Tuesday, August 20, 2019

BREAKING: President Trump tweets that he is "postponing" his upcoming meeting with Danish PM Mette Frederiksen based on her comments "that she would have no interest in discussing the purchase of Greenland."

Jeffrey #Epstein preyed on women during jail sentence, forced victim to marry woman, lawsuits allege

This media entity is right now the largest source of paid pro-Trump content on Facebook other than the Trump re-election campaign. This is as big as it gets in pro-Trump media right now.

WOW!!! Wayne Lapierre, your time is running out. Your money earned on the backs of dead Americans wont be able to save you. Take your fancy suits and go away. My daughter and other victims of gun violence were nothing more than a cost of doing business for you. ENOUGH!!!

The President accused most American Jews of being disloyal. That’s not just deeply & personally offensive, it’s extremely dangerous. Is he suggesting American Jews are disloyal to him? To our country? Everyone who cares about our democracy must condemn these outrageous comments

The US won't provide flu vaccines to migrant families at border detention camps

Putin is laughing at us

Billboard in Baltimore sponsored by PETA calls Jared Kushner a "rich pest"

Russia to nuclear test ban monitor: Test accident not your business

Credibility is everything in foreign policy and markets. Pissing it away on personal fights and moronic lies was stupid. We need it to deal with Iran, Kashmir, Venezuela, North Korea, Russia, Turkey, the Taliban, China.... Oh, and the economy.

This story about Epstein having 12 year old French Triplets flown from Paris as his birthday present is so deplorable I don’t know where to start. Every single person that facilitated his depravity needs to face justice. Every one.

FUN FACT: Trump has now spent 278 YEARS worth of his presidential salary on taxpayer-funded golf trips.

A 2016 video obtained by @sbg1 shows Mike Pompeo warning Kansas voters that Donald Trump—like Barack Obama—would be “an authoritarian President who ignored our Constitution.” Read Susan Glasser’s new Profile of the Secretary of State

A White House official admits to us, Trump has lost whatever interest he had in doing gun control.

When Jeffrey Epstein needed a backup person to handle his estate, he chose Boris Nikolic, an ex-science adviser to Bill Gates

The acting director of the Federal Bureau of Prisons has been fired in the wake of the Jeffrey Epstein suicide at a federal prison in New York

Fox News host on Wayne LaPierre: “He has taken @NRA members’ money to live the life of a king. He’s the head of a nonprofit trusted by millions to use its funds to secure constitutional rights. He’s an odious little grifter and it’s time for him to go.”

American farmer: Trump 'took away all of our markets'

Fact check: Both @Jim_Jordan & @newtgingrich tweeted that left wing journalists want a recession to hurt Trump. So I searched Nexis, Google, Bing, etc. Number of articles & transcripts found? Zero. They’re lying.

Epstein signed his will 2 days before hanging himself. “One of the two Brooklyn lawyers listed as witnessing its signing is Mariel A. Colon Miro — an attorney for drug kingpin Joaquin “El Chapo’’ Guzman”

BREAKING: Mitt Romney Just tweeted "In an era of ballooning deficits.....socialism isn’t the solution." 1. The Most of the ballooning deficits is due to republican policies like Tax Cuts 2. NO Democrat is Calling for socialism. Last president to balance budget was Democrat

Congressional oversight fights for its life: Justice Dept. again sides with Trump over House in personal financial records fight

The Supreme Court’s ruling in Citizens United was wrong. I’m proud to have joined my colleagues in introducing a constitutional amendment to overturn Citizens United and reduce money in politics.

In the UK Scotland Yard was urged to investigate Prince Andrew and bodyguards over child rape allegations by a prominent child abuse charity. The police response: “Our current activity does not constitute an investigation.”

As he claims that the money is rolling in from China paying tariffs, Trump admits that US companies are paying the tariffs.

Twitter has shut down some 200,000 accounts believed to be spreading China’s propaganda at Hong Kong’s demonstrators

Gold steady after slide below key $1,500 level

Bernie having so many Jill Stein supporters in his campaign really undermines his whole "I campaigned hard for Hillary" message.

Second former GOP state senator found shot dead in two days, this time in Oklahoma

A British consular official in Hong Kong has disappeared after a trip to mainland China

School disciplines students who sang Nazi song and gave Nazi salute during awards banquet — but won’t say how

Hong Kong leader says she hopes non-violent protest puts city on road to peace

The debunked study you’re referring to was based on 21 undecided voters. For context that’s about half the number of people associated with your campaign who have been indicted.

To advise patients fully, Planned Parenthood rejects federal cash

OF COURSE EPSTEIN signed WITH A GUN TO HIS HEAD???Epstein signed will 2 days

Americans in every state rally for gun reform as Trump waffles

Massive crowds flood Hong Kong streets protesting for democracy

A class action lawsuit alleges Trump administration officials are "fully aware of the deplorable conditions" inside ICE detention facilities and they're "deliberately indifferent" to a series of systemic failures

For a state professing to support and defend the Comprehensive #Nuclear Test Ban Treaty/CTBTO, Russia doesn't seem to care how the stations going conveniently silent would hurt the treaty & arguments for the strength of its verification regime

United States descends into new nuclear arms race with Russia