Tuesday, September 3, 2019

BREAKING: Lawsuit filed in prison beating in which Florida guards broke a female inmate's neck, leaving her a paralyzed from the neck down. Her lawyer says Florida DOC won't even let him take photographs of her injuries.

Journalists who don't watch Fox think there's a divide between the news side & the Republican propaganda side. @MMFA's @existentialfish actually watches Fox, and ... there's not

Once again, President Bigly Bestbrain, the world's best negotiator, gets spanked. The Taliban Scoff at Trump’s Afghan Peace Talks Bluff

NEW:An anonymous man terrified he’s about to be named in court papers related to Epstein and Maxwell’s alleged child sex trafficking ring is begging a judge not to release his name and identities of others accused because it could tarnish their reputations

Buyer of Jeffrey Epstein’s jet has ties to sanctioned Venezuelan

The Cherokee Nation has named Kimberly Teehee as its first ever delegate to the U.S. House of Representatives. A treaty from 1835 created the the position, but it's never been filled — until now

The Pentagon is halting 127 projects to allocate $3.6 billion toward 11 military construction projects for Trump's border wall

Speaker Pelosi: "The Administration's irresponsible decision to transfer funds from appropriated U.S. military construction makes America less safe and dishonors the Constitution. The President is negating the Constitution's most fundamental principle, the separation of powers."

Russians Begin to Consider Life Without Putin After a summer of discontent, a series of elections in #Russia opens up a new chapter in its political history.

Breaking: Just received word from D.C. District Court that our TRO has been granted and the WH must restore my press pass immediately.

Kroger to Customers: No more open carry of firearms in our stores

Afghanistan: current US withdrawal plan risks 'total civil war', top envoys say

Pentagon to take money from 127 projects to pay for $3.6 billion in border wall construction

The press with this bullshit. Trump didn't "hit back." He tweeted some petulant taunt like a shitty spoiled child with no self control. Stop elevating his infantile tantrums to adult level. They're not. He's not. DO YOUR FUCKING JOB, MEDIA

Trump gonna be big mad The Obamas are officially Oscar contenders

NEW: U.S Senator Ron Wyden (D-Oregon), in an interview with Willamette Week, suggested that Mark Zuckerberg should face a prison term for lying to American citizens about Facebook's privacy lapses

The pound climbed to its its highs of the day after Boris Johnson lost his parliamentary majority

Trump gets bipartisan pressure to release #Ukraine funds meant to combat #Russia

Jean-Luc Brunel, the model agency boss accused of scouting young girls for Jeffrey Epstein, has disappeared like a “ghost," sources say.

The Texas shooter tried to buy a gun but failed a background check, so he used a loophole to obtain the AR-style weapon he used in his rampage. Our broken gun laws allowed him to shoot 28 people, killing 7. The bill we passed in the House in February could have prevented this

Last week we learned Attorney General William Barr booked a space at the Trump Hotel. Today we learn Vice President Pence is staying at Trump's golf resort in Ireland. THIS IS IMPEACHABLE CORRUPTION

Who helped prop-up the destructive far-right nationalist Bolsonaro? Steve Bannon Who does Bolsonaro’s younger son work with to organize far-right nationalists in Latin American countries? Steve Bannon

So @PayPal just banned the KKK and Fox News chose to cover it w/ a @foxandfriends clip called "PayPal Bans Conservative Sites, Faces Backlash" Because at @FoxNews, the KKK is just a conservative group.

Mitch McConnell really, really, REALLY hates his ‘Moscow Mitch’ nickname

Mike Pence thinks we are stupid. Doonbeg is 175 miles from Dublin, the site of the meetings he is there to take part in. The costs to taxpayers to shuttle him back and forth are enormous, and lots of your money is going directly into Trump’s pocket. The corruption is the point.

“Epstein recruited young dancers to give him erotic massages even after his 2008 conviction for soliciting prostitution from a minor.”

JUST IN: McConnell pledges GOP will "absolutely" fill Supreme Court vacancy next yea

NEW: Pence's political team has spent nearly a quarter million dollars at Trump properties—including a Trump golf resort in Ireland that the VP is staying in this week

And convenience convenience convenience I mean kleptocracy kleptocracy

Democrats slam Pence for staying at Trump hotel in Ireland

And...Boris Johnson has just lost his majority! This Government cannot survive.

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE -- If you live in #NC09, please vote for @McCreadyForNC either today or tomorrow, before Hurricane Dorian hits! It's going to be a close race & EVERY VOTE COUNTS! Find your polling place here and make a plan to vote! #ncpol

The Trump administration is considering indexing capital gains in yet another giveaway to the wealthy. Capital gains are already taxed at lower rates than other types of income. πŸ‘‡ 78% of the benefits of these lower rates will go to richest 1% in 2019.

"A review of only the most high-profile investigations serves to highlight the political dangers and uncertainties Trump faces."

.@nytimes confirms reports French President Macron is offering Iran $15 billion to adhere to the Iran nuclear deal, which would totally undermine Trump's "maximum pressure" strategy

The Red Cross estimates that 99% of people on Abaco Islands and Grand Bahama will need some form of emergency asistance. Our spokesperson @mahatmat provides an update

Payday loans for employees; Deutsche Bank CEO pledges big stock buy

Boris Johnson’s government loses majority after Philip Lee defects

Here's the 12 pm EDT Tropical Cyclone Update on #Dorian: Dangerous winds and life-threatening storm surge continuing on Grand Bahama Island. Also it is worth repeating that new Hurricane Warnings and Watches were issued at 11 am.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell says the Senate stands ready to vote on gun legislation in the wake of several mass shootings but only if he gets buy-in from President Donald Trump

Here we GO!!! Hold onto your hats! Boris Johnson loses Parliamentary majority, faces Brexit showdown

This is the moment Boris Johnson lost his working majority in UK Parliament. Conservative lawmaker Phillip Lee defected to the Liberal Democrats during Prime Minister Boris Johnson's speech to the House of Commons on Tuesday:

Dorian has been the slowest-moving major hurricane ever observed in the Atlantic. Considering the larger population of all Atlantic hurricanes and tropical storms, Dorian's 1.3 mph (2.0 kph) crawl ranks in the slowest 0.2%.

How to stop Russia from attacking and influencing the 2020 election. I report on a new report with good ideas. If only @realDonaldTrump gave damn.

With contract expiration looming, UAW targets GM first for talks

"I just want to go back and do my job," @BrianKarem says. His White House press pass was suspended for 30 days. So he sued, and now he's awaiting a judge's ruling.

Trump Campaign Manager Brad Pascale Draining Swamp All Over His Wife

Illinois Republican Rep. John Shimkus Shimkus is the 10th House Republican to announce plans to retire in 2020.

Justin Amash was part of the conservative in-crowd. Now he’s trying to figure out who his real friends are.

Greg Craig is back in court but no jury yet. Attorneys are working through how Judge Jackson will instruct the panel on the law when jurors return this afternoon.

For who are asking about how bad are things in the Bahamas, this is a text my cousin who works for the Bahamian Govt - They are in need of our prayers and help!

A few words from hurricane expert Donald Trump

Here are some FoxNews sponsors. They are tagged so they will be notified for each

Iran's Rouhani rules out bilateral talks with U.S.

Russian opposition blogger Sinica sentenced to five years in prison for one tweet (story in Russian)

"The launchings downplayed by Mr. Trump ... have allowed Mr. Kim to test missiles with greater range and maneuverability that could overwhelm American defenses in the region."

China is building coal plants in developing countries around the world. That threatens not just to increase emissions, but to create infrastructure around coal power in those countries that will make them rely on fossil fuels as they industrialize

Pence chief of staff ⁦@marcshort45⁩ to reporters on why @VP stayed at Trump’s private club in Ireland on taxpayers’ dime via pooler

Ivanka Trump Company Exempt From Trump Tariffs

Floodwaters at the Rand Memorial Hospital in Freeport Grand Bahama - Emergency Room. Hurricane Dorian forced patients to evacuate the hospital

Here are the 5 AM EDT Tuesday, September 3 Key Messages for Hurricane #Dorian. For more information, visit

The appearance of a link between Trump's threat to block aid to Ukraine and Trump's attorney demanding that Ukraine investigate his political rival is a red alarm. If the link can be proven, it's an impeachable abuse of power. It must be investigated.

How Boris Johnson’s push toward a no-deal Brexit is playing out in the E.U.

