Wednesday, January 13, 2021

Today, Democrats honored our oath and defended the nation's democracy. Republicans overwhelmingly, on the other hand, betrayed that sacred responsibility. Americans will never forget.


This is the most bipartisan impeachment vote in U.S. history.


BREAKING: President Donald Trump has been impeached by the U.S. House for incitement of insurrection at the Capitol, making him the first president to be impeached twice.


The 10 House GOPers who voted for impeachment are Cheney Herrera Beutler Katko Kinzinger Upton Newhouse Meijer Gonzalez (Ohio) Valadao Rice


Many of the Members who signed this letter, including those of us who have served in the military and are trained to recognize suspicious activity, as well as various members of our staff, witnessed an extremely high number of outside groups in the complex on Tuesday, January 5.


Only four impeachments of a US president in history. Andrew Johnson, 1868 Bill Clinton, 1998 Donald Trump, 2019 Donald Trump, 2021


The U.S. government’s deficit in the first three months of the budget year was a record-breaking $572.9 billion.


In bipartisan rebuke, House members vote to impeach Trump an unprecedented second time, on charge of ‘inciting violence’


Donald J. Trump has just become the only president in U.S. history to be impeached twice.


GOP Rep. Jaime Herrera Beutler explains why she's breaking with her party to defend democracy. "My vote to impeach our sitting president is not a fear-based decision. I am not choosing a side. I'm choosing truth, which is the only way to defeat fear."


"I know my son keeps lighting the school on fire, but he's about to graduate, and really, shouldn't we all examine the circumstances of his fire-starting over the past four years?"


Matt Gaetz employs Russian propaganda to defend Trump over an insurrection that delivered an enormous propaganda victory to Vladimir Putin


"Every one of us in this room right now could have died," Rep. Raskin says, warning of future threats. "It's a bit much to be hearing that these people would not be trying to destroy our government and kill us if we just weren't so mean to them."


Rep. Jamie Raskin, now the lead impeachment manager, narrates the siege, starting with the built gallows and chanting of "Hang Mike Pence" and storming the Speaker's office shouting "Where's Nancy?" "The mob could have blown this building up. They could have killed us all."


"Maybe there will be." Gohmert at the end of that statement.


The insurrectionists *weren't* patriots. They were domestic terrorists sent by Trump to "fight like hell." — Nancy Pelosi


According to Ayanna Pressley’s chief of staff Sarah Groh, the panic buttons in the Congresswoman’s office were all “torn out—the whole unit.” They don’t know why or who did it.


McGovern: "Every moment that Donald Trump is in the White House, our nation, our freedom is in danger."


.@LindseyGrahamSC came undone. He was hysterical. He was panicked. His character was revealed yet again. He was under pressure and unraveled. He is blind. It is Lindsey Graham who refused to protect the Capitol. It is Lindsey Graham’s conduct that incited the insanity.


WATCH today’s second impeachment proceedings of Donald Trump with @JudyWoodruff @LisaDNews @Yamiche our great guests and analysts- live starting at 9 am on your PBS stations or LIVESTREAMING free here


"The City of New York is severing all contracts with the Trump Organization," says @NYCMayor


Today the House is voting to impeach President Trump. Tell @GOPLeader you demand he and his Republican Conference vote aye on the impeachment articles. (202) 225-2915


No truer analysis exists...


Donald Trump’s incitement of a deadly insurrection against the U.S. Capitol is without precedent in our nation’s history and an egregious violation of his oath of office. Fulfilling our oath to defend our Constitution requires that we act to remove him from office immediately.


This reporter (Sara Snider) broke down crying from what she’s been seeing at California hospitals. Take 2 minutes. Worth it..


Wow — NYT reports McConnell "has told associates that he believes President Trump committed impeachable offenses and that he is pleased that Democrats are moving to impeach him, believing that it will make it easier to purge him from the party."


Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez says she feared GOP lawmakers would lead rioters to her: "I thought I was going to die"


GOP Reps. Gohmert (TX), Stivers (OH), Taylor (TX), Boebert (CO), Lesko (AZ), and Larry Bucshon (IN) were seen not complying and/or complaining about new security at the Capitol tonite. They should have thought about that before they encouraged a coup


Ivanka Trump Apparently Thinks She’s Going to Ride This Insurrection Out and Be President One Day


Russian opposition politician Alexey Navalny has announced that he plans to return to Russia on Sunday from Germany, where he has been recovering after being poisoned


US-born lawyer John Clancey keeps faith after Hong Kong security law arrest


British QC flown into prosecute Jimmy Lai and 8 others.


“Hire any of Trump’s [liars], and Forbes will assume that everything your company or firm talks about is a lie. We’re going to scrutinize, double-check, investigate with the same skepticism we’d approach a Trump tweet.”


Breaking News: The Trump administration executed Lisa Montgomery, the only woman on federal death row and the first woman executed by the U.S. in nearly 70 years.


Joint Chiefs call riot a ‘direct assault’ on the constitutional process, affirm Biden as next commander in chief - THE ARMED FORCES WILL SUPPORT AND DEFEND THE CONSTITUTION. TRUMP OUT AT NOON ON JAN 21st.


Rep. Mikie Sherrill says that some GOP lawmakers led people on "reconnaissance" tours of the Capitol the day before the riot.


“There has never been a greater betrayal by a President of the United States of his office and his oath to the Constitution,” Cheney wrote


Drew Griffin @CNN reporting Capitol insurrection Stop the Steal organizer Ali Alexander said he was getting help from three members of Congress (Paul Gosar, Andy Biggs, Mo Brooks).


Please make sure this deranged Congresswoman is not allowed near the President-Elect or VP-Elect, thanks


Joe Biden will begin his presidency next week with a cabinet made up mostly of acting officials as delays in the Senate slow confirmation of his team


By a vote of 223-205, the House just passed our 25th Amendment Resolution urging Vice President Pence to convene and mobilize the Cabinet to act on the crisis of President Trump’s incapacity. He is clearly incapable of meeting the duties of his office.


Maddow to Trump: "What did you think was going to happen?"


When @maddow stared down the barrel and asked trump what did he think was gonna happen tonight I got goosebumps. THIS WAS COORDINATED. Here we can hear them with that plan. Just play this before the Impeachment vote. Looter and bloodthirsty thugs.


I feel like not enough has been made of Proud Boys leader Joe Biggs having dinner at the Trump hotel with Lindsey Graham before Biggs helped organize an assault on the U.S. Capitol?


People knew PA GOP state Sen. Doug Mastriano helped organize bus trips to the Trump rally at the Capitol Turns out, financial disclosures show Mastriano’s campaign shelled out thousands to rent charter buses days before the rally. He sold tickets $25/seat


Mikie Sherrill says Congress members gave 'reconnaissance' tours day before Capitol raid


Reporting from @DrewGriffinCNN, on air, that Stop the Steal organizer Ali Alexander confirms he was getting help with getting Trump supporters to DC on Wed. from three members of Congress -Reps. Paul Gosar (R-AZ), Andy Biggs (R-AZ), and Mo Brooks (R-AL).