Tuesday, November 6, 2018

BREAKING: Sherrod Brown (D) wins Ohio Senate, @NBCNews projects.

Barbara Comstock ran very Trumpy ads trying to connect Wexton to MS-13. Didn't work.

NBC News projecting Wexton has defeated Comstock in VA-10, a Dem pickup.

Watch livestreaming coverage of the 2018 Midterm Elections on @ABCNewsLive on all your devices, and see the results in real time

Polls have closed in some states and early results are trickling in. Track the #Midterms2018 races here

JUST IN: Tim Kaine will win the U.S. Senate race in Virginia, @ABC projects based on exit polls

MoJo’s voting rights reporter @ariberman tells you the biggest voting problems he’s seeing around the country, right now, especially in Georgia, Kansas, and North Dakota.

Team Mueller's been quiet for weeks. Because midterms. No matter what happens tonight as the polls close and the numbers roll in, OSC will be back in business in the morning.

First Dem flip of the night: Lou Leon Guerrero wins Guam's gubernatorial election. The GOP held this office for the past 8 years

Look at the rainbow over the Capitol as @CNN's official election coverage kicks off!

Please God, hear our prayers.

Early Voting: - Gwinnett County was caught purging absentee ballots - A fed judge ordered it to stop - @BrianKempGA filed an emergency motion to block the court’s ruling - The motion was denied Today: - Gwinnett County voting machines have “technical issues”

Per Texas Civil Rights Project, a judge has granted their motion for a temporary restraining order to keep nine polling locations in Harris County, Texas, open an extra hour because of long waits. Here was the TRO motion

NEW via @RoigFranzia @PostRoz: Two more associates of Roger Stone testify before Mueller grand jury

New York Times confirms – Robert Mueller has obtained the records of Arron Banks’ communications with Russian officials


Watch this video from @VoteVets.

I’m at Annistown Elementary School in Snellville, GA, where hundreds of voters have waited 4.5 hours to vote today because electronic voting machines weren’t working

Congressional Republicans have plans to gut guaranteed health care protections and raise costs for people with pre-existing conditions. The Trump Administration is even making it easier for insurance companies to sell you junk plans

Republicans Try To Steal Georgia Election By Not Providing Power Cords For Voting Machines

Here @TomRtweets amplifies something I've been warning about for some time, namely the grave geopolitical fire the Trump-Bolton-Pompeo triumvirate of arsonists is playing with over Iran -- WH saber-rattling which perversely aids the mullahs.

Far-right Proud Boys create their own social network — and it gets shut down in less than a week

Stuck in a long line? Voting machine "malfunction"? Are they counting on you to give up and go home? Tweet your polling place address to @PizzaToThePolls and they'll be on their way with the yummies!

Report a line or if you can , donate a few bucks to thank your fellow Americans.

Why are a disproportionate number of malfunctioning electronic voting machines, voting machines with "missing" power cords, and polling places without enough paper ballots in neighborhoods that are predominantly African American? ๐Ÿ‘‰Retweet if you agree this is VOTER SUPPRESSION!

What happens when your polling location is moved to a building inside a private gated community?

John McCain's former chief of staff is calling on Americans to vote Democrat in the midterm elections. "The bigger the rebuke of Trump the better for the country," he tweeted.

"If Republicans hold on to the House and Senate, Donald Trump will see that as a green light to do the worst... It’s going to be a catastrophe without precedent for American democracy." —conservative columnist @MaxBoot

ICE moves to silence detention center volunteer visitors: “Immigration officials stopped allowing a volunteer group to visit people at Otay Mesa Detention Center unless its members agreed not to talk with the media or other groups about conditions inside”

Motel 6 to pay $7.6 million for giving guest lists to US immigration

"Mitch McConnell's vote photobombed by unhappy constituent "

USA Today makes Election Day endorsement: "Vote out Donald Trump's lap dogs"

Statement from Fox News spox: "Fox News does not condone any talent participating in campaign events....This was an unfortunate distraction and has been addressed.”

"Lord knows we need more women in charge."

White Women. Vote like your husbands aren’t watching.

