Monday, May 18, 2020

Trump calls Romney a "LOSER" following sharp criticism for firing inspectors general

.@SpeakerPelosi is asked what she thinks of Trump taking Hydroxychloroquine? "He's our President and I'd rather he not be taking something that's not approved ... Especially in his, let's say weight group .. HE'S MORBIDLY OBESE they say, so it's not a good idea."

Sen. Chris Murphy: "The Trump Administration's justification for bypassing the congressional review process for Saudi arms sales was always extremely suspect, and if Inspector General Linick found out the real reason, then Congress needs to know now."

Donald Trump has threatened to veto any stimulus package that includes aid to the Postal Service, the most popular government agency in our country. We can't let Trump use this crisis to privatize or cripple the Postal Service—and I won’t stop fighting to protect it.

A Savannah judge has been tapped to preside over the trials of Ahmaud Arbery’s alleged murderers after all five judges in the legal circuit where he was killed recused themselves

UST IN: WH Physician issues memo on President Trump’s use of hydroxychloriquine. “We concluded the potential benefit from treatment outweighed the relative risks.” No mention of zinc or a Azithromycin.

NEW: Tara Reade’s attorneys have sent a “cease and desist” letter to the owner of Pregnant Mare Rescue, a not for profit where Reade once volunteered. The owner, Lynn Hummer, has been an outspoken critic of Reade’s.

Nancy Pelosi calls Trump “morbidly obese”

More than 100 million people in China's northeast face renewed lockdown

Maybe Melania can go help the Pompeos once she washes the Trump family dishes.

Sec Pompeo reportedly refused to sit for an interview with the State Department inspector general's office as it looked into the administration's fast-tracking of last year's $8B arms sale to Saudi Arabia by bypassing Congress with emergency declaration.

Meghan McCain Blames Obama for ‘Ushering in’ Trump

There's no Trump play without a scam underneath it.

He looks like Trump’s old doctor. Is that his long lost cousin?

For some time, President Trump himself toned down the hydroxychloroquine hype after a government-funded analysis found the drug did not keep sick veterans alive or even off ventilators and was tied to more deaths

Despite debates on the efficacy of hydroxychloroquine to treat the coronavirus, both the Department of Veterans Affairs and the Justice Department’s Bureau of Prisons reported large purchases of Trump's "miracle drug"

President Trump had previously touted the benefits of hydroxychloroquine in treating coronavirus patients, leading some medical providers to hoard the drug for themselves

BREAKING: President Trump revealed that he has been taking unproven anti-malarial drug hydroxychloroquine as a preventative treatment for the coronavirus

My appearance on MSNBC with @Kasie: Michael Pollan on food chain amid pandemic: ‘The trade off with efficiency is always resilience’

@TheRickWilson Just saw you on Russian state TV, "dissident Rick Wilson."

“The law enforcement and intelligence apparatus of this country were involved in advancing a false and utterly baseless Russian collusion narrative against the President”

Barr: As long as I’m attorney general, the criminal justice system will not be used for partisan political ends.

“Phillips 66 first sent the EPA, DOJ, and Illinois attorney general a letter in March, outlining a slew of violations that it might commit in the coming months due to the pandemic.”

I've learned there may be another reason for IG Linick’s firing. His office was investigating—at my request—Trump’s phony emergency declaration so he could send Saudi Arabia weapons. We don’t have the full picture yet, but it’s troubling that Sec Pompeo wanted Linick pushed out.

Holy Crap

Dr. Rick Bright—former top government #vaccine expert ousted by @realDonaldTrump: “We don't yet have a national strategy to respond fully to this #pandemic.” Nearly 100,000 Americans are now confirmed DEAD from #coronavirus, and #TrumpHasNoPlan.

With all the noise from The President’s Twitter feed, his scumbag sons, and his Ob*m*gate conspiracy lies, it’s important to remember what’s really going on this week:

The Dept of Justice has dropped its prosecution of "Putin's Cook" Prigohzin, the guy that set up and ran the Ru troll farms that attacked the Election in 2016. AG Barr has some 'splainin to do

Laura Ingraham "finally said the quiet part out loud," writes @mollyjongfast. "Trump-branded media has decided the science is actually a Democratic conspiracy."

Welcome to this week. Nearly 90,000 American lives have been lost. The virus is still spreading. And @realDonaldTrump continues to deny and deflect, failing the people he was elected to serve.

In Florida, 83 percent of coronavirus deaths are people 65 and older The Tampa Bay Times analyzed data and reports from the Florida Department of Health and medical examiners offices around the state

Former Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd says that Rupert Murdoch's media empire is a "cancer on democracy" in the U.S., U.K. and Australia.

“I’m rubber, you’re glue” can’t cut it this time, Donald: my Newsweek op-ed on Trump’s childish attack on Judge Sullivan to bail out Flynn — Laurence Tribe

Regarding Obama and Biden, Barr adds, “whatever their level of involvement...I don’t expect Mr. Durham’s work will lead to a criminal investigation of either man.” Question of criminality is focused on others, he says.

The dog walking story was a dodge. Pompeo real troubles are with arming the Bonesaw Mafia for his bosses.

Donald Trump is the most corrupt president in modern American history — and his recovery efforts are making that clearer than ever.

NEW: Retired judge John Gleeson is requesting oral argument on DOJ's motion to dismiss the Flynn prosecution. Appointed by the judge on the case, Gleeson suggests June 10 to file his first brief, asking for time to consider "important and complex issues."

