Sunday, July 29, 2018

Thousands take to the streets of Moscow for anti-Putin protests, chant "Putin is a thief"

JUST IN: Migrant fathers file lawsuit against Trump for separating them from their kids after being reunited

Opinion: "Trump’s grip on reality will likely continue to diminish as he faces increasing criticism, accusations, threats of impeachment and potential criminal indictments"

BREAKING: We’ve traced $3.5m from the $230m tax rebate fraud that Sergei Magnitsky exposed and was killed over to 11 different accounts in Australian banks. The Australian law enforcement authorities have been alerted

House Republicans cannot be allowed to obstruct justice

The liquidation of US treasuries by Russia is interesting. If Russia did this to leverage the US in some way, it failed. The market shrugged. Why? Because Russia is a small economic player, not even in the top ten. In fact, California alone has nearly twice the GDP of Russia.

NY Times: Trump broke off-the-record agreement on meeting with publisher

Sens. Cantwell and Graham want Trump to order a threat assessment of: The scope of Russian capability to use cyber-warfare to threaten energy infrastructure. The extent to which Russians have already attempted cyber-intrusions into energy facilities.

The very normal and stable tweets of someone who totally didn’t collude with Russia. Not even a little. Okay maybe a little but even if he did, is being installed by a hostile foreign government really a crime? I mean I once took an ashtray from a fancy restaurant in Italy.

Russia’s Plan to Buy Off the GOP Began Before the Rise of Trump

The responses to this article have been exactly as expected. Ignore the baseless attacks and accusations. Read the article and judge the facts for yourself. The fake resistance is real. They have to be called out. ICYMI

Maggie Haberman: Where are people getting the impression she is an access journalist and Trump shill? Baffling? Let's take a closer look. THREAD

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