Thursday, December 26, 2019

Israel’s Prime Minister Netanyahu defeats rival Gideon Saar in primary battle and will now lead his party into national elections March 2

A joint naval exercise between China, Russia and Iran in the Indian Ocean and Gulf of Oman brings together three of the United States' chief global rivals at one of the world's most sensitive hotspots

“Russia starts testing its own internal internet”

No disobedience is too small in a dictatorship. People often ask why Putin bothers harassing activist groups or jailing protesters & bloggers. Dictatorships are brittle and cracks lead to fractures. They don't want people to gain the slightest amount of courage.

"Just keep repeating the facts. Stop giving equal times to lies."@Kasparov63 argues that an "outdated sense of fairness is killing our democracy."

This was my message to the media going into 2020. Your responsibility is to the truth, not to "giving both sides" when one side is lies. And you cannot expose lies without spreading them. So repeat the facts.

Retiring as a Judge, Trump’s Sister Ends Court Inquiry Into Her Role in Tax Dodges It's a Trump thing apparently. So why not ask for HHER taxes? Retiring lets the court's inquiry die but not the People's interest in scams she was alleged to entertain.

Oh you mean our new overlords?

With @AlanDersh, a defender of @realDonaldTrump, ranting about how much he dislikes investigative journalist @jkbjournalist, it is clear that she’s on to something.

"Without him, Parnas and Fruman really had no credibility.” My exclusive for @CNN on David Correia, the “invisible” American who played a crucial role in the Ukraine scandal:

Many of those Trump has attacked as “Never Trumpers” are in fact the opposite — officials who decided to take jobs in White House long after he was president. The president has turned on people he or his subordinates hired.

Trump judges are coming after Americans’ healthcare — and Democrats have a plan to ensure the GOP pays the price

25 states have put in place new voting restrictions since 2010, when state lawmakers nationwide started introducing hundreds of bills restricting access to the ballot.

Along with praise for her testimony, Fiona Hill has been bombarded with obscene, far-right smears. "Indict that whore," Alex Jones said on Infowars. It was a continuation of an astonishing level of hostility she endured during 2 yrs in the WH.

Kentucky op ed slams Moscow Mitch: McConnell is about to violate two oaths

I strongly support this legal challenge as a former Republican turned independent. Minnesota law provides for open primaries and I want to vote for Republican ⁦@GovBillWeld⁩ for President. Tie corrupt Minnesota GOP won’t let me. Sue them!!

NEW: Trump’s government removes TOXMAP - a detailed pollution map - from the internet, inhibiting public access to data on environmental hazards. Merry Christmas, polluters & cheaters!

Russian opposition leader 'dragged out of office' during raid

Turkey to send troops to Libya in support of Tripoli government

Hong Kong marchers target malls in third day of Christmas protests

All Is F*ckery. Wonkagenda For Thurs., Dec. 26, 2019

Trump starts day after Christmas with crazed rant against Pelosi — and blames her for ‘the homeless & crime’

Trump said the Secret Service wanted to host the G-7 at his golf course. We got records that show that wasn't true.

Opinion: Many seniors struggle with social isolation and loneliness and its ill health effects. Our New Year’s resolution should be to prioritize them

#ThursdayThoughts: "Now is the time to focus once again on strategic readiness, building that strategic readiness – the ability to project those ready tactical units across distance to a point of need," - Brig. Gen. Sean Bernabe discussing #DefenderEurope.

If Trump has his way, the WTO will effectively cede its function as the world’s trade referee

Trump owed NJ $30 million in back taxes. Then Chris Christy was elected governor and dropped it to $5 million. Christy gave Trump $25 million dollars and worked Trump's campaign, then Trump told him to f*ck off and didn't give him an appointment.

Weak and inadequate to altering Putin’s calculation

Under the Trump Administration - It’s not safe to be:#MeToo#LGBTQ#BLM#Immigrant#Women It’s very safe to be: Rich White Nationalist Racist Bigoted Misogynistic Which America will we accept? Which will win on 11-3-2020? They cannot coexist.

Russian media has created a "show trials to watch in 2020” list, in which Paul Whelan's defiance has earned him the nickname "America's Loud Voice". It is a list that reflects a gov't that doesn't value justice but uses its legal system as part of its con

Trump admin shuts down map that allowed users to track pollution levels across US

I’m no fan of the 2-party system, but if @TulsiGabbard runs third party at this moment in history to help Trump and play spoiler she’ll go down as a stone-cold villain and confirm everything her critics have said about her.

A clear & growing majority of Americans have developed a deep disgust & disrespect for Donald Trump. IMPOTUS is a shameless, hypocritical criminal who must be removed from office. Impeachment is just the beginning of painful accountability for this traitorous, imposter president.

Former Federal Prosecutor Says Mitch McConnell and Lindsey Graham Are 'Mocking' Juror Oath To Do 'Fair And Impartial Justice'

The CIA analyst who triggered the inquiry still works on Russia and Ukraine issues, but when threats against him spike — often seemingly spurred by presidential tweets — he is driven to and from work by armed security officers.

Donald Trump: -ran a fraudulent business -oversaw a fraudulent foundation -worked with mobsters -was shown to be a nonstop liar -was widely known to be a cheat who didn’t pay his bills Trump entered office as virtually an advertisement for impeachment.