Federal Reserve chair Jay Powell has warned that a full US economic recovery may take until the end of next year — and may require a Covid-19 vaccine

A deep look at the makeup of Jared Kushner’s task force provides insight into the mindset of those who have been helping to shape the government’s halting response to the pandemic

Virtually the entire population of Hong Kong wore masks voluntarily from the beginning. They have had four COVID deaths.

Why are you defending American journalists abroad and attacking them as enemies of the people at home?

heartbreaking and very real account from Warren on the death of her brother from coronavirus

Trump said the Secret Service told him to stay at his hotel. There's no record that's true. “This is not the first time that he appears to have used the Secret Service to cover up an attempt to profit from his office.”⁦⁦

"The Flynn dismissal motion and Barr’s careful lead-up to it show an attorney general who has openly enlisted as an arm of the Trump campaign and brought the full powers of his office with him.” Strong words from former Deputy Attorney General Don Ayer:

Former U.S. President Barack Obama gave the class of 2020 three pieces of advice in a virtual commencement address

Coronavirus VII: Sports: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver

Substitute Pharmacists Warn Their Co-Workers: We’ll Probably Bring the Virus to You

In today's paper: Hundreds of Mass. workers say companies failed to protect them from coronavirus, to reopen, restaurants will need to completely reinvent themselves, and more.

President Trump’s ouster of the State Dept’s inspector general may backfire on SecState Mike Pompeo, whose role in the dust-up and overall use of his perch now face heightened scrutiny from Democrats. Pompeo’s wife, Susan, could get dragged in, too.

Remarkable how unremarkable it’s become for the president to claim that critical coverage of him is illegal.

These are the four countries worst hit by coronavirus. What do they have in common, I wonder?

The 2020 Senate race in Montana is full of campaign cash from outside the state and deceptive campaign tactics. Deception is far from unusual when it comes to Montana Senate races.

Trump Wants Fight With Obama — 'Careful What You Wish For'?

NEWS: The State Department IG removed from his job Friday was looking into whether Pompeo made a staffer walk his dog, pick up his dry cleaning and make dinner reservations for Pompeo and his wife, among others personal errands, sources tell

POTUS has added 10 million *totally authentic* followers in 4 mnths, cresting 80mil, in case you wonder what Parscale gets paid for or need proof that there is no greater POTUS bullshit than claim social media platforms are against conservatives instead of enabling their fuckery.

Texas Reports ‘Massive’ Increase In Coronavirus Cases, Hitting One-Day Record Two Weeks After Reopening

100 yrs ago, summer = “polio season” as thousands of kids were infected & paralyzed & many died. We didn’t know how people got it but thought it had something to do with water+proximity. So, cities closed pools, beaches & movie theaters. Every summer. For years. Until a vaccine

Why won’t this coward hold his rallies?

Washington Republican won’t seek reelection after investigation says he ‘engaged in domestic terrorism’

Opinion: The only culprit in the Flynn "unmasking" scandal is the Trump administration

WTF? DOJ moves to drop charges against IRA, Russians indicted by Mueller - Business Insider

Dr. Rick Bright—warned IN JANUARY about the #coronavirus: “I knew that all of the signs for a pandemic were present. It was just a matter of time before that virus then jumped and left China and appeared in other countries.”

Trump targets Susan Collins in tweet-storm demanding she change whistleblower laws after Dr. Bright's complaint

Trump is gambling the health of the nation for his reelection

Opinion: Russia is interfering in our elections again. And Trump supporters are emulating Russian tactics.

Detroit reports no new COVID-19 deaths; Michigan reports 11 statewide

A great repost to the economists and politicians who are prepared to trade on lives. Sweden is not the answer. Tens of thousands of lives lost in New York and they still have small levels of population immunity. Tell that to the young families who’ve lost bread winners.

BREAKING: Man with 90,000 needless deaths and 36 million unemployed calls man he inherited a record economy from “grossly incompetent.”

Yet another study shows hydroxychloroquine doesn't work against Covid-19

John Oliver reveals "damning" evidence against Sen. Richard Burr, GOP chair of the Senate Intel Committee who's under FBI investigation for dumping $1.7M in stock after a coronavirus briefing

So the anti-mask people are throwing constitutional right fits during a pandemic but never blinked an eye about no shirt, no shoes, no service? Dirty hippies deserved that? Darn it I will not smudge my make-up or emasculate myself wearing those darn things to save your life.

"Illegally" Go on. I'm fascinated.

Dr. Rick Bright on hydroxychloroquine: "I believe my last-ditch effort to protect Americans from that drug was the final straw that they used" to demote me. Via CBS

You've been tweeting at a pace and mania that convinces me you were paid a visit by the Adderall Fairy.

With Kayleigh McEnany, the White House Isn’t Even Pretending the Truth Matters

Fired State Department inspector general was probing whether Pompeo made a staffer walk his dog

The famous giant mechanical elephant in France’s Nantes roared back to life

"Former President Barack Obama delivered two online commencement addresses on Saturday that did more than offer words of inspiration for the graduates -- he reminded us of what a US President should sound like"

"Reminding" someone about something that never happened is a classic gaslighting technique. Tara absolutely knew what she was doing, and judging from her erratic and abusive history, she does this kind of thing all the time

Taiwan says did not receive WHO meeting invite, issue off the table for now