Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Wonders where leaks come from

Intelligence Community Will See Donald Trump IN HELL

NEW: Trump's Stormtroopers now detain a Dreamer. Shame on us for letting this happen; our economy will pay

"The president seems to be increasingly flabbergasted by the exposure of his clandestine relationship with Moscow.

Carter Page want to talk to congress


Team Clinton finds vindication in Trump White House as ethical, national security questions mount

House Teabaggers Want To Murder All Of Obamacare RIGHT NOW, Or Die Tryin’!

Trump on Israel: Whatevs

There is a Russian spy ship lurking off the coast of Connecticut. Get your god damned shit together and take care of it, Old Man.

Pentagon considering sending ground troops to Syria

President Trump slams media over treatment of Michael Flynn, dodges questions on Russia.

A Virginia gubernatorial hopeful is apologizing after a video showed him likening Trump's election to 9/11

Tremendous job, Trump!

U.S. warns NATO - increase spending or we might 'moderate' support

Democrats call for AG Jeff Sessions to recuse himself from any probe into possible ties between Trump team, Russia.

Former Clinton campaign aides are apoplectic over the reports about the Trump campaign and Russia

Trump Will Hold Florida Rally To Soothe His Bruised Ego

Pentagon considers proposing sending US ground combat forces into northern Syria for the first time.

You would drop precious blood as a diversion for you and your pack of traitorous jackals?  Putin is fucking with you right now with a ship off the coast of gall darned Connecticut. You now want to join him and Asad..oh dumping chlorine gas on innocent civilians. DUH....your brilliant plan looks guilty as shit. You really are a cultivated Russian asset. Nothing else would explain this.
It won't be allowed.

Trump family friend reports Melania is ‘miserable’ as First Lady, ‘unhappy with how her life ended up’

You could be a hero. Divorce his repulsive us you'll get full custody. Tell America what you know and you will be beloved forever. We will protect you from him and his thugs.

Malcolm Nance: Trump aides who had intercepted communication with Russian intel "need to start getting lawyers"

Mika explains why she won't book Kellyanne Conway

Andrew F. Puzder has withdrawn his nomination to be Trump’s labor secretary.

Pentagon chief tells NATO allies to step up their defense spending or US with moderate commitment to alliance.

Trump Blasts Report of "Repeated" Campaign Contact with Russia

The Trump administration tap dances around Michael Flynn’s resignation.


Trump ties, GOP party loyalty confound Trump Russia investigation

Rachel Maddow runs through a litany of questions that remain unanswered in the wake of Donald Trump NSA Mike Flynn's resignation and notes the conflicts of interest and partisan obstacles to having those questions answered by a government investigation. Duration: 20:51

As NYT, CNN report Trump Campaign contacts with Russia, my comment from 12/12/16: We Are Victims Of A Russian Coup

Priebus says Trump has "full confidence" in Spicer. Isn't that what Kellyanne Polls said about Flynn?

In college, Trump aide Miller led controversial 'Terrorism Awareness Project' warning of 'Islamofascism'

Trump aides had repeated contact with Russian intelligence in year before election: report

Reports: U.S. Intercepted Calls Between Trump Campaign Staff And Russian Intelligence


Sen. Graham: "If there's contacts between the Trump campaign and Russian intelligence officials outside the norm...that’s a game changer."

You here to pick up your guy?

Retired Army Col. Peter Mansoor discusses potential national security adviser picks and concerns with the council.

Sessions is refusing to recuse himself on Russia probe

I wrote about Trump, the eugenics of the Republican party, and being sick in America.

If Trump obtained the office by cheating w/collusion of foreign hackers, the rightful POTUS is not Mike Pence. It's Hillary Clinton.

Whole admin...null and void

Trump nominates relative unknown candidate Bill Blutin to replace Michael Flynn on National Security.


Reid to Comey in October

Here's the big Flynn-Russia mystery that requires an answer.

Pope Francis wades into U.S. oil pipeline dispute, insisting that indigenous peoples must give prior consent.

Toxic Liquid Nuclear Waste Headed for US Roadways

ICE backs out of meeting on deportation raids with members of Congress

End of days for Trumps ICE Good Squads

Fact Checker: The fall of Michael Flynn: A timeline

Kremlin denies allegations it violated U.S. missile treaty

U.S. Defense Secretary Jim Mattis to back NATO amid Washington turmoil

Leon Panetta: "I've never been so nervous in my lifetime about what may or may not happen in Washington"

"This is . . . Nixonian": Reporter was taped by White House in heated exchange

Col. Wilkerson on NSC in disarray: 'It's a disaster'

Academics on Twitter are taking on the Trump administration with satire

Trump can't stop blue states from resisting

Kellyanne Conway crumbles under the weight of her own lies

Kellyanne Conway avoiding questions about Trump Impeachment

The Duke newspaper columns by Trumpkin Stephen Miller that made GOPers say, “My God"

Republicans are trying to clamp down on rank-and-file EPA employees using encrypted messaging to voice frustrations

Paul Manafort, Trump's former campaign chairman, said he never knowingly spoke to Russian intelligence officers

Steve Bannon - Meth Head? Look.

House panel votes against requesting Trump's tax returns

Elijah Cummings - The sound of silence

Congressional GOP, eager to investigate Obama administration, are notably cooler to the idea now that it's Trump.

...and it's downright sinister.

The Timeline of Michael Flynn’s Phone Call With Russia: Who Knew What, and When

Michelle Obama tweets for the first time since leaving the White House

How Obama is scheming to sabotage Trump’s presidency

You can't make this stuff up! Fox News claims Obama is organizing all the protests against Trump & the GOP.

GOP Agenda Pushed Down America's Throat So Quickly, Impeachment Must Have Been Suspected

....and they thought American's would dozily comply.

Putin got grifted by Trump too. Russian Intelligence now an oxymoron!

Trump Literally Asked Russia To Hack Hillary's Emails On National TV

So let me get this straight...

The White House upheaval complicates Benjamin Netanyahu's visit to the U.S.

Please do not meet with soon to be impeached Trump and Co. They are traitors to our country and no longer speak for us.

Cybersecurity self-defense: How to set up a virtual private network

Russian foreign ministry says Crimea will not be returned to Ukraine

Is LePen A Cultivated Russian Asset Too?

Kellyanne Conway's White Nationalist Retweet Is No Mistake

“One story became 10 stories, and 10 became a hundred”: How leaks led to Michael Flynn's resignation

Intercepted calls show Trump campaign members had repeated contact with Russian intelligence before the election

With Michael Flynn gone, Russia sees a different President Trump

Hey Putin, Way to pick stooges - not, ahahahaha

Lyin Paul Ryan's Words Come Back To Haunt Him

Much to research to know if indeed these were scapegoats to provide plausible denability for Putin & Trump

Plausible Deniability For Pence, McConnell and Ryan?


Biggest Scandel In U.S. History

Putin tries a few weak pathetic

Yo, Putin,The REAL Americam people will swim across the fricken ocean to Kick Your Little Russian Ass.

Wow, Rand Paul. Wow. Said this to Kilmeade in a radio interview

Stephen Colbert, " It's funny cuz it's treason"

Gone with the Flynn

Trump White House Staff Use of ‘Disappearing’ Messaging App Violates Presidential Records Act

BREAKING: Minutes ago, NY Times bombshell-- Trump campaign officials in contact w/Russian intelligence for full year

How Putin and Russia are using cyber attacks and fake news to influence three major European elections now.

Howard Dean: Trump is in 'deep trouble'

Trump Campaign Aides Had Repeated Contacts With Russian Intelligence