The more Lindsey Graham is exposed and humiliated as the twisted, compromised buffoon he is, the better. Please retweet generously. Distinguished opponent @harrisonjaime can absolutely beat Trump toady Graham in the 2020 race for a prized SC Senate seat

All GOP Women Senators are NOT created equal... Lisa Murkowski is NOT Susan Collins Murkowski was the only GOP who did NOT vote yes to Kavanaugh She voted to save Healthcare She voted against Trump in the Nat'l Emergency She's stood up before@lisamurkowski can #DoTheRightThing

UEFA turned a blind eye to racism and now is letting Russia compete in its prestigious competitions after being banned from world sports. What gives?

The day after Christmas

Foiled in 2016, "Never Trump" Republicans launch new super PAC in effort to oust Trump in 2020

The oath senators will take for Trump's impeachment trial is stirring partisan rancor

Oh our climate is, a-changin’.

How the Daughters of the Confederacy Spoiled Christmas

U.S. Cybercom contemplates information warfare to counter Russian interference in 2020 election

The former governor cited Gabbard's previous decision to not seek re-election as a sign she is not fully invested in her position.

Moscow to take retaliatory action against British media: Russian news agencies

MSN Poll matches all-time high for support of conviction 55%, and opposition plummets to all-time low: Many people moving from "opposition" to "don't know", big moment will be if they reach support for conviction.

Inciting the rejection of the Constitution will get you another Article of Impeachment for sedition.

Opinion: "Downton Abbey" reminds us what "conservatism" really means

These eight countries are responsible for 63.6% of ocean trash: Here's how we can help them

“The Kremlin has recently increased pressure on Belarus, raising energy prices... arguing that Belarus should accept closer economic integration if it wants to continue receiving energy resources at Russia’s domestic prices...”

McConnell facing possible GOP revolt after Republican senator blasts him for colluding with Trump on impeachment:

Russian-backed Syrian offensive kills dozens, displaces tens of thousands

Nothing ends a witch hunt faster than being crushed by the house

Lisa Murkowski opens the door. Will other Republicans walk thru it?

Rudy Giuliani raises eyebrows after calling himself 'Former Attorney General of the United States' on Facebook page

Another Trump defender who’s off his rocker. Alan Dershowitz Accuses The New Yorker of Working With Neo-Nazis

The House of Representatives subpoenaed all the documents and called all key witnesses to testify. But Trump, like Richard Nixon before him, blocked all the evidence citing Executive Privilege and instead released a highly misleading and edited transcript that still looked bad.

US v. Parnas, Fruman, Correia, Kukushkin

McConnell flexes reelection muscle with $1B gift for Kentucky

Pope Francis, in Christmas speech, urges nations to tend to refugees

Review: "Bombshell" takes aim at Fox News, and, with Theron and Kidman headlining, hits its target

How Disinformation Spreads, According to Chuck Todd Chuck Todd has had a front-row seat for the spread of disinformation. Here’s how he sees it happening and the media’s role in it

Related: "Staffers have been confiding in me about the challenges of covering the news inside a network that is increasingly defined by sycophantic pro-Trump personalities like Sean Hannity."

Key Trump aide gets big promotion after refusing to testify in impeachment probe

The Denver Post Editorial Board joins more than a dozen other newspapers: Trump should be impeached and removed from office "Trump has so abused the power of his office that for him to remain in the White House is a threat to our democracy."

It is amazing how perfectly Giuliani, who once locked up NYC mafiosi, has learned to use Russian mafia-style corruption, disinformation and political leverage for himself

A little advice for my twitter friends. Lisa murkowski needs our support right now not our scorn. She is not Susan Collins. She has a real independent streak-remember she originally won as a write in candidate. She voted against Kavanaugh. Give her a chance here.

It is called corruption: McConnell flexes reelection muscle with $1B gift for Kentucky

If we waited years to try Jeffrey Epstein for his crimes — and we may have yet to try some of Epstein’s accomplices— we can wait a few months for the senate to agree on rules for a fair impeachment trial

The new #Russia adviser at the White House has no meaningful background on the subject. The only expert on Ukraine has never spoken with Trump. The U.S. Embassy in Kyiv will soon be without its highest-ranking diplomat for the second time in a year

Pentagon tells military personnel not to use at-home DNA kits

"For decades, the GOP cast itself as the champion of the FBI, CIA, Pentagon and other national security institutions. But over the past three years, Republicans have repeatedly turned on those agencies when necessary to protect Trump’s presidency."

The Education Department has rejected 53,339 of the 54,000 applications for its loan forgiveness program. Yes, you read that correctly.

Andrew McCabe says the Trump admin is withholding evidence related to his lawsuit. McCabe sued the FBI and the DOJ after he was fired in March 2018 by then-Attorney General Jeff Sessions just two days before he was set to retir

Germans think Trump more dangerous than Vladimir Putin and Kim Jong-un

"Every person is a beloved child of God", except straight white Christian males, which are twice as beloved.

“I am asking…the men and women who have revered and respected my grandfather and his ministry over the years, look at his life. Do the words and actions of Billy Graham’s life align with those of the current president?”

"The most dangerous thing about living at a time of constant stories about anti-Semitism is how quickly the hatred is normalized,"