Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Of course: The NRA cuts more operating costs—and lavishes executives with big perks

Manafort is an actual mobster. He was born into the Genovese crime family. The same family that was rolled up by the Russian mob in the '90s. The same Russian bratva, from Moscow (w/strongholds in St. Petersburg & Spain), that is fused w/Kremlin. He works 4 them.

Schiff says on CNN that once he becomes House Intel chair, the Committee will investigate "the strands that Republicans were afraid to go down," including whether Russians have financial leverage over Trump and whether Russians were laundering money through the Trump Org.

Trump Labor Sec'y Alexander Acosta was instrumental in getting Jeffrey Epstein a non-prosecution agreement that kept him out of federal prison for allegedly running sex parties with underage girls, according to a deeply reported Miami Herald investigation.

As you read this bombshell Miami Herald investigation - and read every word - keep in mind that Trump's labor secretary Alexander Acosta, accused here of covering up Trump's former pal Epstein's crimes, runs an agency that monitors human trafficking.

"The most persuasive presence in this briefing was the empty chair." Dick Durbin says after the Khashoggi murder briefing that "we were told in this briefing that it was at the direction of the White House" that CIA head Gina Haspel "did not attend." (via ABC)

Several women who went to Epstein's home as underage girls are scheduled to testify against him for the first time. "These guys will get it in the end because us girls are not gonna sit here and just let this keep happening."

#BREAKING: Mueller protection bill blocked in Senate for second time

The Miami Herald "identified about 80 women who say they were molested or otherwise sexually abused by [Jeffrey] Epstein from 2001 to 2006.” A stunning and damning report

“Oh shit, I gotta make sure they never, ever track me down,” said Trump, who dragged and dropped the Firefox icon to the computer’s recycling bin, then proceeded to turn off Wi-Fi and close the laptop”

NEW: Donald Trump told Robert Mueller in writing that Roger Stone did not tell him about WikiLeaks, nor was he told about the 2016 Trump Tower, according to two sources familiar with the matter.

Obstruction of justice right out in the open.

Corsi said straight up hackers hit the DNC, then he and Roger Stone spent the next year blaming Seth Rich for the hack

Ken Starr: The hammer is about to drop on Paul Manafort after Mueller learns he was a mole for Trump The hammer couldn't fall on a more dubious guy!

Another gift from Trump. “President Vladimir Putin said onWednesday that Russia would supply soy beans and poultry meat to China and that the United States had effectively given up on that market.”

EXCLUSIVE: Paul Erickson, the boyfriend of alleged Russian spy Maria Butina, finally lawyered up

Trump Labor @SecretaryAcosta gave serial child rapist/human trafficker, Jeffrey Epstein, an ILLEGAL sweetheart deal that shut down an FBI probe and granted immunity to “any potential co-conspirators,” allegedly Alan Dershowitz and @realDonaldTrump

DOJ Unseals Indictments of Eight People Allegedly Behind 3ve, Methbot Ad Scams

LATEST: Trump feels no urgency to nominate new AG and is content with Matt Whitaker as acting head of DOJ,

Signs point to an acceleration of Mueller's endgame.

Vladimir Putin says the U.S. is “shooting itself not in the foot but a bit higher” with sanctions

Alleged Russian operative Mariia Butina is negotiating a plea deal with prosecutors in Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s office.

Federal judge weighing whether to unseal apparent criminal charge against WikiLeaks publisher Julian Assange says U.S. may have a "compelling argument to keep the matter under seal" without an arrest

Trump’s Lawyer Raised Prospect of Pardons for Flynn and Manafort

In which Putin escalates the crisis in the Black Sea by referring to the Kerch Straits as the Russian border

Barack Obama lambasts Trump over legal troubles

It’s almost as if having a president endorsed by David Duke has emboldened Nazis

Here's a nice long video of a speech by Robert Mueller in 2007. Gives some nice insight into his personality and integrity.

Interesting: The North Carolina board of elections refused to certify the results of the 9th Congressional District election after one board member cited what he called "unfortunate activities" in part of the district. The Republican won by only 905

The same Jim Jordan named in a class action sexual abuse case with multiple victims?

