Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Thanks for reaching out @WhiteHouse, but don't @ me until you've reunited all 2,300 kids with their families.

#BREAKING: Trump to let ZTE temporarily resume some US business: report

Netanyahu, Putin to meet next week in Moscow

US intel agencies say Russia specifically tried to help Trump win. Today, in a bipartisan report, the Senate Intel Committee affirmed that conclusion. Meanwhile, Trump has said that the OPPOSITE is true and that he believes Putin preferred Clinton in 2016. Here are four examples.

Man allegedly kills 3 after judge denies ex-wife’s request to have his guns taken away

Or Putin could blackmail Trump without anyone knowing.

American Council on Education will ignore Trump repeal of Obama diversity rule

GOP and Dem Senators released an assessment today surrounding Russian interference, which says Russia committed acts of war against America. Yet right now there are GOP Senators meeting privately with the Russian Gov’t in Moscow. And Trump’s having a summit with Putin. Traitors.

The History of the Secret NSA-AT&T Buildings Across the Country

Migrant children sue Trump over forced medication in detention centers

Rep. Jim Jordan is being accused by former wrestlers he coached at Ohio State University of failing to stop the team doctor from molesting them and other students.

What’s everyone wearing to the civil war tomorrow?

Trump declares journalists 'Opposition Party’ as newspaper mourns dead

Indianapolis church puts holy family in ‘ICE detention’ in bold statement about immigration policy

Judge blocks Trump from ending housing program for displaced Puerto Ricans

"My phone rings all the time," says U.S. Chamber of Commerce VP who is hearing from companies hurt by - or worried about - tariffs. "For every beneficiary [of tariffs] there are at least a dozen or two dozen companies on the other side of the equation that suffer."

A psychologist just revealed the horrifying truth about Trump’s malignant narcissism

#BREAKING: Senate Intel Committee backs intelligence findings that Russia tried to help Trump win

We’re flying this in two days over Ohio District 4, where abuse enabler Rep. Jim Jordan faces re-election in November.

Trump's trade war is posing a growing risk to U.S. job gains

Jim Jordan caught up in a Joe Paterno-esque scandal

Trump has written "sharply worded letters" to the leaders of several NATO allies, including Germany, Belgium, Norway and Canada, taking them to task for spending too little on their own defense and warning that the U.S. is losing patience, NYT reports.

In @GlobeNames: Representative Joe Kennedy III says he isn’t looking ahead to 2020, and neither should his fellow Democrats

Dear @realDonaldTrump: You stated the recent reports about North Korea deceiving you were coming "only" from "the Opposition party, which includes the fake news." Are you referring to the below reporting by @FoxNews?#

Trump plans one-on-one meeting with Putin

Google admits Gmail users' private emails read by app developers

OH Representative Jim Jordan, who recently defended Trump against Russian collusion charges, reportedly knew about sexual abuse of Ohio State athletes by the team doctor, and did nothing to stop it.

Powerful GOP Rep. Jim Jordan accused of turning blind eye to sexual abuse as Ohio State wrestling coach

Trump to rescind race guidelines in college admissions, WSJ reports

This ad will air tomorrow morning, July 4th, on selected stations including Fox News, to remind our fellow Americans, Republicans and conservatives that we are a nation of immigrants, and stronger for it.

President Trump to order flags lowered for slain journalists after reportedly denying request

Plastic straws aren’t just bad for the environment — they can be bad for your body

Legal experts tell McClatchy that it's likely Mueller's investigators, who are looking at the NRA's funding as part of the Russia probe, secretly gained access to the NRA's tax returns from the IRS

There's no trolling like the Kremlin's trolling. Putin won't meet w/ the traveling troupe of GOP lawmakers, who went to Moscow for the 4th of July.

Trump goes to war with corporate America

GOP lawmakers requested that their meetings with members of the Russian government proceed in a closed format (no press allowed). Here is @SenShelby chitchatting with Molotov's grandson, Vyacheslav Nikonov. Happy #IndependenceDay.