GOP woman votes Democratic straight ticket for ‘first time’ ever because Brett Kavanaugh ‘changed everything’

NBC News has confirmed that the issue at Anderson Livsey Elementary in Snellville, GA was indeed a lack of power cords. Gwinnett County Director of Communications Joe Sorenson tells @NBCNews “the machine was not supplied power and was running on battery & the battery ran out”

The Joint Chiefs chair says soldiers will not be involved in denying border entry to migrants

Some more reax from inside Fox News. Fox employees, I'm told, are "livid" and questioning why network executives let Hannity have "free rein to do whatever he wants."

"The show onstage might well have been called Fox & Friend."

ICE moves to silence detention center volunteer visitors: “Immigration officials stopped allowing a volunteer group to visit people at Otay Mesa Detention Center unless its members agreed not to talk with the media or other groups about conditions inside”

Marsha Blackburn tells voters she's fighting opioids. Her track record doesn't agree.

When Rudy's client, @realDonaldTrump, supported Pam Bondi for AG, it was with an illegal $25K donation from his charity while her office was reportedly reviewing complaints against Trump University. She never took action against Trump U. Let's take a stroll down memory lane.

Headline: Republicans should be RELIEVED as Democrats flock to the polls to save them from themselves.

Greetings from the White House briefing room, this person is live streaming about subjects like QAnon, suggesting that ⁦@BarackObama⁩ will be running the show if Democrats take back the House, and declaring that Twitter is “shadow banning” POTUS to impact today’s election

VOTE VOTE VOTE: McConnell says Senate Republicans will revisit Obamacare repeal

"Nobody will ever deprive the American people of the right to vote except the American people themselves and the only way they could do this is by not voting." —Franklin Delano Roosevelt

So, about these Religious Right spokesmen who claim to speak for Christians every election. They seem bothered by Jesus & the Bible. Here’s Jerry Falwell, Jr., speaking to the @nytimes. “I don’t look to the teachings of Jesus for what my political beliefs should be.”

Vote for God's sake

Yesterday Sarah Sanders and Kellyanne Conway, both federal govt employees, spoke at a partisan campaign rally. Today Melania Trump is using her Twitter account for partisan campaigning. These are just blatant ethics violations.

If you're still voting Republican, you're doing it wrong. Our nation is under virtual attack by a foreign power, they're using the GOP as a tool to effect their will on the ground. Vote them out!!!

Global leaders express concern about Donald Trump's trade war

Jon Stewart went right for the hot-button issues at the Stand Up for Heroes benefit show on #ElectionDay eve: "It's harder to adopt a (expletive) cat than to get an AR-15. What is wrong with us?"

It's ok for Saudi Arabia & UAE to develop a nuclear industry after Iran signed up to dismantle its program, an agreement Trump has dishonored. I'm no fan of Iran, but allowing KSA to do this smacks of hypocrisy

Big U.S. companies spent more money on buying back shares than they did on capital expenditures in the first half of 2018. The last time that happened for two straight quarters was just before the crisis, according to this chart from Deutsche Bank's Torsten Slok

Ivanka brand voting machines - TRUE. Now go vote these craven traitors out.

Go Beto! Go Democrats! Vote like there’s no tomorrow. Let’s make this Tuesday like the end of every great vampire movie. Pull back the curtains and let the sunshine turn all those bloodsuckers to dust.

This is it folks. What we've been working towards for 2 years. All the protest, all the calls to congress, all the digging, exposing bad actors, fights with trolls n bots, all of it for one day.

JUST IN: Pentagon declined Trump request for troops to build detention facilities at border: report

Actual Concentration Camps! Now go vote. Stop this nonsense right now.

Factory of lies: Russia's disinformation playbook exposed 'Twenty years ago the Russians had to recruit journalists to find people to disseminate something... nowadays they just have to start a meme.'

