Saturday, March 21, 2020

WaPo: "Most disturbing for some people is the idea that the wealthiest nation in the world is leaving its caregivers unprotected in this crisis because it did not plan for it and wasted precious weeks before responding."

Literally ever person in the United States needs to watch this.

I do not care what the party affiliation is, there has to be consequences. Too many standards have been eroded

Rupert Murdoch’s network spent seven weeks defending Donald Trump’s constant lies that COVID-19 wasn’t going to hit us like a viral tsunami. Never forget that.

You almost can’t blame Trump for epic incompetence: He is who he is. He didn’t deceive anyone. I blame the voters who elected him—and the senators who refused to impeach him. They should have known better. Because they didn’t, we will pay a fearful price.

My staff is working around the clock to help get constituents home from Peru. Over 60 of my colleagues joined me yesterday in imploring the Secretary of State to help. But he can't be bothered. Mr. Secretary, pick up the phone and help us get our fellow Americans home.

Not one iota of this energy helps get a single American tested, puts one American who needs one in a hospital bed, gets one more N95 mask or ventilator. This is for trump’s shameless, domestic political benefit.

Corps of Engineers has a plan

Wouldn’t it be so Florida if Florida killed us all?

So this woman not only buys out a local Dollar Tree of every single box of paper towels, napkins, and toilet paper so that no one else can buy any, but caps it off with this: "Donald Trump! Go Donald Trump!"

Donald Trump has failed the American people — Joe Biden

“These talking points are all anyone is really talking about right now,” one official said. “Everything is about China. We’re being told to try and get this messaging out in any way possible, including press conferences and television appearances.”

Everyone knows that we're facing a real crisis from the coronavirus. But do you know how we got here and what we need to do next? Ron Klain, former White House Ebola Response Coordinator, breaks it down for us:

Can we put @PeaceCorps volunteers on the front lines of feeding America? They should no be fired but reempower! They can work next to @WCKitchen making sure every America in need is fed. Helping with distribution....come on @uscapitol @SenateGOP @SenateDems let’s thing big!

pull the plug. no more live briefings.

Trump's dangerous coronavirus briefings: Why the media must stop the live broadcasts

‘Terrified’ Package Delivery Employees Are Going to Work Sick

Banjo balm — Steve Martin.

After Trump basically labels a reporter's question about a lack of surgical masks as fake news, Fauci takes the mic and tells the reporter, "you're not making things up. I know that."

REPORTER: I want to read what doctors on the front line are saying TRUMP: You mean the ones saying good things, or bad things? R: The ones talking about shortages of supplies TRUMP: I will tell you the way I look at it. Many administrations preceded me. They did very little.

Nigeria Has Chloroquine Poisonings After Trump Praised Drug

Congress must loudly reply NO. “The Justice Department has quietly asked Congress for the ability to ask chief judges to detain people indefinitely without trial during emergencies.”

Watch Omari Hardy

A Medical Worker Describes Terrifying Lung Failure From COVID-19 — Even in His Young Patients

PEOPLE ARE DYING because YOU blew off the pandemic warnings and slow walked the tests and therapeutics needed to combat the #CoronaCrisis. Let the doctors do their job - and do your job: get testing, masks, PPE, field hospitals and money out to the people asap!

How many more people are sick and dying and dead today because the President was derelict in his duty to warn?

I offered both Pres Trump and VP Pence an opportunity to reassure Americans. Simple question: “What do you say to Americans who are scared?” Trump, to me: “I say, you’re a terrible reporter.” Pence, an hour later: “Don’t be afraid. Be vigilant.”

The GOP Is From The Government, And They're *NOT* Here To Help!

Excuse me? WTF? Medical care is essential

Millions of smart thermometers are picking up higher than expected rates of fever readings in #Florida. How many more canaries in the coal mine do we need?

Here's a comprehensive food safety guide for coronavirus, based on all the existing research I could find. Special thanks to @benjaminchapman for consulting and vetting much of the science and recommentations

The city said it requested from the federal government 2.2 million N95 masks. It received 78,000 — and they all were labeled expired. NYC asked for 800,000 face shields. It got 36,000. And the city asked for 600,000 gloves. It got 104,000.

