Sunday, July 19, 2020

The pandemic has created a looming eviction crisis that could leave millions of renters without a roof over their head. Passing my RELIEF Act is one step to ensuring that doesn’t happen

My new video. #KeepYourChildHome We need 10,000 retweets in two hours. Please tweet and then retweet again in an hour

ROGER STONE CASE UPDATE: Judge Amy Berman Jackson grants leave to file a motion to consider an amicus brief on the issue of president pardons.

The last few paragraphs of Mary Trump’s book pretty much nail it

Portland is how it starts.

How much did Biden pay for that 20 minute ad with Trump and Chris Wallace today?

.@SimaforTX learned the values of freedom and opportunity as a young immigrant to America. Today, this mother, lawyer, and activist is committed to centering the needs of working families in #TX02 and to facing down those who would divide our nation with the politics of fear.

Margaret @GoodforFlorida is looking forward to making a real difference in the lives of working families in #FL16 by bringing to the House the same dedication and common sense problem-solving that always guided her service as an attorney, non-profit leader, and legislator.

Any interview that yields a split-screen like this must be going great

You realize every military, FBI, intelligence and national security professional is laughing at you, right? I love the get-up though. I need to get some of those shades. You must hang with fellow wannabe Grenell.

“How will you like history to see your years as president?” “No one liked me.”


When met with the slightest bit of pushback, Trump collapses. More of this please.

TRUMP: Now they want to change -- 1492, Columbus discovered America. ... Now they want to make it the 1619 project. Where did that come from? What does it represent? I don’t even know, so. WALLACE: It’s slavery. TRUMP: That’s what they’re saying, but they don’t even know.

I saw "Beautiful World Wars" trending and knew who had said it and why. How much farther till November?

I think this is simultaneously the funniest and scariest presidential interview in history

WALLACE: "How will you regard your years as POTUS?" TRUMP: "I think I was very unfairly treated." WALLACE: "But what about the good parts?" TRUMP: "I have done more than any POTUS in history in the first 3.5 years ... here's the bottom line: I've been very unfairly treated."

TRUMP: "I think mail-in voting is going to rig the election." WALLACE: "Are you suggesting that you might not accept the results?" TRUMP: "I have to see." WALLACE: "Can you give a direct answer that you will accept the election? TRUMP: "I have to see."

"We're signing a health care plan within two weeks. A full and complete health care plan, that the Supreme Court decision on DACA gave me the right to do" -- Trump routinely cites a two week timeframe for new policy initiatives when he's just making stuff up

"Religion will be gone" -- Trump offers some absurd fear-mongering about what will happen if Biden is elected

"I took the [cognitive] test too, when I heard you passed it. It's not the hardest test. It shows a picture and it says, 'what's that,' and it's an elephant." -- Chris Wallace pushes back on Trump hyping the cognitive test he passed at Walter Reed

"The Democrats are purposely keeping their schools closed, keeping their states closed. I called Michigan. I want to have a big rally in Michigan. Do you know we're not allowed to have a rally in Michigan?" - Trump dismisses health concerns, accuses Dems of conspiring against him

"First of all, I'm not losing. Because those are fake polls" -- Trump dismisses a Fox News poll showing Biden up by 8 points

"I don't care what the military says" -- Trump dismisses military's support for renaming bases named after Confederate generals

"When people proudly have their Confederate flags, they're not talking about racism. They love their flag. It represents the south. They like the south. People right now like the south. I say it's freedom of, of, many things" -- Trump

"I don't believe in that ... masks cause problems too" -- Trump on possibility of a national mask mandate (masks do not cause problems)

"I'll be right eventually" -- Trump defends his comment that the coronavirus will "disappear" on its own

"They have the sniffles ... many of those cases shouldn't even be cases" -- Trump is still downplaying the severity of contracting Covid-19

"Ready? Will you please get me the mortality rate? Kayleigh is right here... I heard we have the best mortality rate" - the WH just flat out made up a chart to create a false impression that the US has the best mortality rate in the world during Trump's interview w/ Chris Wallace

Chris Wallace to President Trump on #coronavirus: “This isn’t burning embers Sir, this is a forest fire.”

This November, Americans will have the opportunity to embody Lewis’ spirit, take up his mantle and carry on his enduring legacy by exercising their right to vote.

Trump’s hopes for a second term rest on whether he can assemble an electoral college majority in the states, even if he were to lose the popular vote, as he did in 2016. Current polling in battleground states shows a similarly challenging pattern for Trump

Sunday morning at the White House where the flag is at full staff again after being lowered Saturday in honor of Rep. John Lewis.

Police kidnap another person and throw her in an unmarked vehicle while telling her friends not to follow them or they will be shot.

"One of the greatest failures of presidential leadership in generations."


Analysis: Trump may finally be facing the political consequences of his untrustworthiness

Citing briefings from his own "team of experts," Biden expressed concern Friday about continued foreign interference in U.S. elections

There’s a line of women linking arms and protecting the protestors outside the Justice Center. Chants of, “Feds stay clear, moms are here!” and “Moms not Feds,” to resounding applause.

It was. See: The last four years. — Hillary Clinton

Except they aren’t being arrested. There is nothing normal — or justifiable — about unidentifiable LEOs throwing citizens in unmarked cars, covering their heads with hoods and taking them in for questioning while simultaneously urging them to waive their rights.

CDC says the coronavirus pandemic could be under control in four to eight weeks if everyone wore a mask starting now

Little green men in America. Never thought I’d see the day.

