Friday, June 1, 2018

Another @EPAScottPruitt signature project $130 fountain pens to hand out as gifts to "foreign counterparts and dignitaries." Your tax dollars "at work."

Breaking from GOP orthodoxy, Trump is increasingly deciding winners and losers in the economy

Watch: Trump said Kim Jong Un’s letter was "interesting." Then he said, "I haven’t opened it."

WH releases pic of letter from Kim Jong Un. It’s a very big letter.

Guess who else might be coming to the Oval Office? ”U.S. in early talks with #Russia on potential summit between Trump and Putin.”

NEW: Pres. Trump declares June African-American Music Appreciation Month. "Our Nation is indebted to all the African-American artists whose music fills our airways and our homes, lifts our spirits, and compels us to think, dance, and sing."

Ahh so that's what Kim Kardashian really husband's new record.

"Gobsmacked" is what happens when you're naive enough to believe Trump's deals are in America's best interest, not his own

From the US Trade Rep: "U.S. goods and services trade with Canada totaled an estimated $673.9 billion in 2017. Exports were $341.2 billion; imports were $332.8 billion. The U.S. goods and services trade *surplus* with Canada was $8.4 billion in 2017."

The race to end one crisis may be creating another — pain patients’ desperate search to secure medication.

Signs of sophisticated cellphone spying found near White House, U.S. officials say

CVS gave $500k to Trump Dark Money Group Tied to Racist, Anti-Semitic Views - got a $1.2 BILLION tax break this year. That's some ROI.

Obama officials slam Trump after he breaks protocol with jobs numbers tease

While everyone's been arguing "he-said she-said," a Trump supporter ran over a black man who was clearing debris off the road. He then boasted online that he'd just killed "some n*gger" This is what real dehumanizing language leads to. Why haven't I seen more of this on the news? p

Robert Grant, who headed the Chicago FBI office during Blagojevich: "[Trump] tries to hurt anybody he doesn’t like. He will use his office ... out of spite ... When the framers of the Constitution framed [pardon] power, I don’t think they envisioned this."

Mother of Texas school shooting victim: Meeting Trump was like "talking to a toddler"

"You’re about to get dropped!" an officer shouted before punching a woman’s head at a N.J. beach

At least 8 white nationalists are running for federal office, according to the Southern Poverty Law Center.

Exclusive: Pope convenes Big Oil, investors to talk climate change

I know for a fact that at least one, & likely many, of the #TrumpTapes contain Mr. Trump’s voice. I know this from the work that we have done and through the assistance of true patriots. If I am wrong, Mr. Cohen and his atty should prove it. They can’t and won’t.

Jared Kushner close friend Rick Gerson now under scrutiny from Mueller Gerson met with a UAE royal in the Seychelles around the time of a secret meeting there between Trump friend Erik Prince and Russian and Emirati officials.

"The White House launches what may be a damaging trade war with its own allies"

Sketches by the terror suspect, who has been held in CIA captivity since 2002, have been released under the Freedom of Information Act. They are published here for the first time.

Steven Mnuchin gets an earful from outraged global finance chiefs over U.S. steel tariffs

"Conservatives are free to continue clutching their pearls, but comparing Bee’s vulgarity to Barr’s racism is offensive, ignorant, and utterly transparent."

Canada, Mexico, EU retaliate against U.S. steel and aluminum tariffs

Corker disavows Trump’s trade tariffs: ‘An abuse of authority’

Facebook is no longer the most popular social media site among teens ages 13 to 17

The Culinary Union said in a statement early Friday that hospitality workers planned to begin making "thousands of strike picket signs."

Really unusual, USAF KC-135R RCH257 descending for Lviv Danylo Halytskyi aiport Ukraine

At $2.8 billion, President Trump doesn't make Bloomberg's list of the world's 500 richest people.

Puerto Rico's governor says there will be 'hell to pay' if officials withheld Hurricane Maria mortality data

“The Republican Party is kind of taking a nap somewhere,” Boehner said.