A month later, the same senators that voted to keep Trump president despite the mortal threat thousands or millions of Americans were explicitly briefed - and rather than warn Americans, they made sure they and their donors could profit.

—@AlexKoppelman on showing Trump's coronavirus press conferences live: "The situation we’re currently in... is that there is a very real possibility that in broadcasting these press conferences live... we are actively misinforming our audiences."

When this is over Fox News needs to be held accountable for what they have done to America. Thank you NowThis. This is an amazing video. Facts matter.

How It All Came Apart for Bernie Sanders

Rupert Murdoch’s network spent seven weeks defending Donald Trump’s constant lies that COVID-19 wasn’t going to hit us like a viral tsunami. Never forget that.

Holy shit, this is ignorant snake oil drivel spewing forth from the President. Azithromycin is an ANTIBIOTIC. Antibiotics are NOT effective against VIRUSES. He might as well tweet about colloidal silver.

"Being male is as much a risk factor for the coronavirus as being old," said Sabra Klein, a scientist who studies sex difference in viral infections at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health.

Here are a few stories that have less to do with the very real medical or economic aspects of this crisis, and more with how we take care of each other as a human family during all crises:— Barack Obama

Over 300 million Americans still can’t get a test in the middle of a pandemic. The economy is melting down because of the White House’s failure and the inability to identify who has the virus and who doesn’t. South Korea’s leaders were smart enough to do it but ours can’t. STILL

The most important thing said on TV yesterday

"When you have 15 people, and the 15 within a couple of days is going to be down to close to zero, that’s a pretty good job we’ve done." - Trump, Feb. 27

cashier at Whole Foods just told she now spends her lunch breaks crying in her car trying to process how “mean and vicious” customers have been this past week...

Maybe if Trump hadn’t shut down the pandemics office in the White House he’d have known of the ventilator shortage warnings. This is the anti-science, anti-government evil of Trumpism.

HE is behaving this way ON PURPOSE. It is not a question of incompetence but of intent. The Trump regime continues to do Putin's bidding and is hell bent on destroying this country for his own benefit. BY making us sick and distracted he continues on his quest for a dictatorship.

Where are the Walmart drive-thru tests?

Biden slammed Trump's handling of coronavirus, accusing him of being "behind the curve through his whole response." "Step up and do your job, Mr. President." "In times of crisis, the American people deserve a president who tells them the truth."

Typical for the @SecPompeo: ALL current Peace Corps volunteers to be immediately evacuated and fired. Directed to self-quarrantine (e.g. not go to parents' homes) but State provides no assistance once they are off the plane. Don't qualify for unemployment.

When I watch this, it's impossible not to feel like it's Day 5 of the 11-day mental breakdown Stalin had after he was betrayed and invaded by Hitler.

“If the President isn't capable of leading stably and effectively, he should - for his own reputation and for the good of the country - stop making things worse and consider leaving the podium to others.”

I remind everyone that Australia activated national pandemic protocols on January 21st. One wonders about the intel that was shooting around FVEY's during that period. Trump, Senator Burr et al, are in trouble BIGLY

South Korea may be a model for slowing disease’s spread. The woman behind the plan is showing the world how to fight an epidemic

To deal with COVID-19, we need everyone to do their part - this needs to be a Team Canada effort. That’s why we’re helping businesses right across the country produce supplies that will keep you safe. Watch this video and click this link for more info

For 30 years, she worked as a waitress at LaGuardia airport. Now one of many off workers laid off without severance or health care, while airports & airlines seek billions in bailouts. Not unless workers get help

Two 20-somethings have amassed 1,300 volunteers in 72 hours to deliver groceries and medicine to older New Yorkers and other vulnerable people. They call themselves Invisible Hands, and they provide human contact and comfort — at a safe distance.

When presidents used to be smart

Intel reports from January and February — along with aides — warned about a pandemic. On the warnings Trump received about what was coming and why he was skeptical,

Stay home, save lives, contribute to the solution, not the problem.

Damn. @maddow just called for ending the live airing of the president's daily briefings because "honestly, it's going to cost lives." The fucking bravery. Thank you.

