Tuesday, June 2, 2020

Asked who they’re with, these guys say only that they’re with “The Department of Justice.”

Welcome to China’s new interventionist foreign policy

Hospital staff come out to applaud #GeorgeFloyd protestors in New York - demonstrators shout back ‘Thank You’.

At the Trump Hotel.

(AP) Aircraft flying over DCA last night in a show of force against #GeorgeFloyd protesters were ordered by President @realDonaldTrump - US forces in DC are operating under an official mission: Operation Themis—Greek mythology, Themis = divine law & order.

White supremacists are now engaging in what Russians call active measures, posing as Antifa and inciting violence.

Voters navigate curfews and health concerns as elections take place in 9 states and D.C. Amid a sharp increase in mail balloting, Joe Biden is looking to secure the delegates needed to formally clinch the Democratic presidential nomination.

“No tear gas.” Check the time stamp.

Police in Washington, D.C., arrested protesters for wearing masks even though coronavirus precautions require face coverings be worn outdoors at nearly all times

Mitch McConnell has blocked a resolution that would have condemned the use of tear gas and rubber bullets against peaceful protesters outside the White House in order to allow Trump to walk to St. John's Church.

FUN FACT: Trump’s disapproval rating has climbed to 54% — the highest disapproval for any president in U.S. history.

Washington Post: “Attorney General William P. Barr personally ordered law enforcement officials on the ground to extend the perimeter around Lafayette Square just before President Trump spoke Monday, a Justice Department official said.”

What a joke.

Sen. Tammy Duckworth, Democrat of Illinois, called Trump a “draft-dodging, wannabe tinpot dictator” who is perverting “the honor of our military” by threatening to use against Americans

Check this video out. Joe Biden 1986

MINNEAPOLIS (AP) -- State of Minnesota files civil rights charge against Minneapolis Police Department in George Floyd's death.

On the lookout>>> Along with threatening to slash AG Barr's personal budget by $50 million & planning to call a DOJ whistleblower to testify, House Dems will file an amicus brief on the Flynn case, accusing Barr of improperly interfering for Trump & his allies.

This high school grad stood out among the protesters in St. Paul, Minnesota, calling for justice after the death of George Floyd. He wore his cap and gown — which he hasn't gotten to wear because the Covid-19 pandemic delayed in-person graduations.

'I CAN'T BREATHE': Philadelphia police toss canisters toward crowd trying to flee up highway embankment

“I’m not going to critique other people’s performances,” McConnell says when asked about Trump’s leadership

Washington Gov. Jay Inslee called President Trump's threats to deploy the U.S. military to tamp down protests the "rantings of an insecure man trying to look strong after building his entire political career on racism."

That will cost extra.

Our statement on @ABC11_WTVD refusing to air our ad, "Flag of Treason"

Conservative commentators are trying to say that the facts of the clearing of Lafayette park last night--which was recorded live as it happened, mounted police and riot police and tear gas, filmed by countless journalists--are not what you saw with your own eyes. Don't let them.

whoever they are, they are god damn cowards.

Trump asks Melania to smile during today's photo op.

The Rev. James Martin to NBC: "Using the Bible as a prop while talking about sending in the military, bragging about how your country is the greatest in the world, and publicly mocking people on a daily basis, is pretty much the opposite of all Jesus stood for."

Me and my friends were teargassed to make this political ad happen.

Kasie Hunt asks Republican senators what they thought of the President having peaceful protestors gassed and dispersed for a photo op

Virginia Congressman seeking Secret Service documents related to tear-gas attack on protesters Monday night

I mean for real, who brings their handbag to this? No one in this photo should ever hold elected office or be allowed to serve as a US official again.

Today is the day @JoeBiden became president.

Tens of thousands of Americans dead from a pandemic he could have prevented. Tens of millions of Americans unemployed thanks to a crisis he created American cities filled with violent protests Yet no one in Trump's White House has resigned. Here's why:

Imagine living in such a f*cked information environment that you think this image looks good. “We’re really going for that faceless shock troop vibe. With the pillars and architectural domes and everything.”

This is why Facebook has been on PR offensive and Trump is stumbling around Lafayette Park with a bloated adult diaper - the use of social media by *multiple nations* to get him elected is ready to be exposed. Russia and Israel, for starters. That's why they're all freaking.

A Good German.

Americans were attacked by a military paid for by their tax dollars—for a 29 second propaganda piece. Tear gas used amid a pandemic. Flash-bangs used against children. Rubber bullets targeting our free press. Mr. President, the American people are not the enemy of this nation.

@JoeBiden torches @realDonaldTrump for tear-gassing peaceful protestors for his stupid photo op, saying Trump is "more interested in power than in principle—more interested in serving the passions of his base than the needs of the people in his care."

