Friday, March 1, 2019

Kushner Companies


The major US-South Korea exercises are being curtailed as part of the Trump admin.'s effort to ease tensions with North Korea, the officials say. The exercises will be replaced with smaller, mission-specific training, according to the officials.

Rep. Jim Jordan Is Named in New OSU Sexual Abuse Scandal Lawsuit – Rolling Stone

Sean Hannity is now volunteering himself as a witness. I look forward to his testimony.

Chelsea Manning (@xychelsea) tells me that she's been subpoenaed to testify before a grand jury in the Eastern District of Virginia, which she intends to fight. Subpoena doesn't say topic, but it's likely related to the @wikileaks / Assange case.

LePage claims national popular vote bill will silence ‘white people’

Scottish government wins Donald Trump wind power legal costs

In response to the NYT Kushner report, Elijah Cummings threatens to subpoena the White House for records on its security clearance processes: "It may become necessary to consider alternative means to compel compliance."

Trump’s hubris and inexperience set up the failure in Hanoi

"You don't get to use racist tools in your political campaign and then come close to tears in Congress when you think someone just called you a racist, which you most definitely are." — @Lawrence on previous statements by Rep. Mark Meadows

“The whole apparatus of a political party — including its legislative and religious wings — is now dedicated to the defense of one man’s feral will.”

Kushner requests more classified intelligence than any other White House staff: report


The damage done by the Trump presidency, whether in Washington or Korea, will not be reversed. We will not return to "normal" anytime soon

The Point: Trumps shocking, shameful about-face on Otto Warmbier

Trump learns the limits of personal power, at home and beyond

JUST IN: Washington state Gov. Jay Inslee announces he is running for president, launching a bid in which he intends to make combating climate change the central rationale for his campaign

"Some foreign officials, whose communications were intercepted by the U.S. intelligence, privately discussed how they could manipulate Kushner"

Analysis: Trump associates entangled in widening Hill probes of president

"On the Korean Peninsula, we have enhanced the power and prestige of one of the world’s bloodiest and cruelest dictators. We have lost our credibility, both as a military power in the region and as a diplomatic leader..."

The health of Sheldon Adelson, the billionaire casino owner and one of the biggest donors to Republicans, is “dire,” according to his lawyer

Sen. Lamar Alexander delivered an ultimatum to Donald Trump on Thursday: Reconsider your national emergency declaration at the border or face a potential rebellion from the GOP

NBC News confirms The Daily Beast: The House Intelligence Committee intends to call Allen Weisselberg, chief financial officer of the Trump Organization, to testify.

#BREAKING Russia, China veto US measure on Venezuela

Cohen testifies SDNY conducting additional Trump investigations

Secretary Rick Perry: "Today, the department is announcing a $24 million outlay in new projects to advance transformational carbon capture technologies."

Davis: Cohen gave 'game changing' information to House Intel

Davis: 'Everybody knew' Trump's Russian business claim was a lie

Beyond Mueller, potential Trump lawbreaking challenges US justice

Perspective: Michael Cohen’s stunning admission of financial infidelity

Huge: in confirming reporting from earlier tonight by the New York Times, the Washington Post adds a major detail: Trump overrode career national security staff and his own top advisers after being *pressured to do so* by Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump.

Trump's presidency turns into the art of the no deal

Russian state media got a question. China state media got a question. Hannity got a question

Sen. Lindsey Graham on copy of Trump check and Stormy Daniels payments: "I've found most people don't write checks if they think they're involved in a crime."

FDA warns Canadian drug distributor about sending "unsafe" drugs to U.S.

Cohen documents raise questions about Trump financial fraud

"And the Oscar goes to ..." Ivanka after denying that dad had anything to do with Jared's security clearance