Saturday, July 6, 2019

Barr shut down a case against AT&T — was that before or after he sold his AT&T stock? How many of the cases he shut down implicate Trump? This is corrupt. AG Bill Barr killed 7 Robert Mueller lines of investigations — 10 days after he submitted his report

This is ridiculous. Barr’s AT&T stock should’ve been sold BEFORE he took office. We don’t need a stock jobbing Attorney General. Trading on non public information at DOJ would be a crime. Bill Barr Sold Millions in AT&T Stock

Leaked cables from U.K. ambassador describe Trump as "inept"

REAKING / NBC NEWS: Four sources with direct knowledge of the matter say that Jeffrey Epstein was taken into custody today in New York after arriving from an overseas flight. He faces federal sex trafficking charges.

Oh boy. Britain's man in the the US says Trump is 'inept' and potentially compromised by “dodgy Russians”—Cables from ambassador say he is 'dysfunctional'

Perversion of Justice


"The billionaire pedophile [Jeffrey Epstein] was reportedly arrested on Saturday night and will appear in New York court on Monday to be charged with sex trafficking, according to law enforcement."

It’s gonna be a rough summer in Martha’s Vineyard for Dershowitz

Billionaire pedophile Jeffrey Epstein has been arrested for allegedly sex trafficking dozens of minors in New York and Florida between 2002 and 2005,

BREAKING: Jeffrey Epstein Arrested For Sex Trafficking of Minors:

In an astonishing diplomatic leak, we learn that the UK Ambassador in DC has had to repeatedly explain to HMG, in great detail, that Donald Trump is a hopeless f*cking moron.

Canada Pension Plan divests from U.S. companies involved in migrant detention camps

1MDB scandal: Riza Aziz, stepson of disgraced Malaysian ex-premier Najib Razak & co-founder of US film co Red Granite Pictures that made The Wolf of Wall Street, charged for laundering $245 million from 1MDB fund thru Singapore & Los Angeles from 2011-2012

Collins on Kavanaugh: “I do not regret my vote in the least,” she said

He advertised it on his campaign website, with campaign letterhead, paid by Trump read the small print at the bottom...sent to his grassroots supporters. I think a case could be made, it was a campaign event & should be paid by his campaign.

We may have to wait for 2021. We must address the issue of how he & his daughter @IvankaTrump can be turned over to the Hague. We are either part of humanity or outside it. No longer can we assert American exceptionalism as an excuse to violate our planet's fundamental laws

Hungry, Scared and Sick: Inside the Migrant Detention Center in Clint, Tex.

LIVE | Authorities in Plantation, Florida are responding to a large gas explosion at a shopping plaza. WARNING: This is live video and is not monitored.

Milo Yiannopoulos takes the stage dressed in a not particularly flattering Laura Loomer costume, starts unrolling her litany of gripes with other conservative activists.

The DC right wing rally includes these people who claim Prince — and a lot of other celebrities who died tragically — were actually murdered. They claim they have “psychic evidence.”

Proud Boys founder Gavin McInnes takes the stage in fake handcuffs to make a point, but then can’t get them off. Someone has to help him.

There are about 200 or so people at the Proud Boys rally. Many more across the street at the counter protest.

Analysis: How fake news could lead to real war

Nicolas Sarkozy faces formal investigation over alleged Libya funding

Yikes. Officer at the funeral of 14 sailors killed in the fire on Russian nuclear submarine Monday says "they saved the ship & prevented a catastrophe of a global scale." Russia didn't even admit there was a reactor on board until Thursday.

You guys, I don’t think the Trump S&P is crushing the Obama S&P.

An unnamed high-ranking RF military official said that those who perished during the incident on a nuclear sub "prevented a global-scale catastrophe." The general public was prevented from entering the cemetery or approaching the graves by the Nat'l Guard

Corporate Profits vs. Wages

Donald Trump wants to be a dictator. It’s not enough just to laugh at him

Dershowitz seems kind of stressed.

The two biggest private prison corporations housing detained migrant families contributed $500,000 to Trump’s inauguration fund. They've since received hundreds of millions of dollars in federal contracts

And what is in two weeks? Mueller hearing. Expect some White House distraction commencing about 15 July. Surprise KJU meeting, Iran war, AG reveal on foundations of Russia investigation, missing text message conspiracy, what else could be on the menu?

Betsy DeVos has sure added to her portfolio since taking office

Jeffrey Epstein Documents Could Expose Powerful Politicians, Businessmen

Governor of California declares State of Emergency for San Bernardino following powerful earthquake

Trump, Johnson and the Hole in the Doughnut Will two charlatans and narcissists with hollow centers lead the free world?

