Monday, March 2, 2020

BREAKING: Longtime MSNBC host Chris Matthews announced on air that he was resigning following accusations of sexism and harassment

Hey @TomPerez, just went to volunteer at @JoeBiden’s South Central LA HQ and it’s shut down because @BernieSanders supporters have organized a protest and threatened violence at 3. Volunteering in East LA instead. You let this a**hole into our party! I am livid!

Bernie completely understands that this is impossible. But like Trump, he's counting on his base being too stupid to know or care whether what he says is possible. That seems a tad panicky.

We need someone whose core values can be trusted, who has a plan for how to govern, and who can get things done. I will be that president. Thank you

Bernie Sanders has gone after nearly every corporation in the world — except the gun manufacturers. It's unacceptable. We need a president with the courage to take them on and ensure they can be held accountable for the carnage they have caused.

"So you have a medicine that's already involved with the coronaviruses, and now you have to see if it's specifically for this. You can know that tomorrow, can't you?" -- Trump has no idea what a clinical trial is

WH message during Coronavirus briefing is that the risk is "low" for Americans. But Pence would not quite say when asked whether he would take his family to Disneyworld.

BuzzFeed News sued the U.S. government under the Freedom of Information Act for the right to see all the work that Robert Mueller's team kept secret. Today, they are publishing the sixth installment of the FBI's summaries of interviews with witnesses.

Thank you @BrianKarem

Did Vladimir Putin turn America on itself?

TRUMP asks a pharmaceutical CEO: "This would be a combination of a vaccine and also it will -- put it in a different way -- make you better, quicker?"

Who will tell him?

U.S. Vice President Pence will provide an update on coronavirus in a few minutes. Watch live:


You’re a demon from hell. Seriously.

Six people in the Seattle area have died of illness caused by the new coronavirus, health officials said

This public health emergency demands a swift & unified response at all levels of gov't. As we push for emergency funding, we must also remain transparent & proactive in combating misinformation. My office will continue to help constituents stay up to date:

Amy Klobuchar is ending her bid for the presidency and plans to endorse former Joe Biden, according to campaign officials

Called city officials in Kirkland, WA, the epicenter of the coronavirus outbreak, to ask if they've heard from anyone on the White House task force. Answer: "Not directly."

POTUS finally answers the question about his physical. Says it will be done within the next 90 days.

NEW San Diego Tribune endorses @JoeBiden Editorial: Vote Joe Biden for president to unite America

I asked Afghanistan's Ambassador to the United Nations @AdelaRaz whether she believes the peace deal between the Taliban and the US is holding. Her response? "Definitely not as it was before" but that the Afghan Government is still "hopeful" in its effort to end the conflict.

Trump continues to make comments that doctors have to correct/clarify:

HAPPENING NOW: Massachusetts governor, health officials give an update on the novel coronavirus.

Joint Statement from DOS, DOJ, DOD, DHS, ODNI, FBI, NSA, and CISA on Preparations for Super Tuesday - "Americans must also remain aware that foreign actors continue to try to influence public sentiment and shape voter perceptions."

Just in --> A rare joint statement from Justice Dept, State Dept, FBI, intel agencies warning on the eve of Super Tuesday elections that "foreign actors continue to try to influence public sentiment and shape voter perceptions."

SEC Power to Recoup Illegal Gains Put at Risk in Supreme Court Case

Breaking News: Amy Klobuchar, who pitched herself as a moderate Midwesterner, will end her presidential campaign and endorse Joe Biden

– The U.S. coronavirus death toll has increased to 6. – Officials in King County, Wash., will purchase a motel to isolate patients, and provide modular housing.

NEW: Trump officials are increasingly pointing the finger at ALEX AZAR for fumbled coronavirus response, as tests failed and cases silently spread.


A Trump-appointed judge said Monday there is a "strong likelihood" that the Russian firm charged with funding 2016 election interference failed to comply with a govt subpoena, a legal botch likely to trigger a contempt of court finding.

CNN is severely restricting all employee travel, including domestic, due to coronavirus, per memo that just went out. Intercontinental trips must be personally approved by Jeff Zucker, per memo.