My works takes me into several Supermarkets and Targets everyday. I have watched the worst of human behaviors this week especially hoarding with no regard for others. This picture needs to be on the front door and every checkout in every store. We have all lost our way. I cried

GOP Sen. John Hoeven made huge stock move — after receiving private coronavirus briefing

Let me show how we are getting food out the door safely and quickly at Bronx Drafthouse in #TheBronx with @WCKitchen @chefjoseandres @SamBloch1 #ChefsForAmerica. Another 10,000 meals out the door today. We keep it going tomorrow.

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer called the Republicans' $1 trillion opening bid on a coronavirus economic rescue plan ‘inadequate’

I've said I'll do whatever it takes to defeat Trump. That's why I'm supporting the group that matters most in this fight: the @DNC. If we're united, I have no doubt Democrats will win up and down the ballot and take back the White House in November.— Mike Bloomberg

Doctors reusing masks. Nurses working even if they were exposed to coronavirus. Staff replacing masks with bandanas or scarves. That is what US hospitals could look like as the pandemic worsens, according to contingency plans released by health officials.

DON’T LET TRUMP HIDE THIS LATEST MOVE: President Trump’s unexplained behind-the-scenes removal this week of the leadership of the National Counterterrorism Center — while everyone is focused on COVID-19 — is deeply destructive to our nation’s safety

There is something fundamentally wrong when a Wall Street CEO can get a 19% raise while millions of Americans are struggling to figure out their next paycheck.

We need a chef who can organize a 7 course meal for a thousand people, and instead we've got a guy who eats crayons and thinks he deserves a James Beard award.

No empathy only anger

This is an extraordinarily discomforting appearance by Trump. It is literally a live case study in horrendous leadership in the midst of a crisis. Never has our country faced such dishonest ineptitude from its’ President in a moment of testing for the nation.

“These are difficult times for me, but I have faith that w/ the help of my family & God, right will prevail. A punishment of 5 yrs in jail for doing what I thought was my civic duty & just as I was getting my family’s life together, is not simply unfair, it’s a tragedy.”

"The system was blinking red," “Donald Trump may not have been expecting this, but a lot of other people in the government were — they just couldn't get him to do anything about it."

34 ICU beds to cover 5 counties. Millions Of Older Americans Live In Counties With No ICU Beds As Pandemic Intensifies | Kaiser Health News

It is simply not appropriate for the former press secretary to sit among journalists to ask questions of the president he served. The door between politics and media sometimes revolves but it is not appropriate to question one's former boss.

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Tucker Carlson is going after MCCONNELL now for his inaction over Burr's insider trading?? And I agree with him?? And what is happening??

We published this on January 30

Someone just pointed out to me that Russian Aeroflot flights are still coming into the U.S. So, there's THAT piece of cheerful news, because Russia would never, ever lie about their COVID load.

Dear ⁦.⁦@realDonaldTrump⁩ please Sir, remember, assets in hand without distribution means nothing. Make sure that mask etc are distributed as we produce them, starting by Hot Zone hospitals. ⁦@fema⁩ ⁦@FEMA_Pete⁩ please deliver them!

President Donald Trump ignored reports from US intelligence agencies starting in January that warned of the scale and intensity of the coronavirus outbreak in China, The Washington Post reported Friday

In a mock exercise three years ago, Obama officials briefed Trump's incoming administration on a scenario remarkably like the one he faces now with the coronavirus pandemic

Elites? Stop the partisan game playing. It’s not appropriate for you to be on Twitter in your present job. You represent a large, diverse workforce and you should speak for them. Plus you are a to target of foreign intel services. Maybe don’t feed them your vulnerabilities.

We don’t give ourselves enuff credit.

Do you think all those fools would be on the beach if Trump warned them not to? Do you think all those billionaires would have gotten out at the right time if Trump warned them to? With how he pathetically tried to game the market with each new bullshit performance?

Joe Biden is planning a regular shadow briefing on coronavirus to start as early as Monday to show how he would handle the crisis and address what he calls the lies and failures of President Trump

No, it won't. That 40 percent will go to their graves thinking that the disaster that has befallen them was Chinese biological warfare and a media trying to impeach Trump and Soros and the media and Hillary Clinton - and they will never, ever hold Trump responsible.

"Azar couldn’t get through to Trump to speak with him about the virus until Jan. 18. When he reached Trump by phone, the president interjected to ask about vaping and when flavored vaping products would be back on the market."