It's been a little over two months since an Emmy-winning journalist many of us grew up reading accused the President of the United States of rape and not one thing has been done about it. I wrote about it here: f Carroll can’t get justice, how can we?

I understand the appeal of calling @chefjoseandres a "Celebrity Chef." But what he has become is one of the world's leading experts in humanitarian response. He has saved countless lives with the tools and tactics he has pioneered

A Catholic school in Tennessee has removed the Harry Potter books from its library after the school's priest decided they could cause a reader to conjure evil spirits

The Vice President of the United States will be traveling at taxpayer expense to stay at the private resort his boss still profits from in office, even though his meetings are nowhere near there

“The Second Amendment has been the subject of one of the greatest frauds on the American public. If the militia was going to be “well-regulated” why shouldn’t persons be regulated in use of arms?” Former Chief Justice Warren Burger (Nixon appointee) 1991

The CAR Murders: A Critical Cold Case in the New Cold War Points to ‘Putin’s Chef’

The VP is staying a 3 hour drive from Irish capital, necessitating costly helicopters, all so that his visit to Ireland can put cash in the boss’s pocket. Normal federal employees go to prison for such schemes

He says he wants to “congratulate Poland” on the 80th anniversary of the German invasion. Who will he “congratulate” next for being a victim of the Nazi extermination campaign?

The 2nd Amendment has nothin’, repeat, NOTHIN’ to do with private gun ownership. Period.

Given the hurricane, I thought it was lamentable but understandable for Trump to cancel his trip to Poland. But for him to then go and play golf? Really? I hope Polish-Americans voters remember this act of disrespect on one of the most solemn anniversaries in Polish history.

How about instead of naming the next mass shooting after the city where it happened, we name it after a member of government who has done nothing to stop it? The next one should be the #GregAbbottMassacre

Good point. He and Trump violated the International Refugee laws. Because the targets were threatened indigenous people I'm working on a theory to charge them with genocide leading to death..

I’m at Target on Labor Day, where Once again I find myself doing the Lord’s work.

Farmers rips Trump trade: We've lost everything since he took over

If Trump golfing stopped hurricanes and mass shootings we’d never see either again. But we’ve been rocked by both this weekend. So put the clubs away and do your damn job,

There are no reporters allowed on the plane for this trip...with the Secretary of State. . . As he travels overseas...they said we would have to fly commercial and all the meetings are closed press.

Hurricane Dorian: Florida woman wraps home in plastic to protect from flooding as storm approaches

Trump shared incorrect info during an emergency, and now he's claiming he was right, when he was wrong. His own National Weather Service said he was wrong. This is a big deal.

Why did the KKK have a @PayPal account in the first place? Wtf

Donald Trump is the best thing to ever happen to Kim Jong Un’s nuclear program

Thanks to the Idiot-in-Chief, our enemies know the limits and capabilities of our satellite surveillance.

NEW: The House Judiciary Committee is preparing to hold hearings and call witnesses involved in hush-money payments to ex-Playboy model Karen McDougal and adult-film star Stormy Daniels as soon as October

This is insane. Hurricanes frequently become stationary — just rarely directly on top of an island. There’s not a worse scenario for the Bahamas here. The damage has got to be almost unfathomable at this point.

Imagine sending this tweet -- explaining the VP and his wife can't be anti-gay if they are willing to be in the same room with a gay leader and his partner -- and thinking it's a good thing

Trump bad mouths “s**thole” countries, yet his golf course looks like he’s playin’ in a cow pasture. Is that Johnson grass?

Trump attacks ABC over report he said Dorian could impact Alabama

Faced With Criticism, Trump Administration Reverses Abrupt End to Humanitarian Relief Image

Pence just told the Russians that Ukraine is theirs. It’s really amazing how much @VP has debased himself, his Christianity, his morality, and what he knows is right for Donald Trump.

A Green Beret from Massachusetts killed during combat operations in Afghanistan has returned home.

Brazil is now the top exporter of soybeans to China.

Tariff blowback: Is Trump Country leaving Trump?

Mass shootings since Sandy Hook, in one map

FREEPORT| Live scenes from residents located Over-the-Bridge in Pine Bay Freeport community on Grand Bahama Island as Hurricane Dorian moves inland as a Cat 4 Hurricane.