Wednesday, August 7, 2019

More images as volunteers try to feed the kids donated food and drinks for dinner tonight. But most children are still devastated and crying for their parents and can’t eat. FULL STORY TONIGHT ON @WJTV.

We are seeing the emergence of the “Trump made me do it” defense in criminal cases — or at least the “Trump influenced me” mitigation. Trump’s words are having an impact in criminal courtrooms.

If Stephen Ross funds Trump’s white supremacist campaign filled with fascist chants of “SHOOT THEM” and “SEND THEM BACK”, then Steve Ross makes that white supremacy campaign possible. He’s directly funding online ads warning of a Hispanic “invasion” just like the El Paso shooter.

Ohio house explosion: Racial slurs and swastika found at scene, sheriff says - CNN An interracial couple lives in the home, according to CNN affiliate WOIO. The incident is being investigated as a possible hate crime, the sheriff said

Again, people with mental illness are much more likely to be victims of a crime than commit one Also, falsely smearing people with disabilities as dangerous criminals for political convenience is a tactic the worst fascists of the 20th century used

Tonight @TheLastWord we will not show the Trump White House propaganda video of the day which they’ve already turned into a campaign commercial.

My latest on Trump's brief cosplaying as a president who gives a damn — Rick Wilson

Bwahahahahaha ~ Twitter suspends Mitch McConnell’s campaign after profanity-laced video

An emotional moment: Beto O’Rourke meets Sean Nixon, 20, a Walmart employee who was there at the time of the shooting and helped a child. O’Rourke asked if he was getting counseling, offered his personal cell number and said to call if he needs help.

This is the 1st evidence that the Russian GRU was directly involved in a Russian military intelligence operation to undermine the USA's civilian electoral system. The GRU exists to counter our military. Now its new mission is to destroy our way of life

"Crime helped cost the Democrats the White House in 1968, 1988 and 2016, and now crime may leave Trump as a one-term president," writes Lloyd Green

Trump: "Watching Fake News CNN is better than watching Shepard Smith, the lowest rated show on @FoxNews." Shep Smith

At a Mississippi school, the children and family members of immigrants plucked out of their workplaces by federal agents in today’s historic #ICEraids weep, unsure when or if they’ll see their loved ones again. Their back to school week. Shared with permission from Miriam Sanchez

“Trump Plays the Role of Victim as He Visits Victims of Dayton, El Paso Mass Shootings”

Here’s Trump bragging today in El Paso, 4 days after an anti-immigrant mass shooting in the same city, about a speech he delivered in February in El Paso in which he fomented anti-immigrant hysteria. This is an amoral person, to put it very charitably.

Trump blames Dems for fact he spent day he visited mass shooting sites launching attacks against them on Twitter, alludes to how popular he was at hospitals where victims are being treated. This is not a normal guy.

Stephen Ross—The owner of @soulcycle —says “he has always been an outspoken champion of racial equality, inclusion diversity and environmental sustainability” but is hosting a fundraiser for Trump who stands against all those things. Literally-a nonsensical statement from Ross.

NEW: Leslie Wexner, the billionaire behind Victoria’s Secret, alleges that Jeffrey Epstein misappropriated more than $46 million of his fortune.

The Mystery Man in the Senate Russia Report New details suggest Moscow’s interference in the U.S. election may have been more extensive than thought, experts say.

What the f*ck is he so happy about????

None of the tycoons at the Hamptons fundraiser would do a business deal with Trump because he was so utterly untrustworthy. But now they’ve got their tax cuts and access to Jared and Mnuchin and Ross. So they’re on board, and the country be damned. They deserve Elizabeth Warren

I respect a person’s right to politically support who he chooses but these are not normal times!. So I ask u Steve Ross to use your conscience! Cancel this fundraiser for @realDonaldTrump You are a good man.Don’t support a candidate whose goal is to drive my beloved USA apart!

Last month, @opinion_joe reported on Wexner’s 2002 transfer of $250 million worth of stock to trusts controlled by Jeffrey Epstein, speculating on the “very real possibility” that the money wound up in Epstein’s pocket

NEW: Leslie Wexner, the billionaire behind Victoria’s Secret, alleges that Jeffrey Epstein misappropriated more than $46 million of his fortune.

Meet Bruce Colton, the State Attorney Leading Florida's Investigation of Jeffrey Epstein Plea Deal

My God. You shallow little turd.

WATCH: @FrankFigliuzzi1 says when it comes to dealing with white supremacy, Trump is either getting good advice from aides & ignoring it... or he's getting terrible advice. The detail Figliuzzi cites to illustrate his point is very unsettling.

Trump is on Air Force One tweeting attacks of elected officials, some who've served this country honorably their entire lives and now our tax dollars are being spent for the Press Secretary is calling their honesty into question? SWEET BABY JESUS these people are insane!

