Sunday, December 10, 2017

Republicans sacrifice precision for speed as they rush $1.5 trillion tax bill forward without any hearings

Republicans step up defense of ‘not qualified’ judicial nominees

Tax Bill Provision From Texas Senator Would Enrich Pipeline Giants

Shelby: My state of Alabama 'deserves better' than Moore

Surprise! The Federal Government Spends More On Housing Assistance For The Rich Than Housing Assistance For The Poor.

Watergate reporter: Fox News hosts are "abetting a cover-up" in Trump White House

Moore once said removing all amendments after the 10th would "eliminate many problems"

White House says Trump and Sen. Lindsey Graham are discussing tax legislation, budget talks during a round of golf Sunday

“Roy Moore is lying...again.”

House Financial Services Dems are pressing Mnuchin for info about biz ties between Trump and Russia, demanding cooperation “in determining the extent of any undue influence on the President and his Admin from Russian government officials, oligarchs, and organized crime leaders."

Diplomat rips Trump administration in resignation letter for "stinging disrespect"

Schiff: Evidence of Russian collusion damning

NEW: Media errors drive Trump attacks on "fake news"

Moore nearly disappears from campaign trail in final days of Alabama election

Top Dem lawmaker: Trump has remade the GOP in his "own deeply flawed image" at an "astonishing speed"

U.N. "shocked" at the level of poverty in rural Alabama. "It's very uncommon in the First World"

Why Siberia is a great place to mine bitcoins

Jeanine Pirro is calling for the purging, arrest, and prosecution of people at the FBI and DOJ.

A battle for public opinion: Trump goes to war over Mueller and Russia

States sue Trump's EPA for failing to enforce smog standards

John Thune says Roy Moore will be under "ethics cloud" if elected Tuesday

Boycotted by black leaders, Trump speaks at civil rights museum opening

Haley: Women accusers should be heard, even if Trump is target

Republican Alabama Sen. Richard Shelby: “I want to reiterate again: I didn’t vote for Roy Moore, I wouldn’t vote for Roy Moore, I think the Republican Party can do better.”

Arab foreign ministers tear into Trump: Jerusalem decision a "dangerous violation" of international law

Private War: Erik Prince Has His Eye On Afghanistan's Rare Metals

Per pool, Trump has arrived at at Trump International Golf Club in West Palm Beach. This is his 82nd day at a Trump golf club, 105th day at a Trump property as president.

Political activity must truly be conducted at the service of the human person, with respect for creation and for the common good.

Roy Moore’s supporters often tout his popularity with Christian conservatives—but what do Alabama’s pastors really think of Roy Moore?

In Alabama race, voters ask: What about the issues?

Opinion: The mud that could save the world

Visit with Santa Cold Open - SNL

At Least 6 White House Advisers Used Private Email Accounts

Lebanese forces fire tear gas at protesters near US embassy after Trump's recognition of Jerusalem as Israel capital

The moment our @ABC News cameraman gets hit as Israeli troops storm through. He yells "I'm a journalist, I'm a journalist."

Did Paul Ryan decide Social Security was a waste of money before or after he used it to pay for college?

President Hassan Rouhani says Iran is ready to restore ties with Saudi Arabia if it stops bombing Yemen and cuts its alleged ties with Israel.

Sen. John Thune says Republican National Committee backing Roy Moore is "unfortunate"

Following riots, Israeli defense minister calls for boycott of Arab citizens: 'They don't belong here'

NEWS: Trump has agreed to cut last-min robocall for Roy Moore - his most direct involvement in Ala on Moore's behalf

Collins' Obamacare deal faces moment of truth

Those conservative evangelicals who flock to Israel every year and express solidarity with the Israeli government "may not understand that the modern state of Israel isn't anything like biblical Israel," one scholar says.

How to launder $1 billion of Iranian oil

Doug Jones makes final push in Alabama with black voters in Selma AL

Here is a map of Bears Ears showing the location of Uranium Mines. Protecting the land has made it difficult or impossible to mine the uranium.

Court filing highlights breadth of Mueller's investigation into Manafort

State Department officials defended President Trump's recognition of Jerusalem as Israel's capital, saying it reflects the will of the American people and arguing that, in practice, it doesn't really change anything

Trump’s voter fraud commission plans to create a massive voter database. Former national security officials say it could be hacked.


Deaths of four US troops in Niger resulted from poorly planned mission and could have been avoided

The Trump admin has told employees of the U.S. Office of Financial Research to expect deep budget and staffing cuts, people familiar with the matter tell WSJ, the latest example of its efforts to undo Obama-era policies

What it's like to get laid off at the Carrier plant Trump said he'd save.

Roy Moore speaks Russian and says "Maybe Putin is right."

President Trump calls for Washington Post reporter who apologized for inaccurate tweet to be fired

The Dollar General CEO just accidentally made clear how screwed up the economy is

Israeli PM Netanyahu faces chilly reception this week at EU after Trump’s controversial Jerusalem decision