My dear friends, this is no ordinary time. Congressional checks on the president are vital to our freedoms. If we take them for granted, we will surely lose them as others have. We must cast our votes today not on party loyalty, but for truth, decency and liberty in America. ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ

1. Robert Mercer spent millions backing Trump’s presidential bid 2. A private prison company that Mercer is invested in now profits off of Trump’s immigration policies

Vote like there are children sitting cages whose parents cry for them from jail cells near the border, demonized as “vermin” by a racist President who believes he is above the law and will only take more power if you do not vote.

VOTE! Time to show Putin who is really boss.

Good morning, patriots! Today feels like a great day to kick Trump’s ass. Here’s where to find your polling place

WATCH: Triumph the Insult Comic Dog mocks Cruz to his face for letting Trump "neuter" him

Can racist radicals and home-grown rightwing violent extremists successfully be rehabilitated and reenter civil society? "Absolutely yes," one man says.

Know your rights when voting.

Discount codes for #ElectionDay ride options

Beto can win, but the outcome may come down to a handful of votes. Beto needs you to get to the polls TODAY. Find your polling place here ↓

Endangered GOP Rep films an ad canvassing in his own district to show he’s legit. Films in the wrong district

Reports show states have flagged dozens of new attempts by foreign hackers to penetrate voter systems, steal data, and access e-mail accounts, the Globe reports. In August, Vermont found hackers—believed Russian—were scanning voter registration databases

Why can’t they be honest and drop the pretense of “news” and admit they’re the Fox Propaganda Dissemination System?

Don't Shoot At The Caravan Homeland Security Secretary Nielsen.

Memorise, take a screenshot, write in sharpie on your arm, the following magic words IF YOU ARE TURNED AWAY AT THE POLLS: “Please give me a Provisional Ballot with a receipt as required by law when requested.”

President Obama: "The character of this country is on the ballot, who we are is on the ballot ... what kind of politics we expect is on the ballot, how we conduct ourselves is public life is on the ballot, how we treat other people is on the ballot" Let's go vote. ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ

Voters casting ballots early have encountered faulty machines in TX and NC, inaccurate mailers in MO and MT, and voter registration problems in TN and GA. In other states, including KS, Election Day polling places have been closed or consolidated.

America is watching Lachlan and Rupert Murdoch to see if they will possibly do the right thing. Spoiler: they won’t.

Hoosiers don't just want a yes man. They want someone who'll put them first every single time

The @GOP has lost it’s flipping mind. Why would you defend a Naz @ChuckGrassley? What is wrong with your party?

Always thought of Lindsey Graham as a straight-shooter in the 2 decades I covered him, but his sycophancy for Trump now has him telling ridiculous falsehoods/lies-- More jobs were created in Obama's last 21 months than in Trump's first 21 mos, half-million more.

Just hours earlier, Hannity had promised he was merely hosting his show from the Missouri rally, noting that, “to be clear, I will not be on stage campaigning.”

#DutchConnection This appeared in a Dutch newspaper yesterday. Neth intel provided NSA w real time feeds on RU hackers in St Pete; Dutch press has a history of leading US press on #Trumputin.

Join me and #BeAVoter in the US election. Get started to find your polling place and see who is on your ballot.

Fate of Congress could be in California's hands

Don’t presidents usually travel to their home state to vote in midterms (like Obama did in 2014)? Will be quite amusing to find out if Trump even bothered to vote absentee...

Have problems or questions about voting? Call our nonpartisan hotline

Trump deploys U.S. Army for photo ops

If Maine Republican Governor Paul LePage had let Mainers know ahead of time that he was going to flee the state permanently as soon as he left office, that might have shed helpful light on some of his governing decisions...

White supremacist hate groups are targeting young gamers for recruitment via Twitch, YouTube and in multiplayer game chats, experts say.

I went to my first Trump rally in two years yesterday. I also went to my first Obama rally ever on Friday. The events might as well have been held on different planets.

"I'm trying to follow and figure out who the winners are in this tariff war," one farmer said. "I know who one of the losers are and that's us."

Paul Manafort voting in....oh wait, he Cannot vote. He is in prison.

A @propublica story suggesting that Kemp's vague and unsubstantiated claim of Democratic "hacking" this weekend was a gambit to distract from own staff's poor security practices.

