Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Ken Cuccinelli just gave the game away. Racism is the point of their policy.

An incredible sentence from @ToluseO’s pool report from Monaco, Pennsylvania

Trump again claims McConnell supports background checks, which his office denies

Scoop with @JenniferJJacobs: Republican donors have been told to hold off contributing to the Senate race in Kansas under the expectation (and hope) that @SecPompeo will join at the last minute.

Two guards assigned to monitor Jeffrey Epstein placed on administrative leave following his death

‘He gets it’: Evangelicals aren’t turned off by Trump’s first term

The Trump Justice Department is urging the federal employment rights agency to change its position and tell the Supreme Court to rule that businesses can discriminate against transgender employees without violating the law, Bloomberg Law reports

Hamptons Trump supporters whine that their neighbors treat them like they ‘have a disease’

Trump adds retreat to his trade-war playbook

The pharmaceutical industry gave Mitch McConnell over a million dollars. Now, he’s blocking action to lower drug prices for everyday Kentuckians. #SenatorForSale

Hold on a second. The other day Trump bragged how the Chinese tariffs were makin' the U.S. billions of dollars and was great for the American Taxpayer. Why would he want to delay such a "great" benefit to America? Oh, wait. Trump's a pathological liar. Never mind.

A Florida man armed with a Glock 19 loaded with a 15-round magazine threatened to shoot a man in the head at a Winn-Dixie for blocking an aisle with his grocery cart.

SCOOP: The government of the United Arab Emirates paid millions of dollars to GEORGE NADER while he was working with TRUMP fundraiser ELLIOTT BROIDY to (1) shape TRUMP’s Middle East policy & (2) win hundreds of millions of dollars worth of UAE contracts.

Roger Stone would like the judge's permission to travel again, this time to Connecticut, Buffalo, NY, and several locations in California for a family reunion and unspecified "employment opportunities"

Dumbest fucking person on the planet

Trump's Secretary of Agriculture Tells Joke About Whining Farmers to Room Full of Farmers, Gets Boo'd

NEW: Shrieking heard from Jeffrey Epstein’s jail cell the morning he died at Metropolitan Correctional Center

Revenue up 3%, spending up 8% equals deficit of $897 billion in 10 months. DC doesn’t care.


FBI agents are horrified that Trump promoted a baseless conspiracy theory about the death of Jeffrey Epstein, according to BI. "The last thing investigators need is the president of the United States fanning the flames with these bulls--- theories."

This should b an immediate campign commercial: The administation's hate isn't limited to POC and Muslims; it extends to working class people generally and anyone who criticizes him: USDA Chief Sonny Perdue mocks those harmed by Trump trade war as ‘whiners’

Farmers have apparently been demoted from "great patriots" to "whiners" as their income plunges amid Donald Trump's trade war.

Lightning strikes detected within 300 miles of North Pole amid escalating climate change emergency in Arctic. Extraordinary weather event comes just weeks after global sea levels rose significantly in single month.

Elizabeth Warren: "You know, when the white supremacists call Donald Trump one of their own I tend to believe them."

I’m no climate scientist but this seems real fucking bad, part 211

If you want to better understand the U.S. economy, picture a 1990's coke party held at a Trump casino.

gerrymandering + lifetime court appointments + vote suppression = political apartheid

New JuliƔn Castro ad speaks directly to Trump: "As we saw in El Paso, Americans were killed because you stoked the fire of racists. Innocent people were shot down because they look different from you. Because they look like me. They look like my family."

God Bless my home state! Ense petit placidam sub libertate quietem.

Whose bright idea was it to slap a nuclear reactor on the back of a nuclear missile, why is Russia making one, and just how viable is a nuke-powered missile?

The Department of Justice is challenging the right of the country’s 440 immigration judges to be represented by a labor union

African Americans underserved by U.S. banks: study

A new American Meteorological Society report finds: • The dominant greenhouse gases released into the atmosphere reached record levels in 2018 • Their global warming power is now 43% stronger than in 1990 • 2018 was the fourth-warmest year on record

23 bizarre conspiracy theories Trump has elevated

A Charlottesville writer lost her newspaper column after a police officer made an empty threat to sue her for (correctly) writing that he'd been photographed with members of white supremacist militias.

Thousands of protesters have clogged the departure area at Hong Kong's reopened airport, a day after they forced one of the world's busiest transport hubs to shut down entirely amid their calls for an inquiry into alleged police brutality.

Russia says radiation levels rose 16 times above normal after last week's deadly nuclear incident

Leslie Wexner hires legal dynamo and ex us attorney #maryjowhite. Who will Ghislaine Maxwell’s lawyer be? As Epstein’s chief facilitator, she now has everything— her liberty and entire net worth—on the line. And she appears to have treated victims deplorably.

Breaking: Now that Epstein is dead, today in South Fla, Jeffrey Epstein's victims have asked the court to invalidate his 2008 non-prosecution agreement rendering his co-conspirators immune from prosecution. This will be BIG.

Attorneys for U.S. Republican Rep. Duncan Hunter, who is facing corruption charges, want his Sept. 10 trial postponed. Hunter and his wife are accused of misusing $250,000 in campaign funds.

Leslie Wexner hires legal dynamo and ex us attorney #maryjowhite. Who will Ghislaine Maxwell’s lawyer be? As Epstein’s chief facilitator, she now has everything— her liberty and entire net worth—on the line. And she appears to have treated victims deplorably.

Tens of thousands take to Moscow streets for fair, free elections

Mueller spin-off trial of Greg Craig begins with jury selection

Open questions, alleged accomplices keep Epstein case ongoing

Epstein death may put alleged co-conspirators in new legal peril

Trump guts American dream, Endangered Species Act both in one day