These are the people who are outraged at a mean thing Samantha Bee said about Ivanka Trump.

Facebook investor: Company's handling of user data is like a "human rights violation"

Ecuador's president Moreno: @JulianAssange will remain isolated indefinitely as he has "surpassed the limits of freedom of expression" (that Moreno invented) and Ecuador will "prevent him speaking about politics... That’s why we cut his communication"

Lawrence on obstruction and 'the Cohen Tapes'

NPR has released Trump lawyer Michael Cohen threatening a reporter during the presidential campaign. Lawrence predicts that this is the first of many audio recordings we may hear from Cohen in the comings months.

Koch brothers group torches Trump over new tariffs

Nunes fundraising email: "These attacks prove to me that we must continue exposing the scandals and coverups of the Obama administration. Despite their best attempts to oust me from the Chairmanship of the House Intelligence Committee, I'm still here and working harder than ever"

What Trump’s Pardons Really Do

Lawrence talks with Laurence Tribe about Tribe’s view that Trump’s promised pardon to a right-wing commentator who pleaded guilty to illegal campaign contributions is "an elephant-whistle to Michael Cohen and all who know damning things about Trump” to protect the President- or else.

House Democratic lawmakers say the White House is not cooperating with requests from the government’s chief watchdog

Opinion: Trump’s war with our closest allies continues

Trudeau: NAFTA talks with US broke down after Pence demanded any deal end after 5 years

"We are going to Dallas, we are going to Houston. We are going to have a little fun today. Thank you very much, (...)." @CBSNews - @realDonaldTrump on his way to TX to meet with families of Santa Fe school shooting victims.

Trump could test Nixonian standard of abuse of pardon power

Michael Beschloss, NBC News presidential historian, talks with Rachel Maddow about Nixon era lessons about how much a president can abuse the pardon power, and whether norms, once broken, are gone forever.

A small group of workers at Boeing’s South Carolina jetliner factory vote to unionize, but the planemaker announces it would challenge the legality of the bargaining unit.


Nathan Larson is a Congressional candidate in Virginia. @JessReports and I uncovered his online manifesto, detailing his predilection for pedophilia and rape, so we called him. Without hesitation, he admitted to everything. Warning: this is disturbing

The most detailed and entertaining story of my arrest in Madrid on Wednesday by the Spanish authorities acting on a Russian Interpol warrant. Could be the opening chapter of my next book.

Trump sends signal with pardons, could face rude awakening

Rachel Maddow shows how Richard Nixon's open talk of using his pardon power to excuse his staffers in Watergate ran afoul of legal understandings of limits on a pardon, limits Donald Trump is likely to discover himself if he does for Michael Cohen what he seems to be suggesting

At what point will @MSNBC admit that Joy Reid is a big problem and they need to handle it? This is like a drip drip drip of bad behavior that is a window into a person’s character.

Donald Trump didn’t go to Sante Fe, Texas today to meet with the families and victims of the school shooting. He went to Houston for a $5,000 a plate fundraiser and made the families of the victims meet him at the airport. Sickening.

NEW: White House demands TBS cancel Samantha Bee’s show

Poll: A majority of voters believe Trump’s Twitter feed is harmful to his presidency and the nation’s standing in the world

California Republicans hit rock bottom

Ever wonder why Trump picked Ghouliani to represent him?

Chinese people can look forward to a longer healthy life than Americans for the first time since records began, says WHO.

Trump’s presidential pardons serve himself, not justice

Next Tuesday, Democrats across California must get out and vote, and ensure we take back the House. There is simply too much at stake to stay at home! Great to see so much enthusiasm in Orange County

We have secured the conviction of a Queens attorney who helped “Taxi King” Evgeny Freidman steal $5M from New Yorkers—money that should have provided a much-needed investment in our transit system.

Trump's trade moves puts 2.6 million US jobs at risk: analysis