Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Jerome Powell is Trump’s likely choice for the Federal Reserve:

FP: Pence associate has been nominated to a State Department job normally given to senior career diplomats.

Twitter Offered Russian News Outlet RT 15% Of Its Total Share Of US Elections Advertising

A Mike Flynn protege who created a fake jihadist persona to fearmonger about Muslims has landed a top job at DHS



Trump signs GOP repeal of consumer banking rule

House Drops Motherlode of Russian Propaganda

Kushner redevelopment plan for 666 5th Ave deemed “not feasible” by project's partner

Convicted Trump Campaign Advisor Met Presidents of Cyprus, Greece & UAE

JUST IN: Ex-Donald Trump aide on Mueller indictment: Trump is "f#cked"


Russia Investigative Task Force Hearing with Social Media Companies

The Mercers bring their politics, and millions, to Massachusetts - to tarnish Senator Warren

Important Fact Stated by Sen. Cardin. Russia committed an ACT OF WAR against the United States.

BREAKING: President Trump says he would consider sending Lower Manhattan truck attacker to Guantanamo Bay,

The untouchable Hope Hicks

My opponent Devin Nunes was just on TV threatening Robert Mueller claiming we're going to have a "problem" if the investigation continues.

Trump Hotels and Ivanka Trump rank near bottom in brand survey

JUST IN: Trump blames Schumer for NYC terror attack after watching Fox News

“Everyone Is Freaking Out”: Trump’s West Wing Races to Contain Mueller Fallout

Zuckerberg Mentor Urges More Government Oversight Of Social Media

Jeff Sessions: Attorney General, Suspect


Firing Mueller just became practically impossible for Trump

Indiana sued over its aggressive new voter purge program

It's been 32 days since Congress let CHIP, the children's health insurance program that insures 9,000,000, expire.

Dems weigh government shutdown over Dreamers fight

Traders don't want to get burned again by tax reform promises

McCain: "More shoes will drop" in Mueller's investigation

The president of Uzbekistan has offered his condolences to Trump and families of the Manhattan terror attack victims

From court filing today it says Manafort & Gates had staff in Moscow, Russia—it also says Russian & Ukrainian oligarchs gave them millions.

Mueller investigation divides right-wing media from reality

Former FBI agent says Russia interference began in 2014

Did Russia teach Paul Manafort all its dirty tricks?

Trump cartoon from Thailand. The world isn’t deluged with crazy deflections from Fox News. They see what’s happening. America is weakened.

Mark Zuckerberg, It’s Time For an Act of Radical Transparency.

Facebook’s 2016 Election Team Gave Advertisers A Blueprint To A Divided US

How George Papadopoulos, an adviser to the Trump campaign, repeatedly sought a meeting with Russia

11 times President Trump has sought to dismiss the Russia investigation as a "hoax"

Top Trump ally fires Gates after he's indicted in Russia probe

House intelligence panel to interview Russian-born businessman who was at 2016 Trump Tower meeting

Disputes within the GOP threaten to delay the tax bill beyond Thanksgiving

Republicans in Congress are putting tribal loyalty ahead of constitutional responsibility

It’s now undeniable Trump’s campaign colluded with Russia to mess with the election. Only Q = Trump’s personal role

America is being run by racists

Trump and his allies are laying the groundwork for a Saturday Night Massacre:

Tillerson meets with Russian ambassador one day after Mueller indictments in Russia probe

Need Help Picking An ACA Health Plan? Some States Are Reaching Out

Natasha & Nikita Magnitsky in Ottawa to thank Canadian lawmakers for bringing some justice to Sergei Magnitsky

Tucker Carlson: Tony Podesta lawyer threatened "to shut down our reporting"

Podesta fires back: "I’m the victim of a big lie campaign" by Trump

WATCH: Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said accusations against Paul Manafort were nothing to do with Moscow.

Obama: "What a privilege to be able to make the world better."

Bannon advised Trump to be more aggressive in slowing down Mueller investigation: Sources

How Paul Manafort helped elect Russia's man in Ukraine

Trump has spent 1/3 days as president at a Trump property & 1/4 days at a Trump golf club

NBC/WSJ poll: just 14% of Americans think Trump/GOP plan will cut their taxes, 19% think it’ll boost the economy

Paul Manafort gave wildly varying estimates of his wealth to banks

Why you keep hearing "uranium" and "Hillary Clinton" in the same sentence.

Sam Clovis' lawyer is Victoria Toensing. That's interesting bec she also reps a "witness" re Uranium One & filed a FARA for KURDISTAN party.

