Friday, January 26, 2018

Bipartisan bill would force Trump to punish Russia for election interference

EXCLUSIVE: President Donald Trump pressed senior aides last June to devise and carry out a campaign to discredit senior FBI officials after learning that those specific officials were likely to be witnesses against him

Great stuff. The US government is actively lobbying the EU to make an EU ‘oligarch friends of Putin’ potential sanctions list as well. I can just picture the panic in Moscow

Trump State of the Union risks being upstaged by Stormy Daniels interview on Jimmy Kimmel

Ty Cobb's audience of one in the Trump-Russia probe

FYI: Steve Wynn has donated more than $2,000,000 to Republican campaigns, party organs, and interest groups since 2001, according to FEC records. That includes more than $1,300,000 to the RNC, The Daily Beast reports

SUNDAY: 'The Wise Guys' Bring You a Powerful Discussion on America's Future

Talking Points: Investigation looms over Wynn project

Trump’s Lawyers, Seeking Leverage in Russia Probe, Comb ’90s Court Ruling

Sen. Mark Warner on the Russia probe: We’re approaching a time where we have to remove our Democrat and Republican credentials; “History is going to judge how all of us act at this moment"

Immigration and Customs Enforcement signs a contract to gain access to a national database of license plates. ICE says it will help investigations, but some activists are concerned.

Kuwaiti embassy returns to Trump hotel in D.C. for its national celebration

Keep a campaign promise for once. We liked the one that said “leave [marijuana] up to the states”!

WATCH: I spoke to the Dutch journalist @eelcobvr who broke the news that Dutch intel spied on Russian “Cozy Bear” hackers and warned the U.S. government. Here’s Eelco Bosch van Rosenthal from CNN affiliate NOS


BREAKING: Facebook told Congress that Russian agents created 129 U.S. election events on their platform. Facebook said that it had found “overlap” between the online marketing done in 2016 by Russian agents and by President Donald Trump’s campaign

Dozens of People Recount Pattern of Sexual Misconduct by Las Vegas Mogul Steve Wynn

Rep. Darrell Issa: Mueller probe needs to end because it’s distracting Trump — ‘the one person keeping us safe’

Trump’s D.C. hotel was the site of a lunch today with Mike Pence, Republican senators including Mitch McConnell, and donors to the NRSC, Politico reports.

This Program Stopped Ebola. Trump May Let It Expire. An effort that helps keep deadly diseases out of the United States could be on the chopping block

Dutch Report Reveals Obama Administration Knew About Russian Hacking in Real Time

Here I explain step by step how Czech President Zeman became a Kremlin tool

Trump is expected to ask for $716,000,000,000 in defense spending when he unveils his 2019 budget next month, a major increase that signals a shift away from concerns about rising deficits, U.S. officials tell WaPo

Betsy DeVos met with Michigan State president Lou Anna Simon on September 20th. Two days later, DeVos rolled back Title IX protections for sexual assault victims on college campuses

Steve Wynn isn't just RNC Finance Chair. He co-owns US Senator Dean Heller

Trump plans to end funding for International Space Station: report

TDB: Jeb Bush Reams Marco Rubio on Immigration: ‘God Forbid’ You Do Anything Controversial

Anyone who’s followed me for a while knows I have my disagreements with HRC. But constantly making her a lightning rod/red herring/anti-Christ every time bad news about #TeamTreason comes out, is a ridiculous tactic. It plays right into Kremlin’s hands

Wynn Resorts has lost ~$1.8 B in value today. Steve Wynn owns ~11% of company

DEVELOPING: Casino mogul Steve Wynn has no immediate plans to relinquish his role as finance chairman of the Republican National Committee in wake of reports of sexual misconduct

CNN: Trump tried to fire Mueller MSNBC: Trump tried to fire Mueller Fox News: Here’s a photo of Obama and Farrakhan from 2005

DACA has been made increasingly difficult by the fact that Cryin’ Chuck Schumer took such a beating over the shutdown that he is unable to act on immigration!


The EPA is withdrawing a policy that requires facilities, such as power plants, that are "major" sources of hazardous air pollutants to remain classified as major sources even if they lowered their emissions

BREAKING: US trade court rules against Boeing, decides US aircraft giant was not harmed by competition from Canada's Bombardier.

Exclusive: Frustrated State Department employees hire attorneys, charging 'political retribution'

Durbin spokesman: White House cancelled immigration briefing with lawmakers

Pretty obnoxious the GOP thinks workers should be weak-kneed with gratitude for corporations giving them pennies while pocketing a multi-billion dollar tax break stolen from the future of the middle class

RNC finance chair accused of decades of sexual assault: report

NEW: @SenFeinstein: If Pres. Trump fires special counsel Mueller, "I expect Congress won’t stand for it and will take action.”

