Wednesday, January 31, 2018

BREAKING: Before Deputy AG Rosenstein testified before the House Judiciary committee last month, Trump talked to members of Congress and suggested questions they could ask Rosenstein at the hearing, source tells CNN

Here's the generals reacting to increasing our nuclear arsenal

JUST IN: Gowdy announces retirement from Congress

The FBI confirms that the memo contains “material omissions of fact” that “fundamentally impact” its accuracy. Nunes used this memo to mislead the House. Will the President now use it to mislead the country?

For a $35 campaign contribution to Trump you can have your name shown on the screen during the livestream of the #SOTU on his website. He literally found a way to make money off the State of the Union. Absolutely pathetic & corrupt to the core.

A Trump nominee says carbon dioxide can't be pollution because "Our flesh, blood, and bones are built of carbon."

Republicans are refusing to return Steve Wynn's donations

Breaking details of Dec meeting.

Senate breaks tradition, confirms Trump nominee without home-state senator's approval

Melania Trump stays seated after husband praises ‘faith and family’ as ‘center of American life’ — and declares ‘in God we trust’

Rep. Joe Kennedy speaks to @GStephanopoulos after giving the Democratic response to the State of the Union.

ICYMI: The EU removed Panama, seven others, from its tax haven black list - ICIJ

San Juan's Mayor Carmen Yulín Cruz has denounced the U.S. government’s plan to end emergency food and water aid to Puerto Rico.

We should probably get a straight answer as to whether this bombshell memo they want to use to stop the investigation into the white house is maybe just something cooked up by the white house..

The head of Moscow’s foreign intel service, which masterminded 2016 election interference, supposedly talked to CIA Director Mike Pompeo about working together on terrorism

Britain and China have agreed to "intensify" their relationship, PM Theresa May says in Beijing

CIA Director Mike Pompeo recently met with top Russian spies when they traveled to the US, according to the US ambassador to Russia

Russian Spy Chief Reportedly Met With U.S. Intelligence Officials Despite Sanctions

“Donald Trump sexually assaulted over 20 women” is being projected on to Trump’s DC Hotel

The U.S. immigration fight is shifting from Trump's wall to green cards for family members

From The Post's Editorial Board: "#ReleaseTheMemo" is nothing but a hyperpartisan attempt to discredit Mueller

Trump said several times that the U.S. must limit legal immigration for the sake of national security. National crime data does not back up that claim.

Kennedy unloads on Trump: "This is not who we are"

Trump: Congress should allow federal agencies to fire those who "undermine the public trust"

Mueller Seeks Interview With Ex-Spokesman for Trump’s Legal Team

The things Trump didn’t say tonight say A LOT about his dangerous, negligent agenda

Opinion | A divisive and misleading State of the Union

Trumps plans for immigration, infrastructure meet swift resistance in Congress

Companies that employ "Dreamers" are scrambling to find out what kinds of legal trouble they could face if DACA isn't renewed by the March 5 deadline.

White House chief of staff John Kelly was not receptive to a pitch from top DOJ officials Rod Rosenstein and Chris Wray Monday to not release the Republican memo alleging FBI abuses. Trump hasn't seen memo but wants it out and wants to oust Rosenstein.

Melania travels to State of the Union separate from Trump in break with tradition

CNN Instant poll: President Trump gets the least positive reaction for a State of the Union address in at least 20 years

The Trump administration let a Russian spy chief visit the US— even though he was legally barred

Full transcript and video: Joe Kennedy delivers the Democratic Party's response to President Trump's State of the Union address

Opinion | Trump’s State of the Union: A diatribe against immigrants

Big donors ready to reward Republicans for tax cuts

Team Trump Just Blew Its Cover

New Hampshire bill would impose work requirements on food stamp and welfare recipients

Stormy Daniels to Jimmy Kimmel: It ‘doesn’t look like my signature’ on Trump statement

New emails show Scott Pruitt personally directed the EPA's website purge

Why is the President so afraid to sanction Putin, his associates, or other corrupt Russian actors and officials? Why is he giving Putin a free pass after he attacked our democracy? What is he so afraid of?

Trump's lawyers arguing Mueller hasn't shown sufficient need to interview Trump: report

Europe's economy grew faster than the US last year

By refusing to impose sanctions passed by Congress, President Trump is placing Russian interests over the rule of law.

Trump officials face bipartisan blowback over Trump refusal to add new sanctions against Russia

Trump applauding himself

"The fundamental and inescapable reality is that a man driven by revenge is in charge of the federal government (and its nuclear arsenal)."

Stormy Daniels (going on Kimmel tonight after Trump's State of the Union) issues a new statement saying she is denying having an affair with Trump not because of a settlement but because “it never happened.”

Fact-checking site crashes during Trump's State of the Union

Oh boy. The cover of tomorrow’s @NYDailyNews

Trump's top health official traded tobacco stock while leading anti-smoking efforts

McCaskill: Outrageous for Trump to ignore Congress on sanctions

Senator Claire McCaskill talks about the Donald Trump White House defying a wide majority vote by Congress to impose sanctions on Russia and the peculiar change in position by Republicans on Russia and law enforcement.

Trump White House foot-dragging on implementing Russia sanctions

Rachel Maddow looks at how the Donald Trump administration has been eager to serve the wishes of Russia on the issue of sanctions.

Wray, Rosenstein ask Trump to block Nunes memo from release

Devil Barrett, reporter for The Washington Post, talks about new reporting that FBI officials have asked the White House not to allow the release of the Devin Nunes memo.