‘The president failed every criterion for rational and reality-based decision-making capacity.’ — Here’s what psychiatrists learned about Trump’s mental state from the Mueller report

Opinion: Democrats should talk more about Trump’s failing, unpopular nationalism

When you realize your cult leader is a fucking moron

This article describes acts by Dersh that, in my opinion, are efforts surreptitiously entrap counsel for the girl. That's not legal strategy. That's mob strategy. Or worse.

This photo by Jabin Botsford of the The Washington Post captures the 45th president and his government better than any I have seen.

Given the choice between the El Paso Sector Chief's assurances, and literally dozens of media reports, hundreds of eyewitness accounts, and two "Management Alerts" with photos and data from the DHS Office of Inspector General... I think I know which side is most believable.

Trump 2020 campaign secretly working with former Cambridge Analytica staffers

Analysis: Trump just admitted something he probably shouldn’t have about the census citizenship question

Phantom Fireworks CEO Bruce Zoldan both donated $750,000 dollars worth of fireworks to Trump’s Fourth of July celebration and successfully lobbied the president to not implement tariffs that could negatively impact his business, CREW requested documents

Wood-carved statue of Melania Trump erected in her Slovenian hometown

Thank you @SenatorWicker for your forceful intervention at the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly on Russia’s serial abuse of Interpol diffusion notices to persecute its enemies, and for specifically raising my case in Madrid last year. Evil withers under the bright light of publicity.

Far-right rally falling apart as GOP candidate accuses ex-girlfriend of coked-up sexcapades with the Proud Boys:

Trump has tweeted pictures of or references to 28 polls. The average approval rating of those polls is 49.07 percent. In other words, even the president’s cherry-picked data shows that he hasn’t broken through with the majority of the country

Exclusive: Bibi Netanyahu could be using sophisticated social media manipulation to engineer his election victories. Sound familiar? Watch

House panel chair asks watchdog for probe of Homeland Security leaders

Arizona governor blasts Nike, then wears its sneakers two days later

"You cannot break up a cult from the inside," @JRubinBlogger writes. "You must leave it and then draw others away, compelling them to reflect and shed their delusional beliefs." Forget politics for a moment, let's talk cults -- is that true, cult-wise?

A far-right rally in DC tomorrow featuring the Proud Boys has been rocked by sex and cocaine allegations

Every one of these Proud Boys fist-bumping cops should be investigated for ties to hate groups, starting with the obvious.

Virginia Republican: Women who get raped are ‘naive and unprepared’ because they weren’t carrying guns

Imagine being an active duty service member putting your life on the line for your country, and then imagine learning that your leader in the White House wants to strip deportation protections from your family. This is beyond cruel—we will fight this

I have a new piece in @TheAtlantic on how we are entering into the 3rd phase of Trump’s foreign policy— the reckoning in which he confronts the consequences & contradictions of his own decisions

Iran dismisses reports about seizure of a British oil tanker in...

Clouds? Rain? Leaves on trees? Hats & coats?

California is the first state in the nation to require anyone buying ammunition to go through a background check at the time of each purchase

Peter Gotti of Gambino Mafia family seeks early release from prison

When Trump says airports instead of ramparts, it’s not funny. It’s an semantic aphasia a serious clinical indicator of dementia as I explain in this article

Russia amassing troops along border with Ukraine – JFO Staff deputy commander Read more on UNIAN:

Can’t make it up — Trump claims “I’m a very honest guy” in context of lying about what Robert Mueller found regarding collusion and obstruction

This man has a Constitutional right to be a dumb ass. Luckily for us, we have the Constitutional Right to call his employer and tell them we won’t do business with them until this man doesn’t have a job. So @twitter do your thing.

"No non-American could watch that spectacle at the Lincoln Memorial and feel that America stood for anything good or right or universal. Power worshipped power, for its own sake,"

Trump says his company has stopped hiring undocumented immigrants — but his former housekeeper disputes that. “He’s still lying as always...He’s still using undocumented people.”

LIVE: Officials with California Governor's Office of Emergency Services provide update following 7.1 magnitude earthquake.

Putin always late to meet world leaders is a mafia boss power move. They wait for him so he keeps doing it. To him & his gang, it proves they are weak, that he is the big boss. At least the Pope should serve a higher power!

She used to have a Butina patina

Difficult to believe the Epstein case doesn’t involve Trump, if not Bill Clinton. Truth need to be told and all the relevant information made publicly available. Good work @jkbjournalist!

President Trump Slaps Tariffs on Solar Panels in Major Blow to Renewable Energy

Trump used our taxpayer dollars to create a backdrop, complete with military flyovers, so he could cut a campaign ad.

Paul Ryan knew. McCarthy knew. Conway knew. Priebus knew. They all knew. They aided & abetted campaign (Donald, Manafort, Parscale, & Jared) with the foreign-built data operation after the convention - after GOP platform was changed to favor Russia.