Two Americans were held in mandatory hospital isolation for suspected Coronavirus. They now face $2,700 in outstanding medical bills. The C.D.C. won't comment on who is responsible, or commit the federal government to paying

Explosive moment in media conference when surgeon general says the Florida Department of Health waited 24 hours after finding out about 2 positive coronavirus cases before informing public. State found out Saturday night sent out press release Sunday night.


CDC mistakenly released Texas coronavirus patient who later tested positive, San Antonio mayor says Under the orange stain, no dept runs WELL.

Don: “Wow. Some amazing foreshadowing here. Incredible words from John F Kennedy JR.” 24,000 likes and counting.

Fmr. Watergate prosecutor Jill Wine-Banks: "There is no question in my mind that Trump is a more existential threat to democracy than Nixon was."

That will definitely help stop the spread of the virus

I hope Republicans think hard about a GOP president praising the killers of American soldiers. Just for a moment

"Dark", as in "Dark Ages"

Bloomberg viciously taunts Trump for bungled coronavirus response: ‘Your own aides are scared for our country’

How disgusting & disturbing is this imagery?! It’s almost pornograhic.

I suspect this will not age wel

So, the government of the world's greatest dealmaker bends over backwards to make a deal with our enemy (the Taliban) without making a deal with our ally (the Afghan government) and then it blows up in our face. Who would have thought? Trump is dangerously incompetent.

WSJ had the perfect Op-Ed this morning on why Trump wants Sanders.

Ask yourselves: why does EVERY Republican operative working for Trump -- and I mean EVERY one -- desperately, passionately, urgently want to pick Bernie as the Dem nominee?

An hour-long oral argument inside the Supreme Court could go a long way toward reversing abortion rights in the United States

In each region where #COVID19 is spreading through the community, specific hospital(s) should be designated as #coronavirus testing facilities. Testing should be FREE for all patients, and so should treatment if a patient is uninsured or if the facility is “out-of-network.

This case is why Kavanaugh is on the Court.

I’m just a simple country historian, but if I were the prohibitive favorite for the Democratic presidential nomination, and I just lost the African American vote in SC by 44 points, I’d get my ass to Selma to earn the support of the party’s most loyal and important constituenc

People are disgusted and embarrassed by a broken and shamed republic, headed by an unfit and soulless man. He never believed in the basic precepts of a free press and civil liberty, and for good reason. A working republic is, indeed, THE ENEMY OF ANY TYRANT.

aMErica first

Trump cut the CDC's budget by 80% when he first got into office. Now his government is outsourcing critical responsibilities to private companies. Chaos reigns. When you hate government, you elect a government worth hating

"Older people still see socialism and communism as dangerous, authoritarian political systems, whereas younger people are more likely to see them as economic systems, and to care far less one way or another," @AnnieLowrey writes.

Trump walks away without answering a question about whether he's finished the annual physical that has now spanned two years


Like disasters, epidemics reveal a lot about the societies they hit. What are we about to learn about ours?

Trump is pushing a dangerous, false spin on coronavirus — and some in the media are helping him spread it. My column

Twitter has suspended all "non-critical" biz travel due to coronavirus

By your request, translation: “From us lunatics, you have to take back the Senate.... I’m building a wall, but Mexico is not paying for it,... but you know what to believe.... They’re not paying for it, and for this I’m going to die when people find out what I put in....”

Narrator: that’s not enough kits.

John Lewis leading marchers across the Edmund Pettus Bridge in Selma in 1965. What an honor to see him there today, fighting cancer but his voice just as strong.

SCOOP: A top federal scientist sounded the alarm about what he feared was contamination in an Atlanta lab where the government made test kits for the coronavirus.

A member of the council that advises Iran’s supreme leader reportedly died of coronavirus

Tomorrow, #Ukraine's Constitutional Court will consider canceling a law that bans officials who served ousted President Viktor Yanukovych from holding top offices. Could clear the way for businessman/politician Serhiy Tigipko to become PM.

Global economic growth will sink to levels not seen in over a decade as the coronavirus outbreak hammers demand and supply, according to the OECD

“Sergei and Yulia Skripal are 'desperate to start a new life in Australia' following two years in an MI6 safe house after surviving a novichok poisoning attack”

Masked and gloved: Paramedics dressed in protective gear stood guard at dedicated polling stations where Israelis under quarantine from the coronavirus voted in Monday’s election

Sen. Sanders hit with cease and desist from rapper Flavor Flav

Meet Bernie’s media movement. It sells hate. Sad.