Oxford’s Covid-19 vaccine, devised by Sarah Gilbert, is in human trials. AstraZeneca has lined up agreements to produce 2 billion doses. Now the world waits

Betsy DeVos insisted that every school must reopen in the fall, but failed to provide even a cursory explanation for how that might be done without increasing coronavirus cases

The most devastating and effective ads for removing @realDonaldTrump are coming from Republicans. The @gop .@realDonaldTrump is destroying America. Even his own party sees it.

Using TaskRabbit and Venmo, a Silicon Valley investor and his business partner had workers repackage non-medical KN95 masks so he could sell them to Texas emergency workers.

China is forcing the world to find new ways to deal with it

The feds are still in the streets of Portland, beating people up, using pepper spray and tear gas...but this protester in the Navy sweatshirt was having none of it.

U.S. Commerce Sec. Wilbur Ross hospitalized

NEW: An internal Homeland Security memo warned this past week that tactical teams sent to control unrest in Portland had no training in managing such demonstrations.

When you think about it, it's pretty alarming that the president could be putting off releasing his tax returns because he knows it would launch a criminal investigation

A former Trump administration economist tells @PoppyHarlowCNN that his team alerted the White House about the dangers of a looming pandemic outbreak about three months before Covid-19 is believed to have made its way into the United States.

What an embarrassment. The FBI says that 2019 was the deadliest year for actual domestic terrorism, mostly committed by white supremacists, in a generation. And you're playing war against graffiti. No wonder you're just an "Acting Secretary."

“Gavin Newsom of California was told that if he wanted the federal government to help obtain the swabs needed to test for the virus, he would have to ask Mr. Trump himself — and thank him.”

The moms are chanting, “Leave our kids alone!”

Syrians head to polling stations in government-held parts of the war-torn country to elect a new parliament amid strict health measures to prevent the spread of coronavirus amid an increase of cases in recent days.

My prediction: Next time trump goes golfing he’s sporting a moomoo

The SS has taken over.

Here’s the longer version of the protester being struck repeatedly by federal police tonight in Portland

Stunned that Trump has said nothing about #RussianBounties

"They have stolen our governor from us." Our report for @BBCNews @BBCWorld on Saturday's protest in Khabarovsk in Russia's far east.

Why would police need to wear camo in the heart of a city?

Thousands protest again over arrest of Russian regional governor

Trump is building his wall — just not the one he promised.

Oregon attorney general sues federal agencies for allegedly violating protesters’ civil rights

At the 1963 March on Washington, civil rights leaders asked John Lewis to tone his speech down

The reason you keep seeing people dunk on Marco Rubio for his John Lewis-Elijah Cummings mixup is because it’s part of a broader GOP phenomenon of publicly grieving Lewis’s death while largely being a stranger and opponent to his politics. We all sense it. Rubio just defined it.

I like presidents who don't just fucking give up because pandemics are too hard

.@SenDanSullivan that is not Congressman John Lewis

NEW CHART: Trump's Scottish Golf Properties Earlier this year I created a chart of the ownership structure of Trump Turnberry and Trump International Golf Links - sharing as a reference w/links to source docs

In Hong Kong, young democrats raring to 'resist' as nomination period kicks off for crucial election

Pressure is mounting for the United States to take clear action demonstrating its human rights concerns for Hong Kong citizens under China's new national security law, something the Trump administration has been hesitant to do thus far.

‘It’s Spooky Right Now’: Inside the Creepy Federal Crackdown on Portland Protesters

Trump plays golf as US forces in Syria now on a daily basis confront Russians thanks to his impetuous decision 0to abandon 2/3 of once-stable ground to Putin and Erdogan. Mr. President: Pick up the phone and tell Putin to stop harassing our troops. — Brett McGurk

Portland tonight: Moms link arms outside the Justice Center. “Feds stay clear, moms are here!”

This is from earlier when federal officer used tear gas to disperse protestors

The focus on the protest has stayed the same: protest against police brutality and for black lives matter. What’s changed has been the tactics and a certain kind of tolerance for fear

Post tear gassing spirits are high, protestors have been been tear gassed many times at this point. It’s day 51

In case you're wondering what it takes to be a Trump advisor, let's look at Jason Miller's resume: Drugged a woman he got pregnant with an abortion pill so she'd miscarry While married visited strip clubs/massage parlors & requested handys Shirked his child support responsibility

BREAKING: Netanyahu’s corruption trial resumes amid growing anger in Israel over his handling of coronavirus crisis.

OUTRAGEOUS: Trump is blocking billions of dollars for states to conduct testing & contact tracing in the upcoming coronavirus relief bill. WH also blocking billions that senators want to allocate for CDC & Pentagon for pandemic. Dystopian

Acting Secretary Chad Wolf! The Wolf Man! The Wolfster! Wolfy! With cool sunglasses! And headphones! No military or law enforcement background—but he did go to college on a tennis scholarship! Yeah! Commander Chad!

BREAKING: Joe Biden leads Pres. Trump on trust to handle the coronavirus pandemic by a 20-point margin, 54-34%. The two had been virtually tied on the issue in late March.

Federal police strike protester with baton, use pepper spray and tear gas outside courthouse in Portland

Great to see longtime friend Ken Adelman, a senior official in the Reagan Administration, author of the terrific book “Reagan at Reykjavik,” here as a Republican Voter Against Trump

This video is from a friend of one of my mom’s employees at a hospital in McAllen, Texas Her dad is in the hospital with Covid and her and her uncle just died from it. She begged my mom to share it with anyone she could because she wants to show people how serious this is