BREAKING: Will be launching the campaign for an Irish Magnitsky Act on Friday in Dublin

The Worst Thing Manafort Could Do Is Lie to Mueller. So Why Did He Do It?

.@ABC EXCLUSIVE: Ivanka Trump insists that "there’s no connection between" her situation and Hillary Clinton’s email scandal.

Ecuadorian embassy staff have apparently grown tired of Julian Assange, and are trying to squeeze him out through isolation. Last week, however, journalists gained access. What they found was a depleted man on the verge of going mad

Fact-checking President Trump’s interview with The Washington Post

If you are unsure how Trump maintains the support of ~40% of the American people, consider he is supported by two enormous media companies that operate as state propaganda outlets

Saudi Crown Prince Bone Saw arrives in Argentina for the G-20 summit in Buenos Aires

Sen. Jeff Merkley: President Trump should not should meet one-on-one with Russian President Putin at the upcoming G20 summit.

Sensing Defeat, Trump Cries 'Witch Hunt'

Meet The Double Agent Who Now Controls House Conservatives

Senate Republicans Split on White Houses Prison Reform Plan

Seth Moulton is playing a risky game against Nancy Pelosi

Contender: Saudi Arabia nabs new China oil demand, challenges Russia's top spot

Semion Mogilevich. A name worth remembering. Right, @woodruffbets? As the thick plottens, Trump’s pardon finger starts to itch. Manafort knows too much. Corsi and Stone are in it up to their eyeballs.

IDIOT Pro-Trump GM workers blame 'corporate greed' for job losses and 'don't want to hear' facts about factory's failure because of Trumps Tariffs

Utility giant PG&E chose not to cut power as winds raged before California's deadliest fire

GM's factory closings cast pall over finances of Rust Belt towns

.@JoeBiden and I argue in this op-ed that Congress has to stop foreign dark money from subverting our democracy. The 2016 election was a wake-up call and we have to act now

Given all breaking stories today involving #TeamTreason’s connections to @WikiLeaks; one has to wonder about the timing of their, Malcolm Nance, and Jester’s coordinated (and failed) deza attack this past Sunday. You know, especially considering the “weird” timing below...

Comey: If a Democrat acted like Trump, Republicans’ heads would explode

Ukraine says the 3 ships Russia seized were in international waters. The coordinates it gives for the Nikopol gunboat match those heard in the leaked distress call published on Sunday.

And now we all get to wonder anew who in the president's inner circle knew his attack was coming and traded on it.

"This is an engineered set of tragedies. They did the child separation policy, the kids in cages policy, as political theater. They ramped up the caravan as political theater... It's done deliberately, methodically and cruelly"

An EU Magnitsky Act is Putin’s worst nightmare. Now that the Germans have signed up, the probability of this happening has increased exponentially

Press reports indicate that Mueller is going to be handing down new indictments this week. It’s more important than ever that @realDonaldTrump and his conflicted crony loyalist Whitaker STAY OUT of the investigation.

Comey: Matt Whitaker "may not be the sharpest knife in our drawer"

Russia to deploy new S-400 missiles on Crimea: Ifax - Reuters

Fox & Friends’ Fed Script to Trump’s EPA Chief, Emails Show

Trump Says His ‘Gut’ Tells Him More Than ‘Anybody Else’s Brain’: WaPo - The Daily Beast

'Put Putin in his place', Ukrainian ambassador tells Germany

Schiff: Manafort double-dealing Mueller a 'very serious blunder'

China threatens to retaliate if the US imposes Global Magnitsky sanctions for their shocking Uighur concentration camps. Seems like that's hit a nerve and Global Magnitsky should be implemented asap.

Let Putin get away with this, and his aggression will get worse

NYT: Manafort lawyer told Trump team about Mueller interactions

The scientists who put long hours, days, and years into projects like the National Climate Assessment do so on a volunteer basis, writes @profadamsobel for @CNNopinion. They don't do it for personal gain -- they do it because it's important

For Defense Against Active Shooters, Mich. School Hands Out Hockey Pucks

Apparent Mueller docs connect dots from Trump camp to Wikileaks

The Worst Thing Manafort Could Do Is Lie to Mueller. So Why Did He Do It?

Elections ending in exact tie show value of every vote single

Mitch McConnell Calls to Cut Social Security, Medicare

A sad day for America