Only Donald Trump could make the coronavirus about him. This president is dangerous. — Joe Biden

As it improvises its way through a public health crisis, the United States has never been less prepared for a pandemic.

CDC hasn't revealed information to doctors that would help coronavirus patients

Under careful watch of the World Health Organization, doctors will test 100’s of COVID-19 therapies, including HIV & flu antivirals +Blood plasma infusions—proven to be very beneficial ALARMING: US is not participating in clinical trials to treat COVID-19

China compels Uighurs to work in shoe factory that supplies Nike

Ivanka probs goes out if her way to make sure slaves are making her crap

Children as young as eight picked coffee beans on farms supplying Starbucks Nespresso also named in TV exposé of labour scandal in Guatemala

Today, we walked hand-in-hand across the Edmund Pettus Bridge to commemorate the 55th anniversary of #BloodySunday. The fight for equal rights continues. We are committed to the simple idea that all men and women are created equal.

Aaannnnd I’m done with @60Minutes

And just wait till some of these states get testing kits.....

Revealed: fake 'traders' allegedly prey on victims in global investment scam Suspected fraudsters lure investors with fake ads featuring celebrities such as Gordon Ramsay

The latest legal blow to the Netanyahus

Coronavirus chaos in Alabama points to big problems as U.S. seeks to contain virus. Did trump fire federal CDC workers and contract out the work to his cronies?

Israel is holding its third election in 11 months, with voters trying to find a way to break the country's seemingly intractable political deadlock.

The gap between the language on the CDC website (see below) and Trump's language (it's a politicized "hoax," or "I think that is a problem that is going to go away," or self-praise for "the great job" he's doing) is alarmingly wide. Trump's behavior is genuinely dangerous.

Watch Mike Pence wipe his nose and then shake everyone’s hand. This is the man in charge of preventing the spread of a virus

Bad news for Silicon Valley: William Barr is taking control of antitrust probes

Complete Transparency is Critical to Saving American Lives— “Trump is ignoring the lessons of 1918 flu pandemic that killed millions,” historian says

These are the leaders in history who used the phrase "the enemy of the people": Stalin Hitler Mao Chavez Mugabe Trump It was too extreme for the later Soviets. In 1956, Khrushchev retired the term, saying it was just aimed at annihilating those who disagreed with Stalin.

To supporters of other candidates: A Biden administration will likely include Kamala, Buttigieg, Warren, and Klobuchar A Bernie administration otoh will likely include Nina Turner, Dave Sirota, and Tulsi Gabbard. Vote accordingly.

Of course, Donald, it is going to disappear, like a miracle, as you said. Trump owns this pandemic if it goes amiss. Pence showed his incompetence on the Sunday shows. Markets don’t like this kind of incompetence.

Looks like the Taliban read Art of the Deal

Joe McCarthy and Roy Cohn lurk in the middle of the blatantly unconstitutional statute the Barr DOJ is basing this on.

Mexico didn't pay for the wall. North Korea still firing missiles (including today) Foreign leaders laughing at Trump Farms having record foreclosures. Job numbers are lower than Obama's. 2020 election not protected. Debt is out of control. Hate and division have spread.

China’s lockdown measures to minimize further coronavirus infections have created one unexpected benefit — a dramatic improvement to the nation’s air quality

Coronavirus rumors and chaos in Alabama point to big problems as U.S. seeks to contain virus

Boris Johnson is taking after Newt Gingrich... his estranged wife has cancer and he's divorcing her so he can marry his pregnant girlfriend. What a piece of work.

A coughing Pope Francis told pilgrims gathered for the traditional Sunday blessing that he is canceling his participation at a week-long spiritual retreat because of a cold

Might have been a good idea to include the government of Afghanistan in the peace negotiations about THEIR civil war. Trite idea, I know. But successful peace agreements have usually including all warring sides at the table. (Huge academic literature on this subject.)

Coronavirus: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver

We both know you ran for POTUS to resurrect your dying TV career. No one was more surprised that you won than you. Now you are terrified because you & your aides (who laugh at you behind your back and leak bad stories to the press) know you aren’t up to dealing with this crisis.