Kislyak “played Flynn like a fiddle...For a former head of an intelligence agency Mr. Flynn showed a stunning lack of counterintelligence savvy or sophistication in dealing with an adversary.”

Joe Biden - Let us vow to make this, at last, an era of action to reverse systemic racism with long overdue and concrete changes. This morning I'm speaking in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on where we are and where we need to go. Tune in

Joe Biden is about to give an address in Philadelphia, with heavy criticism of Trump while saying: “I won’t traffic in fear and division. I won’t fan the flames of hate.” A preview of his remarks, with @WaPoSean

History Will Judge the Complicit Why have Republican leaders abandoned their principles in support of an immoral and dangerous president?

I was appalled to see him in his battle dress. Milley (he’s a general?!?) should not have walked over to the church with Trump.— Gen Michael Hayden

.@secPompeo meets with Tiananmen Square survivors at 2:30 pm today, per @StateDept.

Australian PM Scott Morrison has demanded an investigation into the assault of an Australian journalist and cameraman at the hands of US Police, that was broadcast live on one of the country’s biggest morning shows

Several cadets brought back for graduation at West Point test positive for Covid-19

Trumpers have been setting up fake Antifa accounts since at least 2017. Some of us noticed.

Because Trump *doesn't* want you watching: - COVID-19 deaths - Depression-level unemployment - Insider trading from top secret briefings - Senate Intel Report Vol. 5 - Collusion - The Flynn plea deal debacle - Netanyahu's trial - Biden's poll numbers

We asked Trump if that was his family Bible he was holding up. He didn’t hear at first, amid sirens sounding near St John’s church, so we asked “Is that your Bible?" “It’s *a* Bible," he answered

The assault of an Australian TV crew in front of the White House occurred while the crew was talking LIVE to the Sydney based morning breakfast news show SUNRISE, hence millions of Australians saw the incident realtime

NEW: Trump was offered a choice between advisers urging him to break out of the politics of grievance and his own overpowering desire to dig in. In the end—as is always the case—Trump’s gut won out

He only takes advice from Putin...he called him FFS for pointers.

“#Reuters announces it has become a disinformation arm of Vladimir Putin” That’s one less reliable source for Western nations to count on @ReliableSources

Remember when Trump gave that speech at Honeywell? Honeywell is partnering with UAE - a country that just hired the former head of the South Carolina GOP to push its interests.

Twitter has restricted a tweet from Rep. Matt Gaetz for violating its policies against glorifying violence.

A black family tried to get the attention of the police to protect a neighborhood store in Van Nuys and were immediately handcuffed.

They tear-gassed people to make... this?

This brilliant @anneapplebaum story explains why some politicians collaborate with immoral leaders

New #FactChecker --> Mitch McConnell got ‘rich’ the old-fashioned way

The president finally got his wall.

After 30 years, Hong Kong prohibited for the first time the annual June 4 vigil to honor victims of the pro-democracy Tiananmen Square protests in 1989, which the Chinese government crushed with deadly force

This is a historic moment. Somehow, without having to say much of anything, Donald Trump made a profoundly fascist gesture last night. What an image.

“You could hear the flash-bangs from inside the White House as they were going off.” @kwelkernbc reports on police in D.C. firing tear gas and pepper spray at peaceful protesters just moments before President Trump walked across the area to take a photo at St. John’s Church.

Your reminder that tear gas is a chemical weapon banned in war.

Our nation is burning, and we are in desperate need of leadership.@realDonaldTrump can’t and won’t heal us, but will only divide us more. These four former presidents should work together NOW to lead Americans on a path out of this darkness.

The President is a clear, imminent danger to our way of life. We have never been closer to a dictatorship. He has to go.

The world still believes in the dream of America. We should too.

"He is so morally unfit to be president," writes @mtomasky. "If he were president of a bank, he’d have been fired ages ago. School principal—fired. Partner of a law firm—fired."

Athletes on Floyd killing: Hold police accountable for black deaths and start right now

Dear @TheJusticeDept AG Barr: When you fail to condemn white nationalist groups, as you failed to do yesterday in your speech, you are showing your true colors.

Milley in a battlefield uniform. Usually at White House a chairman wears a dress uniform

The FBI is now investigating the shooting death of Louisville chef David McAtee at the hands of law enforcement

Surreal watching news anchors grapple, in real time, with the reality that police departments have become terrorist organizations.

What The Holy Fuck????

Trump’s show of force was intended to show his patience had run out after three days of protests that descended into graffiti spraying, fires and lawlessness directly in front of the White House.

Huge - Arlington VA police department has withdrawn all its officers from across the river in Washington DC. At the direction of Arlington County Board, Arlington PD will not continue aiding the National Guard and DC police.