The indictment against Paul Manafort and Rick Gates, annotated and explained

Russia grants asylum to one of the Montenegro coup suspects, and refuses to extradite him.

A former Kenneth Starr prosecutor: "Nobody can say this is a chicken-shit prosecution"

GOP tries to silence San Juan mayor by hastily canceling hearing on Puerto Rico death count

Trump Foreign Policy Advisers Were Brought On to Solve a Political Problem. Now They Are One.

Podesta's downfall sends shockwaves through K Street

Remarkable moment in journalistic history --> Murdoch-owned outlets bash Mueller, in unison


Sen. Warren Grills Housing Nominee On Pro-Big Bank Past

Utah nurse settles for $500,000 after arrest for refusing to let police officer draw blood from unconscious patient

Speaker Ryan—the former head of the KGB, Vladimir Putin, paid for Donald Trump's campaign manager. This matters more than your tax cuts

"A giant fog machine": how right-wing media obscures Mueller and other inconvenient stories

Trump to sign legislation overturning arbitration rule

Tom Steyer's petition to impeach Trump has 1,100,000 signatures in just 10 days.

McConnell, Ryan, WH Cos Kelly, Nat’l Sec Adviser McMaster & DefSec Mattis all had dinner tonight

Act as a blatant cut-out for a known GRU front, then Western CI considers you a target of interest

Here's the entire docket for United States v. George Papadopoulos

Here's the full docket for United States v. Manafort in the RECAP Archive. It was just unsealed:

A desperate Republican scheme to save Donald Trump.

The inside story of how Vladimir Putin came to see America as the enemy

Testimony from lawyers for Facebook and Twitter made clear their companies are still susceptible to election attacks

Scott Pruitt is using the Bible as his guide for reorganizing EPA’s science boards

Roy Moore tried to fit in with Senate Republicans for a day. It didn’t work.

Vladmir Putin will meet with Iran's top leaders

The cast and the story so far: how Mueller’s drama is unfolding

Paul Manafort, accused of being an unregistered foreign agent, used 'bond007' as his password.

NEW: Former Mexican ambassador to US says ex-USG official has indicated State Dept. instructed to suggest Trump Hotel DC for foreign leaders

Let's talk about the NRA and NRATV. The NRA has been cozying up to the Kremlin. Not any officials, but this guy

Ex-Trump staffer claimed campaign approved meeting between Trump staff and Russian officials: report

GOP forced to delay release of tax reform bill after failing to agree on details


Lawrence: Trouble for Trump as ex-aide cooperates with Mueller

NBC News reports Sam Clovis, fmr. Trump campaign national co-chair, was interviewed by Mueller's team and testified to a grand jury. Lawrence O'Donnell says Clovis, set to be considered for an Agriculture Dept appointment, will likely have his nomination withdrawn.

A lawyer representing Clovis says that all of Papadopoulos' communications with the campaign were "self-generated"

“There is a general flabbergastedness about the drift of the edit page,” said one former senior WSJ editor

Ex-US Attorney: Trump team should worry as new aide testifies

Barbara McQuade, fmr. US Attorney, says the White House should be "very concerned" about Sam Clovis' cooperation with Mueller's probe. It suggests others may soon be targeted for interviews. Ezra Klein, Barbara McQuade & Jonathan Capehart join Lawrence O'Donnell.

Ex-Trump campaign staffer charged in Mueller probe sat next to Sessions at campaign dinner: report

GOP threatens to change Senate rules to quickly approve Trump nominees

Thousands attended protest organized by Russians on Facebook

On Mueller's team, Andrew Weissmann is relying on experiences prosecuting Mafia bosses and financial wrongdoings

Sources: Podesta Group, Mercury Are Companies ‘A’ and ‘B’ in Indictment

Paul Manafort has 3 US passports and traveled to Mexico, China and Ecuador with a phone registered under a fake name

Newly disclosed documents lay out the government's reasons for treating Manafort and Gates as flight risks.

With Mueller bearing down, the Trump White House is sounding panicked

Multiple passports cited in Manafort flight risk concerns

Joyce Vance, former federal prosecutor, talks with Rachel Maddow about the concerns raised by federal investigators that Paul Manafort is a flight risk, including his history of using multiple passports and aliases.

Newly unsealed court documents tie Manafort, Gates to Russia

Rachel Maddow reports on newly unsealed court documents in the cases of Donald Trump campaign workers Paul Manafort and Rick Gates which detail their terms of release and connections abroad.