Trump and Modi Strongman Song

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services is investigating a manufacturing defect in some initial coronavirus test kits that prompted some states to seek emergency approval to use their own kits.

“As the coronavirus continued its march across the globe on Sunday, there were troubling new signs that it was spreading undetected in some American communities for weeks while the government resisted calls for more widespread testing.”

Trump is pushing a dangerous, false spin on coronavirus — and the media is helping him spread it

The CDC mistakenly released a #coronavirus patient from the San Antonio Texas Center for Infectious Disease on Sunday, mayor says

Mostly unnoticed in the South Carolina Bidenquake news, a federal judge has ruled @HomelandKen is not lawfully appointed as Acting Director of USCIS, and his orders are invalid. Barr must fear the courts will vacate his illegal arrangement with Giuliani

Roger Stone: Unhinged (coming to a theater near you - holy shit)

Ask yourself why Trump risked impeachment to stop Joe Biden and is literately beggin’ to run against Bernie.

Trump’s fear of Biden is a thing to behold.

I do not know what else to call this@BernieSanders is blatantly LYING about President @BarackObama -PBO Admin raised taxes on Corps -PBO Admin LOWERED middle class taxes Sanders rhetoric sounds EXACTLY like Trump’s Full on divisive & full of lies FOUL AF

This sounds like peak Putin -- sowing confusion in the US -- but it's our President. In the midst of a pandemic, the President telling Americans not to trust what we read and hear is extra dangerous.

And you, the "alternative facts" current occupant of the White House blamed my daughters murder on the Russia investigation. Joe made a mistake in a debate, you LIED!!! You hurt families affected by gun violence with your lies. I gladly endorse @JoeBiden to replace you.

By then @PeteButtigieg knew he would drop out later in the day. He still went because it was the right thing to do. Meanwhile, @BernieSanders was flying off in some private jet in search of a crowd that would feed his massive ego.

CNN: A second death from Novel Coronavirus has been confirmed in King County, WA, per Seattle & King County Public Health. He was a man in his 70’s with underlying health conditions, hospitalized at Evergreen Health in Kirkland. He died Saturday.

Buttigieg aide says “he’s getting out for the same reason he got in: he believes we need to beat Donald Trump and that we need to make sure we have the strongest candidate possible to do it.” And who might that be?...

School officials in Newton, Massachusetts, say students and staff who just returned from a trip to Italy are being required to stay home until further notice.

In certain “hot zones” in the US where #coronavirus is circulating, we should expect school closures, home-quarantines of contacts, and cancellation of group events. Containment of #COVID19 is key

"We sent a message to every kid out there wondering if whatever marks them out as different means they are destined to be less than. To see someone who once felt that exact same way can become a leading presidential candidate with his husband at his side”

Dear @CDCDirector Redfield: Last Thursday I asked you multiple questions about the CDC test & its error rate at @HouseForeign SubCommittee. Your testimony under oath made it seem everything was fine and you did NOT disclose the problems at your Atlanta lab. I feel misled.

Today, I am announcing a major push to make the coronavirus vaccine fully covered by Medicare. Because seniors who will need this vaccine the most should not have to worry or wonder where they stand once it’s available

John Lewis has stage 4 cancer. Be like John Lewis.

Since we’re facing a pandemic, why don’t you let the adults talk and shut your lie hole?

Thank you for inviting me into your homes, sharing your stories, and putting your trust in me. We launched our campaign because Americans are hungry for a new kind of politics that brings us together. And together we'll beat this president and build the era that must come next. — Pete Buttigieg

Buttigieg made history by becoming the first openly gay candidate to earn delegates for the presidential nomination of a major political party.

Breaking news: Pete Buttigieg, 38-year-old former South Bend, Ind., mayor, ends presidential bid

55 years ago, John Lewis thought he was going to die on the Edmund Pettus Bridge marching for the right to vote. Instead, he has lived a life dedicated to fighting for an America that lives up to her promise. The fight goes on. Vote like you’ve never voted before.

BREAKING: North Korea has launched an unidentified projectile, according to a text message from South Korea’s defense ministry

We were beaten, we were tear-gassed. I thought I was going to die on this bridge. But somehow and some way, God almighty helped me here. We cannot give up now. We cannot give in. We must keep the faith, keep our eyes on the prize.