Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Dr. Birx says anyone who was recently in New York should self-quarantine for 14 days, no matter where they are now

Trump says if states want the federal government to be a good partner to them in fighting coronavirus, "they have to treat us well."

Gov. Jared Polis has signed into law a bill abolishing Colorado's death penalty. Colorado now becomes the 22nd state to end the use of capital punishment.

HAPPENING NOW: Dr. Fauci and Dr. Birx urge people leaving New York to self-isolate for 2 weeks

A viral plea to let grandparents sacrifice themselves captures a truth about Trump

Wall Street surges on hopes of $2 trillion rescue package

Trump is playing Russian roulette with Americans’ lives

Administering coronavirus tests requires time and supplies that are already running out. But aggressive testing has proven to be the best way to track and isolate the disease, stopping its spread. The best path forward depends on where you are.

We need to put #FamiliesFirst during this crisis. They are relying on us to prioritize their health and economic security -- not that of big corporations.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo pleaded with the federal government to release a stockpile of ventilators for people who desperately need them as the number of coronavirus cases continue to spike in the state. Follow for live updates on coronavirus

We’re fighting to ensure no one goes into financial ruin because of coronavirus. Service and industry workers, gig workers, freelancers, and more. We’re fighting to make sure there are no bailouts without strict conditions that put people and workers first.

Some cancer patients face delayed surgeries and scaled-back treatments as the coronavirus advances

Get ready to hear the phrase "black tags"

Precautionary methods against #COVID19 — like social distancing and quarantine — are forcing some people to share close quarters with their abusers.

Narrator: trump did in fact screw up

Holy shit. Trump just accused Cuomo of establishing "death panels" - an insane, debunked, bullshit Fox News conspiracy theory - AT THE SAME TIME HE'S LITERALLY TRYING TO GET PEOPLE BACK ONTO THE STREETS AMID A PANDEMIC WHICH WILL COST THOUSANDS OF LIVES

Birx describing testing problems, mentions New York high transmission rates. Trump interjects: "Do you blame the governor for that?" Birx completely ignores him and keeps talking as if Trump said nothing at all. Fox cuts to commercial the moment Birx is done.

Dr. Fauci has grown bolder in correcting Trump's falsehoods and overly rosy statements about the coronavirus. And now Trump’s patience has started to wear thin, NYT reports. So has the patience of some W.H. advisers, who see Fauci as taking shots at Trump.

Americans Think Governors Are Doing a Better Job on Coronavirus Than Trump | COURIER

Liz Cheney gets it. Lindsey Graham gets it. Ted Cruz gets it. It’s basically down to Donald Trump and the most deranged members of his cult - mostly in right-wing media - who are pushing this idiotic, deadly false choice between our health and our economy.

Pelosi tells @MSNBC that in a negotiation with Republicans and Mnuchin, she quoted Pope Francis' world prayer on responsibility. She said Mnuchin responded by saying, 'you're quoting the Pope, I'm going to quote the markets.' "I thought he was going to quote the Old Testament."

Senators who led pharma-friendly patent reform also prime targets for pharma cash Sen. Thom Tillis received more than $156,000 from political action committees tied to drug manufacturers in 2019, more than any other member of Congress

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis issued an executive order requiring all travelers from New York, New Jersey and Connecticut to self-quarantine for 14 days immediately upon landing in the Sunshine State

Texas and Ohio have included abortions among the nonessential surgeries and medical procedures that they are requiring to be delayed, setting off a new front in the fight over abortion rights in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic in the U.S.

As we endure a global health crisis, access to quality health care is more critical than ever. I am calling on @realDonaldTrump & @TheJusticeDept to drop their support for the lawsuit to repeal the ACA and #ProtectOurCare #ForThePeople.

Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff says its "Very important we flatten that curve" and "Do what the professionals" are telling us on #COVIDー19 . Observes that social order breakdown is a possibility in countries without resilient health systems. Does not name those countries

Pharmacists told @ProPublica that they are seeing unusual and fraudulent prescribing activity as doctors stockpile unproven coronavirus drugs endorsed by President Donald Trump.

Liberty University will reopen this week, Jerry Falwell inviting students to return and ordering faculty to come back to work

All signs pointing to approval of stimulus deal today: Meadows on the Hill and will call Republicans; Trump tells Mnuchin he wants a deal; both Mnuchin and Pelosi signal a deal can be reached within hours. McConnell: “At last, I believe we are on the 5-yard-line.”

