Monday, October 1, 2018


Lawmakers are steeling for several days of intense debate that could not only shape the Supreme Court for decades to come, but also portend control of Congress and the very nature and scope of government

Comey: FBI sees Kavanaugh's yearbook claims as "flashing signal to dig deeper"

BREAKING: Justice Department sues California over hours-old internet neutrality bill

Trump’s aluminum tariff is bad for America—and great for Switzerland’s Glencore

The U.S. and Canada has reached a deal to salvage NAFTA

Mattis Trip to China Canceled

WATCH: Senator Klobuchar's full speech at yesterday's Supreme Court nomination hearing


If the FBI investigation into allegations against Brett Kavanaugh finds he lied to the Senate Judiciary Committee during his testimony on Thursday, Senators Jeff Flake and Chris Coons say his nomination to the Supreme Court likely will not move forward

News is what the powerful want to keep hidden. By limiting the scope of the FBI investigation on Kavanaugh, the White House is daring the press to shed more light on what's lurking in the shadows. I expect my colleagues will not disappoint. Hold on to your hats.

The emerging conservative argument is that, yes, Kavanaugh lied (or was "less than truthful") in sworn testimony but that's because he's so angry at being falsely accused. I admire the boldness of this play

Both Grassley & Nunes have farms & have applied for their share of the $12 billion in Farm Welfare.

Q: If Judge Kavanaugh is shown to have lied to the Committee, nomination's over? FLAKE: Oh yes. COONS: I would think so. (via CBS)

"I can unequivocally say that in denying the possibility that he [#BrettKavanaugh] ever blacked out from drinking, and in downplaying the degree and frequency of his drinking, Brett has not told the truth." - Chad Ludington, #Kavanaugh's Yale Classmate

Kavanaugh’s written Sept 2018 (page 13) Senate Response. He listed home improvements yet when I searched the Montgomery Co permit database zilch By law he’d need permits for: HVAC, H2O & mold

Opinion | Glenn Kirschner: In the shadow of the Kavanaugh crisis, Mueller's probe quietly builds steam.

BREAKING: @BetoORourke beat Trump's Crowd Size Last night @BetoORourke had 55,000 People At Rally in Austin vs @realDonaldTrump Who had 5,600 At a Rally in West Virginia