The winding money trail from Kazakhstan to Trump SoHo

Alex Jones, an online conspiracy theorist who claims the Sandy Hook massacre was a hoax, has hired lawyers representing a founder of the neo-Nazi Daily Stormer website to defend him

Alex this is a lie. I’m trying 2 understand if u know that or if u somehow believe this is true. UR hurting people. I know it feels so good 2B popular & U want to feed that but Alex u have to stop ur gonna get people killed.

Re: White House tweets attacking Senators: Section 1352(a) of Title 31: No part of the money appropriated by any enactment of Congress shall..be used directly or indirectly to pay for any .. written matter... intended or designed to influence in any manner a Member of Congress

"do what I say or US troops come out of Bavaria." Is that the kind of negotiation we are about to see?

American special operations teams are playing a more direct role in military actions against suspected terrorists in Africa than the Pentagon has publicly acknowledged

As religious extremists move in on the Supreme Court, we remember that the road to authoritarianism is paved with false prophets and false prayers. How many “Christians” in Germany professed that Hitler was chosen by God?

Capital Gazette received death threats, emails celebrating shooting after attack

Schwarzenegger rips Michigan GOP for using incorrect map to "mislead people"

AT&T promised lower prices after Time Warner merger—it’s raising them instead

Michael Cohen is "frustrated," a source tells Vanity Fair. "Washington is actively pushing him away as opposed to protecting him or welcoming him back in." "I have no one watching my back," Cohen has reportedly told friends. "I just did what I was told."

NEW: A former top EPA aide told investigators that Scott Pruitt asked her to get his wife a job at the Republican Attorney Generals Association, which he once led. He demanded the salary be over $200,000. The aide said it wouldn't be ethical.

Many old NATO hands are watching this very closely. Here are some facts about our important alliance.

News outlets paid Melania up to $1 million for photos that could only be used in positive coverage: report

Anthony Kennedy, You Are a Total Disgrace to America

In the Trump era, having the Justice Department on a resume has opened up a new career path

WATCH: Dutch prime minister interrupts Trump as he praises tariffs: "It's not positive"

Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin cancels Medicaid dental, vision benefits for close to 500,000 after losing work requirement ruling.

Felix Sater's dad was an underboss in the Mogilevich Organization.

DOJ, SEC, FTC all probing Facebook over alleged failure to disclosure relationship with Cambridge Analytica to investors

John Bolton, the same guy who wanted to bomb North Korea a year ago, is now downplaying North Korea's growing nuclear capabilities like it's no big deal. How quickly he rolled over with his tail wagging.

BREAKING: Read the new filings in our #FamiliesBelongTogether suit — including gut-wrenching stories of parents & children who were separated. The stories detailed in our case make clear the irreparable trauma caused by Pres. Trump’s policy.

The Associated Press may have led FBI to Manafort storage locker

Volunteer shares gruesome story from detention facilities

Ashtyn Tayler, medical volunteer who has been working on the border, tells Lawrence about the harsh conditions she learned about at the migrant detention facilities and shares photographs of what parents and children in custody have been enduring.

Report: Federal Facebook probe now includes FBI, SEC

Federal Judge Orders Administration To End Arbitrary Detention Of Asylum-Seekers

As Health Conditions Worsen At Prison Holding 1,000 Detainees, Staff Fears A Riot

Police use of deadly force changed by video

What the mothers of Antwon Rose and James Bowden have in common, 40-years apart. It is a pain expressed powerfully in a poem by Antwon Rose, a poem that was read at Antwon Rose's funeral.

BuzzFeed News has allegedly obtained the Michael Cohen documents that were recovered from his shredder and reconstructed by the FBI

Michael Cohen’s new legal strategy

Rachel Maddow explains Michael Cohen’s recent shift in legal strategy as he drops his joint defense agreement with President Trump.

Comedian who allegedly prank-called Trump: If I duped Jared Kushner, so did the Russians

Immigration lawyer: ICE not offering bond to some separated...

Rachel Maddow is joined by immigration lawyer Kate Lincoln-Goldfinch who says ICE has stopped allowing some of her clients to pay a bond so they can reunite with their children.

"Last fall, the American Psychological Association found that almost two-thirds of Americans listed 'the state of the nation' as their primary source of stress, above both money and work. 'The levels of anxiety and stress I’m seeing are profound'"