A WH official confirms that Treasury Secretary Mnuchin has agreed to "significant oversight" over $500B Exchange Stabilization Fund. This was a big sticking point for Democrats who called it a slush fund and wanted much more oversight on how the money was spent.

Today Moscow's Mayor Sergey Sobyanin told Putin: "...the trajectory is high, a serious situation is developing... there are many more sick people (than the official figure)... the number of tests is very low."

Top bioethicist tears into Rand Paul, says he violated oath as doctor while awaiting coronavirus test results

.@DanPatrick you should be ashamed.without protecting our elderly, we are nothing! I lost family and friends last days! And I’m empty...! https://t.co/ziQM5eWWss the economy! You are pro-life? Shame on you..@GregAbbott_TX fire him now! If not elderly should vote @TheDemocrats

PPP's newest North Carolina poll finds that a majority of North Carolinians think Richard Burr should resign, and that his approval numbers have plummeted. 50% of voters in the state think Burr should resign to 24% who think he should remain in office.

NEW: What happened before @realdonaldtrump called for re-evaluating lockdowns? His company had to close 6 of its top 7 revenue-generating clubs and hotels

If Cruise lines wanted to stay in business, perhaps they should have been serious about not spreading viruses

The coronavirus can survive on surfaces for up to 17 days, according to a study published Monday by the CDC. The CDC study says coronavirus survived in Princess Cruise ship cabins for up to 17 days after passengers left

California Gov Newsom says @elonmusk delivered 1,000 ventilators to the state today. Just Wow.

Where are the tests? Where are the masks? Where are the ventilators? The American people deserve answers, Mr. President.— Joe Biden

As we remember from this March 6 clip - let millions die to save the equity markets has been building on the American right for a while

This is an example of an accurate, fair, and balanced headline

“If Iran fails to contain the outbreak, it would inflict a terrible toll not just on Iranians, but also its neighbors and the world at large.”

"Mitch McConnell is holding needy Americans hostage in an attempt to blackmail Democrats into giving Donald Trump a $500 billion slush fund."

I wonder why South Korea didn’t have to make a choice between the lives of their citizens and their economy? They succeeded in saving both. What could be different? What could it be...?

At what point must Dr. Fauci come out and say @realDonaldTrump’s actions will kill tens of thousands of Americans—or more?

The choice is between: - a very hurtful major recession caused by social distancing, managed by stimulus or - a economic collapse caused by the breakdown of our health system due to millions of deaths, tens of millions of hospitalizations, that cannot be managed by stimulus

Trump's tweets this morning are wild. He's posted multiple book recs, a video of Fauci looking pained while listening to him, attacks on the media, & all sorts of nonsense. He really seems to think he's going to get people back to work next week & everything's going to be fine.

The President of the United States felt it would be better for you to hear from Bill Barr instead of Dr. Fauci. Not one reporter asking for a hospital by hospital breakdown of where the 4 million test that Pence said went out.

Trump is basically asking our grandparents to storm the beach at Normandy, again.

Millions of Americans right now are wondering how they’re going to make their rent or mortgage payments in April. They have to be our priority. Not corporations, not CEOs, and not Wall Street.

A puzzling presidential retweet

Asked if Dr. Fauci agrees with re-opening the country, Trump says "he doesn't not agree."

Chinese authorities are lifting a lockdown in most of its virus-hit Hubei province

Want a COVID-19 test? They’re really hard to get right? It hasn’t been a problem for the rich. Those with cash and connections to the right “concierge” doctor are buying tests at high prices.

13,500 Americans stranded abroad are “seeking assistance” from the State Department to come back to the U.S.


Wow, WSJ really flip flopped on killing the olds.

Health care workers on their own against coronavirus as supplies dwindle

States wait for federal help at their own peril as coronavirus crisis builds

Trump irresponsible, dangerous with lies and happy talk on federal coronavirus help

Trump compared coronavirus deaths to fatalities caused by seasonal flu, car accidents. "You look at automobile accidents which are far greater than any numbers we're talking about. That doesn’t mean we’re going to tell everybody: No more driving of cars."

I don't say this very often, but Lindsey Graham is right

New - No stimulus deal tonight, per Mnuchin, Ueland and Schumer. They are still hopeful a deal is coming in the morning