You mean to tell me... ...We can put a man on the moon. ...Conduct successful heart transplants all over the world. ...Defeat Hitler and win World War 2 And we cannot get fucking masks to doctors and nurses that are bravely risking their lives to save ours???????

Check the date.

NEW: @realdonaldtrump’s business shutters properties, lays off staff, as coronavirus slams its hotels and clubs.

If you have a minute, read these stories of folks coming together and helping out their neighbors. They represent who we are as Americans. In times of crisis, we stand as one. We look out for each other. And that’s how we’ll get through this — together.

Trump knew

A president who spits on the Intelligence Community gets Americans killed.

Doctors are using the same masks for a week. ICUs are jammed. Ventilators are already in short supply. The crisis is here. Where is the leadership from Washington?

So uh the Andrew Gillum photos have leaked. They're... graphic. I'm not gonna link to them but uhh I think he's pbly done in politics if I had to bet.

Do the Murdochs feel any degree of guilt for the pandemic in the US? #Covid_19 was downplayed as #fakenews by Fox News supporting The President's determination to willfully disregard intelligence reports

Stop airing Trump press conferences

Joe Biden - In times of crisis, the American people deserve a president who tells them the truth and takes responsibility. Donald Trump has not been that president. For months, he falsely told us we had nothing to worry about while praising China’s response for managing the coronavirus.

Not many people will see this tweet. But, it is with a heavy heart I must announce that my wife of 48 years, Susan, lost her battle against the deadly coronavirus last night. I’m devastated😞 Please everybody take this virus seriously, that’s all I ask.

Right now the US is on track to suffer the largest, most explosive #COVID19 epidemic in the world. The surge has begun, and NYC is Ground Zero. All night I have been hearing sirens all over the this moment Inhear 6 ambulances, moving in all directions

#BREAKING: Ben Carson's daughter-in-law Merlynn Carson works for a company hustling to sell for-profit coronavirus tests to the City of Miami

Converting a building at the Oregon State Fairgrounds into a 250 bed hospital. It will be one of the largest hospital facilities in the state

Front-line workers at New York City hospitals are struggling: “I’ve been in ICU care for 15 years, and this is the worst I have ever seen things.”

An uninsured COVID-19 patient just got her medical bill: $34,927.43. @abbyabrams has the story.

Stop broadcasting the #WhiteHouseBriefing Just have Dr.Fauci on the shows to provide facts without interruption.

If he can't stop lying, at least he should stop talking

Opinion: America needs to be on a war footing

NEW from me: the inside story of what's really going on in America's immigration courts. Employees are panicked — and DOJ is telling them to come in anyway.

Maddow: If Trump is going to keep lying like he has been every day on stuff this important, we should, all of us, stop broadcasting it. Honestly, it's going to cost lives.

Doctors, nurses, hospitals desperate for supplies as coronavirus cases climb

Health care workers on their own against coronavirus as supplies dwindle

States wait for federal help at their own peril as coronavirus crisis builds

Trump irresponsible, dangerous with lies and happy talk on federal coronavirus help

My 84 year old Dad lives in the Lake of the Ozarks sent me a text saying he had 4 days of food left & store shelves were empty. My wife & I are driving 4 hours Sunday to bring him a month supply. He voted for Trump. No more!@realDonaldTrump getting rid of his base one at a time

From The Post's Editorial Board: We face a wartime supply shortage. Where is Trump’s wartime response?

A good illustration of why the surgical hand washing technique is really very important

We are out of time waiting for the federal government to get it together. If you are a state official, the lesson is: Go! Go now!

This is why I’ve been so pissed about the response. We *knew* this was most likely going to get bad. We knew China was downplaying how bad it was there, and we knew containment was going to be required. Trump failed at all facets of managing this WITH ample warning.

How did the US lose two months of preparation time? It wasn’t for lack of intelligence.

U.S. intelligence agencies were issuing ominous, classified warnings in January and February about the global danger posed by the coronavirus while Trump and lawmakers played down the threat and failed to take action that might have slowed the spread

Every American should see this ad.

Trump fired Joe Maguire as DNI a month ago. Now he and practically every other living ex-DNI or NCTC chief has signed onto this piece warning that Trump is putting the nation in peril: