Story Is Unraveling

Tim Kaine asks Senate to turn over info on sexual harassment claims so he can release it publicly

On eve of Trump visit, Mississippi blacks say he’s brought back troubles of the past


Understanding Alabama's ongoing campaign of voter suppression is vital to predicting the winner of Tuesday's special election

Roy Moore spokeswoman confirms that she thinks the accusations against Moore are result of a conspiracy involving the Washington Post, George Soros, the DNC, Mitch McConnell, mainstream Republicans, homosexuals, transgender people & criminals, among others


SiriusXM sparks boycott for supporting Steve Bannon

SiriusXM sparks boycott for supporting Steve Bannon

SOURCES: @CNN and @washingtonpost working on exposing 20-30 congressional members 4 sexual harassment.

Video: Roy Moore: Putin may be right, America is the focus of modern evil in the world.

#BREAKING EU, Japan say they finalise free trade deal

Leaders across the world condemned President Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital

Staunch GOP supporter John Walsh calling out Fox News

Staunch GOP supporter John Walsh calling out Fox News

Less-guarded Sessions spars with interns in internal DOJ video

Republican lawmaker calls on Farenthold to resign after sexual harassment allegations

WikiLeaks faces US probes into its 2016 election role: sources


The Republicans have a three-step plan: Transfer trillions from the middle class and poorest the wealthiest → Explode the deficit → Use the ballooning deficit to trigger cuts to critical programs like Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security. It's a heist.

I watch @FoxNews today, and they tell me the FBI are the bad guys, and Russia are the good guys.

Zinke also took an $8000 chopper flight because he didn’t want to skip a swearing-in ceremony for Rep. Greg Gianforte (R-Mont.), who won a special election for Zinke's old seat in May, and his wife contributed $15,800 to Zinke’s two congressional campaigns.


José Andrés' World Central Kitchen will prepare 2,000 meals for victims of the California wildfires

Exclusive: U.S. spy chief orders changes in 'unmasking' policy

George Papadopoulos' fiancee tells @GStephanopoulos he "set up meetings with leaders all over the world" for senior campaign officials, countering Pres. Trump's claims he was "low level volunteer."

Russian social media executive sought to help Trump campaign in 2016, emails show

There will be a vigil at 5pm outside @SenatorCollins Portland office to support the Clergy who are inside and refusing to leave until she opposes the #GOPTaxScam

Franken: “There is some irony in the fact that I am leaving while a man who has bragged on tape about his history of sexual assault sits in the Oval Office, and a man who has repeatedly preyed on young girls campaigns for the Senate with the full support of his party.”


The nation’s cartoonists on the week in politics

General Electric slashing 12,000 jobs

According to leaked emails, the Trump campaign received a pitch to set up a Russian social media page

Public dollars for private school tuition? That’s what two in Congress want for every D.C. family

Palestinians vent their fury on ‘day of rage’ against Trump’s Jerusalem move

The GOP is trying to pass a super-unpopular agenda — and that's a bad sign for democracy

Protesters demonstrate outside Verizon stores, congressional offices to save net neutrality

It’s almost like Fox News has something to hide that will come out in Mueller’s probe

Ari Melber breaks story on Mueller’s path around Trump pardon

MSNBC chief legal correspondent Ari Melber reports on how Mueller’s Flynn deal includes a rarely used legal tool to avoid Trump pardon.

Trump administration seeks to delay order to accept transgender recruits

Following the GOP tax plan? Here’s what you need to know about conference committees

Climate change will bring severe, longer wildfire seasons, scientists say

How Rodrigo Duterte turned Facebook into a weapon, with help from Facebook

Editor of top science journal speaks out against GOP tax plan


Seven weeks in winter: Flynn, Trump and Comey

The @GOP tax bill has a section in it that ELIMINATES deductions for damage sustained during WILDFIRES!

Thanks to Trump, the entire Middle East hates America.

Turkey's PM personally restarted Iran laundering scheme, witness says

Projecting #Power4PuertoRico on Trump Hotel

Trump is going after immigrants without criminal records in a big way

Fox News' Tucker Carlson — a registered Democrat — explains why he always votes for the most corrupt mayoral candidate

Congressional Democrats Left Out of White House Hanukkah Party

The House Intel Committee’s Russia probe is already unserious. Republican leadership won’t subpoena witnesses, who refuse to actually answer questions without fear of consequence. If Nunes returns, it’ll be a partisan circus.

Here’s the 1st of three new #TrumpRussia videos I’ll discuss — Rep. Eric Swalwell

A dangerous choice looms for US President Trump on North Korea

VA kills plan to cut homeless-vet program after outcry

Gov. Jerry Brown requests federal disaster declaration for historic wildfires in Southern California