EXCLUSIVE: We need a bipartisan, 9/11 Commission-style inquiry into what went wrong in 2014-16 & made Trump POTUS

Steve Wynn, one of the most powerful men in Las Vegas and a man who Trump has called a “great friend,” engaged in a pattern of sexual misconduct and pressured employees to perform sex acts, according to dozens of interviews conducted by the WSJ

Trump calls report he tried to fire Mueller "fake news" despite being confirmed by Fox

Congresswoman Maxine Waters: "There is an organized effort by Republicans, in concert with Fox "News", to spin a false narrative and conjure up outrageous scenarios to accuse special counsel Mueller of being biased"

Trump takes a shot at Democrats during Davos meeting

Some Republicans fear that attacks on the FBI over the Trump probe could spark a backlash

Why Trump tweets (and why we listen)

Fox & Friends on Trump trying to fire Mueller: "Well, the president says it's fake news, that happened last June, it's something we have to tell you about because it's a headline on the NY Times. What do you think about that? Do you even care?"

A judge’s willingness to let Trump twist the law governing appointment of the CFPB’s Director has predictably perverted the consumer-protecting mandate of that vital agency. @SenWarren got Congress to create it but Trump has sadly managed to kill

Asked why it took seven months for this to come out, @maggieNYT, who broke the story, says, “I’m a little surprised at how effective people in the White House were at lying to us...”

This morning a non-partisan government watchdog organization filed a formal ethics complaint against my opponent @DevinNunes for mishandling classified information.

"No warnings, just a common cold, that's what so scary about it." A Florida family is warning others after their 12-year-old son died suddenly of the flu

Ted Cruz Wants Another Shot at Repealing #Obamacare *Here We Go Again!

Why can't the Republicans except the fact that Americans want a healthcare safety net?

JUST IN: The Kremlin, asked about allegations Russia is re-exporting North Korean coal, says Russia is abiding by norms of international law.

Pres doesn't mention that National Debt also hit record high in yesterday's posting by @USTreasury: $20.568-trillion

Donald Trump's history of lying under oath

Trump meets Rwanda’s president at start of second day in Davos

Congress Fails to Help Diabetic Kids Again

Trumps New Ambassador Sam Brownback Could Weaponize Religious Freedom Around the World

The SEC might offer companies an extreme incentive to go public: the ability to block investor suits

Gillian Tett: Trump, Putin and the power of propaganda

FLASHBACK: 'Mass hysteria': @AprilDRyan's June 2017 claim that White House freaked out over Mueller firing corroborates NYT bombshell

Pro-Europe Czechs hope for early spring in Prague, push to defeat Putin-friendly president

The biggest divide on a DACA deal may be over legal immigration, where President Trump has moved the GOP a long way to the right in a very short time

Facebook down - latest updates: Social network stops working for millions worldwide

Kennedy to give Democratic response to Trump's State of the Union address

In Davos, President Trump will bring his protectionist, "America First" message to the very people he has cast as the villains of his political narrative

After the GOP tax cuts, Macy's is still cutting 5,000 jobs

Trump lawyer: I will decide if Trump talks to Mueller, and I haven't decided yet

Trump said he hadn’t given ‘any thought’ to firing Mueller two months after he tried to do so

The global elite have their doubts about Trump's strategy on trade

He wasn't apologizing back in December - this apology is meaningless.

51% of US-based startups, valued at $1 billion or more, were started by immigrants

Did Trump Obstruct Justice? The Three Reasons Trump Wanted To Fire Mueller

This is just embarrassing. According to a House Intel Committee Member the author of the #Memo must have been drunk when he wrote it. Anyone still peddling this crap?

Shep Smith just totally shattered the Nunes memo narrative his colleagues Fox News have been pushin

President Trump again threatens to cut off aid to the Palestinians

Missouri U.S. Senate hopeful who expects dinner from fiancée nightly says feminists have "snake-filled heads"

Dem: Trump attempting to fire Mueller is "not the behavior of an innocent man"

EPA reverses policy on 'major sources' of pollution-Harming Americans in effort to please the utility & oil industry

Trump, asked about New York Times story that he wanted to fire special counsel Robert Mueller, replied: 'Fake news, folks, fake news.'