I remember when Q was a character who served as a plot device on Star Trek: The Next Generation. This is a cult.

Republicans always try to bully Dems into silence by playing a civility card. If they actually cared, their leader wouldn’t be Donald Trump and their propaganda channel wouldn’t be Fox News.

The greatest trick white supremacy ever pulled was convincing the world it didn’t exist.

I stand with those calling on @senatemajldr to return to DC and protect our families from more death. Our people deserve that.

Nancy Pelosi confirms that the House Judiciary Committee will file a lawsuit today to compel former W.H. Counsel Don McGahn to testify in the committee's investigation of Trump's potential obstruction of justice.

The President’s thoughts between meeting with the victims of a mass shooting in Dayton and a terrorist attack in El Paso. There is absolutely nothing that could stop this man from thinking only about himself every minute of every day

And why is the FEC website not working right now?

"The perfect storm of narcissism, Trump is indifferent to tragedy, deaf to the call to decency, and willfully ignorant of the role American Presidents must play in times of national mourning and crisis," writes

Sen. Brown: People who support the gun lobby consistently say 'It's not guns, it's mental health.' .. If [Trump] cares about mental health, the important thing is not to repeal the [ACA] and not to cut Medicaid..because Medicaid matters for people that struggle with mental health

Putin is a sick and sadistic man. Here is a story (in Russian) about how he has taken away a one year old child from parents because they participated in the recent demonstrations.

"Whether it’s guns or Russia or health care or you name it, the biggest roadblock to progress isn’t named Donald Trump. Mitch McConnell is destroying this country."

He's not even wrong. I'll get the pitchforks. You get the torches.

He’s simply not capable of being anything more than a spoiled, ill-behaved child who lashes out for attention and stomps his feet when he’s hungry. That’s all he’ll ever be. Even after two mass shootings.

New filing in Strzok v. Barr: Electronic Summons Issued


Mitch McConnell's campaign manager essentially says boys will be boys in response to that image of teens groping and choking a cutout of @AOC

Weapons like the one I carried in Afghanistan have no place on our streets or in our schools—least of all in the hands of white nationalists.

Opinion: Foreign countries warn about travel to Trump’s U.S. Can you blame them?

Such open displays of firearms - particularly an assault weapon - is but one dramatic Body Language example of male overcompensatory behavior. A profound affectation, it screams, "I am not comfortable in my masculinity" and "I am a beta male who desperately wants to be an alpha."

NYDailyNews: Students for Trump founder pleads guilty to posing as lawyer in $46K scam

The NRA plays identity politics to prevent our government from addressing an obvious risk to public safety. It’s about time somebody in the GOP tells them to pound sand

Around the world, authoritarian governments have been using conspiracy theory and disinformation to disrupt protest movements. The protesters are evolving to take them on, @peterpomeranzev reports

Oh hey, remember when this asshole called Jon Stewart “Leibowitz” and we wasted valuable seconds debating whether there was a chance he wasn’t anti-Semitic

BREAKING: Florida governor orders state criminal probe into Jeffrey Epstein case

What if people who want guns had to go through what women have to before getting an abortion? 34 states require women receive counseling before an abortion is performed. 27 of these states require women to wait a specified amount of time between the counseling & the procedure

22 people in El Paso were killed when a white supremacist said he wanted to kill as many Mexicans as possible and Tucker Carlson says white supremacy is not a real problem in America. .@USAA, as an advertiser on this show, do you endorse the idea that white supremacy is a hoax?

"Tucker Carlson is literally our greatest ally." -- Neo-Nazi Andrew Anglin, The Daily Stormer.

North Korea fires missiles into the sea for the fourth time in less than two weeks. Latest updates on North Korea missile launches

MSNBC anchor @JoeNBC warns businesses that any donations to Trump are endorsements of white supremacy

22 people in my hometown are dead after an act of terror inspired by your racism. El Paso will not be quiet and neither will I

Backfiring motorcycles were mistaken for gunshots from an active shooter, causing panic in Times Square on Tuesday.

When the entire country has PTSD... We. Have. A. Problem.

Nebraska GOP ready to boot Republican senator who accused Trump of "white supremacy"

WATCH: Mike Pence on battling critics: "Spend more time on your knees than on the Internet"

"The founder of Students for Trump pleaded guilty Tuesday to running a $46,000 scam in which he posed as a lawyer and gave legal advice."

Still unanswered: Why did Justice Kennedy retire so abruptly? What role did his son’s job at Deutsche Bank play? Who paid off Brett Kavanaugh’s $92,000 country club fees plus his $200,000 credit card debt plus his $1.2 million mortgage, and purchased themselves a SCOTUS seat?

Legal strategy has proven record against white supremacist groups