Please share this infographic of what to do in the event of an earthquake.

The world is facing a "climate apartheid" between the rich who can protect themselves and the poor who are left behind, the UN warns. More than 120M people could slip into poverty within the next decade because of climate change, a new report estimates.

The Red Cross shelter at the Kerr McGee Community Center (100 W California Avenue in #Ridgecrest) continues to remain open to those affected by tonight's #EarthquakeLA. learn more about how you can prepare

Dear Devin Nunes, I just wanted to let you know an earthquake hit your state. I know there's no other way you would know this given you're never there. Just letting you know. You're welcome. -Jack

7.1 just happened! The seismograph at #GriffithObservatory was going crazy during the #SoCal #earthquake

A Day of Sorrow for American Democracy

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro oversaw a grand military parade to mark the country’s independence day Friday, reveling in his might as commander in chief as the embattled socialist leader comes under mounting criticism

Multiple fires and injuries have been reported in Ridgecrest -- about 150 miles from Los Angeles -- after Friday's earthquake.​

How Deutsche Bank drifted into its whirlpool of woes

Trump hijacks the 4th for a campaign ad.

The numbers don't lie: Trump’s economy is NOT the best ever. In fact, Obama added almost one million more jobs than Trump over the same timeframe

Follow @LAFD and @ReadyLA for updates on #EarthquakeLA and any future #earthquake that affects the region

BREAKING: Trump Today Blamed The Teleprompter for mentioning airports in the Revolutionary War in his Fourth of July speech You need a teleprompter to tell You we didn’t have airports during the Revolutionary War. THIS IS JUST UNBELIEVABLE

From my mom @mom2five1 in Ridgecrest California

UPDATE from @cheftkilcoyne in #Ridgecrest California after the 7.1 quake. The team is headed to the Emergency Operations Center and shelter to be ready to support.

New filing in State Of New York et al v. United States Department of Commerce et al: Alter Judgment

Meeting Trump at the DMZ ‘backfired’ on Kim Jong-un — who looks weak in North Korea: report

So, are we just going to move on from the fact that the president has been accused of raping someone?

This is big. Make sure your friends see this. A federal court once again blocked President @realDonaldTrump and his administration from trying to divert money from military funding for his unnecessary, vanity border wall

Ross's first co-chair was Putin appointee Vladimir Strzhalkovsky, a former KGB agent and long-time associate of Putin.

Opinion: Democrats should talk more about Trump’s failing, unpopular nationalism

The latest 7.1-magnitude earthquake near Ridgecrest, California, comes a day after a 6.4-magnitude earthquake struck the area. That temblor has produced more than 1,400 aftershocks, scientists said

Russian state media mocks Trump's July 4 military celebration: "Putin's America"

Mar-A-Lago, you say?

get a All-Hazards (weather) Radio and program it with your area’s FIPS Code then go to bed. If there is an emergency, NOAA will wake you up!

Federal judge not buying Trump Admin shenanigans on census. Discovery into discriminatory intent will now take place. It's almost unheard of for the federal govt to get slapped down this fast, this decisively. But it's entirely deserved when Admin treats our judiciary this way

7.1 magnitude earthquake strikes Southern California - Los Angeles Times

QAnon , having failed to show up on July 4th, @JackPosobiec is now writing letters to the DoJ . It's kinda sad really

Trump Is Falling Almost 1 Million Jobs Short Vs. Obama

Russian Official, Linked to Trump Tower Lawyer Natalia Veselnitskaya, Is Dead ⁦@McFaul⁩ so many unanswered questions....

Reporter @EmmaVigeland: Do you think Joe Biden is a socialist? Trump supporter: Yes. Reporter: How would you define socialism? Trump supporter: I define socialism as when you bring down your own country, your own race, because he’s not black.

Oh look, @SteveKingIA now joins @chiproytx in calling for @realDonaldTrump to disobey a U.S. Supreme Court decision. Both are Republican Members of Congress. The @GOP step by step takes us down the road to authoritarianism, division and loss of our freedom.

Obama watching this as he drinks a cup of coffee: That motherfucker didn’t solute

Donald Trump began a three-day golf weekend Friday, making his 16th visit to his New Jersey golf club since entering office and pushing his total travel and security costs for his hobby to $108.1 million — all paid for by taxpayers.

Breaking: a federal judge just allowed Trump legal opponents to seek documents that could prove his census ploy was intentionally discriminatory.

7.1 magnitude earthquake shakes Southern California

BREAKING: Accusations of extortion, secret tape recordings, and sex trafficking — the Jeffrey Epstein case unleashes a bitter war between the country’s two most prominent legal Goliaths