Steve King says he hopes Kagan and Sotomayor will "elope to Cuba"

It is time to finish what we started and claim our victory. Because when we all stand united and vote, the architects of voter suppression don't stand a chance.

Some cities are encouraging people to get to the polls by offering free rides. Major cities like Los Angeles, Dallas & Houston, Texas, and Tampa, Florida, are allowing residents to use public transit systems, including buses & trains, at no cost on Nov. 6.

Proud Boys attack. Bombs sent to Democrats. Black people executed. Jews murdered at a synagogue. Women killed at a yoga studio. Trump's call to arms is working.

Facebook removes dozens of pages a day before midterms

Client #1 and Client #3, looking completely at ease.

Trademarks hold the promise of profit for the senior White House adviser and daughter of the president.

With less than 12 hours until polls open, Rush Limbaugh is standing behind the presidential seal and telling a crowd, "Hillary Clinton colluded with Russia. Hillary Clinton rigged that election."

Facebook election news dump: We banned some more stuff, though what kind of stuff is unclear

A handy list of candidates for Senate who voted to gut protections for people with pre-existing conditions.

Facebook announces law enforcement has alerted their cyber security about suspicious activity from foreign intrusions on this election eve

Perspective: Women who don’t vote? Explain yourselves to Grandma Flanagan.

Hannity joins Trump on stage at rally after saying he wouldn’t, calls press "Fake News"

A reminder that this is what normal looked like. Vote Blue tomorrow.

At first I thought this tweet below was about Scott Pruitt. But it's actually about Scott Pruitt protege Ryan Zinke. The corruption in the @realDonaldTrump is downright epic

TN, it’s your decision now. If you like Washington the way it is, I’m not your guy. But if you want results, I ask you to hire me. I love fixing things. I have a track record of getting things done, and I’m ready to get to work. Election day is tomorrow. I’d appreciate your vote

Jake Tapper Cuts Ronna Romney McDaniel's Sh*t

On #LSSC tonight: Senator Amy Klobuchar sits down with @stephenathome to talk about bringing a little Minnesota decency to the midterms

"I heard people were making racist robocalls in my name against Stacey Abrams, who I am one hundred percent for, in Georgia," Oprah said on Instagram. "I just want to say: Jesus don’t like ugly … And we know what to do about that: vote. Tomorrow show up and show out, and vote."

At what point does Fox News become an official campaign surrogate subject to campaign finance laws? It's so blatantly obvious.

Re Chatlie Baker: please amplify for your followers in MA - We are about to re-elect one of the biggest fundraisers for the GOP and everyone seems A-OK with it. HELP!!!!

Sausage casings... and voting machines?

Apparently, PC culture also doesn't allow him to say that he has TWO daughters.

On election eve, the Georgia GOP governor nominee is running false robocalls claiming his opponent is trying to steal the election with undocumented votes, falsely claiming she wants to impeach Trump/is endorsed by Pelosi and tweeting about the New Black Panther Party.

Georgia officials quietly patched security holes they said didn't exist. A ProPublica analysis found that the state was busily fixing problems in its voter registration hours after Brian Kemp's office had insisted the system was secure.

#Ivanka gets approved for 16 NEW Chinese trademarks — three months after she said it was shutting down She received approval for other trademarks after #Trump announced he wanted to lift the ban on #ZTE, for violating #US sanctions

"The character of this country is on the ballot. Who we are—is on the ballot. What kind of politics we expect is on the ballot. How we conduct ourselves in public life is on the ballot. How we treat other people is on the ballot." —@BarackObama

reminder: AP: Melania Trump was an undocumented working model in '96

The Apprentice review: Trump, Putin and the subversion of US democracy

Trump advisers are bracing for Mueller to deliver the results of his investigation as early as Wednesday. Sources tell VF that besides Trump, Roger Stone and Don Jr. have the most exposure. "I'm very worried about Don Jr.," said an ex-West Wing

Don’t let this bully intimidate you. Voting is your RIGHT if anyone gives you trouble at the polls call 866-OUR-VOTE and they will help