Saturday, December 29, 2018

The all-I-want-for-Christmas-is-$5-billion-for-the-wall shutdown

Trump won’t attend Mar-a-Lago New Year’s celebration amid shutdown

Three staffers told The Daily Beast that Trump called Oscar-winning actress and deaf "Apprentice" contestant Marlee Matlin "retarded"

#Brexit & #Trump both a #Disaster..

As hate groups have surged, so has the number of extremists trying to escape them. Many liken hate to an addiction—hard to quit and easy to relapse into.

Rep. Gohmert: Let Shutdown Run ‘Until Hell Freezes Over’ If Wall Isn’t Funded. ☆How is this fool still in office?

What Populists Do to Democracies

President Trump this morning once again attacked Mexico & Central America, raising the specter of another so-called caravan to stoke fears of his political base and justify his ill-conceived border wall. His actions are irresponsible & threaten to further destabilize the region.


Retiring Republican gets real about Fox News: "Sean Hannity yelled fire and [Trump] fell in line"

Silicon Valley will be a target from left, right and center in 2019

Poll shows Trump appears to be losing core voters with nonstop tweets, rhetoric, antics

Rumors in Moscow that Putin will fire his advisor Levitin due to Butina's US prosecution deal, in attempt to mitigate fallout to Kremlin from whatever she has told investigators.

This is how the House Republican effort to undermine Mueller by “investigating the investigators” ends. Not with a bang, but with a Friday, buried-in-the-holidays whimper, and one foot out the door.

The anti-democracy GOP burning more furniture after being evicted by voters—this time in Michigan.

Elizabeth Drew, Watergate journalist: "An impeachment process against President Trump now seems inescapable. Unless the president resigns, the pressure by the public on the Democratic leaders to begin an impeachment process next year will only increase."

Chang Zhenming is Chairman of the state owned investment/banking group CITIC. Since Erik Prince's removal 2 weeks ago, Chang is now also Chairman of Frontier Services Group. One group is full of cash, one is full of weapons

Americans sent a clear message in November – they are tied of exactly the type of behavior that triggered the #TrumpShutdown. Congressman-elect Joe Neguse is working to start putting things right by passing the bold reforms in HR 1.

One of the country’s biggest oil refiners gave $1 million last year to a dark money group connected to Mitch McConnell.

Back in the day when the USA wasn’t so overtly pro-dictatorship. We used to be so discrete. Good times

.@RealDonaldTrump says limits on mercury emissions from coal plants not necessary. Wheeler (former coal lobbyist & acting #EPA head) & DJT don't mind exposing USA to deadly neurotoxins & poisons, just so wealthy coal/oil barons can make a few extra $$.

Trump administration appeals ruling that blocked grizzly bear hunts around Yellowstone

Trump speaks at fourth-grade level, lowest of last 15 U.S. presidents, new analysis finds

On the Front Line of the Saudi War in Yemen? Child Soldiers from Darfur

Trump-Russia: Republican probe of alleged FBI bias ends 'with a whimper'

Border agents took antibiotics away from her sick baby & detained them in a freezing cell called an icebox. When she asked for help, agents called her an “invader” who “wasn’t in a position to be asking for anything.” After 5 days, the baby had pneumonia.

“Most of us knew he was a fake...But we made him out to be the most important person in the world. It was like making the court jester the king.” - "Apprentice" editor to @praddenkeefe, in a must-read piece on Mark Burnett's role in the rise of Trump

#Russia's state TV: Panelist points out that the leading countries of the world are now headed by the politicians with nationalist leanings, mentions Trump. With sarcastic satisfaction, state TV host Evgeny Popov adds: "Putin installed them. It's all thanks to our interference."

As Scott Pruitt seeks work as an energy consultant, working on international coal exports, @brady_dennis @jdawsey1 and I look at his life after Trump's Cabinet-and what his tenure cost taxpayers

Saudi Arabia's crown prince began the year with bold, ambitious reforms. Now, he faces increasing pressure over the war in Yemen and the murder of a Saudi journalist

"Apprentice" producer: We "struggled to make Trump seem coherent"

The homeless crisis is getting worse in America’s richest cities

Trump and GOP seeks to blame Pelosi for government shutdown

Feeling betrayed by the United States, its Kurdish allies in Syria asked an unlikely source to protect them from possible attack by Turkey: the Assad regime.

For the past five years have these jokers done anything other than investigate Hillary Clinton? House Republicans wrap their investigation into FBI handling of Clinton and Russia probes

Saudi Arabia has been left reeling from the fallout of Jamal Khashoggi's killing -- and it's led to unintended geopolitical consequences,

#UNFIT-a new film where leading mental health pros go on camera for the first time about Trump’s behavior, disorders, instability. Important film to change public narrative. Let's support this . Click below and watch the trailer

"We actually gave this President close to $2 billion last year in terms of border money for border security and he has not used 96% of it. The idea that we're going to throw more money at a campaign promise ... is just not a proper use of government funds." - Rep. Ruben Gallego

"Trade wars cost U.S., China billions of dollars each in 2018" - good summary of the pain each side suffered in agriculture, manufacturing (esp autos), construction, retail, etc

The only thing you can rely on Trump for is unreliability,

"We saw it in the final weeks of the midterm elections this fall - when Donald Trump gets desperate, he revives his greatest hit: The Wall. Trump today is fear-mongering, while 2-thousand low-wage contract employees... worry ..."

Pan Am Flight 103: Robert Mueller’s 30-Year Search for Justice

Steele report says Konstantin Kosachev is an "important figure in the Trump campaign-Kremlin liaison operation" & that he organized the Cohen/Prague meeting. WTF did @RandPaul fly to Moscow to meet with him? What message from Trump was delivered?

Rep. Hakeem Jeffries on border wall: "It's like a fifth century solution to a 21st century problem and it's not going anywhere."

President Trump signed an executive order Friday that would freeze pay for federal civilian workers in 2019

Trump’s arguments about the wall are mostly exaggerated or false

Privately, Democratic sources say they think desperation is fueling Trump's latest threat to completely shut down the border. They're taking it as a sign that they're winning the messaging war.

Jared and Ivanka's mid-Aug 2016 trip to Croatia, in the heat of the campaign, amidst talk of Russian interference to assist Trump, remains intriguing, especially since Wendy Deng was there, as was Rybolovlev, with both his yacht and his private jet.

#BREAKING: Democrats vow not to seat GOP candidate who won NC race being probed for election fraud

Trump’s Dilemma: Go To Mar-a-Lago And Get Criticized? Or Disappoint Dues-Paying Members?

Breaking News: The EPA proposed new rules for assessing pollution that would make it easier for power plants to release mercury and other toxic substances

GEO Group, a private prison company that operates ICE detention centers, invested heavily in the Trump presidency. It's revenue raised to $2.3 billion last year.

NEW: Tucker Carlson’s Fox News show has reportedly been hemorrhaging advertisers since he said that immigration makes the U.S. "poorer and dirtier and more divided”

John Schindler’s latest scoop is an absolute bombshell. Everybody saying “what if X took Cohen’s phone” should pipe down. ⁦@NSAGov⁩ made their own, contemporaneous intercept of senior Russians discussing Cohen in Prague, in 2016!

So when Speaker Pelosi sends the CR over to the Senate - the exact same CR every Senate Republican supported a week ago - it’s going to pass unanimously again, right @senatemajldr? Right? Right?

‘This is a crisis’: Pay for Coast Guardsmen uncertain amid government shutdown