George Soros at Davos “I regard the Trump admin a temporary phenomenon that will disappear in 2020 or even earlier.” (They also “try to establish a mafia state” modeled after Putin’s Russia)

"GOP panics as signs point to imminent Mueller blockbuster"

Top Dem calls on Senate to immediately pass bill protecting Mueller after report Trump tried to fire him

“What Senator Cotton did is a gross breach of discipline, and especially as a veteran of the Army, he should know better”

Euro gains as dollar bounce runs out of steam

If McGahn flipped, that means Bannon & Priebus flipped, b/c they share the SAME lawyer


We MUST protect the special counsel from President Trump. Senator Graham and I have put forward a bill to do so – Congress must act now

Stormy Daniels to appear on Jimmy Kimmel Show

Sean Hannity: The New York Times is trying to distract you. They say Trump tried to fire Mueller, but our sources aren’t confirming that! Sean Hannity, minutes later: Alright, yeah, maybe our sources confirm Trump wanted to fire Mueller. But so what? That’s his right. Anywho...

Education Secretary Betsy DeVos Is Sued Over Sexual Assault Guidance

Dutch intelligence service reportedly passed "crucial evidence" to FBI about Russian interference in the U.S. election

EXCLUSIVE PHOTO: Meeting of Secret Society dedicated to taking down Trump and the GOP

Important article for everyone to read on how this president doesn’t lead - Trump bristles under some of his orderly chief of staff’s restrictions

White Americans are the biggest terror threat in U.S., study finds

A doomsayer's guide to the U.S. dollar and why it could keep plunging

The New York Times just published a bombshell story about Trump trying to fire special prosecutor Muelle

WEF18 delegates answer on Davos

A 7-foot-tall portrait of Russian President Vladimir Putin made from bullet shells is on display as part of an exhibition in New York, meant to be a sobering reminder of the horrors of war

Dutch intelligence first to alert U.S. about Russian hack of Democratic Party

Vladimir Putin's enemies think they're gaining ground in Russia's heartland

What should Dreamers do?

Sean Hannity had to hit reverse tonight

BREAKING NEWS: President Trump has publicly apologised for retweeting far-right group Britain First. Says he didn't know who they were. 'I don't want to be involved with these people. If you're telling me they're horrible racist people. I certainly apologise.'

Dem challenger to Paul Ryan will attend Trump's State of the Union as Dem lawmaker's guest

U.S. EPA reverses policy on 'major sources' of pollution

Shultz warns Congress against low-yield nuclear weapons

The Trump Administration’s War on Science Agencies Threatens the Nation’s Health and Safety

U.S. Rep. Pat Meehan, who settled a former aide's sexual harassment complaint with taxpayer money, says he won't seek re-election

Donald Trump's speech is the big event at #WEF18 in Davos - but here's what else we've learned so far today

The Vatican statement against propaganda, fake news, disinformation includes crucial quote from Brothers Karamazov - Is this a subtle message to Russia on the issue?

Putin is seeking the legitimacy of a contested election without real democracy. It is a hard sell.

The employee who sent Hawaii's false missile alert refuses to cooperate with FCC investigation, an official said in a Senate committee hearing

Trump Allies Are Profiting From Multiple Trump Groups, Testing Campaign Finance Laws

All the Republicans Who Said Trump Wouldn’t Fire Mueller—After Trump Tried to Fire Mueller

Remarkable remarks from RoK foreign minister Kang in Davos: ''The nuclear issue has to be solved through negotiations..This idea of a military solution is unacceptable..Any option that is to be taken..cannot be implemented without us going along.”

George Soros says the Trump administration is a “danger to the world”

Trump lawyers quick to walk back Trump bluster on meeting Mueller

Rachel Maddow reports on Donald Trump boasting that he would be happy to testify to Robert Mueller's investigation under oath, only to have that statement promptly turned back back his lawyers making excuses for his outburst.

Trump evokes Richard Nixon again with June order to fire Mueller

Michael Beschloss, NBC News presidential historian, talks with Rachel Maddow about parallels between Donald Trump's desire to fire Robert Mueller and Richard Nixon's criticism of his investigation.

White House counsel McGahn oddly central in recent Trump stories

Bob Bauer, White House counsel to President Barack Obama, talks with Rachel Maddow about what can be inferred about the relationship between Donald Trump and White House counsel Don McGahn from reports including the New York Times story about Trump's order to fire Robert Mueller in June.

Blumenthal: Trump obstruction case credible

Senator Richard Blumenthal talks with Rachel Maddow about the revelation that Donald Trump ordered the firing of Robert Mueller over the summer, and the need to protect the special counsel with legislation.

Trump's intent at issue in effort to fire Robert Mueller

Barbara McQuade, former U.S. attorney, talks with Rachel Maddow about the legal liabilities suggested by new reporting that Donald Trump ordered the firing of Robert Mueller for dubious reasons.

Trump June firing of Mueller stopped by McGahn threat to quit:...

Michael Schmidt, Washington correspondent for The New York Times, talks with Rachel Maddow about breaking new reporting that Donald Trump ordered the firing of Robert Mueller based on dubious conflict accusations and only held back when Don McGahn threatened to quit over the matter.