Sunday, March 25, 2018


Stormy Daniels describes her alleged affair with Donald Trump

Tonight, Stormy Daniels tells Anderson Cooper about her alleged affair with Mr. Trump and the “hush agreement” with potential legal and political implications for the president.

You've got less than 5 minutes!

NEW: Fox News Poll show strong support for stronger gun control

GOOD QUESTION! Kaine questions whether Bolton can get security clearance

Lewandowski: I turned down Cambridge Analytica three times when I ran Trump campaign

Are you watching Stormy Daniels interview on 60 minutes tonight? Here's what you need to know about the adult film star's history with Trump:

CFPB Dir. Mick Mulvaney has decided not to sue a payday loan collector and is weighing whether to drop cases against 3 payday lenders, 5 people with direct knowledge tell Reuters

Over 800,000 came out for #MarchForOurLives in DC, with hundreds of thousands more rallying throughout the nation

There is a photo making the rounds of Emma Gonzales ripping up the Bill of Rights. This is photoshop and has made believers out of those that still believe that our kids are "crisis actors."

Mattis told colleagues he's unsure if he can work with Bolton

‘Stormy Will Eat You Alive’: How a Porn Star is Making Trump World’s Lives Hell

This is what happened to the federal ban on gun research, explained by the scientist whose work inspired it in the first place

Facebook's Zuckerberg says sorry in full-page ads in British newspapers

Santorum knocks marches: Kids should learn CPR

Trump having difficulties finding legal representation

In another blow to Trump’s efforts to combat Russia probe, diGenova will no longer join legal team

A lonely Bumble Jack Posobiec has lots of time to kill since his wife left him. Today he went to #MarchForOurLives by himself to count buses of "paid protestors." Things are not looking good.

“The last person you want to pick a fight with in court is an adrenaline junkie," a fellow lawyer on Stormy Daniels' attorney

The second-most dangerous American

As Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman continues his visit to the U.S., here is an in-depth look at his country's geopolitical rivalry with Iran, and its repercussions across the Middle East.

Vehicles from the motorcade carrying President Donald Trump pass a billboard calling for impeachment on the way to Mar-A-Lago this evening.

WATCH: Sen. @MarkWarner calls on Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg to testify in Congress, not send his staff

In another blow to Trump’s efforts to combat Russia probe, Joe diGenova will no longer be joining the Trump legal team, citing “conflicts.” Trump enjoyed diGenova’s appearances on Fox News and wanted him on the team even though Trump didn’t know him.

Lewandowski warns officials who don't support Trump's agenda: "You might not want to be in the building"

Pope Francis tells young people not to let adults silence them

Top GOP donor launches gun control advocacy group

Tucker Carlson: CNN’s Jeff Zucker Should Register as a Foreign Agent Because He ‘Shills For Foreign Dictatorships’ (WATCH)

Skripal attack: 2,800 Russian bots ‘sowed confusion after poison attacks’

"I'm sick and tired of the NRA trying to wrap themselves in the flag of the United States... our job was harder preventing gun violence because of this organization" – Fmr. ATF Special Agent David Chipman

Love this Poster for the March for Lives on 16th street of Denver, Colorado

These are the 23 most vulnerable House Republicans (R+3 or less) who have an "A" rating from the NRA. Vote them out

A World War II veteran who fought with General Patton at the Battle of the Bulge,, my Dad will be 100 years old this year.

Sobering facts

...for family protection

Saudi Crown Prince 'Humiliated' by Trump's Oval Office Boast of Arms Sales

Young people are irate, and absolutely right

Gun lobby has funneled millions of dollars into schools to promote shooting sports on eve of the #MarchforOurLives.

Another Effort To Get Rid Of The 'Johnson Amendment' Fails

Stormy Daniels, Trump’s Unlikely Foe, Is ‘Not Someone to Be Underestimated’

George Clooney and Oprah Winfrey paid for water at #MarchForOurLives, organizers say

She got shot, she watched her friends die, she stood up in front of millions, threw up out of nerves, laughed about it, then finished her speech. #SamFuentes, there are no words

The NRA Quadrupled Its Digital Ad Budget After Parkland Killings

Attorney General Jeff Sessions announces rule effectively banning bump stocks

The Republican majority is in trouble. Does the GOP want Trump's help saving it?

Pennsylvania GOP lawmaker won’t seek re-election in an increasingly blue district

Marco Rubio tweets announcement ending his political career

Cardinal O’Malley calls for action on gun violence

"These tantrums are more than merely the online musings of a passionate viewer of Fox News," Rep. Jerry Nadler says of Pres. Trump's Mueller criticisms. "These statements are threats from the president of the United States against our rule of law."

11-year-old Naomi Wadler says she speaks at Washington DC rally to "represent the African-American girls whose stories don't make the front page," and "who are simply statistics instead of vibrant, beautiful girls full of potential"

Record number of endangered whales killed by fishing gear entanglements since Trump *reversed protection for whales!

NRA goes after Parkland students: "No one would know your names" if your classmates hadn't died"

Stormy Daniels' lawyer: Disc tweet is 'warning shot' to Trump

Tonight - what will Trump do to divert our attention?

A six-year-old just handed this to me

Trump may expel Russian diplomats in response to nerve-agent attack in Britain. *It went from "Will" now it's "May"

Watch all of Channel 4 News’ investigations into Cambridge Analytica and the Vote Leave Brexit campaign


I downloaded 14 years of my Facebook data and here's what happened

Quid Pro Mercer

A counter-protest to the #MarchForOurLives event in Utah, where protesters are calling for armed teachers and speaking against gun control

How Close Is Donald Trump to a Psychiatric Breakdown?

Background Checks

How the nerve agent in the spy attack and other toxins cause widespread contamination

Dissent is patriotic.

"Keep at it. You're leading us forward. Nothing can stand in the way of millions of voices calling for change." Former President Barack Obama tweets his support for students marching across the US to demand gun control.

Pennsylvania Supreme Court Chief Scolds His Own Republican Party For Trying To Impeach Justices

How Cambridge Analytica broke into the U.S. political market through Mercer-allied conservative groups

John Bolton plans to fire dozens of White House officials: report

Dem lawmaker taunts Trump over spending bill: You got rolled

March for Our Lives could be the biggest single-day protest in D.C.'s history

'Vote them out!' - Thousands register to vote at U.S. gun-control marches

Gina Haspel oversaw interrogation tactics so brutal that CIA personnel at one black site openly wept and requested transfers after torture sessions

.@Emma4Change’s speech at the March for Our Lives

Vets Speak Out On Assault Rifles

The NRA publicly blames mass shootings on mental illness, while covertly using Cambridge Analytica's dark triad psychometric data to find targets for their propaganda.

Subpoenas issued as part of investigation of Greitens' use of charity donor list

“We’re going on a path of Brexit based on lies, based on cheating, based on essentially a scam”. Brexit insider accuses Vote Leave of cheating- in response the PM’s political secretary denies the claims and “outs” the accuser as gay

Why is it that 70-80%+ of Americans favor: common sense gun control, higher min wage, legal pot, banning 3rd trimester abortions, free college, stricter campaign $$ rules, paid parental leave--but it never gets passed by Congress?

Yesterday, 10 Downing Street publicly outed Shahmir Sanni. Tonight we publish the story they tried to kill: the full inside account of one man's mission to tell the truth about Vote Leave

NEWS: Pence raising $ for his brother, House candidate Greg Pence, tonight at Trump Hotel

NYC protesters as far as the eye can see.

Protest Sign

Here’s what’s in the budget bill nobody’s bothered to read

MLK’s granddaughter leads this chant