Yes. I notice that anyone impersonating an officer of the law will face felony state charges or Federal charges under 18 U.S. Code CHAPTER 43— FALSE PERSONATION, §912 §913.

not tear-gassed. not struck by rubber bullets. not shoved to the ground by officers. protest encouraged by the president.

Not a glitch - a signal.

Civil-rights leaders were left “stunned” after trying to explain racism in a Monday meeting with Mark Zuckerberg

It’s vital that all governors, mayors, members of Congress, AGs, state legislators, police chiefs and others who believe in democracy speak out against Trump’s actions and his threat of military occupation. Silence is complicity.#SilenceIsComplicity

I will move heaven and earth to help elect this man in a decisive indisputable victory. Enough is enough.

There is significant Blackhawk traffic around the Armory The staging today: Drones. Blackhawks. Armored vehicles/humvees all over. Riot shields+tear gas meters at WH This is the fantasy violence POTUS wants America to be. Any minute he’ll appear in fake medals + military sashes

While tensions between police and demonstrators have heated up across the US, some officers have shown solidarity with the movement by hugging protesters, praying with them, mourning with them, and taking a knee to honor George Floyd.

"The president seems to think dominating Black people, dominating peaceful protestors is law and order. It's not. He calls them thugs? Who is the thug here? Hiding in a bunker? Hiding behind a suit? Who is the thug?" Anderson Cooper has HAD IT.

Thread: Let us be clear about what happened today. @realDonaldTrump threatened to send the military to “dominate” protestors, his advisors referred to our streets as the “battlespace,” and he ordered the military to use force on peaceful demonstrators so he could stage a photo op.

I don’t know anyone in “Antifa.” But I’m against facism. And @realDonaldTrump is a fascist.

Opinion: Every crisis America faces has been made worse by Trump

To be clear, this was in the works for a while. But after last week, I am happy to no long support policies and values I vehemently disagree with.

Has the Bible ever been used in a more disingenuous and exploitative way?

Remember the video from DC of the cameraman getting face punched by a cop? Well he was broadcasting live to Australia as he got punched. And it was broadcast live to audiences on other side of the globe in πŸ‡¦πŸ‡Ί... here is it. Disgusting.

A cop just shot in the head at a courthouse here in Vegas. Another dead at Circus Circus by the sounds of it. Protesters are not killing cops, sounds like sniper & sniping ain't part of protesting, in case anyone was unaware. No other info at this time, stay out of the area.

RIP David McAtee

JUST IN: Justice Department asks Supreme Court to block Democrats' access to Mueller documents

This video of Grand Rapids PD, they fired a tear gas grenade at this man's face after macing him. These are the people that are supposed to protect and serve. They are supposed to keep communities safe. These bad apples are dangerous

Trump Comments Raise Governor’s Ire Ahead of Visit to Maine

These Mass. Companies Paid CEOs Millions Before Taking Small Business Loans

Boxer Floyd Mayweather to Pay for George Floyd’s Funeral

Louisville protesters see police as 'corrupt'

Sen. Kamala Harris: Pres. Trump's threats to use the military against the American people are ‘the words of a dictator’

The fact that Trump spoke with Zuckerberg on Friday and Putin today but still hasn’t addressed the American people tells you pretty much everything you need to know about him.

Thread ; absolutely baffled who thought this military deployment in the homeland was a good idea. Destroying trust in another institution, eroding public confidence, talking like U.S. streets are Baghdad, buzzing citizens w/aircraft, CJCS roaming the streets like it's some bizarre movie

The President just declared war on millions of Americans and the 1st Amendment. He is the greatest threat to the American way of life in our history.

Venezuela's Maduro says he will visit Iran soon, sign agreements

That's how you do the fuckin' headline,

IN TODAY'S NEWS: Man who didn't like people laughing at him for hiding in a bunker gassed peaceful protestors in order to pose with an upside down bible.

Bishop Budde comments on President Trump's visit to St. John's Episcopal Church: "He was proceeded by a violent clearing of nonviolent protesters to make his way and he was using our church as a backdrop and the Bible as a prop."

The are using the exact Hitler Playbook. Point by point. We know exactly what comes next.

It’s important that every American have the chance to hear this. Networks need to cover it. Critical that people hear from a sane national leader tomorrow.

NEWS: A Twitter account claiming to belong to a national “antifa” organization and pushing violent rhetoric related to ongoing protests has been linked to the white nationalist group Identity Evropa, according to a Twitter spokesperson.

I came home, threw my riot gear off in the middle of my living room aftet the last night id be ordered to kill democracy. I resigned this morning. Im too stunned and ashamed to touch it. I just witnessed another murder on tv. The murder of democracy

Trump threat to send military to U.S. cities misses key details

Pentagon not clear on Trump threat to use military on Americans

Trump considers Insurrection Act to deploy US troops domestically