Friday, June 15, 2018

This is Orwellian stuff. WH claiming in this email that family separations are policy of congressional Democrats. It’s a Trump policy announced by the administration and carried out by the administration. Not to mention GOP controls Congress.

WATCH: Pres. Trump talks IG report, North Korea at the White House:


"Trump was never a man running as a servant of the people; he was an avatar for their darkest, most vengeful, most petty grievances and imagined slights from a catalog of monsters from the Fox News scare closet."

CNN anchor: Trump lied, we're calling him out

#BREAKING: Fourth federal judge blocks transgender military ban from going into effect

"They said Mr. Pruitt told them that he expected a certain standard of living akin to wealthier Trump cabinet members. The aides felt as if Mr. Pruitt — who is paid about $180,000 a year — saw them as foot soldiers in achieving that lifestyle."

This week, our president literally saluted a foreign military that we remain at war with, that proudly displays a US Navy vessel it stole in pirate fashion 50 years ago, and which has murdered 34 members of the American military

“Speechwriter David Sorensen resigned from his position Friday after he was confronted about the allegations, the White House said.”

Today, President Trump claimed that his former campaign manager “Manafort has nothing to do with our campaign.” Candidate @RealDonaldTrump praised him. Over and over again. On television.

US to withdraw from UN human rights council: report

Factbox: Under investigation or indicted - the Trump aides facing scrutiny

Looks like Trump-Giuliani just dangled a pardon in front of Manafort and others who might cooperate with Mueller.@alexgwhiting (prof @Harvard_Law) explains why that can make a strong case for obstruction of justice

China is introducing $34 billion worth of tariffs on U.S. goods in early July. The tariffs, more of which will come at a later date, will focus on "agricultural products, automobiles, and aquatic products."

Sec. Mattis: "Putin seeks to shatter NATO. He aims to diminish the appeal of the western democratic model and attempts to undermine America's moral authority, his actions are designed not to challenge our arms at this point but to undercut and compromise our belief in our ideals"

Trump says Cohen is no longer his lawyer

BREAKING: Prosecutors update the court on Michael Cohen files production.

See below - just filed in the search warrant case. The second and third bullets could pose a huge problem for Mr. Cohen and ultimately Mr. Trump (especially the third bullet)!!BTW, so much for encryption protection!

"Nobody should underestimate how much Paul Manafort did to really help get this [Trump] campaign to where it is"

Tick Tock Sean

NEW: Rudy Giuliani tells @NYDailyNews "things might get cleaned up with some presidential pardons" when the "whole thing is over" in light of Paul Manafort being sent to jail. Dangling pardons again!

Outgoing Republican Rep. Mark Sanford calls Trumpism "a cancerous growth" on the Republican Party in an interview with Rolling Stone

The AP has learned that Donald Trump's 2020 campaign is secretly working with former employees of disgraced political consultancy company Cambridge Analytica.

Judge rejects Cohen attempt to block Stormy Daniels lawyer from speaking to the media

You mean Bob Dole who lobbied for your boss the Russian mobster, Semion Mogilevich, you traitor?

As Russia masses near Ukraine hoping to wag the dog, here's why - it's literally running out of cash. PM Medvedev warns of raising pension age. Leading to fury from elderly Russians, who will join young people in protesting @PutinRF. United Russia is going down

Never forget.

Judge to Paul Manafort: "You have abused the trust placed in you six months ago." On rejected Manafort's lawyer's request for a clearer "no contact" order in lieu of going to jail: "This is not middle school. I can't take his cell phone."

Retiring GOP lawmaker: People "lose their soul" in Congress

Cohen signals he'd cooperate

A federal judge revoked Paul Manafort’s bail and sent him to jail on Friday to await trial, citing new obstruction charges

The House GOP says their new bill bans separating families at the border. That’s a lie.

Manafort pleads not guilty to witness-tampering charges, judge weighs revoking bail

The plane truth: Florida Gov. Rick Scott travels in wealth, stealth

Pence turns VP’s office into gateway for lobbyists to influence the Trump administration

Ahead of likely charges, Cohen looks to sell property, hire lawyers with plea expertise

BREAKING: President Trump on North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un: "He speaks and his people sit up in attention. I want my people to do the same."

Sally Yates on the fundamental impossibility of telling Jim Comey not to do a thing.

Paul Manafort hurries into courthouse to sparse chants of "Lock him up!"

Warren: Even partial Democratic 2018 win can 'stop of the bleed'

Senator Elizabeth Warren talks with Rachel Maddow about the importance of Democrats taking back part of the government in 2018, and what they can do to check Donald Trump.

Millions at risk of starvation in Yemen amid new military offensive

Paul Manafort threatened to take his life some years ago according to his daughter. He doesn’t like losing. I wonder if precautions have been taken as he faces incarceration tomorrow if the judge revokes his bail? It could be the beginning of a life sentence for him. Pardon time?

Warren: Trump shameless even about illegality

Senator Elizabeth Warren talks with Rachel Maddow about the extent to which Donald Trump's shameless corruption has infected other parts of the federal government.

Corrupt 'foundation' catches up with Trump in new NYAG lawsuit

Rachel Maddow reminds viewers of Donald Trump's shady and opaque "Trump Foundation" charity and reports on a new lawsuit from the attorney general of New York who argues that the Trump Foundation wasn't just sketchy, it was illegal.

Trump's EPA greenlighted a pesticide that harms kids' brains. Hawaii just said, "hell no."

Doxxing, assault, death threats: the new dangers facing US journalists covering extremism

GOP keeps pressure on DoJ in effort to sink Trump Russia probe

Rep. Adam Schiff talks with Rachel Maddow about the DoJ IG report and the Republican strategy of hectoring the Department of Justice in order to get special treatment and more favorable outcomes

Catholics leaders denounce Sessions’s asylum decision: "We have truly lost our moral compass."

France knows trade wars. In the 1800s Italy slammed France with high tariffs, but because France had more money they could afford to impose even more and longer term tariffs. Italy lost that round.. At a huge cost to their economy and citizens

Giuliani says "tomorrow, Mueller should be suspended" and Peter Strzok "should be in jail by the end of next week." No evidence is provided to justify these demands. (via FOX)

Michael Cohen has just filed an application for a restraining order against Michael Avenatti. His lawyers are asking a California court to bar Avenatti from talking to the press and or public about Stormy Daniels case. Filing cites Avenatti's "unquenchable thirst for publicity."

Analysis: How Trump allegedly used his nonprofit to support his presidential bid

The fallout from a China-U.S. trade dispute will be felt much more broadly than many anticipate, Asian Trade Centre's Deborah Elms says

Rudy calls for Mueller team to be replaced by agents from New York field office - "whom I can trust implicitly." This would be the same NY field office suspected of leaking to Rudy in fall 2016 about Comey reopening the Clinton email probe

Opinion: The Trump Foundation was one big scam, according to the New York attorney general

DoJ IG report lesson: Republican bulling of law enforcement works

Rachel Maddow reports on the findings of the Department of Justice inspector general report on the FBI's handling of the Hillary Clinton e-mail investigation and notes that the unequal treatment James Comey gave to Clinton was the result of Republican attacks on law enforcement that made Comey more concerned about giving the impression of favoring Clinton.